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  1. I've been able to play and level up into the 40's until last night. Now when I click "start", then select my realm "Edan", and then try to click enter on any of the servers my computer instantly freezes up. I can't even ctrl alt delete out it. I have to wait a few minutes and then it just crashes and returns to my desktop. I have done several scans and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. No luck. I can play every other game I have just fine. I don't know why black desert is freezing up and crashing on me now. Any help? =(
    anyone? =(
  2. I've been able to play and level up into the 40's until last night. Now when I click "start", then select my realm "Edan", and then try to click enter on any of the servers my computer instantly freezes up. I can't even ctrl alt delete out it. I have to wait a few minutes and then it just crashes and returns to my desktop. I have done several scans and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. No luck. I can play every other game I have just fine. I don't know why black desert is freezing up and crashing on me now. Any help? =(
    edit: sorry, I think I posted in the wrong forums =/
    anyone? =(
  3. Post on Horses for Sale/Wanted in General

    By Tazmin, posted
    Hello peeps.
    So a friendly member (TytchUK) suggested a post for horse breeders to list where they are from and what they may be selling. Also good for breeders to exchange horses between each other. So for the breeders please list your name and server. When you wish to exchange or sell jump here and put up a pic etc.
    Tazmin (Dovazhii) - EU Alustin
    **NOTE** if you are not a breeder you do not need to put your details down, you can just ask what your looking for and/or message one of the breeders listed. This will save it getting confusing I hope, if you wish to be on the list then obviously add your details
    Also I will try and add a list of breeders at the start of the thread and don't forget to check the breeders info thread here
    and of course the calulator (remember there is still RNG) - http://www.blackd.de/horse/?mt=3&ml=12&md=0&ft=3&fl=12&fd=0
    Courtesy of Epiksy - price calculator https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iNZxInZcRKs0yAQds8nkGMX05lh2G1OUWjV6nu43M4k/edit#gid=598534848
    Breeders List
  4. I really think they should bring out the Dark Elf race/class at the same time in N.A. and European Server as they will in Korea.  Too many times game companies want to say everyone in the game is a part of the same Game family and tie us all together, but will treat one regions servers as the favorite and their hand me downs get given to the other servers.  Yes I understand it get's developed in one region before the other, but an unprecedented show of actual "FAMILY" treatment would be to release something brand spanking new in the Korean servers as well as in the Other Region Servers.  It wouldn't have to be Dark Elf, for Hade's sake it could be Female Brawler Giants with Kazoo instruments.  Personally as much as I would rather have the Kunoichi and Ninja out now, The whole Dark Elf Race/Class thing would be probably the best one to do this with as it hasn't come out in Korea yet or any other servers.
    So there's the suggestion, BDO it's up  to you, but everyone I play with always feels like we are the redheaded step children specifically because we are always on the delay end of the Content release.  It would be something that no other game really has done which is to show that kind of international love for the whole BDO family, I don't think anyone is going to stop playing if this favoritism keeps being the Status Quot, but I bet you will gain more players and a lot of great publicity for the grand gesture.
  5. Why on Earth do items that expire keep counting down as a maintenance break goes on?? There was one maintenance that ran over another several hours more than expected, and upon returning, an entire inventory of spoiled items was all to be had.
    This seems rather flawed.

    I know that most maintenance breaks are scheduled, but that is not always the case.
    Such as now.
  6. Schönen guten Morgen,
    ich bin gerade eben wie jeden Tag auf den Server connected und wollte mal ein paar Schritte gehen und siehe da... ES passiert schon wieder.
    In den letzten Tagen bekomme ich immer wieder Disconnects vom Server.
    Ich habe gerade mal sicher gehen wollen das es "hoffentlich" wirklich am Server liegt und habe daher mal einen Speedtest gemacht.
    Ergebniss: http://www.speedmeter.de/result?download_speed=204323&upload_speed=5959&ping=20&connections=2852 (200k DSL Unitymedia)
    Es hätte mich Generell gewundert, wenn die DSL Leitung dran schuld wäre, daher habe ich auch meine Grafikeinstellungen überprüft und von den mindest bis zu den max Einstellungen alles versucht.
    Übrigens selbst während ich diesen Text geschrieben habe bin ich gefühlt 3-4 mal Disconnected.
    Also, woran liegt es jetzt das es dazu immer und immer wieder kommt?
    Ich dachte die Server Hadware wurde extra verbessert. 
  7. Noob here. Just started playing yesterday. I try to play today on Edan- Valencia 1 & 2. My problem is that I've completed a quest for the Black Spirit which involved collecting Imp clothes and armor. As per usual, whenever a black spirit quest is completed I get the prompt to press ' to summon it. Every time I summon it and it prompts me to complete the quest by pressing Complete or R, it never completes and I remain stuck at the screen until I am d/c. After clicking enter acknowledging my disconnection, the game suddenly crashes. 4th time now. Yesterday I was playing fine. I'm sure graphics is not an issue. I'm playing medium with a 2GB NVIDIA GTX 965 card on top of an i7 6th gen processor and 8GB of RAM. Suggestions?
  8. Post on Servers n' Channels in General

    By Law, posted
    Lots of threads show up when I choose the tag "Server". To make things easier, I'll make this thread and as one of the people who still doesn't have the chance to play the game I'll ask:
    How does BDO work? Are there multiple servers? If yes, how many channels, if any per server are there?
    Thank you in advance.
  9. With the issues I've come into contact such as rubberbanding, Character switch disconnects, and sudden death in mobs caused by lag. I know this is not an issue that I only suffer with and I'm sure many can agree. I see this as a complaint on the daily in channel chat and in my guild chat. I think a better or more stable server is needed for the influx of people we have in the game currently. Extra channels have been nice and all but we as a whole on the server can feel the lag. I think before the next big release it would be a lovely thing to see about possibly upgrading the servers you have to handle the influx of players. Nothing kills immersion more like massive rubberband reloading or sudden disconnections. I would love to see your thoughts or any ideas you guys have about this!

    Side note: Server "daily" reset is not the way to go when upgrading always helps
  10. The issue is not just on my client - I confirmed it with everyone in our guild as well as observing numerous other players around me. Everything else in the game seems fine: vendors, professions, even PvP. The server seems to have higher than usual lag, however. 
    This started last night and I see that it is still not fully resolved after almost 24 hours. NPC mobs are somewhat responding now, but still not at their 100%. 
    Does DAUM not realize that they have a channel broken?
  11. Post on Server problems. in Off-Topic

    By Roadrunt, posted
    Hello , since the release of the game i have been leveling a character on the server Alustin unaware that this was considered the main server for French/German people as the chat has told me distinctly . I was hoping i could get a reply from a community or server admin to discuss if it would be possible for them to transfer my character to the main English server Jordine to my knowledge . I do know that all the current servers are considered as international but the social experience of the game is currently been destroyed because the main language been spoke in the chat is German/French which is very hard for me to understand as i don't understand the two languages. I know this may not be possible as my current name may be taken on the server , however i i am happy to level a new  character with a new name  but it would be appreciated if the premium items could be returned to my inventory or i would have wasted the purchase of the items due to the fact i am moving server.
  12. I noticed that I get dc around same time every day, so I decided to look into it. After 3 days I found out that I got dc 3 times per day at 03:25, 11:25 and 19:25 +- 5 min (those are CET daylight saving times). So dc at every 8 hour. I have checked my rooter logs and I don't lose internet connection and windows logs doesn't seem to have anything unusual happening at those times. I'm playing at EU Alustin server. Is there something happening at server every 8 hour, that may cause this to happen?
  13. Is it possible to transfer a character to another server? 
    Let's say I made a character in Edan but wanted to change it to Uno, would I be able to do that if I bought some sort of transfer ticket? 
  14. Post on Edan Server Bugging? in General

    By Rattus, posted
    Was lagging hard on Valencia E1, swapped to Valencia E2 and the general chat was flipping because horses and entire warehouses were disappearing. Checked, and my Calpheon Warehouse was gone too. Now all channels except Valencia E2 are on Queue and none of the other servers are on Queue.
  15. Hey Ho liebe BDO Communiy,
    ich bin vor kurzem von Alustin auf Jordine gewechselt und musste feststellen, dass ich dort meine Haustiere nicht nutzen kann.
    Weiß jemand ob diese irgendwie übertragbar sind? Ich meine, wenn man sie schon kaufen muss sollte man sie auch überall nutzen können oder wie seht ihr das?
  16. Halli Hallo alle Zusammen,
    Seit neusten wollte ich mit einen meiner Kumpels Black desert Spielen [ Er hat von mir ein Test-Code bekommen ] ,wurden aber aufgehalten, da bei ihm die Verbindung immer Abstürtzt. Er hat versucht das Spiel neu zu installieren, was auf das gleiche Problem hinaus lief. Wir haben sogar versucht die Acc zu tauschen um zu sehen ob es daran liegt. Komischer weise lief es auf meinen Acc bei ihm. Nun ist meine Frage, ob dies nur ihm passiert oder mehr Leute das Problem haben.
    Ich würde mich auf Antworten freuen.
  17. I just get a window in the main screen that states that it "Failed to connect"
    No error message, no suggestions, no nothing.
    I have no anti-virus running, Deactivating Windows Firewall does nothing.
    From the logfile it seems that the line that differs from when it's working is this: "Socket 'Accept/Connect' request has failed.=>Session(0):ErrNo(4294967295/995),Count(-2)"
    What am i supposed to do?  
    EDIT: I tried deleting version.dat and it downloaded 900 mb of something, didn't fix it. Kept just clicking start and suddenly it just worked. Please fix it still.
    Now even spamming start doesn't get me ingame, ANYONE THERE!?
  18. Try to connect to the game but the server connection always crack down, for at least 10 times.
    As a MMO game, the stable server connection is the most important thing in order to create better gaming experience for players.
    So, please freaking make it better/
  19. Post on Unofficial RP Server? in General

    By Estrogen, posted
    Hello, I apologize if this topic has been brought up a lot.
    I have just purchased the game and want to roll a toon on the unofficial RP server. I've tried looking for it and saw a post on Reddit that it might be "Orwen" however, I haven't seen any recent information to confirm this. Could someone please point me in the right direction?
    Thank you!
  20. Hi guys and Mods,
    I logged in today with my Tamer and wanted to grind at Abandoned Monastery/ Kzarka Shrine but was confronted with some serious mob glitches and laggs. 
    First of all my Pet is at least 5 seconds behind my actions and doesnt even reply to my combination Attacks at all. ( its most of the time not even attacking)
    Secondly, the mobs im trying to fight are not responding to me being an enemy which leads to them staying still while i kill them. ( even the Boss are not trying to defend themselves) 
    This also affects mob gathering since you cant gather a full group of mobs because they wont move in the first Place.
    Note: I tried different channels and talking to the people on different channels as well, they all had the same exact problems since around yesterday afternoon/night.
    Please fix this as soon as possible. Tamer is unplayable atm and grinding is pretty trashy as well.
    Ty and Peace out.
  21. Post on Server Instability? in General

    By KanyeWest69, posted
    Is anyone else out there experiencing the server just freezing up every 5-10mins? I just died to it and rip my gems.
  22. Post on NA - Orwen | AEONIAN | in US Guild

    By Vunak, posted

    Aeonian is led by individuals who are veterans at leading guilds and clans from various different games. They have learned the commandments of leading a guild and how flexible one has to be to see it become successful. The Officers run the guild as efficiently and as transparently as possible. It is the goal, that no member should ever feel like they can't talk to or aren't granted avenues of discussion. Staying connected to the guild as a whole is vitally important to the way Aeonian is run.
    Aeonian is a multifaceted guild. Our members all have different strengths and weaknesses. Some of us are natural born warriors. Some of us are tinkers that lay the foundation of our civilization. Some are merchants that fill our coffers or diplomats that tell us who we are at war with and who we are at peace with. And some are simple farmers. Everyone is worthy of praise for all are required to build something greater. We make up for each others weaknesses and build upon each others strengths. It's the foundation that Aeonian is built upon. 
    Aeonian is a guild that strives to be the best at what is offered from any given game. I don't like saying the "core" because it alienates the rest of the member base. But it's the only real way to emphasize this point. The core of Aeonian have been gaming together for quite some time in another action combat style game called TERA, some of us even longer than that. Most of if not all of our members have extensive knowledge on various systems and are used to games of Black Desert Online's caliber. 
    We utilize all the tools available to us for easy and efficient communication. We have a dedicated Discord channel that while we don't require people to log into for general purpose, we do require it during PvP events and/or more in-depth PvE events. 
    Our purpose is simple, to be a dominate force in any MMORPG we invade. If the game offers PvP, we will be dominate in PVP. If it offers castle building, sieges, GVG, naval combat, Impressive PvE, complex crafting or any other intricate mechanics; we will be at the top of the list for all of them. We will build a kingdom worthy of celebration. Those who would lay siege to us will be shown the error of their ways and forced into submission. 
    Dedicated Discord Voice Comms
    Experienced Leadership
    Quality over Quantity Recruitment Policy
    Guild Leader: Vunak (Character Name: Vunari)
    Assistant GM: The_Minotaur (Character Name: Deioth)
    Website: Aeonianguild.enjin.com
  23. I was playing fine yesterday and then suddenly today once i tried to join the server with one of my characters, the client stops responding forcing me to close it down, I've restarted multiple times and tried joining various other servers but still nothing, any one with the same issue? any ideas?
  24. Hallo Zusammen,
    ich habe gestern am Ressourcenmonitor festgestellt das mein Ping in BDO ziemlich hoch ist, mein Ping schwankt zwischen 90-150 ms vorallem sehr nervig wenn ich mit meinen Charakter sprinten will, da werde ich am ende vom Sprint zurückgesetzt. Meistens verliere ich auch die Verbindung zum Server was auf den hohen Ping zurückzuführen ist, in allen anderen Games habe ich den Hohen Ping nicht und an meinen Internet kann es auch nicht liegen (siehe Anhang)

    Gibt es welche die das gleiche Problem haben, oder mir bei den Problem helfen können?
    Gruß Majorpaine
  25. Hello Forums, new player here! I started off in Croxus with a Ranger and I was about to transfer the Traveller's Package items + Beauty and the Beast rewards on my char, but then I started wondering if Croxus was a good choice. I have no idea about server populations and actually about the game itself because I played just for a couple of hours, I just wanted to ask if there's a sort of difference between servers in terms of population and playability. Also, I haven't spent skill points yet and now I'll look for a Ranger beginner's guide, but if anyone can suggest one it'll be highly appreciated
    Thanks for your time!