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  1. Hi there!
    When the game first launched, I had a similar issue with the game, I could log in, create a character, but at the moment I logged that character into the world, the game would load it until the loading bar reached it's limit, then freezed for like 5 mins. (music still playing and cursor still moving), then it would crash to the main menu, with the message "Connection with server has been lost", if OK was pressed, the game crashed to desktop.
    That issue did not let me play for about the first two weeks or so.
    Now that I have some more time after my finals and I'm playing again more seriously, I have the same issue, but in a different fashion. I can log in and play just normally, but after 5, 10, 15 mins, more or less, the game does the same thing, crash to main menu, Connection with server has been lost, etc. And it's getting to the point that's is really getting to me.
    Any clues?
    I'll post here as well another small issue I have ingame with a NPC.
    Daphne Dellucci is supossed to give me a quest where she introduces me to another NPC in the mountains which continues the begginer Hunting quests, but she does not. I checked the wiki and the only requirement for her to give me this quest is to have completed the previous one (which consisted in shooting some beehives with a matchlock) which I have.
    Thank you!
    Bump and update.
    Is it going from bad to worse? Yesterday I tried to log in and when the loading bar was full, after a few seconds it crashed to desktop. I never had this kind of issue before. I reopened the launcher and the game, tried to log in again, successfully, but after 5-10 seconds, Connection lost. Try to log again, then another crash.
    After 5 tries, I could finally play, but seriously, I'm starting to get mad, I checked my internet connection and the disconnects have nothing to do with it, it goes perfectly fine.
  2. Hey Black Desert Online Players are you looking for a fun, friendly, and active community?
    We have a variety of different people and channels for hanging out/playing games! You can come to just hang out and meet new people!
    We Also Offer Daily inhouses and events on the server for a multitude of games.
    If this sounds like the community you'd like to be apart of then join us on our TeamSpeak: ts.absgaming.net.
    We have specialized rooms for guilds and other in game factors as well, even specific staff members to coach/teach other players!
    Come and be with people who enjoy doing the same things as you!
    Recent Events: Yu-Gi-Oh, League of Legends, Overwatch, Black Desert Online, OSU
    See you guys there!
    - Absolute Gaming Staff
  3. Hey guys, so I've been playing and it's been fine.  I've had a few disconnections from server every here and there.  Now I can't even play for over 5 minutes.  I log in, run around for a bit and all of a sudden my mana, energy bar, nothing depletes.  I can't interact with anything around me.  I can hit enemies and they don't take damage or respond.  Also enemies will run to a blank area and start attacking.  I then take damage and die through that.  It's really weird and I can't play at all.  Just bought it two days ago too.  Then I get sent to the main menu and a message, "Connection to main server has been lost"  
    If anyone has a solution please help.
  4. I noticed two issues in the Red battlefield or Large Scale PvP. I wanted to ask if there are workarounds, or if others experience the same issues?
    1. Grab misses exponentially more in these situations (my thinking is this is due to server –client dysnc/lag). IOW the players on my screen are not in the position I see when I try to grab, the server has them further away and grab fails?
     2.   Unless I get someone off away from the crowd when I do get them down I can’t get off any attack combos due to cc from all the other players. IOW once I start the combo I become vulnerable to other players cc and can't get a combo off.
    Is there an I-Frame attack combo I’m not aware of that I can use? I even get cc’d in the middle of Scars which I thought gave me an I-frame.
    I don’t experience these problems in small scale fights 3v3 or less. FYI I have a good rig (i-7 6700k, 32GB ram, 980GTX, 1TB SSD) and Internet/ping to the server. I don’t think this is the problem
  5. Post on Server swapping in Suggestions

    By JCInnes, posted
    I think Server swapping would be a good addition. I'm not sure how difficult it is for the developers but for players, it would be good. We can then jump between the servers and meet with our friends who started on other servers. I think it should be a 1 time thing, perhaps a token from the pearl shop but everyone is given 1 at the very start.
    I've noticed how many people are not able to play with their friends because they are on the wrong server.
  6. Post on Server Change in General

    By Izaris, posted
    Hello everyone
    Many people need to have the opportunity to switch between servers in the same region. I do not speak to switch between EU / NA but switch between servers in the same region.
    I will open a vote to assess if the Black Desert Online players need that option. If the answer is positive in the survey, I hope DAUM Games Europe B.V. do you need to provide us with the service.
    I understand (and probably also the community) that the service is paid, since it is a server service DAUM Games Europe B.V. and not a NPC Black Desert Online.
    Thanks for participation.
  7. PLSPLSPLS make supthreads in the Guild Foum its rediculous that I need to go trought 10 pages with Jordine/Croxus Guilds when I play on Alustin.. 
    I think its never to late to do such a supthread ppl want their guildthread to be actual anyway.
    just make 4 supthreads:
    CroxusJordineAlustinall the old threads 
    ppl gona make the new threads on their own in the new  thread I believe and one day u can simply close the other thread without any problems with the community.
    thx Becii
  8. Everytime i log in to BDO and get to the main screen i click start and it wont get me to the server list everytime, and if it does get to the server list it wont get into the game. any advice? I just get an error message and then it crashes. Thanks in advance
  9. Hallo ihr Lieben,
    da ich mich vorhin in einem öffentlichen W-LAN Hotspot eines großen Mobil- / Kabelanbieters befunden habe - und wahrscheinlich die nächste Zeit darauf angewiesen bin, stellen sich mir nun folgende Fragen:

    (1) Weis jemand, ob der Loginserver des Clienten eine gesicherte Verbindung (SSL) verwendet, oder sind die Eingaben im Netzwerk frei lesbar?

    (2) Wie verhält sich das mit dem Spiele Datenverkehr ansich - wird dieser ebenfalls verschlüsselt?

    (3) Gibt es eine Möglichkeit das Forum, wie die Homepage ansich auch, im "Gesicherten Modus" (SSL) zu nutzen oder sind Login- und Datenverkehr im Netzwerk offengelegt?

    Über eine Antwort würde ich mich sehr freuen, wünsche euch noch einen schönen Sonntag und verbleibe

    mit freundlichen Grüßen,

  10. Post on Edan Server Lagged Out? in General

    By Zeen, posted
    Ever since yesterday's patch, several people in my guild and myself have been experiencing extreme lag in the early afternoon on EST time. (1:00 - 5:00 PM EST) Unsure if this is a widespread problem or limited to a messed up patched version of your game.
    Any other players experiencing this lag? Character loading in without customization, NPC's taking ages to respond when talking to them, players constantly rubber banding/desyncing, random disconnects.
  11. Hi,
    bin neu in BDO und ich stecke bei der Serverauswahl fest. Habe ein Bild hochgeladen. Realm habe ich ausgewählt, aber was bedeutet dieses: Velia J1, Velia J2, Balenos J1, Balenos J2 usw. ? Ist sehr verwirrend. Sind das nochmal unterrealms von Jordine? LG

  12. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I can't find a thread about it.

    I would like to be able to move my family and everything with it to another server. I'm fine with paying money for it. $10 (loyalties or pearl equivalent) wouldn't be unreasonable, I'd think.

    Family names are server wide, as are character names (if I try to make a character with a very unique name on two servers, the first would work where the second definitely wouldn't since the first worked).
    If the issue is "What if you have progress on both servers?" that's as simple as a (very large) notification stating the family on the server you are moving to will be overwritten.

    I see no reason this isn't a thing I can buy in the store with either loyalties or pearls.
  13. Croxus is pretty dead now, to be honest.... it's hard to do anything that requires multiple people, sure we have guilds but not every guild member is around.
    It's straight up a pretty dead server that only gets 1 channel crowded on a Saturday.
    Strawpoll for fun?: http://www.strawpoll.me/10512004
    EDIT: Or at least reduce the amount of channels on Croxus.
  14. Post on Server login in Suggestions

    By Alucardo, posted
    It would be nice, if game remember my last Server and Channel.
  15. Good Evening,
    I have discontinued playing after spending 40-60 hours a week grinding as I have a full time job and family. I love this game but cannot and will not continue as it is apparent that many of us with full time jobs and commitments cannot keep up.
    A casual server limiting to +15 on weapons armor (removing this RNG fail stack system and utilizing instead a set # of stones for each level past 5), removing the fail stack accessory requirements so that a drop is a drop without having to farm 100 of them to PRI, DUO, etc. would fix this issue and keep those of us who can only play a few hours a week in the game.
    Seriously, how many people are leaving due to not being able to grind 40-60 hours a week? 
    Stand up another server for the casual crowd and wipe out this ridiculous RNG fail-stack system.
  16. Post on Server Transfer in Suggestions

    By Christy, posted
    Can we see a Server Transfer service before or shortly after Valencia or at all?
    Preferably very soon.
    Now that the game is incorporating larger scale team play (sieges, node wars, etc.) and players too far into their characters to simply abandon them with a server reroll, server transfers would be practical. Consolidating friends onto one server is a real issue right now. 
  17. How to fix the current issue with PvP patch.
    I have a suggestion on how we can make Black Desert Online fun for both PvE and PvP players.
    I think my option would both please PvE and PvP players and having Certain channels dedicated to PvE and PvP would make both sides happy.
    I have a very busy schedule where I can only play 1-2 hours max a day and I in no way find it fair that if I grind in a certain spot for a small portion only to have some pvper ruin all the fun is extremely disappointing, yes I understand PvP is a part of this game but the way some players part take in PvP is like they only take pleasure in the suffering/harming of others like shooting afk fishers off their boats only to drown and lose Exp/crystals ( I've seen this happen to afk horse trainers too), another example is trying to farm a rare item such as Ogre ring only to get a annoying group come and pk you for no reason and steal your ogre/mobs is frustrating. I don't have time to grab my guild and fight back and frankly neither my guild nor I don't want to I just want to enjoy the game in peace and quiet, also my connection isn't very great which grounds me to a PvE play style anyways.
    Having PvE dedicated channels will allow players especially casual or busy in real life players such as myself to obtain their daily goals at a much easier and comfortable pace then having to constantly watch their back and worry that some pvper destroys their fun for no real reason. These channels will make a lot of PvE players happy and will not allow any form of PvP/Flagging.
    Having PvP dedicated channels will allow hardcore PvPers/PvP based Guilds to do what they like to do like pk random people who are afk/fishing/horse training, control grind spots like they are some kind of modern gang, and PvP others who actually "Want" to fight back and partake in PvP. These channels will have all what PvPers want keeping them happy as this channels will be exactly as the PvP players want it to be like, flagging will be possible and Exp/Crystal Loss will be exactly as it used to be.
    By having both dedicated channels you give everyone a chance to enjoy the game the way they want to without removing any sort of function that may be a staple of the game, PvE players will be happy and PvP will both get what they want.
    This is my suggestion on how to fix this turmoil regarding the latest patch and whether or not it should be fixed/reverted.
    Its quite simple to fix, give both sides what they want, Dedicated PvE/PvP channels and all/most players will be happy.
  18. Post on Safe server in Suggestions

    By Number_0829, posted
    Making a safe servers where killing other players is impossible for thoes who want to play pve only , im just sick of being pk when im just tryng to grind , i can play only 1-2H per days and all im doign is walking back where a got kill , change channel and get kill again and again. 
  19. As topic says. What do you guys think?
  20. I would like to see a 3 tier server/channel system based on your karma. you could move up or down by being good or bad. This would appease everyone except the sizable population that like to tell others how they are gona play the game.
    3 tiers
    Blue : 150k-300k Karma  PVE only, no pvp flagging, cannot flag for PVP, would have duals, arena, battlefield and maybe node warfare.. if the community cares? only way to get bad karma once you get here is by stealing, killing certain NPC and horses, maybe have a quest for neg karma?
    Yellow : -149k-149k Karma This is where everyone starts and this is the game as it is now, no changes for people that like things the way they are. you would not have to move from there if you choose not to.
    Red : -150k-> Karma This is crazy town, your always flagged, no safe zones, can kill city NPCs, player item drops, PVP exp loss.
  21. Post on Add a server side check in General

    By Catclaw, posted
    Add a server side check to all cooldowns and stats. You don't even need to change them from being client sided, GW2 did it, why can't you?
    This is a superior DX11 based game and you NEED to be able to do this. You've easily been the top korean company that's come to america in a long time. People still give you guys shit, but as a korean/EU company you've done quite better than everyone else here in everything other than ticket response time.
    Although ironically daum still responds faster to tickets then steam does.
    Fix this one issue and suddenly your game looks amazing to everyone.
  22. Hello. I've written here once before and I've tried everything I could find on the Internet and in the email I was sent back, but nothing has worked. The problem is that I get on bdo and I can make the character just fine (tho it's a little slow), but right when the loading map screen is just about done it says the connection has been lost. 
    I bought the $50 pack and I'm very annoyed that I can't play this. I haven't been able to connect since I got it in March. March! I've switched from North America to Europe and I deleted user cache but nothing will work. 
    Please help me!!
  23. First : Sorry for my English Im Poland and I  just Speak Deutsh
    I .. and a lot of Friends working to the AFTERNOON... we just play on the MORNING ... why ever BUT EVER YOU HAS TO DO the MAINTENANCE to the fuuucking MORNING
    To the NIGHT play Less people ... Pls ... dont be stupid
    PD : U sayTHE GAME SERVICE IS ON MAINTENANCE NOW  ( 08 - 11:00 UTC ) ... now are the 11 Half past or MORE LATE and the servers continue OFF ... are u kidding me ??? This is serius ?? where is my money ... that shit...
  24. Helbjorne's Game Saving Suggestion Thread (Updated 6/4)
    Despite the fact that I'm sure some of these have already been addressed in different threads, I'm going to list them anyways for the sake of being thorough. Each proposed suggestion has a [High] [Medium] [Low] priority indicator, and below them is a spoiler with information regarding the reasoning behind the suggestion.
    Of course, there are still plenty of other things that need to be addressed, however this is just the beginning, and I plan on adding more sections as time goes on. Make sure to check back every few days for an updates, or go ahead and click that follow thread button! 
    Also, if you have anything you'd like me to add to the list, go ahead and post it below!
    Thanks for reading!
    - Implement server side hit detection and player data storage [High]
    - Move servers to a central data center [High]
    - Add an East Coast server, and give players one free server transfer [High]
    - Fix/ add animations when being knocked back or knocked down [Medium]
    - Add ‘Stiffness’ status effect indicator [Low]
    UI Related
    - Show rare drops in Systems or Party chat, and allow players to roll on the items before they go to Special Deals [High]
    - Fix bug where UI becomes distorted when changing resolutions [Medium]
    - Allow players to turn off Black Spirit warnings when fighting higher level mobs [Medium]
    - Allow players to turn on timestamps for chat [Medium]
    - Add arenas to the map [Low]
    - Allow players to increase the grid size of their inventory and storage [Low]
    - Add a feature that allows players to unlink themselves from items sitting in Special Deals [Low]
    - Fix issue where right clicking on minimap doesn't always cancel an auto-path [Low]
    - Fix issue where the chat box becomes stuck following a cutscene, and hotkeys become activated while still typing in chat box [Low]
    - Fix search bar located in Knowledge Menu [Low]
    - Allow players to modify all parts of the UI and adjust the size of individual UI elements [Low]
    Convenience/ Optimization
    - Add WP potions to General Goods Vendors [High]
    - Allow players to make gear/ costume changes from horseback [Medium]
    - Allow players to turn off Accessories of Magical Power Black Spirit Dailies [Low]
    - Add residences with a large plot of land to grow crops on [Low]
    - Add tab to character sheet detailing all hidden stats [Low]
    - Increase diameter of the area that summon boss scrolls can be used [Low]
    - Add AFK button to UI which sets status in both guild member and friend list to AFK [Low]
    - Modify EXP scrolls so that they are all family bound instead of character bound [Low]
    - Implement feature that gives players contribution points based on guild mission participation [Low]
    - Allow players to access their map while fishing [Low]
    General Bugs/ Glitches
    - Fix issue where screen flickers black during combat [Medium]
    - Fix issue where players become suspended in air when jumping from great heights [Medium]
    - Fix issue where the continuous repair option doesn't work when using the base item plus Silver coins [Low]
    - Fix issue where mobs can be knocked back through objects and reset [Low]
    - Fix issue where players not in the summoning party are forced to view summoning cutscene [Low]
    - Allow new Helm NPCs located in Helm dungeon to count towards kill count for both the Black Spirit Daily, and Guild Mission [Low]
    - Allow player to player transactions as long as the transaction is made in person, price paid is still within marketplace price range, and tax is still being deducted [High]
    - Notify players if an item they've requested to be notified on goes up on the 'Special Deals' tab [Medium]
    - Add additional filters within the marketplace [Low]
    - Add search bar to 'Special Deals' tab [Low]
    - Remove ‘Dye’ tab in marketplace [Low]
    - Break ‘General Goods’ tab down into ‘General Goods’, ‘Lifeskill Items’, and ‘Crafting Supplies’ [Low]
    - Add corresponding tabs for ‘Lifeskill Items’ and ‘Crafting Supplies’ within marketplace [Low]
    PvP Changes
    - Remove EXP loss for ‘unflagged’ players in open world PvP [High] (Seeing as this has been implemented, and seeing the outrage behind it, below this I am placing an alternative solution)
    - Only allow players killed in open world PvP to respawn at town, instead of at node [High]
    - Reduce Karma penalty for killing another player in open world PvP to 50k Karma [High]
    - Have players drop 25% of Silver and 10% of turn-in items on OWPvP death [High]
    - Adjust DP limit of Red Battlefield [High]
    - Add tiered Gold Ingot and EXP rewards to Red Battlefield [Medium]
    - Add scoreboard to Red Battlefield [Low]
    - Make players spawn with weapons drawn in Red Battlefield [Low]
    World/ Field Bosses
    - Remove EXP and crystal destruction from world bosses [High]
    - Modify algorithm that determines world/ field boss loot distribution [High]
    Balance/ Enhancements
    - Increase the maximum failstacks when upgrading gear/ accessories, allowing players to get higher chances for success when attempting to enhance [High]
    - Add item drop rate percentage 'failstacks' [Medium]
    - Decrease Grunil crystal slots from 2 to 1, make every armor set have 2 crystal slots when upgraded to Ultimate, add vendor in each city that allowed for a one time exchange of gear [Low]
  25. If you'd ask me, what a perfect game should look like, I would say almost exactly like BDO except a few things.
    I think BDO is very close to being perfect but what worries me the most is that you would only need to change a few numbers in the game code to make it 100% perfect.
    BDO is without doubt very good for people who can let their computers run 24 hours a day and play actively for 6 hours a day, but it is a complete nightmare for more casual players as they either don't have the time or they are not willing to spend so much time playing a single game.
    What I'd like to happen is to create a server for casual players where there would be a max lvl - about 50 - and on that lvl, you would have access to all your skills and everybody would have the same amount of skill points regardless on how they got the 50 lvl. The grind to get there couldn't change much, but I'd welcome it to be for example 2x or even 5x faster than the grind is now. Also, the grind to get a decent pvp gear on that lvl shouldn't last too long. If possible, I would completly cancel or limit in-game shop on this server and make certain items available in the game for silver - such as skills reset. Farming, gardening, auto fisihng and training horses should be possible to do even if you are offline and could progress a little faster.
    All those things could be changed, they don't change the game mechanics very much. The hardest thing to change would be the max lvl, but it could be done.
    I decided to quit the game because of the amount of time it needs, but I think it is such a good game and it is shame that players like me don't get the chance to enjoy it. I would definitely come back if such a server was created, but I don't think that game developpers will be willing to realize it. The game is clearly designed to hook you up during first hours of your gameplay and then to make you pay for ridiculous stuff in the shop as you endlessly continue to lvl up. Developpers will not sacrifice this income but I might be wrong. I hope I am.