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  1. I would like to put forward a call for an RP channel or server for EU and NA. This would be a huge boon for roleplayers. I really can't stress enough what a positive impact this would have on the roleplaying part of the community.

    We want the opportunity to encounter other characters out in the world who we can engage with, but without a channel or server where we can congregate, this becomes very difficult. Instead, roleplay becomes an extra, something tagged onto the side, something that's disconnected from gameplay, that we have to step out of the game to find and organise through forums. Forums have their uses, but when they're all that's holding a roleplaying community together they tend to stunt the growth that we could see and eventually fall stagnant. An RP server gives us the opportunity to fully entwine our gameplay and roleplay experiences - it allows us to populate the world with more life and to fully immerse ourselves in the setting. It makes things natural, organic, and just an always-there part of logging in every day.

    Roleplayers are a dedicated and loyal fan-base once you've got them hooked, and a game like BDO has the kind of immersion that many of us have so far only dreamed about. We're also inclined to continue making purchases through the cash shop for a long time - outfits, furniture, all things customisable - we love them and are happy to pay for them. We're not usually well catered to in other games and I think that if BDO could go so far as to offer us a server of our own, a lot of roleplayers previously unsure about the game would flock to it and thrive. Roleplayers, of course, also engage in PvE, PvP and standard gameplay, but a solid roleplaying foundation can mean the difference between a few months play time to many years of dedication. Roleplayers create their own content, logging on every day just to tell stories. If you give us the tools, we'll use them, and we'll stay for them.

    So if you could give us this it'd make BDO an excellent roleplay destination. It'd be another thing to love about this already very impressive game and would again set the bar above and beyond what most MMOs offer.
    Edit 1: In addition to a server or channel, or if a server or channel isn't possible, some kind of yes-I-am-roleplaying tag for players to flag up would be very welcome. For example, as Aevireth pointed out: "Lotro has /rp on and /rp off and that changes the color of your name to white instead of a light yellow, which is a great visible and unobtrusive sign to other players that you are Roleplaying."

    Edit 2: I'd like to make clear that if BDO is splitting the community with a multiple servers approach rather than a megaserver with channels, all of the above also applies to a roleplaying server. We'd appreciate that very much too and I've added that in. It'd even be preferable.

    I've also included Maevynn's wonderful example of what we're referring to in regards to channels:

    Thanks Maevynn.

    Edit 3:
    I just wanted to say that, in regards to this post:
    Assuming you won't be labeling one of the servers for RP and may still be considering labeling channels for RP, please understand that this would be best on only one server per region, since it would negate the point of having one place for roleplayers to go if there were two destinations on different servers for it. I'm sure that's probably obvious, but I just wanted to say it anyway.
  2. Dear developers! 
    We suggest faster leveling in this game! We do NOT want to spend this much time on killing monsters for a level.
    The korean version is optimal, please copy the system. 
  3. So ive been playing this game on kr server for awhile.
    (For reliable: i hav full +18 gears, +19 weapon, all class lvl 57 and higher. i do think i have enough experience in both pvp and pve to talk about this.)
    Here i want to explain how the ping works in black desert online.
    The actions in this game are calculated in local which means if you press a key, there will be no delay for your character to make the move.
    The dmg and attck effects are calculated on server, that means when you use a skill to hit a monster or a player, The skill effects and dmg are going to display after the lentency you are having.
    The benifit of this system is it makes you feel fluid in combat even with high ping.
     But NOTICE, it only makes you FEEL that way.
    The bad part is with high lentency, monster or other player's attacks will be calculated before your client recives the data. (Example: when you see a monster atks you, they already made the move and the effects were calculated before you could see them.)
    To me the worst part is pvp. The major problem is when you saw a player atked you, then you made the dodge, everything is smooth cuz your movement has no delay, but after a second, your character got pulled back and downed like a little rabbit.
    Black desert is a very fast paced game which 0.1 second matters. it is not easy to react an attack and dodge, and even if you do, you got pulled back in your iframe skills because the high lentency. Trust me, it is the most uncomfortable thing you can experience in a game.
    I want to explain this, Because first few days or months after launch, alot players will think they dont have a bad ping due the the local calculation.
    They gonna say: well the server is fine i dont feel lag.
    But really the letency is there, and after months of grinding gears and knowing the game, they gonna find out they cant compete with players with good ping.
    After i know the server location is in CA, im seriously considering just grab an ign on my NA version of black desert online and keep playing on kr version, with a good vpn i can get 130-140 ping in kr version, and maybe around 100 to NA server.  The difference doesnt matter at this point because neither the 2 servers can give me a chance to be true expert in pvp. East coast players are already lost at start. 
    Im a hardcore pvp player, and i dont know if i can still play a game when i clearly knoing that i dont have the future chance to be the best.
    The reason why i wrote this thread is let ppl understand how ping effects actual gameplay significantly. And truely hopes if there is any chance of moving the server location or open a east server located in chicago or somewhere more centralized.
    Im not saying to give everyone an equal ping. I know it is impossible. But a more fair environment is what daum can offer. San jose clearly cant.
    also bump bump this thread
  4. I am starting a poll to predict the server population at launch based on player preferences. Please select your server.
    This poll would help people from  all regions to decide their servers( Just don't want to play in a deserted server and it is good to know how many players will be playing in your region).
    I will create another poll when  we have the server list for each region to further help community predict better servers.
    Australian Player(will be playing in CBT1)
  5. Hey, I was recently thinking about the positives and negatives of a megaserver and I decided to share my thoughts with others in hope that I could maybe add to the discussion. 
    Pros I thought of:
    -Easier to play with your friends
    -In general the Commnunity would become less fragmented
    -No server merging
    Cons I thought of:
    -Channel hopping could damage PvP
    I do realise there are more potential issues with it, however it seemed as the biggest one in the bunch. As it is a mostly PvP centered game, I can see why this is a huge issue. It can take the potentially most enjoyable element of the game and kill it off almost completely which is why I thought of some potential solutions to said issue.
    My first idea follows the megaserver setup, you get one server with a bunch of channels that all have a set capacity. I thought of a system that could potentially stop both channel hopping as well as empty channels. Firstly, put a timer on changing the channel, I think anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour should prevent people from just hopping between channels to prevent PvP. To prevent empty channels, I think the amount of channels avaiable to the player should scale with the amount of players on each channel. This system would close and open channels based on the amount of players on each channel, so you start with a single channel open, if that channel reaches 75% capacity, you open up another one, if there is already one below 75% capacity open, you don't. If a channel goes below 25% capacity while there are other channels below 75% capacity, the channel will issue a warning to the players and close after a period of time moving the player to another channel. I do see that there are issues with this idea, however its the best way I came up with for a megaserver set up.
    I did have a second idea, this one involving a more traditional server structure with multiple server, a few channels each. For the most part, it would work in the same way as they normally would, however I think there should be an ability for players to request a character move to allow for friends to play with eachother, even if they ended up choosing diffirent servers.
    I know my knowledge is probably very basic and the concepts I come up with may not be the best, but I really want this game to be good and I want to try contributing to it as much as I can. 
  6. Hello to the forum members!
    So, to start out, I recently wanted to pre-order my copy of Black desert, to show my dedication to a game I've followed for a long time now. Followed updates, Overseas betas, etc. But I realized the restriction of the IP service areas would not apply to me due to my job overseas as a USAF Airman, stationed within Japan. 
    Now, on our base I use a U.S. router that I purchased with a modem given to me by the local internet supplier, unfortunately it does still read us as located in Japan. I was curious if there were any options for us servicemen and women that show interest in this game but are stuck unfortunately overseas. I would obviously rather avoid playing on the Japanese servers, as my friends and family will be on the U.S. version.
    I'm going to assume the best option would be to use VPNs, if anyone has a certain recommendation, please let me know on that subject.
    But again, I ask if Daum has any plans to assist with the military members and their station, along with the inability to even purchase the pre-order due to our location. Would appreciate any thoughts or assistance on the topic!
    Thank you!
  7. Please close. This post is not relevant, look at the first reply of this post.
  8. Does anyone knows if the Character are SERVER bound or i can just move from NA Server to play with EU Friends with my NA Character at any given time?
    Are servers only for pings or they hold the characters too?