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  1. Hello all, if you are a Ninja or Kunoichi player there is a discord for you guys!
    Here is the link for the invite: https://discord.gg/VSuuF5g
    In this discord we have Ninjas/Kunoichis from every region so there is a chance to learn from each other and ask for advice/tips on gear or combos. We have grown to over 800 members and chats are pretty active at the moment. If you are new or a veteran Ninja/Kuno come and socialize, or share your wisdom. 
    Recently we have added some new features:
    - Listening to music
    - Getting skill builds level 55 to 60 recommendations for each class.
    - Helpful videos for new comers to Ninja/Kunos
    - Market chat to post/request items to fellow members.
    There are channels for:
    - General chat (Normal socializing)
    - Patch Notes (korean patch notes for Ninja/Kuno updated weekly)
    - Ninja/Kunoichi Help (Ask questions about classes, builds, combos, etc.)
    - Screenshots (Showcase your Ninja/Kuno or cool screenshots you take while playing the game)
    - Guides (Helpful guides for Ninja/Kunos)
    - Streams (Post your stream and get noticed)
    - Videos (post your content/anything you want to share with the community)
    - Bot (we have many bots and if you know the commands to them, come spam)
    - NSFW 

    and more to be added.
    Join now: https://discord.gg/VSuuF5g
  2. Hello all, if you are a Ninja or Kunoichi player there is a discord for you guys!
    Here is the link for the invite: https://discord.gg/VSuuF5g 
    In this discord we have Ninjas/Kunoichis from every region so there is a chance to learn from each other and ask for advice/tips on gear or combos. We have grown to over 800 members and chats are pretty active at the moment. If you are new or a veteran Ninja/Kuno come and socialize, or share your wisdom. 
    Recently we have added some new features:
    - Listening to music
    - Getting skill builds level 55 to 60 recommendations for each class.
    - Helpful videos for new comers to Ninja/Kunos
    - Market chat to post/request items to fellow members.
    There are channels for:
    - General chat (Normal socializing)
    - Patch Notes (korean patch notes for Ninja/Kuno updated weekly)
    - Ninja/Kunoichi Help (Ask questions about classes, builds, combos, etc.)
    - Screenshots (Showcase your Ninja/Kuno or cool screenshots you take while playing the game)
    - Guides (Helpful guides for Ninja/Kunos)
    - Streams (Post your stream and get noticed)
    - Videos (post your content/anything you want to share with the community)
    - Bot (we have many bots and if you know the commands to them, come spam)
    - NSFW 

    and more to be added.
    Join now: https://discord.gg/VSuuF5g 
  3. Post on Failed to Connect? in General

    By Grizabella, posted
    Anyone else kicked out of game and unable to connect this morning? I get to the Start button and then see the "Failed to Connect" Error. Was in game riding a horse when I was kicked and cannot reconnect.
  4. Idk why it stutters like this now recently. Never experienced it before. It came after the Windows 10 Anniversary update. But now I have reinstalled windows to see if it fixed it. Apparently it has not. My computer:
    Intel High end cpu
    32 gb ram
    It has NEVER stuttered like this. You can see the fps dropping like every so often and the stutter is too noticeable. I tried changing channels, tried putting the computer in HIGH Performance mode and even put BDO to High in the Task Manager. 
    The only thing that has changed for me recently is that I went from 500 mbit to 100 mbit. But it did not stutter like this when I was on 2 mbit internet for 3 weeks. 
    Is there tips and tricks to fix this? I tried rolling back to a very old driver to see: 353.54 
    Maybe there is a better and more stable driver?
    I want to mention that I have a G-Sync monitor as well and the game runs on stable 80 fps (hence when recording) and the occasional stutter every 10 seconds.
    Please give me any tips or tricks.
    I have not noticed this when fishing or standing still. Only when moving on foot and horse. Can this be server related?
  5. So with 10-minute trading cool down per every channel hop + a few hours for reset + every reset gives only 30+/-7 items, this has been unplayable.
    NOT ONLY players cannot fully benefit from the system, one player can already fill all quotas per channel.
    It means every few hours, there could only be 10 or so players benefit from the system.
    Doesn't that sound like a need to be remade?
  6. Post on Server Stability in General

    By Reliance, posted
    To Daum/Kakao/Pearl Abyss/Hair Styling Studios/What ever company is even behind this game?!?!?!
    Please for sake of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Please, fix your potato servers. Upgrade them higher the capacity, fix your netcode, do something. 
    You advertise this game as PvP and its not working at all. I knock someone down, he is behind me when i try to grab!?!?
    To the PM's or GM's, do you even play this game? 
    And lower the penalty for PK its way to much imo, like 5k per player kill would be ok. Or bring in the XP loss on death again.
    /Salt end
  7. Post on Serverwahl in Anleitungen

    By Laurina, posted
    Ich werde jetzt neu anfangen (kenne nur die Beta) und habe eine Frage zu den Servern.
    1) Welche Server sind am stärksten von deutschen Mitspielern bevölkert?
    2) Gibt es Server die PvE freundlicher sind, als andere? Oder anders gefragt: gibt es Server, die von Gankern bevorzugt oder gemieden werden?
    3) Als ich damals Beta spielte, änderten sich dauernd die Servernamen in der Liste und ich hatte auch Probleme, sie anzuwählen. Ich möchte mit einer Freundin spielen, wie stelle ich das am Besten an?
  8. Karanda Spot frei: Grafikkarte 61% Auslastung

    Karanda mit Spieler: Grafikkarte 23% Auslastung

    BitFenix Shinobi XLENERMAX MODU87+ 700WIntel i7 3770kScythe Mugen 2 with NoctumASUS P8Z77-V PROASUS STRIX GTX970 DC2OCCORSAIR 16 GB CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9Samsung SSD 840 Pro 250GBCreative X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty Champion SeriesSamsung Syncmaster 2233rz 120HzZOWIE FK2LOGITECH G510RAZER Razer Tiamat 7.1
  9. Was playing fine yesterday then I come on after today's maintenance only to be kicked out every time I try to connect. Screen turns white and goes back to main screen and says connection has been lost. restarted my computer and reset my internet many times and nothing is working. If anybody can offer any insight I'd greatly appreciate it. Tried running as admin and got same result. Sent in a ticket but don't know how long until they get back to me so hopefully I can get some help here.
  10. Post on Fix those SERVERS! in Suggestions

    By Medma, posted
    What about fixing those damn servers so i can afk-fish for hours without coming home and see that the game crashed. You have so much money in ur pockets but u wont fix those damn servers.. i dont get it. Are u only focusing on the damn cash shop? Cause it seems like that. Its amazing how GREEDY a company can be like u..
  11. Ok so I am pretty sure that the amount of money that Daum Games, Kakao, or WHATEVER made is pretty high after this Pearl to Marketplace feature was introduced to the game... I mean think about all the outfits and pets that we've seen posted day in and day out... note that each outfit is roughly 30$ a piece and pets around 8$ or 9$.
    Now multiply that by three for each NA server...
    Where is the money going??
    cause certainly it is not being put into creating a better, smoother, epitome of a MMORPG game.
    These servers are insanely unstable and it is absolutely absurd... 
    We have already dealt with the "p2w" addition to our game and its like they are just using the money to live large without putting our money to get some programmers or update servers...
    Can we have that at least?
    Is it so hard to ask for some of the money after this Pearl To Marketplace introduction be put into some stable server upgrades. 
    I mean you have the money to do it and pay some actual DEVELOPERS AND PROGRAMMERS to be able to balance correctly, make the game more stable, and SERVER UPGRADES. 
    We Deserve this my fellow Black Desert Players. If you agree.. make this post seen. 
    Thank You 
    GG, iGcGi
    Thanks For Reading =D
  12. I'm currently downloading the game. Looking for a guild to help start me off and show me the ropes on a decent NA server. Very interested in working towards PVP. Thanks!
  13. Post on Fix the servers! in General

    By Lanfei, posted
    For the last month or so, every single time I log onto my BDO account, regardless of which server or character, I always, always get a disconnection error within a minute or two... PLEASE FIX THIS!
  14. Hello everyone
    I had a short break (2 months, family issues) and would like to come back. I have no idea if population changed on some server drastically so I would welcome advice which server to choose ? I will be starting from fresh so I dont mind which server to pick only thing that is important to me is activity on that server. So most active server on EU would be way to go for me.
    Thank you I appreciate it
  15. Hallo Leute,
    ich bin per Zufall auf das Spiel gestoßen und habe e schon ein wenig angetestet. Zwei Fragen tun sich bei mir auf:
    Jetzt wollte ich auch einen dt. Server neu anfange, aber ich habe als Server auwahl nur Uno, Orwan, Evan zur Auwahl. Unter Uno erscheint z.B. Velia U1, Velia U2 ...
    Kann ich mich nur in diesen Servern anmelden, oder gibts nen Trick, wie ich auf die anderen Server komme?
    Wie kann ich in der Welt mit anderen chatten? Per Enter öffnen sich nur eine kleine Eingabe ...?
    Danke schon mal!
  16. bonjour a tous, depuis toute la journée, je peux jouer seulement 20 minutes et le serveur pert la connection . est-ce le seul ou de changer de serveur peut aider ? 
    précision , serveur NA
  17. You don't need me to tell you what's going on with the game going P2W. There are enough angry rants on the forums to show this isn't being accepted well. I am not going to go on and on about how bad this is as I suspect you can draw your own conclusion without having to let others fill your mind with negativity due to posts that offer no solid ways of fixing what is happening.
    Lets go over a few things
    1. Kakao/Daum has lost the trust of most people at this point and unfortunately I don't think an apology will actually cut it. The moment this idea crossed their minds was the same moment they shot a bullet in their chest. Even if they don't add it now it has been laid on the table in front of us and could very well be added later.
    2. Personally I can't blame the devs for this, I greatly doubt this is a decision they would make and truly support. They are human as well and know this risk of doing this, this clearly seems to me like a situation where a higher-up wants their pockets lined with more money. However the devs still have to stick up for this as they can't trash talk their own game, no matter how bad an idea is.
    3. This means the only solution to fix this is something that brings in consistent money as clearly someone at the top isn't happy. However this also means we need to fix trust that doesn't even exist anymore.
    The solution
    A subscription based server. I know this isn't a brand new idea or anything, but at the end of the day this is truly the only thing that could build even a tiny bit of trust. Here are some things that the server should probably have/do.
    1. Everyone moving to the sub server would need to restart. Please keep in mind the B2P servers would still exist and they can still release this "feature" there.
    2. Since everyone would have to restart, make the server have a PERMANENT 70% exp bonus. This would make endgame a bit more viable to those with less time and it would make up for some of the lost time on the B2P server.
    3. No cash shop AT ALL. The trust has already been lost and people wouldn't trust them controlling a cash shop again, no matter how small. Everything in the cash shop should be obtainable through the game itself. They don't even need to make them crafted or found, they can just add a vendor and have it purchased for X amount of silver.
    4. Everyone should probably start with a tier 5 horse, also again due to all the lost time on the B2P server.
    5. Probably keep the auction house and trading features the same to combat gold sellers.
    These are just a few things that I personally think this server should have. However this would require little effort on their part and they would be making the money they want to make, both off the the sub servers and the B2P server. It suits both needs.
    In Conclusion
    Do I think they will do this? Honestly, no. I figure it is worth a shot trying though as a last ditch effort. Even if this doesn't happen next week I can still see quite a few people leaving this game. This really isn't about the money, this is about being able to earn things through the game and feel good about it. Having someone spend $100 and do the same thing it took you two months to do isn't a good thing for most.
    For those that truly do enjoy the P2W model, then this would suit you aswell as you would still be able to play the game on your server. I respect your opinion even if I personally don't agree with it. Kakao/Daum will still get the money that they desire and possibly earn some trust in the process.
    Have a great day everyone, I hope we all get what we want out of this. If you agree with this solution please leave a comment to keep this at the top. We need our voices to be heard before the damage is done.
    - Yovinn
  18. If you don't want to lose half your player base with these new "cash shop accessibility" changes, please give us option subscribe for 15€ a month and make everything in Cash Shop Loyalty only.
  19. As an older Gamer who has played everything from Paid to Private servers, I see change all the time, I see free to cash shop, or donation shops on free private servers.
    Things cost money, on a daily basis we all experience it, from that morning coffee to lunch. We buy gas for our cars, which was built in a factory and sold by a sales man.
    The game was paid for and yes they made some nice coin, but that 1x payment will not last forever. I paid my rent 4 days ago and have to pay it again in 27 days. Life cost money.
    The game is hosted and designed by people, people who get paid to work there, in a building where they pay rent, as well travel fees to usa from overseas.
    Since joining I have heard so many rants of things for change or change without asking.
    I also see 1000's of -10 posts ranting they paid 100 1000 or more into the game who cares, I paid to win i have 3 t3 pets. and costumes, shit changes people.
    Many new accounts who say 100 Days wasted I quit blah blah blah, ok?
    you are not the only person online more will come.
    People will scream, and rage, tell me my head is in my ass or carebears or freepers or pvpers who cares.
    we all know we will go home after work or school grumble and find a way to make this work in our favor and how to move on.
    I love the game and well will continue. 
    If you leave, sad as it was alot of work you entered. I hope you find a game as cool as this one.
    well be well and remember to breathe life is too short to rage that much.
    if this message makes any sense ok if not well  I don't care. 

  20. So i seem to be having connection issues to random specific channels on the Orwen server, it seems to change nearly every day but there are always channels that when i connect to everything seems normal for a few seconds and then it disconnects me with a "server connection lost" issue. as of right now its the balonos 2 and valencia 2 channels, a couple days ago it was media 2 and velia 2.
    this is  causing problems with me playing with my friends and guildmates can i please get help troubleshooting this?
    i do not have access to the router or modem that i am connected through as i am connected through apartment complex provided wifi that has no alternative.
    please help!
  21. Per character in the Pearl Shop. You know you'll make bank with this. @PM_Jouska
  22. Hey ihr Lieben,
    ich habe mir Black Desert gekauft, ewig meinen Char erstellt und bin nun zufrieden. Allerdings frage ich mich seit dem Gästepass, ob die Wahl des Servers in diesem Spiel entscheidend ist. Es gibt ja einen Thread dazu:
    Allerdings ist das Thema veraltet und ich würde mich über neue Eindrücke freuen.
    Wo sind die meisten unterwegs? Wo sind die Leute auffällig nett/unfreundlich. Gibt es einen Server der eher PvE/PvP orientiert ist? Ein Server für Neulinge und ein Server für Erfolgsorientierte? Oder läuft das hier gar ganz anders ab?
    Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ein paar Meinungen dazu hier einflattern würden.
  23. Hallöchen alle miteinander!
    In letzter Zeit plagt mich ein weniger schönes Problem und ich weiß nicht woran es liegt, an meiner Internetverbindung definitiv nicht Aber es passiert sehr häufig wenn ich Angeln gehe. Und zwar stell ich mich irgendwo in Velia ans Wasser, werf meine Angel rein und angel vor mich hin. Alles schön und gut, wären da nicht die plötzlichen Abbrüche durch die Fehlermeldung "Die Verbindung zum Server wurde getrennt" (oder unterbrochen, weiß es gerade nicht mehr.) Manchmal kommt diese Meldung erst nach ein paar Stunden z.B. gestern hatte ich mit einem Gepäckstück meine Stärke trainiert, lief die ersten Stunden super. Heute morgen musste ich dann feststellen, dass ich seit geraumer Zeit wieder im Hauptmenü mit dieser Meldung rumgurke. Das ist natürlich irgendwie ärgerlich, da lässt man den Rechner schon extra an um Ingame etwas zu erledigen was man vielleicht tagsüber nicht schafft, und dann schmeißt das Spiel einen ständig raus.
    Beim Angeln heute ging es nach ein paar Minuten direkt, dass ich wieder rausgeschmissen worden bin. Kann mir aber nicht erklären woran das liegt, weil nebenher bin ich auch am Rechner unterwegs im Internet, schaue Serien oder Filme oder surfe einfach nur. Und da habe ich keinerlei Verbindungsabbrüche. Selbst wenn ich nur das Spiel offen habe und angeln lasse, selbst dann passiert es immer wieder.
    Ist es jetzt vom Spiel ein Fehler der sonst wo sitzt, oder habe ich irgendeine Einstellung übersehen? Es ist tatsächlich nur wenn ich angel, laufe oder mit dem Pferd im Autoloop reite (wobei es mit dem Pferd am seltensten passiert). Ansonsten habe ich keinerlei Probleme.
  24. Daum is pretty great about their compensation for mistakes and things that aren't always required. I appreciate this about them. Normally they say when things are wrong or if they are working on something or looking into something that may be off.  (Shush it about ninjas, awakenings, Sorcs, and sieges -- those things depended on PA to push out, I'm talking things within Daums control.)
    This server instability...my gawd. They haven't uttered a peep. This is really pretty awful. No matter if you are PVP or PVE or just a straight Lifer this affects you.
    Type of issues I've seen/heard within the last week (since the last maintenance) that are at an all time high:
    Teleporting - randomly skipping forward or backward in the middle of doing regular things like running to the market or worse through mobs.Game freezing - random freezes while you are doing things like running through mobs Reloads - yup just like when you do "/reloadui except its involuntary."..while you are grinding, running through mobs, actively riding a horsieDC's - lots of disconnectionsFailure to connect - literally cannot get into the gameLauncher failure - launcher won't even start or log inCorrupt files - causing complete reinstallationsAuto looping suddenly stops ETCThese functional issues happen to players of all types - some examples:
    Guild missions (gathering) - failure to recognize when you chop a tree or hit an ore vein causing it to be repeated 13 timesGuild missions (subjugation) - the first 4 above happening in the middle of a guild missionGrinding - the first 4 above - causing multiple deaths, especially in the desert where hypothermia or heatstroke can compound the issueGathering of any type - failure to recognize when you collect items due to the freeze, reload, teleport or dcAFK horse riding / Trading - pretty much impossible to progress unless actively watchingMarketplace - missing out on bidding or selecting items due to freezesThe impact of these issues is pretty great - some examples:
    Lost EXP from unavoidable deaths - this isn't pk, this isn't get good, this is completely out of your control other than to not play. Do YOU know what it is like to lose EXP that you barely just earned not once but multiple times because you are trying to achieve a goal or finish a quest and can't because of the server?Lost items - drops and special procs - sometimes the issue happens/doesn't fix itself until after the resource has disappeared...think about losing a Shard right about now...fmlPVE Horse deaths - because the server derped while u were on your way somewhere. Not only did you die but your horse did too - completely unavoidable.Inability to play - people give up after a certain number of times and just do something else which leads to #5Appearance of a dead game - With so many people locked out or simply giving up, the game appears dead. For those who are in-game, the feeling is setting in that they shouldn't log out at all until maintenance boots them if they want to play.ANGRY AT DAUM  - this is a sentiment compounded by all the other things people are angry about that could be avoided if you, Daum, would just communicate, tell us we aren't crazy, tell us you care about whats happening and are actually aware of it.  TELL US SOMETHING DAMN IT. 
    I feel that GM Blessings and a quickie EXP weekend aren't really going to cut it, afterall I can't use it or take advantage of one with the server in this state.  
    I've come up with some alternatives:
    Loyalty - Why? Because we have to be pretty friggin loyalty to stick around through this with no word of it from you. We are dedicated - reward in kind.Conquerors - 500 Loyalty (we've been here longer, the suffering is without a doubt greater )All others - 300 LoyaltyKamasilves - this is a win even if we can't use it right now.Free EXP Boost scrolls to use on top of the EXP event that you pretty much need to (please) give us for a month.Death counter resets for people who can prove their horses were slaughtered because of the servers.PEARLs - 1000 per player who logged in everyday since the last maintenance 
    Dear Soon to be Poster
    If you aren't affected by this issue, count your GM Blessings! Please don't take that for granted by pooing on the masses of us that are.This is not an ISP thing - seriously learn about the internet and connectivity before commenting silliness in this thread. Here is a hint how you know: International IssuesI probably won't write back - I'm sleepy.