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  1. Server isn't responding when in game. NPCs and monsters stand still. Nobody can seem to talk to NPCs 
    Lost my group in the middle of trying to do boss scrolls, this is a sad day.
  2. Hi
    I've read many places but can't find anything about it. My friend wants to join me on Croxus EU server. However it won't let him join, he can only join the other servers.
    Is this a bug? Is Croxus full? When will he be able to join me?
    EDIT: Sorted, thank you.
  3. It would be nice if we could push back the maintenance time a few hours, like 3-4 hours. why? the maintenance time here in Australia is right on 7pm, considering i finish work at 6pm, i get literally no time to play the game when this is on. If your Aussie and agree with me please voice if you agree with what i'm asking for. 
    For example, this simple 5 hours maintenance actually means i cannot play the game for 44, hours example: play game on 8/3/2016 until 10pm, go to bed, go to work, come home at 6pm, eat dinner, can't play game because its gone down for maintenance, go to bed, go to work, come home next day at 6pm, eat dinner play game.... 44-45 hours.  
  4. The game allows me to create characters just fine, but when I connect with either of them it just starts loading for a long while and then it just goes back to main menu saying that server connection was lost just to close the game afterwards. So I am completely unable to play beyond character creation.
    I already tried reinstalling, substituting paz folder, connecting with vpn and clearing cache. None of these have worked. My computer meets all requirements for the game to run, so I know for a fact it is not that. I just bought the game yesterday and I've been trying since then. 
    Please help.
  5. Hi all,
    I've googled quite a few posts from pre-launch and CBT that claim the servers were in San Jose at the time. However, the team even asked for feedback on # of servers so I figured there would be a chance they changed their location as well. 
    Does anyone know for sure where it is now under the latest production deployment? I'm asking to be able to pick the right nearby server consistently from WTFast. 
    As one indication, WTFast's location guess has been consistently on the East Coast. I remember seeing Florida and Virginia as its guess since launch last week.
  6. Hello,
    So I have these Daum Coins, if I buy pearls from it, will the pearls claimed be server bound or availeble for entire accound on all servers?
    (After transforming the Daum coint to Pearls)
    (because I play on multiple servers - Cause friends on multiple )
  7. For the past 3 days ive been playing on Croxus and the amount of rubberbanding lagg is horrible. It totally kills my fun, will daum adress this issue soon? Its extremely annoying to freeze every 5-10 minutes and then teleport 10km away from where you walked(sometimes be dead).
  8. Post on Server in Allgemeine Diskussionen

    By Caysam, posted
    Ich habe mir dieses Spiel grade runtergeladen und sehe das die Server nicht mit (DE) gekennzeichnet sind.
    Auf welchem server wird den hauptsächlich Deutsch geschrieben?
    Danke :-)
  9. Hello I have a little problem with the game, it's in fact just annoying. Everytime i start the game, log in on the character and then enter the game world - it happens. i get the loading screen for like 5x longer than usual and after that the message appears - conection to the game server has been lost. I have to quit the game, connect again and then it connects normally and i can play.
    and it happens everytime i leave the game for few hours/day. everyday i try to connect it happens. if i take few hours break and log in again it happens again./ next day again and always again.
  10. Post on Can't connect? in General

    By Omalley, posted
    So this might be in the wrong place but is anyone else getting the 'Connection to server has been lost' message after the game loads .. or tries to anyway.. does anyone have a solution?
    i have tried switching the servers to the European servers
    i have tried the user cache option
    tried making a character on a crowded server and logging in, nothing seems to work..
    have also tried uninstalling and re-downloading the game
    tried plugging in the ethernet cable didn't work
  11. Hi,
    ich würde gerne mit ein paar Freunden zusammen zocken, leider bin ich als einziger auf einem falschen Server.
    Da ich mitlerweile schon die ein oder andere Stunde investiert habe, möchte ich nicht komplett neu anfangen...
    Gibt es die möglichkeit den Server zu wechseln? (Items wurden noch nicht angefordert)
    Danke schon mal
  12. I'm an EU player. I just downloaded BDO. I downloaded the client I was given after purchase, started playing on Edan server thinking it was EU, but I think I have downloaded the wrong client. The servers in game are Uno, Orwen and Edan. But in the EU Guild forum I see servers named Alustin, Jordine and Croxus. Can someone please link me the EU client or help me to change the servers in game?
    Thank You!
  13. Why am I blocked from logging into the server Uno? I'd like to play with my friends. It's not "Overrun". I just have no "Enter" button. I'm new to the game...is the server down? It'd be nice if they provided ANY information about why I can't enter...not a good start.
  14. Post on Servers? in Suggestions

    By peachypoppin, posted
    Hey i am a user of black desert and it is an awesome game. LOVE IT TO PIECES! but the servers are all overrun and is making the experience.. defficult lets say that  please try and expand the servers/ get new one <3 you guys
  15. I have a problem with the launcher. I pre-ordered the game with the travelers package and i played 24 hours before the officioal launch in EUROPE servers, but after maintenance patch my launcher now log in the North America servers. How can i go back to the European server?
    Oh sorry. I've already solved the problem! I just change it in the settings of the launcher. Sorry again!
  16. Hi,
    I am residing within EU, and my launcher is locked to NA. It will not let me change from NA to EU, and everytime I select EU and save, NA is still the chosen server. I have tried changing after I logged in, before I logged in etc.
    During the installation, I selected EU as my server of choice.
    I can't seem to fix this, nor can I find any answers online after searching for a long time. I am not willing to re-install, since downloading 32 gig takes forever on my crap connection.
    Any help?
  17. Hallo,
    ich wollte nachfragen ob ihr aktuell im Hauptbildschirm auf "Beginn" drücken könnt. Ich bekomm nach einer geringen Ladezeit die Meldung "Verbindung nicht möglich" und danach schließt sich das Game.
    Noch jemand?
  18. At official launch i have created a char at Jordine server. After my first log out, when i ve tried to log in the game asked me again for a family name and i cannot find my char. The worst thing is that i cannot find the EU servers. Only the 3 NA . Please, if you have any suggestions...

  19. each time I try to log in the loading bar is basically full but then it freezes and soon after I get a "connection to the server has been lost" error. What's the problem, is it my computer or what. I looked through some old forum posts and found that this has been a problem before for some people since last year, but nothing offered a fix for it.
  20. Post on Server Status List in General

    By Metalsech, posted
    Hi, sorry if this is a noob question. I am a noob. Just purchased the game this evening. I live in the UK. Logging on I can see the EU servers but can't join any of them, the only active servers are global ones. I assume they are down for maintenance. It's been the same for the last few hours. Where can I find a live updated list of the status of each Black Desert server please (preferably with expected down times also shown)?
    Are the Euro servers still down? I checked last night and I can't Enter the 3 EU servers. I checked just now, 6 hours later and it's the same? Is there an issue with my machine or is nobody connecting across Europe at the moment?
  21. Hey,
    how do you pick the right server I am also, new i tried the reddit sites, not sure if im typing in google wrong or what ever. What server to pick if you live in FL[U.S]. Someone be kind of enough to send me some links or tell me some suggestions or information would be swell thanks! 
  22. Post on Item Transfer in General

    By Sunleth, posted
    If I made a character on the wrong server but selected to receive my explorer pack on that character is there any way I can transfer or get those items on my new character? I wanted to play on the same server as my friends but accidentally joined the wrong one and did not notice until a few hours in the game. I do not want to lose the extra items and bonuses I paid for a silly mistake like this. 
  23. Hey guys could someone please help me with server selection, I'm just gonna start the game and i need suggestions to select my server i'm from Birmingham and would like to know which server will be best to play in. thanks
  24. hello community. we're 3 irl friends starting this game today. from streams we've already heard that some servers are filled though i dont know which. so BIG question..
     - which server should we choose?
    bonus info: we're danes 
  25. Post on Massive lag Issues in General

    By Ninjutsu, posted
    There has been massive lag issues when PvP is happening. To the point it DC's people non-stop and 5 second lag spikes that make it impossible to do anything.