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  1. This is not a hate post guys, but Daum, im sorry, something needs to be done about the servers. Forums are filled with people raging about everything, I'm not one of those people.

    Most of your community aren't those kind of people. But having said that, as someone who just plays the game to enjoy it, I really think you should change your servers, Fixes aren't gonna cut it. With the recent patch and the efforts you guys made to fix the issues, Although it was great from you guys, The issues are still there, if not its a bit worse for some, others say its better. I'm not gonna lie, What made me come on here was the 30 times I died to Rednose because he killed me when i was about 40-50m away from him. I didn't care at all until I saw how bad it actually gets. Kazarka is manageable, but That's not the point. You're community loves this game, has been waiting for this game for a long time. we don't want it to be a lag fest. 
    FF-XIV had a similar issue, I played that game for a long time. I was on EU, And they didn't have EU servers when I was playing, They got NA servers for the game after a while it was released, But EU didn't get it till a few months after expansion was released. It was that bad that EU players (specially DPS) couldn't weave in 2 off Global cool-down abilities between each Global Cool down (If you dont know what that is, basically Global cool-down is when you use a skill, all your other skills go on the same cool-down, WoW has 1 second for each ability, FF-XIV had 2.5 and less for some classes such as monk, OFF Global cool-down abilities are things such as buffs, which have a separate cool-down for example 30 seconds or so). 

    Anyway, the point was, a lot of players were at a disadvantage, it was playable but annoying, tedious and not very enjoyable, When they changed it, everyone was happy. They do things for the player base, they know without the community they are nothing. Like i said, it was playable and tbh no where near as bad as your servers, But they didn't think "Oh well everyone can still play we'll just leave it".

    I get it, the game hasn't been out for that long at all, in all honesty, I think people need to chill out and calm down a little. But Daum needs to communicate, Hats off to CM_Jouska though he's great on the forums.  But do 1 thing if you can, for the community, Change your servers, upgrade them, I can imagine how good fighting Field bosses would be without any lag/Desync, everyone would love it. We all love the game, and the people that rage over everything, they're even doing it outta love, because they don't want the game to be in a bad state. PVP would be awesome, World/Field bosses would be amazing. Please, Let the community know what your plans are regarding these issues. 

    Even if you have to do a 24 hour maintenance, people wouldn't mind. we would wait because we know its for a good reason (Although if thats the plan please for the love of god announce it 1 week before hand so we can make plans instead of starring at our computer screens or pulling our hairs out cause we're bored)

    I don't know how to Tag @CM_Jouska but if someone can, please do so he sees this. Let's come together as a community and Make this page go to the top so everyone sees it. Not just the EU plays, NA as well. Let's show them how much we care. Thanks for reading.
  2. I'm looking for a good populated server, I looked at the list and it gives no indication if this game has PvP/PvE/RP servers or what. There are three servers then like 10 sub servers or what-have-you under those three. What would yall recommend if I am looking for a well populated server. Also, how do you enable the chat box? (if there is one)
  3. For the last 2 weeks Serendia U1 has been VERY laggy to the point the game freezes during gameplay, and then all of a sudden it comes back and the mobs pummel you to death. I don't know about anyone else, but i really wish DAUM would buy new servers add some channels and call this a day. I have lost countless experience to this issue, and having to rebuy crystals for your gear at anywhere from 300k to 1 million silver is getting old having to regrind for those crystals. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX!
    I have formatted my Computer called my ISP and checked everything and i mean everything !!!!!! to fix this!!
  4. This is one thing I'm missing from vanilla wow. One forum section to each server, where the guilds/people from same server can chat, smack talk and whatever with each other. I think this would help to make the community stronger and more fun altogether.
  5. Post on Changing server in General

    By FrostyShrooms, posted
    This has probably been spoken of, but does anyone know if, in the future, we are going to be able to transfer our characters to a different server. I would like to be on the EU server as I live in the Netherlands. When I first created a character I was in the EU server and when I logged back on, my character was gone and so I created another one. However, the new character that I created was now on the North American server and I guess Im stuck there until they implement an option to transfer characters to different servers.
  6. Post on Server Lock in Technical Issues

    By Drahken, posted
    Why is it every time I get booted from the server due to issues on server side, I cannot get into any server but the one that is having issues? This does me no good whatsoever in getting back into the game to play. I get locked out for 10 min or more. This also is an issue when my character does not have the correct appearance and I try to change channels to fix this. I have read somewhere that this may be due to keeping people from checking different trade markets and if that is the case I got news for you. The ones not trying to buck the system are getting screwed. Just make it so that you can only sell the object on the same server that it was acquired for a certain length of time. 

  7. Welcome to NVP
    Orwen - North America
    My name is Kyban and I am the guild leader of NVP (non-valuable players) of Orwen NA. We are a late night guild that becomes most active around 10:00pm PST. We are currently looking to increase our numbers of active members to 25 or 30! Currently we have an active roster of about 10. We are looking to fill our roster for guild bosses and more community fun as well as eventual siege wars! Don't be deterred by size as we make it up in heart!
    Who we are:
    NVP is a small guild that provides an atmosphere for players to hone their skills through small scale pvp, organized grind groups, and group dailies. We want to build a strong community that can be respected on Orwen NA. As this community grows we hope to become more active out in the world of Black Desert by adding guild bosses and siege! Our guild is built on a small core group. These members are happy to be around each other and people go out of the way to share knowledge, accept others, and have a great gaming experience. We are active in TS and welcome anyone that wants to come be a part of such a group! My experience as a guild leader stems from wow where I lead a top ten 10 man server group during Dragon Soul. I have always loved small guild mentality and want to continue that throughout my BDO experience with this guild.
    Prime Play Time:
    Weekdays - 9:00pm till 4:00am PST
    Weekends - All hours (someone is always active)
    Currently our guild part takes in daily gathering and kill mission as well as weekly boss scroll groups. A member is always willing to organize grind groups or help another individual level. Most of our members spend lots of time working on life skill professions. These individuals are extremely knowledgeable and will help you get your own crafting empire off the ground. Be it dailies involving rhutum/manshas or out in Mediah someone will be interested or able to help out.
    In the future, drawings and prizes will be rewarded for guild events set up throughout the year to increase community involvement!
    Age: 18+
    Active member ( Active play 2/3 times a week )
    TeamSpeak 3 ( You do not have to talk but it is encouraged )
    Mature, Patient, Calm, Have a Filter
    Participation in Guild hosted events
    Thank you for taking the time to read about our guild and consider it in your own attempts to find a new home for yourself! Good luck with your search! If NVP resonates with you and are interested in applying please contact one of the individuals listed below:
    Contact Info:
    First Name: Kyban  Family Name: Koba  (Guild leader)
    First Name: Hyperiana  Family Name: Reinheit  (Officer)
    First Name: Aea  Family Name: Drakkon (Officer)
    Guild Event on 5/28/16
    "The road to Valencia!"
    Come be a part of NVP and do guild missions with us at 7:00pm PST! All members who are involved will have a chance to win 1 of 2 pets from raffle prize! Have to contribute to guild missions in order to sign up for raffle! (If gifting is back in game by this point / fingers crossed!)
  8. So... who else has noticed the server lag is back? This time it also applies to the loyalty page on the pearl shop? It also seems to boot me out of the game every 5 mins. This is on the Croxus EU server. Though, this issue existed LAST WEEK to....

  9. Kill On Sight Gaming - KoS
    Kill on Sight (KoS) is a massive multi-gaming community founded by a group of dedicated friends that simply love gaming together. We offer an entertaining and mature environment for all members. While we have been around for a few years, (originating in Dark Age of Camelot) we are looking to expand and add more people to the KoS family. We accept all types of gamers, from casual to hardcore. No matter the play style, we make it our goal to offer a place where our members can come back to whether they playing ten games or none.
    KoS Games Current: Elder Scrolls Online, DC Universe Online, Age of Wushu, League of Legends, DOTA2, Smite, H1Z1, Counter Strike Future: The Division, Crowfall, Black Desert, Chronicles of Elyria, Paragon
    When it comes to the name Kill on Sight, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we like to do just that. What Kill on Sight means to us is when we find a game that we enjoy; we kill it, figuratively speaking of course. That could be anything such as absolutely wrecking a group in PvP or working together as a team to destroy a raid boss. While the term Kill on Sight usually has a bad connotation in various games, we hope to redefine what it means to the gaming world.
    KoS, Black Desert, and You
    In regards to Black Desert specifically, we would like members who are highly dedicated, motivated, active and contributing productively to the guild in some way (guild quests, leveling, boss scrolls, etc.) While we encourage members to play as much as possible we won't just accept you because you can no life a game (go take a shower every once in a while). We're not looking to be a big zerg, we prefer to be composed of a quality group of individuals not just gamers.
    We look at involvement in our community, communicating with other members, being respectful to other members as fundamental qualities each KoS member should have.
    Our Goals:
    To be competitive in PVP, GVG/Node WarsGuild Rankings/HousingHAVE FUNSpecific Black Desert Requirements to Join KoS:
    Level 45+ with the initiative to end game, we plan on being here a long time so should you if you're looking to join.The focus of the guild is first and foremost PVP with preparation for node wars/sieges. We aren't asking you to be top tier but show the ability to know your class, have a good attitude, and follow instructions when asked.Requirements to stay in guild:
    Share and work towards our goals and focus.Be active in game, guild events, and show progression (gear, pvp skill, etc.)Genuinely be interested in playing to end game with us.Closing:
    Lastly voice com, we have TS3 and we highly recommend you use it while gaming with us. TS3 WILL BE REQUIRED FOR SIEGES AND ANY ORGANIZED PVP. 
    You may also add our BDO Officers: Family Name: KillonSight, Mixology, or Character Name KLEONIS in game.
    Our home channel is Valencia E3 however should that be down we are on Balenos E2.
    Teamspeak 3 Info: ts3server://ts79.light-speed.com?port=5637
    Follow us on the Web & Social Media For Daily Updates:
    If you feel you can be a good addition to our community and possess the qualities listed above, either stop by our TS3 and chat with an officer or please send in an application to us. In order to do so, sign up on our website and head into our forum section to submit an application. (Note a application is not necessary for an invite to the in game guild, only if you would truly like to be part of the community.)
    To Join the Community Click Here:

    We hope to hear from you soon!
  10. Hi so I've just bought the game and i'm about to start playing.
    My question is do I play on Croxus or Jordine. Jordine seems to be a lot more populated which is something I like the sound of but I've also heard the majority of the players there are non-English speakers.
    So my question is between Croxus and Jordine which is the best server to join for an English speaker?
  11. Post on LAG IN ORWEN in Technical Issues

    By Kalyps, posted
    Every channel I try in Orwen is laggy beyond playing. Cannot damage enemies, cannot speak to NPCs. Confirmed my speeds are good. 8ms Ping / 150 down / 20 up. PPPLLEASEEE fix this as soon as possible. Thank you!   
  12. having issues killing zombies with my group. all of us disconnected at the same time...
    then try to connect back.
    *mobs have no health bar 
    *mobs hp bar resets on some mobs and wont die
    *hit mob and they disappear 
    *cant drink hp potions.
    *new friend has been made pop up over 15 times when you have not partied with etc
    *keep disconnecting even on different channels
  13. @GM_Huego,
    Hi.  Since the AFK/auto-looping feature has been added there seems to be some issues experienced when playing the game.  Because these are technical experiences which are mentioned in the post below, I felt it was all right to post this in this section of the forums.  I hope that I am correct in that regard, thanks!
    Now, to be clear I really LOVE and I am a proponent for the AFK auto-looping feature.  But it seems to be that this addition plus the increase in player numbers overall (both good things) are having an unwanted side-effect.  So please keep the AFK auto-looping feature.  However, I would like to briefly suggest a solution range to look into possibly.
    Could we have selected and labeled server channels either designated (changed to be used for this main purpose) or added (if necessary create these new channels if need be) to the existing NA servers.  These channels on a server would allow players to more effectively dedicate their characters to auto-looping.  As it is right now it seems to be a highly used feature which is great!  However the effect on players actually playing seems to be undesired.  The main effect that I have noted, is the drop rates and looting whenever it comes up when playing--(I suspect the strain now on database/loot table access) this part of the game and aspect (also could be effecting the Cherry blossom event drops as well as all of the drops) is being effected.  Other just as important areas being effected as well are: movement of the characters, character animations, framerate, and loading of housing being heavily; all of these have been effected since the AFK/auto-looping implementation and with the recent new influx of additional players (for Musa and Maehwa which I also love).  With this proposed particular new channel designation, I am suggesting a means to address this issue. 
    First, the number of actual NPCs on this new channel would be reduced and optimized as just essentially a place to auto-loop/AFK; in whatever manner the development team deems necessary.  Because the players on this channel would actually not be there playing, they would not need access or to see the usual amount of extraneous wonderful NPCs and assets/etc.  Vendors and repair NPCs on this channel would stay available.  The actual number of town people NPCs and NPCs that are in the world; their numbers would be reduced or optimized for maximum performance. 
    Additionally on this channel, players could perhaps do AFK fishing without being:
    1) Disconnected AS OFTEN (this would also apply to the AFK auto-looping main purpose for this proposed channel).
    2) AFK fish in a more safe manner without being attacked (as an additional incentive to lure them to the channel) more effectively as a bonus or to lure players to use the new channels.  There then would be 2 incentives for visiting the new channels and using them, and thus having a place to go for the AFK/Auto-looping players--effectively increasing the game play experience (not the leveling experience points; just the fun time had) for players that are actually playing the game.  I hope this request is clear. 
    As for the FEW of the PVP players who would not want this AFK fishing addition?  That is another thread.  But to satiate their inevitable displeasure with the AFK fishing bonus addition, there would perhaps need to be for AFK fishing access on the new channel type, a rank requirement on the AFK fishing for access to grant this capability.  It would be low enough that it is not super inconvenient to reach, but would take some actual fishing effort in the normal channels before going to hot spots out in combat zone/attack-able areas to AFK fish safely or at all on the newly proposed channel. 
    To further solidify the purpose of the channel and also keeping some of the PVP players in mind, questing along with world bosses and treasure chests etc. as necessary, would be removed perhaps--meaning that if players wanted to really get anything else done besides AFK activities, then they would need to return to a normal channel.  In this regard, a 5 minute move to cool down would be available FOR moving into the AFK/auto-looping channels (if needed otherwise it would be instant).  However the 10 minute cool down would stay in place to ensure the development team's reasons are kept when moving back from the channel.
    I am open to any additional ideas for incentives or ways to get players to actually use these channels or to become aware of them.  As a parting quick thought, perhaps activating the AFK/auto-looping feature ONLY on these channels would ensure that they are used.  To finish that thought then perhaps more than one of these channels may be needed per server, so the development team would need to monitor and address this as needed.
    Development team brief response or quick acknowledgement of receipt (hey we've got it and will give something along these lines consideration) of this proposal would be most welcome!
    These ideas that I am sharing hopefully warrant a review by the development team as well as by my fellow Black Desert players.  To me, it is a viable solution, that perhaps might need to be considered.  If not this exact solution then something along these lines?  Thanks!
  14. Hi,
    I'm playing NA server.
    There are almost 100% to disconnect when switch characters.
    Since the head-start there are only THREE times the game is connected to the server when came back.
    I apologize for the my English. English was not my first language.
    I really love this game. It is the best online game I played so far. But the server....
    Fix the server please!!
  15. Absolute Gaming


    What is Absolute Gaming?

    Absolute Gaming is a gaming community focused on providing every player with a unique, fun, safe, and secure gaming experience. There are many different types of gaming communities out there but what makes Absolute Gaming different than the rest is the community, how it's managed, and what we can offer you.

    Our community is comprised of gamers, students, teachers, parents, brothers, sisters, and friends. We truely care about each other and love hanging out together. It is managed by a group of 4 Admins who make decisions based on what is best for you and the Community as a whole. If you want us to start sponsoring a game, help you find a ranked team, give you a private channel where you and your team can practice all you have to do is ask! We really listen to you and want you to be as happy and content as you can here! If you need tutoring for school we have teachers on the server that will help you! You want coaching? We have that too! Anything we aren't offering or you would like to see all you have to do is ask!

    What type of gamer is AG good for?

    Casual? Serious? Very Serious? We have gamers of all types!

    What can we offer you?

    Private Rooms
    Private Team Rooms
    In-houses and fellowship
    Casual game nights (where we play Cards Against Humanity, Online Board Game, Town of Salem and more!)
    Streamers/Streaming Channels and Support on our website!
    and more!

    Requirements to become a member:

    Have Team-speak 3 and a working microphone (we are primarily a Team-speak community)
    Be a gamer
    Have fun and obey our server rules (which is basically be nice!)
    If any of the above interests you I urge you to give us a shot. Let us try to show you what we are all about! Come play games, meet people, make friends, and have fun with us.

    There is no application process and you do not have to register on any website.

    Just simply join the Teamspeak and have fun! New to Teamspeak? Read below!

    To connect to our teamspeak, you first must make sure you have the teamspeak application found here (http://www.teamspeak.com/). If you don't, it's a quick and easy download. Once you have teamspeak, in the upper left corner where it says "Connections" put in the address listed above and hit connect! It's as easy as that!

    Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to add me in game, Come on our server, or post here!

    -Absolute Gaming Staff
  16. Post on Server Side Lag in Technical Issues

    By Vianar, posted
    Ok this server side lag really needs to be addressed , Having lag that last more than 2 or three seconds and you get killed because of it makes this a unplayable game. I have to constantly buy crystals to keep my gear up which is something I should not have to do , nor have to do in normal conditions. If I play around 6 to 7 PM eastern , till about 8 or 9 PM eastern , I'm fine. However , as the west coasters start to pile on , lag gos through the roof. I have literally died and waited as long as 3 minutes for the server to respond back to my PC that I am dead and give me a selection to respawn.
      I run a 30 meg DSL connection that is super clean , I can ping google in the cmd prompt for 24 hours and not get one request timed out. Not only that my ping never go above 60 ms. My PC is very high end and is clean from malware or anything else that would hinder its connection.
    The way I see it , this company has put the population cap over what it should be to allow for normal game play in order to make more money without putting in more server alternatives to reduce the crowding. Servers are just way to stressed , especially with people leaving loop routes on and accounts logged in while afk. As a company they should look out for the customer base and do whats right to provide a smoother game play for all.
    If I can not get on , when I normally play and most others normally play on east coast , which is from 8 or 9 pm to 2 am , then I feel no need to continue playing this , nor should anyone else thats going through this frustration.
    Fix the servers or you will share the same fate as other great MMO's that started off on a bad foot , like Vanguard SOH to name one.
  17. So I created a tamer yesterday, but today when I try to find that character there is no such thing on any of the servers...??
    What's up with that? I tried every server and no tamer...
    Anyone else had that happen?
  18. Hello!
    After contacting your costumer support about two weeks ago and then being redirected to another department I have yet to get a response from, I'll ask again here for some help.
    I understand that I made a mistake when I first started out playing this game, but I am an active player that have put quite a bit of cash into my account and I hope that I can get some assistance in my issue.
    So when I started out playing Black Desert Online about a week after launch, I downloaded the client and began playing. I grinded my way to 50 on a warrior, and I bought both pets and a costume for him. I joined a guild late, and began playing with them. At this point I was under the impression that I was playing in Europe (I shut off channel chat because of all the bots and arguing players early on). After playing with the guys in my guild for a while, it came to my attention that I was playing on North American servers. I didnt realize why my PvP-life wasn't going as I hoped and I found out that I had roughly 175-200 ping. I played up another character after this point, thinking that they hadn't released the game in Europe yet - but then I found out I could change through the cogwheel on the client. Testing it out on Europe, I found that I had 20 ping and my game experience increased in value. 
    My issue though, is that I have invested a lot of money into my characters on NA, as well as time. When I spoke to a GM, he wasn't too interested in hearing my plea and turned me down without really showing interest in my dilemma. I want to support this game, and I want to see it succeed for sure - that's why I still invest my money in the Pearl Store on EU having changed over.
    I have about 3000 unused pearls in NA at this moment in time, as well as multiple pets, costumes and inventory space/weight unlocked. I understand that it will be difficult to move my characters from NA to Europe, and I understand that I might not get my costumes refunded or moved either. While I don't love that, I'm fine with it if I can at least get something with me. At the very least my unused pearls.
    I really hope that this message isn't also ignored like my last e-mail.
    I would also like to thank you guys for the amazing job you are doing with this game, and I hope to be an active player throughout it's lifespan. Thank you in advance.
  19. Post on EU or NA Server? in General

    By OhmyZeeK, posted
    Hey Peeps.
    Just bought the game, played it tons on KR. But now rdy for the translated version.
    Which server is the most populated/active one? I don't wanna go EU and realise its only non english speaking and a dead region overall
    I myself is from Norway and i prefer english  And ofc u dont wanna end up being late game on a server with no players!
    Thanks for replies
    Cheers ZeeK
  20. I've had share of disconnects before hand figured eh whatever ...
    not sure if anyone else has been having the same problems but today has been extremely frequent and its not just happening to me today...
    in a group partying taking advantage of our exp weekend been doing some fishing etc. 
    but every single time having 3-4 members in our party we would all disconnect at the same exact time. multiple times now 
    and a few guild members would disconnect at the same time as well.
    so server connection issues occurring for anyone else? or servers being more unstable than usual?
  21. Hello everyone! If you would like to come join us on the (non)OFFICIAL EDAN DISCORD SERVER, use the link below! We are not salty and have our panties in a bunch like other discord servers! 
  22. Hi Guys !
    As the title says I am from Australia And I am about to get the game.
    What I would like to know is what Sever to join ?
    If some other Aussies could help me out that be great, I am worried about lag and want the best game experience possible.
    Cheers All
  23. Upon  release of the Oceania server mentioned by  Administrator PM_Belsazar (Territory of service - updated 13.11.2015, 2015).   Would current Oceania players be eligible  to transfer our characters over from NA/EU to OC?.  Being forced to develop and invest time/money in our  characters on an NA/EU  server while the Oceania is being developed for us will be pointless if unable. Even if it may cost a price in fee, I'd be delighted in the option to enable a transfer and not start over again. 

    ·         OCEANIA                                                                           

    Thank you,
    Territory of service - updated 13.11.2015 (2015) Available at: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/786-territory-of-service-updated-13112015/ (Accessed: 13 April 2016).
  24. Post on <SOLDIER> orwen server in US Guild

    By Nezrox, posted
    <SOLDIER> recruiting anyone any level, we are a PVX guild and really have no requirements to join except maybe get on team speak once in a while to say hi , to be one ask one, we are on the Orwen server and reside mostly on Calpheon 02 channel, we are still small and hoping to expand the family, we are looking for anyone any class any level, we do guild missions try to help one another out. we originally started out on the arial server in Aion 6-7 years ago and switched to siel once they server merged. now we are here in Black Desert having fun and wanting to meet new people. whisper AERlTH, Beowolf, or my self Nezrox in game to join or if u have any questions at all, we hope to see u in game and have a fun experience.

  25. Post on Server changing tickets? in General

    By Anemoi, posted
    Any info about these?
    Example Jordin->Alustin