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  1. Server Restart Desperately needed this server lag has been going on for 2 days now, something gotta give. ps. no one cares about it anyways.
  2. Hello BDO Community,
    I want to buy the Trumpet Creeper Costume for Maehwa, but I cant find on in the Market. I buy both variation just the "Costume Set" or the entire "Bundle" which include the weapons.
    I pay 25kk, but we can talk about the price. I play on the EU server.
    If you are interested send me a mail or write a comment  
    Kind regards Yasukami Rosakiri
  3. So can we stop giving people false sense of hope for the NA East regions? Because every time I see there is server maintenance on The NA East and NA West servers. I gives me a sad knowing there's only one real region for NA.
    Also maybe change the server selection screen to be called the "channel selection screen", so new players won't waste time looking for the closest servers when they join the game. It will save new users a lot of time n headache and forum searching and probably support tickets.
    All the new players, well at least new players after the server merge, try to figure out which severs are closest to to their locale. Because that's what all players do, on every multiplayer game, in the entire history of multiplayer games. They typically all sort by region, then ping.
  4. Not sure if a post like this is allowed on the NA forum, but I'd like to know if there are any players that speak English that know of any guilds on the TW server that will be hard core and look to be competitive that also have SOME English speakers in the guild. 
  5. ich habe leider die ankündigung nicht mehr gefunden das die Server verbessert werden sollten, aber bis jetzt wurde nur die NA  Hardware verbessert bekommen!
    wird doch langsam zeit den server aufzurüsten da man Node und Siegewars doch schon fast vergessen kann so sehr wie es lagt, ich bin nicht gewillt weiter für sowas geld auszugeben, hoffe ein paar steigen mit ein damit Kaokao mal ein minus in der kasse sieht und endlich mal was macht, wer den post mit der Hardwareverbesserung findet darf ihn gerne mal posten.
  6. Hi there,
    Anyone know what could be happening with this? I'm trying to figure out which server is closest to me and couple of things happened. 
    I started the game a day or two ago on velai2 and saw my ping was well over 130ms. Today tried out velai1, but when I was on velai1 I couldn't chat or add the person I'd been playing with to a party. So I figured it was(obviously) BC I was on a different server. So I switched back to velai2. When I did, the client closed and the only server I can connect to is velai1. All the other servers say barred 10m?
    P.s. anyone know which server is best for the NA east coast?
  7. Hey, ich bin neu hier und habe gerade Black Desert zum ersten Mal geöffnet. Hab einen Familiennamen ausgesucht und nun wird mir eine Auswahl an Channeln? angezeigt. Da es aber EU und NA Server gibt frage ich mich gerade, warum bei mir NA_WORLD und  lauter NA Channel angezeigt werden...Habe bei der Installation Europa angegeben..
    Danke im voraus
  8. Also are the servers with the same name but a different numbers just more instances of the same server?
    Can those play with each other?
    And is it possible to transfer through servers?
  9. Post on Help with servers in New Adventurers

    By Koti, posted
    can some one tell me what's going on with servers? Im from europe (selceted it in intallation), but just have NA server. Searching by net the names of servers and people telling server names which I don't have on my list. Might I'm blind, but now very bizzy ;/ How to set up it?
    Thanks in advance for reply.
    I have selected "Europe" in launcher settings, but still have NA servers.
  10. Hey,
    So i haven't played Black Desert in a while but i have friends who started playing it recently and i am wondering if there is something like an option or coupon that i can buy to transfer my main character from Croxus to Jordine because my friends are playing there.
    Can somebody help me out?
  11. Every time i play i have to restart my entire laptop every 10 to 30 minutes or so because i'm disconnecting. Help??? Im not doing anything special, only level 14. but it's still bugging out. 
  12. Augh... I kept getting server issues that crashed the game before you could even log in, so I missed a day of attendance and Laventia event rewards. I haaaate this issue. With such a passion. Many times it requires constant reboots of the entire program, and the loading screen takes forever only to say there's a server issue right at the end and crash the whole game.
  13. Hi leute,
    als ich mit DAO angefangen habe, startete ich in der Region Europa. Ich erstellte einen Charakter und ging schlafen. Am nächsten Morgen war der Charakter weg. Ich tobte und fluchte etc. erstellte einen neuen Char. und spielte und spielte. Dann fiel mir irgendwann auf.... beim anmelden wurde ich nicht mehr auf EU geladen sondern auf NA. Also beim ersten erstellen speicherte ich EU und irgendwie hat es mir das wieder raus gehauen. Mein char Auf EU ist noch da quasi Lv.0 keine fähigkeiten keine jobs.
    Ist euch etwas bekannt ob man den Char aus Nord Amerika raus bekommen kann oder ist euch etwas bekannt ob es schon mal gemacht worden ist?
    Ich weiss "alter schreib dem support ein Ticket". Ich will nur wissen ob es sowas wie einen Präzidenzfall gibt oder so, als Argument für den Support, immerhin sind es ja nur Daten.
    Ciao Sascha
  14. So my apologies if this already exists, as I did a search but could not find a post on this.
    Please make a couple (or even 1 to start with) of the channels PVE-only, or at least add a requirement on one that all players must be flagged in order to engage in PVP (so that one person can't flag and attack someone else that's not flagged).
    There is a large subset of players that simply enjoy all the different PVE aspects that BDO offers, such as fishing / AFK fishing, or training their horses, or farming, or completing guild/story quests, or gathering ore/timber, etc...  But it is very frustrating when someone comes over and starts griefing you for no reason or kills you while you're AFK - that's not even PVP it's just harassment.  If I wanted to PVP, I would be flagged, but odds are I have on training clothes or gathering clothes and am just trying to do my own thing then here comes someone for no reason and just attacks me.  Or better yet someone gets angry because I killed the ogre that spawned 2 feet away from the area I've been farming by myself for the last hour, because they were channel hopping and felt all ogres belonged to them, or were just being jerks...and they wait until I'm near the end of the fight to determine how geared I am so they can see if they can easily kill me while I'm distracted.
    My point in all this is to say that not everyone bought this game because they wanted to PVP (especially in this manner), but many purchased it because they enjoyed all the various activities and life skills that BDO offers, but due to how the PVP is set up in this game, a lot of those individuals can't even enjoy the game and play it how they want to play it, despite having paid the same amount of money for this game as the PK'er.
    By providing a PVE only channel(s) you can see how many players are interested in just the PVE aspects of the game, while still providing numerous channels for PVP just as it is today.  If no one uses the channel, you could easily change it back to a regular channel (just like today you have Olvia set up as a returning player XP bonus area for example, you could have a few that are PVE only or where all players must be flagged to PVP).  Tons of MMO's offer dedicated PVP servers, or role play servers, etc... so you can play the way you want to play.  You do not have to force those that are only here for the PVE to play alongside those that love to PVP in all aspects, you can actually provide the best of both worlds, keeping all your players happy and providing options for each to play how they want to play.
    If a player does not like the inability to attack someone that is not flagged, then they don't have to play on the PVE channel.  But the PVE'ers don't have to PVP constantly just to complete their dailies or farm some wood either.  You are losing good players who really enjoy this game because of the forced PVP, so please consider my suggestion and provide both sides with options that fit their playstyle.
    Please and thank you.
  15. I can be in-game playing all day long, but if I try to switch to my chars in Calpheon, the game goes through the painfully long loading screen and then it complains of a server error and the entire game crashes. I can run to Calpheon with other characters, but I dare not leave them there, because any and every time I try to switch to or fresh-load a character who is already there, the game crashes. I cannot access those characters. This has been happening for days, the entire time I've returned to the game (I was gone for several months.)
    Any idea what is causing this, or if there's a fix???

    • Doesn't matter if I load into them from scratch or if I switch characters to them. • Doesn't matter which character; I have two stuck there, now doing the same thing. • Doesn't matter what channel I'm on. • Doesn't matter what time of day. • I can play every other character and switch between them without a single server issue ALL day long.

    Thanks for checking into this
    well. I lost another character to Calpheon.

    At this rate, I won't be able to play at all.
    My friend was able to log in and move my characters to another town, so now I can play them again.
    It must be a server/graphics thing... Because my PC is really high end, but the thing is I don't have a high-end graphics card to match yet, so I guess it's having difficulty loading ALL THAT Calpheon content at once... and the server completely hiccups and I get knocked off.
    Oh well. At least I have a work-around for now.
    I'll have to update with details regarding this once I get my $600 graphics card...
  16. Post on Game Server Location? in General

    By Cytho, posted
    Does anyone know where the game server location is after the merge? I know it was confirmed to be in California before the "New World" so I was wondering if this has at all changed since then or did it remain the same?
  17. Mit dem heutigen Zusammenlegen der Server hat sich wohl genau in dem durchführenden Patch vom 1. Dezember ein schwerwiegender Bug eingeschlichen!
    Der Patch-Download geht bis etwa 60%, dann bricht er mit einer Fehlermeldung ab und verlangt eine Überprüfung. Diese wird ohne Hinweise auf Fehler durchgeführt.
    Danach wird der Patch erneut heruntergeladen... bis zum gleichen Punkt!
    Meine Frage:
    Gibt es einen Download-Bereich, wo ich die neueste Version des Spieles herunterladen kann (also die zum 1. Dezember gepatchte Version), um diese auf meinem PC über meine November-Version rüberzuziehen?
    Rawir X
    Problem ist gelöst
  18. Post on Keep DC'ing from Server in General

    By Xenryo, posted
    I keep disconnecting from Edan and tried removing cache, uninstalling/reinstalling the problem happen before but uninstalling and reinstalling fixed it temporary and it started again last night but I don't dc from Orwen or Uno what's goin on here?
  19. Post on Edan - LAG... in General

    By Maximilious, posted
    Hello all.
    Since the 3 days I been back in this game, I have noticed strong server latency issues.
    Is the game lagging for everyone else? are some channels less laggy than others on  the Edan server?
    Are there any plans to fix the latency issues?
  20. Post on Game population? in General

    By Endimyon, posted
    Recently i didnt really had time to play, so when i came back ,i browsed my list of games, and after my friends convinced me to play Blade and soul (again) with them, i got utterly bored with it. Its just....bad. 
    Been considering FF14, since ppl say its a game that has a future, and devs actually care, and that its a good trinity pve game (and man i been missing trinity for some time now), but still, i keep thinking on BDO, i do have an lv 45 warrior and thinking on rolling a Sorc or Wizard...not ot mention the upcoming Dark Elf sounds cool in itself, but is it actualy worth "sinking" time on the game?
    I mean, Pve is basically just grinding mobs, and crafting things, and trading (that is fun for some time...till it takes days or weeks to get anything done), not to mention you might as well do it alone, since there is no real diff in playing with friends or not. For PvP i cant talk, but i assume!!! its a shitfest ...sorry, but Lineage 2 sieges are the baseline for me, and simply cant imagine battles like that, without utter megsuper lagspikes and stuff. Or more like...cant imagine so many players in BDO at all. 
    But most important...are there any players left at all? I keep hearing on media channels ppl keep leaving the game, and think that the game is getting nowhere...trough it gets content..the things that are making the game bad are not changing anyway.
    So my question is : What is your opinion on this topic? Is it "worth" sinking time in the game, at this moment? Will players stay or the game gets deserted within a year or so? Anyone first hand Experiance?
  21. If theres any erp/rp small/medium guild on any server can you please put the names on this thread. (active guilds)
    Going to see the options on which rp guild I want to join.
    thank you
  22. After I download the patch my game is taking a long time to process (5 min. after the pearl abyss screen), and after that when the game is loading, in the end, the connection is lost (i will lost some boss - formation, week and dayli - please help).
  23. Hi an alle Spieler in BDO
    Meine Frage die ich hier gerne stellen moechte bezieht sich auf die Server Auswahl in BDO, ich habe mir das spiel heute Downloaded und , moechte nicht unbedingt öfters beginnen, da ich eine Spielerin bin die ungern lange ohne eine Gemeinschaft im Spiel unterwegs ist , frage ich mich ob es vorschläge gibt wo man am besten anfangen koennte, wo nette Gilden unterwegs sind die auch noch aktiv sind und noch Aktiv mitglieder suchen, und vor allem neulinge im Spiel supporten mit Beantworten einiger fragen und tipps.
    Ich gebe auch gerne ein paar infos über meine Person :
    Name: Yvonne
    Klasse: Valkyrie ( hab zumindest vor mir diese Klasse zu erstellen)
    Alter: stolze 40
    MMorpg erfahrung  Everquest online 16 Jahre lang gezockt, dann kurzzeitig WoW dann Swtor (2Jahre) Aion Tera AA und nun moechte ich gern BDO anspielen.
  24. Cant play since new patch. I login in, takes 4 minutes to get to the end for it to crash with server connection issue. Fix this!! Paid to play and cant play, ridiculous!

  25. Hello, i've played for 7 days with a gift code on EU Server, on Jordine.

    Before the time expired i've bought the game (9.99 Edition), i've log in and i'm now on Croxus!
    My friend are all on Jordine and i can't play with them...Is it possible that the upgrade of the account change my server?
    I don't want to start again...Is it possible to transfer my pg?

    Ticket number: 200597