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  1. Please change over all the reverse proxy servers to be normal servers - or at least the majority of them. Nobody I know actually benefits from this antiquated server architecture, I'm sure there are a few percent of players (<5%) who do need a similar architecture for connection stability but it does not justify ruining almost half of the available servers and node war servers.
    For those of you who are unsure what I am referring to generally servers numbered 1,3, or 5 are this type of server and it is the reason those servers lag so much while usually servers numbered 2,4, or 6 are stable.
    Poll for reducing number of these servers
  2. Post on Lag, Desync,Chatdelay in General

    By Adonaj, posted
    It gets worse every week, thought after a maint lags will decrease, but nooooooooo. Cant pve anymore, monster running in circles (to positions i am not on my screen anymore) debuffs apply 1-2sec later, hit apply several sec later, hard desync, soft desync, chatdelay. Like devs just fine with cash they got from us and cant w8 till bdo pop willdrop down so they can just go jewmode on servers for NA/EU. Its no fun at all!! I have streams open (twitch.tv) on highest quality and it never buffers stutters, my connection is fine. All im left to do is fish for god damn relics ( cuz enchanting penetrates me so hard) and do them (they are just best silver/mem) wich penetrates my head even more. And when i decide to grind for a change i get penetrated by the servers.
    Srsly step it up whoever is in charge to convince their bosses to gear up on those servers (cuz im god damn sure they dont read forums), or atleast tell us who this is so we can "convince" him.
  3. As the title says, after the most recent patch, I can't get beyond the "Now processing” message after I click Enter on any server.
    I don't know what more information is needed, so I'll just stop here.
  4. I do not know if anyone else has been repeatedly disconnected since the last patch but I have and it has become quite annoying. Also on the Velia channel specifically I have been unable to interact with NPCs and I have seen some streamers also have this problem such as; Macilus. Please help me understand. What is wrong?
  5. Greetings lovely Community. 
    First one or two word. I'm kinda new to this Forum and this is my first post and those dreadful times summoned me here. But still, were're one Community! I'm sorry if I killed you in the node wars before or at pirats, but right now...Right now, we need to hold together! 
    Now you maybe wonder what this is all about. Well, let me tell you! Have you ever leveled up... peacefully in Elwynn Forest in WoW? Or killed some Raptors in Durotar and went to Ogrimmar or Stormwind encountering some massiv lags? To be honest, the only MMORPG I'm playing right now is BDO, but back in the past... No! I did not have such lags in ANY MMORPG! 
    Okay, to be fair, EVE, WoW, etc. demand ~13 bucks per month + the game license. We only pay 10€/$ for the game. Then... well then, everyone of us, who's in the Forum and played more than 100 hours of this game probably paid ~30-90 bucks for pets (t1-t3) + 30 bucks for a Costumes. Then there's a massiv amount of cash spend into a good horse and into one or four maiden and so on. 
    Sorry, I do not have any spreadsheets for our Community. But I personally paid about ~ 300€. Then I read about people who spent around ~3000€ and more. 
    What I'm going for is, that Kakao Games made approximately 100m+ last year... after they paid their employees. And they still provide us with shitty servers?! 
    My statement for the day is... not as I wanted a "group signature riot" (or so... sorry, english is not my first tongue), but...
    I won't play the game anymore, till they fix it! 
    We don't need patches for DK's javelins on freaking elephants...
  6. Post on Exp Servers in New Adventurers

    By darkwind, posted
    Is there any way to increase the servers giving an exp bonus 2 weeks straight now all 5 have been totally full, at my play times before they were allways crowded but you could at least get on. I'm beginning to feel like a second class citizen. I know the Dark Knight has brought player base back but either do away with the exp entirely or open or up more as its unfair as it now stands.
  7. Post on Servers? in New Adventurers

    By BornoftheSky, posted
    So I just bought the game because a few of my friends play and i wanted to join their guild, as well as play with them. When I booted up the game it asked my to select a server so I did some research on what effect the servers had on me playing with them. As I understand everyone plays on a combined servers for you region now, like NA, but that guilds can only be joined by people who share the same home server that the guild was created on. Am I right or not, let me know if I am or how it actually works please, and then let me know anything else that might be useful that pertains to the issue.
  8. Hi there, from days ago i cant enter on any of the three boosted servers (Olvia, 1,2 and 3) even when they arent crowded.
    I tried with my main account with a max level character 52 and my girlfriend´s new one (it´s lvl 16).
    Some solution?
  9. Post on Ping Woes in General

    By Nargubyte, posted
    [DISCLAIMER]: Yes I know people struggle with much higher pings; please do not use that argument in this thread.
    I have a weird problem which may or may not be ping related (seriously, your guess is as good as mine). There are times when I use an ability and the enemies simply do not react (i.e. they do not take damage or stagger like normal). Is this a known problem?
  10. Post on Help with servers in New Adventurers

    By Koti, posted
    can some one tell me what's going on with servers? Im from europe (selceted it in intallation), but just have NA server. Searching by net the names of servers and people telling server names which I don't have on my list. Might I'm blind, but now very bizzy ;/ How to set up it?
    Thanks in advance for reply.
    I have selected "Europe" in launcher settings, but still have NA servers.
  11. On Edan we're about ready to pull our hair out.
    The desync we are sadly used to. The loading screens we are sadly used to. NPCs taking their sweet time responding we are sadly used to.
    But now we are rubberbanding.
    Now, combine those things with trying to get the most out of double EXP. RIP to your crystals. RIP to your hard earned EXP.
    It's been getting worse through out the day, and people from opposite sides of NA are reporting this issue.

    This is -----ing ridiculous. Why hasn't an emergency maintenance been done?
    And when the hell is the code which I can only assume is being overwritten instead of rewritten GOING to be properly rewritten? Considering that these issues, and others, get worse with each patch, since launch, WHY hasn't this been done?
    I get that we're easily milked, masochistic sheeple but can you find it in your hearts to improve our quality of life a little? Please?
  12. I have never seen the server this unstable. I cannot even play. Rubberbanding all over the place and desynch is horrible. On all Channels on Edan. Am I the only one or is this affecting others?
  13. I would really want a GM response to this issue that many of us have been facing across all servers.
    There have been heavily noticeable FPS drops and insane desync in BDO recently, and the game has been feeling very sluggish. This has only occured after the recent patch and I feel that this MUST be addressed right now. This problem has been known to be happening all throughout the world, from EU, to Australia, to Canada, and to the US.  I have yet to see an official response or confirmation that a fix is on it's way. I have not been able to pvp or pve efficiently since this problem has risen and would like the community to raise awareness about this problem. 
    It has come to my attention that developers are constantly trying to fix the problem, however nothing is working so far. I have been told certain internet nodes are having problems, causing this desync. Also, FPS problems may be due to the added trees, lighting effects from the Halloween event, and new textures that came with the October 12th patch. The best we can do now is wait and hope for a fix.
    CURRENT STATUS: Possibly Fixed. (10/26/16) *Desync MAY have stopped, please fill this out: http://www.strawpoll.me/11510780*
    I do not see wagon/horse rubberbanding anymore as well as player rubberbanding. Lag is still apparent due to falling leaves animation and ocean. Thanks for all the support on this post for making it happen. -RemRam
    Please post the following on this post: (Requested by GM_Dew)
    Your server and channelApproximate date/time you are experiencing a lot of desyncYour countryYour ISPUpdate 1: GM_Dew response on page 2: https://gyazo.com/73238f62d2c3b97e83900f10bb6b110e ,
    Update 2: GM_Caramel has responded to me saying that she hopes for a reply later in the week.
    Update 3: GM_Salome has responded saying that "the more devs know, the better and hopefully sooner they will be able to respond" and "it might not be ready just yet due to the time difference to Korea". 
    Update 4: GM_Salome has told me that they have checked in with the developers for any new updates, but sadly there isn't any yet. Also Salome has told me that this issue has been marked as high priority in order to get a faster fix. GM_Dew has responded on page 7 with the following message: https://gyazo.com/52d076e67507c151d78c4b8e0fa3b633
    Update 5: GM_Dew has notified us that developers have applied some change to "fix" the problem, however no one has seen any difference so far. 
    Update 6: 10/19/16 patch came out today, so far no change. 
    Update 7: 10/26/16 patch applied, not sure if desync is fixed for all. NEW strawpoll: http://www.strawpoll.me/11510780
    Regarding FPS drops:
    Live Strawpoll: http://www.strawpoll.me/11436927 (With recent results, closing in on 400 total votes with almost 93% of players who voted saying that they are experiencing the stated issues.)
    Reddit Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/57kekl/please_bring_awareness_to_lagdesync/
    Screenshot of players discussing problem: https://gyazo.com/49619729cc8821b9544fa2e8b93fe0fc , https://gyazo.com/4e0eb01a7ea80b72c9d2db9569569e39 , https://gyazo.com/73de24fd2234f18fd4eec76c67dc1025 
    Examples of this problem: (More videos are welcomed showcasing this problem)

    **As we can see through multiple sources of evidence, desync is occurring throughout all servers, not limited by ISP, region, nor computer specs. Post will be updated with videos/evidence as I receive more.**

    Keep an eye on the ranger 2:03 of video
    Another case of wagon/horse twitch and rubberband.
  14. Ok so I am pretty sure that the amount of money that Daum Games, Kakao, or WHATEVER made is pretty high after this Pearl to Marketplace feature was introduced to the game... I mean think about all the outfits and pets that we've seen posted day in and day out... note that each outfit is roughly 30$ a piece and pets around 8$ or 9$.
    Now multiply that by three for each NA server...
    Where is the money going??
    cause certainly it is not being put into creating a better, smoother, epitome of a MMORPG game.
    These servers are insanely unstable and it is absolutely absurd... 
    We have already dealt with the "p2w" addition to our game and its like they are just using the money to live large without putting our money to get some programmers or update servers...
    Can we have that at least?
    Is it so hard to ask for some of the money after this Pearl To Marketplace introduction be put into some stable server upgrades. 
    I mean you have the money to do it and pay some actual DEVELOPERS AND PROGRAMMERS to be able to balance correctly, make the game more stable, and SERVER UPGRADES. 
    We Deserve this my fellow Black Desert Players. If you agree.. make this post seen. 
    Thank You 
    GG, iGcGi
    Thanks For Reading =D
  15. The servers have gotten worse and worse throughout the week to the point now I can't even stay logged in for more than a minute if at all. When I DC I look at the task manager and it shows 100% of my C: drive and Ethernet being used up. I've put in multiple tickets since this problem started for me which is the Valencia part 1 patch but no fixes have been made.
    There will come a point we're I will give up on this and just move on. It's apparent they are more concerned with pearl shop functions than the server structure. Sad since this is such a great game.
  16. HUHU WHY DON'T WE TRY TO SKIP MAINTENANCE! Maintenance is expensive anyways! We don't need to do it every week HUHU!
    Sounds like a great idea!
  17. Post on Server in Website Tech Support

    By TayBear, posted
    What is going on with the servers? This is getting rather ridiculous and I realize that the game makers can't control everything seamlessly, but I can't fight and my beast won't even attack because of server lag and pvp in the arena is out of the question. I have my graphics down, player effects off, and my internet is perfectly fine, but the servers have been lagging extra hard for a few weeks. Someone told me that Daum is leasing or pairing with some other company (I honestly don't know the correct term for this action, I'm not a tech person) and since I was told that (true or not?) fact, the servers have been worse than ever. No one wants to play a game that does not work, is anyone even doing anything to fix this? 
  18. Hey  so someone is obviously watching the forums and locking up threads about the massive daum fail in B1 but is there anyone at daum watching the servers? restart or something? REFUND FOR THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS IN GUILD FUNDS, POTS, FOODS,  ELIXIRS? LOL REFUND PLIS DAUM.
  19. Lots of threads being started pertaining to the same thing regarding connectivity issues. The news section of the forums has a post from July 12th regarding the issues. The post itself contains a tool to find your necessary ISP information as well as a speed test provided by Daum. There is also a form within it to report your findings. (Please visit the post below for the tool)

    The form: Click Me
    Feel free to also comment in this thread, if you are having connectivity issues, which ISP you have. It seems that CenturyLink is one of the more common ones having issues at the moment, based on other threads.
    Keep it civil and keep the anger and/or frustration away. The quickest way to get the server issues fixed is to help Daum collect the necessary information to narrow down the server issues they're having. The more we help, the quicker it gets resolved. We're here because we want to play a fun game and currently that game is having some difficulty. So let's help out a bit  
    Also please post any solutions some of you may be having. Be it a VPN, Port Forwarding, Etc, let's see if we can help find some temporary workarounds to help our fellow players.
    The reason I care to try and centralize this information is because I'm one of the people that plays on these servers just like you. If there's something I or others can do to get our servers nice and smooth again, then why shouldn't we.  
    Thanks everyone  
    Potential Solutions:
    Port Forward: Port 9993 http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/101731-wtf-daum-seriously-why-didnt-you-tell-us/&do=findComment&comment=1351671
    Reportedly works for some people but not all: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/100596-solved-solutions-in-post-game-loads-then-disconnects-issues
  20. Do you want your playerbase to die?
    Do you want to deal with more tickets?
    Do you want more unsatisfied customers?
    Do you want to lose money from people charging back?
    Also can you make your damn staff tracker on the forums? Even forums from 10 + years ago have a working staff tracker, the hell are you guys doing over there?
  21. Primal_Eclipse
    A guild in BDO looking to soar to new heights! (Cheesy but true). We are a guild operating from SuperiorServers.co hoping to expand into this game to as well, to grow the community of SUP.
    What we offer:
    A community of friends.TS3.Forum.Contracts dependent on activity.Raises according to activity.PvX.Boss Scrolls.Daily Guild Missions.Freedom.Node Wars (When we get enough active players) 
    Guild Info/Rules:
    Follow the SUP community rules.Follow the SUP TS3 rules.Don't be an ass.Activity is not required, real life comes first.TS3 and Forum is optional but it's good to keep up to date with news/events and just generally hang out with us.Any questions/concerns direct them to Veridian Phantom regarding SUP community stuff, anything regarding in-game speak to a guild Officer.There is no requirements to join this guild. 
    Contracts information:
    When joining the guild we will give you a 1 day contract trial, after it expires if you wish to stay it gets bumped to 7 days. If you're loyal and stay we will discuss either a 14 day or 30 day. Once you've reached 14 or 30 days contract you will be considered a full-fledged member.
    We offer raises to those who show true dedication and loyalty, as well as those who have high Activity. Typically the 1-3 highest people will get raises with the renewal of their contract.
    Boss Scrolls/Guild Missions:
    Typically get a group together and do these, we try to do at least one GM a day but that isn't always the case due to some factors like real life and size of our guild. Same with boss scrolls, get a group together and go ahead, but the boss scrolls are not something we will be farming or doing events for just yet, not until we're bigger.
    Node Wars:
    Placeholder until we get bigger and have the ability to do it.
    How to join: Contact Galavance, Quanbonchib, or Infurni in-game. Send an email, or contact me on Superiorservers.co website. Name: Veridian Phantom
  22. Post on Best EU server? in New Adventurers

    By Emilia, posted
    I am fairly new to the game and until now I've been playing on Croxus just because it was at the top of the server list. However I want to start a new character and \i want to play on the right server. What server has the best community ? 
  23. Post on BDO and lag... in Suggestions

    By Hydro, posted
    Anyone else feeling like they are fighting the game and the lag more than the opponents or the content presented to you?
    Has anyone heard or read anything from Daum Games about the state of the servers?
    Are they planning to improve the servers, have they mentioned if its possible / impossible?
    How long do we have to make do with what we have now?
    Both Pvp and Pve are a mess!
    Now i need to mention here this is not a rant or a hate post, i really like the game and these things have been troubling me for a while now.
    PVP charakters are just jittering around while CCd sometimes running away and then being pulled back, grabble desync, Sorceres i frame problems... Now with the fresh Musa / Maehwa are dashing around the red battlefield and you cannot rely on any visual feedback where their charakter actually is.
    - Sidenote: Anyone have an idea why sometimes the game just does not draw the visuals for spells? This could be on my end but especially at red battlefield (without altering my visual options) i would say approximately 30% of wizard spells are invisible and the other 70% are displayed just fine, (this isn't because of the distance to the target or the caster + allso it is not specific spells that do not get visuals)
    PVE the monsters hit you good 1-2 seconds after the visual attack is done. (Especially all ranged and caster mobs: IE shadow wizards, Sausan cannoneers are the WORST)
    Anyone who has killed ogres know that when they do the big ground slam the actual hit comes 1 second after the crater appears.
    Cyclops roar keeps doing knockback and damage a while after the visual is done.
    At the moment on EU you can wait for shadow wizards to cast a bolt, let the visual hit you, give it a good 0.5 seconds and slap your block key to soak the hit. Doesnt make much sense to me.
    And lets not go into Daum having to restart servers mid week because mobs simply stop functioning properly.
    ...Field bosses / Scroll bosses.... Lets not even... ok... on a serious note they are a mess...
    It would be amazing if we could have any kind of response to give us some kind of hope for the game turning into something that you can enjoy for years to come? (even a nod of acknowledgement?)
    PS. Anyone know if there is a command or a hidden option view your ping to the servers?
    PSS. Are these problems same on US side?
  24. This is one thing I'm missing from vanilla wow. One forum section to each server, where the guilds/people from same server can chat, smack talk and whatever with each other. I think this would help to make the community stronger and more fun altogether.
  25. Hey everyone,

    Lately the servers and their channels are rather crowded.
    It makes things like leveling fairly difficult when there are about 5 people at every spot.

    As such I'd like to suggest to have more channels per server to help spread out the populace.