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  1. What is Pearl Abyss/ Kakao Games gave out a title that showed which server you came from, Using the same system that they use to tell which server you logged into last, as your main server, Give each person a title based on that server. It could be related to the server something simple like "Server" Traveler. Just a way to show your roots and maybe show a little bit of pre server merge pride.
  2. Over the past few months, various good suggestions on how to improve the game for US/EU have been made across the forums. What they have in common is that they have all been ignored, with the game instead being steadily fed the copy/paste content of KR with complete disregard for its EU/US playerbase. With these decisions in mind, I think we can stop the pretense of getting any sort of unique version and instead focus on how we can keep the competition going between players in a KR-style-environment. The answer to this is simple, it's full p2w. Before I elaborate the solution further, let me first describe the problem:
    As it is now, the game is pretty much 100% gear-carry, rewarding time-investment to the degree where the player who invests most hours into the game wins above everyone else by default. This is due to mindless grinding of easy PvE-mobs requiring no skill and having no restrictions (like diminishing returns). There is no way to compensate for it or to catch-up with it. Stuff like XP-boosts only play further into the hands of those who can invest the most hours. Hell, even rewards introduced for new players are abused by people with too much time on their hands leeching them across multiple servers and now getting them to carry over on merge. Even the currently very limited p2w cannot help here as silver prices on marketplace are too low and the weekly cap on selling too restrictive. Hell, with the social security system present in various EU countries, even an unemployed can still afford a little p2w. That together with the immense hours such a person can dump into the game make them by default the winner of BDO with no chance for anyone else to remain competitive. For anyone who attended world-bosses or grinded on a popular spot on a weekday during off-hours, it should be pretty obvious just how much this is an advantage over having to do so during evening times prime-time.
    In order for anyone unable to dump 12h a day into grinding, unable to have logged into multiple servers every day and leeched extra attendance rewards, unable to get easy world-boss kills and free grind-spots during the day, the only solution left is to catch up with p2w. For this to work, the p2w has to be full out, even beyond what KR currently has. In practice, this means:
    Bring on the valks cryPut boss weapon and armor bundles into the pearl storeIntroduce huge XP boost scrolls (like 1000% and more)Remove weekly sales restrictions on pearl store stuffRemove silver caps and let supply/demand do its workEven offer straight enchantment levels on gear, if the price is rightOn that last point, I very much imply that you can just as well put PEN gear into the store for whoever is willing to pay for it. The size of your account balance is the limit here really. Can't grind all day? No problem, flash your credit-card. Can't attend world bosses? No problem, flash your credit-card. Want to PvP without all the PvE chores? No problem, flash your credit-card.
    Lastly, for anyone about to comment about how this is "unfair", consider this: You could have used your inside-knowledge of the KR-version to be aware of the p2w there an that it would eventually come here, just like the server-merge. Yet even better, you could have known that money rules the world and have prepared for it accordingly. Instead of spending your time every day to grind sausans and log into the other servers to leech attendance rewards, you could have gone to work instead and made money and career. There is really no excuse now for not being able to p2w and only your laziness is to blame.
    Thank you for your consideration! Keep competition going in the game even with KR copy-paste content and with server-merges!
  3. Considering the incoming server merge , i was wondering how many players will do that.
  4. This is going to be interesting.