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  1. I created my account last night and i was on EU server Croxus, but when i tried to log in this mornig i was on NA and can't change it back... I already tried to download the BDOL.exe (https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207727165-Unable-to-switch-between-EU-and-NA support link i found) and to put it in my installation directory but seems it doesn't work...can anyone help me?
  2. I really like this game, but you know what I really don't like? Not being able to bloody log in and actually play!
    Ever since the Mediah expansion I've had nothing but issues with the connection. Either I log in and just stand there for 2mins WAITING for the server to get it's crap together and let me do something, thaaaaaan I get disconnected, or I'm actually able to move around and play the game, with lag, around a second delay or more sometimes. And than the other times it runs as smooth as a babies bottom, like it did BEFORE the Mediah expansion. Not sure if it's because I live in AUS or because the servers are shotty or both, either way, fix it.
    Oh and.. I still get disconnected when trying to switch characters. Seriously, why is that STILL an issue?
  3. Please don't perform the Regular Maintenance on Europe Servers in the morning. I don't want any compensation, I only want to play the game. You can find any solution to this, I am sure.
    Best regards from Spain!
  4. Post on The oceania server in General

    By Jayce Kazer, posted
    Is the oceania server coming soon? 
    Actually there will be an onceania server right ?
  5. After a large, explaining message I created and sent to the moderators of the Black Desert Roleplayers site, (Unsure if this was the deciding factor, or not) they decided to discuss and add two new forum threads for the other servers outside of Jordine (EU) and Orwen (NA) for Roleplayers like ourselves! This is a major help to the people who either chose a server first, or bought and received all their items on another server, and are unwilling to change to the other server (besides that, it's usually full of lag). You can find them by clicking FORUMS, and going down past the two main servers. Now, you can look in more places than one for roleplay on your server, and channel! I hope this keeps everyone informed, and together! A big thanks for Sorora for answering my application within a timely manner, and with a respectful tone!
    For the Delphe Knights!
    Elion Bless.
  6. Why on Earth do items that expire keep counting down as a maintenance break goes on?? There was one maintenance that ran over another several hours more than expected, and upon returning, an entire inventory of spoiled items was all to be had.
    This seems rather flawed.

    I know that most maintenance breaks are scheduled, but that is not always the case.
    Such as now.
  7. Hi All,
    Just thought I'd send a quick question through, as I'm quite interested in picking BDO up at the moment, and without being able to find a guest pass anywhere, thought I would ask one big questions before considering the viability of paying full price for the game. As the title gives away, I live in AU, and after many MMO's in my time, one of the biggest things to hurt these types of games, at least in my experience, is lack of player population. Due to there being no dedicated AU/Oceanic servers, and due to lag/timezone differences ect., which in my experience means, you either have less people to play with overall or are pretty much forced into a handful of AU guilds which most of the time, at least from what I've encountered, you don't really end up clicking with. So my question in so many words are: Can any current Aussie players give some insight into what the current server pop/overall feel for the community is at present, from the perspective of someone playing in AU? and following on from this, do you think it would be worth the purchase having these concerns?
    Cheers in advance for any information passed along.
    - Heatfist
  8. I am staying in america for study for 3 months from now and I want to buy the game, but will 1 purchase allow me to play in Europe once I come back or you have to buy a new copy of the game? (I do not mind leveling a new character though)
  9. Post on Servers n' Channels in General

    By Law, posted
    Lots of threads show up when I choose the tag "Server". To make things easier, I'll make this thread and as one of the people who still doesn't have the chance to play the game I'll ask:
    How does BDO work? Are there multiple servers? If yes, how many channels, if any per server are there?
    Thank you in advance.
  10. Its been suggested before, and quite a few times, but I'm giving my vision on the whole thing.
    Uno - Default
    Orwen - Roleplay
    Edan - Challanger Server
    Croxus - Default
    Jordine - Roleplay
    Alustin - Challanger Server
    I feel like this would help the community focus on the parts they enjoy the most.
  11. I'm a uk based player, I created a toon on EU server the other day, didn't play for long and hadn't tried to play until today. problem is I'm being forced into NA servers now. are EU down or  has something else happened ?
  12. I mean isnt it common for an mmo when newly released to give any form of server change ability to join your friends etc? atleast give it to the people who bought the biggest founders pack so they can carry over their items from the pack if they want to play with their friends on another server.
    All my friends are in another server and we found out late and its kinda sad i mean i would just make a new character but the effort and the fact ive spent quite a lot of money on dyes and costumes makes it harder for me to want to switch over. I'm just playing and waiting for a server change item to release or something!
  13. Greetings there, fellow Black Deserteers!
    A feature I'd really like to see added to Black Desert Online is to be able to transfer a character from one server to another.
    In my personal experience, I've learned my friends are playing on the Orwen server, but before I knew about this, I'd already started my character on the Edan server.  (I know I can just delete my current character, and then make a new one with its name 24 hours later, but I'd just rather not do that, if at all possible.
    Thanks a lot for reading me out and I truly hope this can work out!
    ~ JBJblaze
  14. Post on Really bad lag on Orwen in General

    By Swelly, posted
    There is really bad lag happening on Orwen currently. Up to 10 second delay on actions. Stuck when talking to NPCs.
  15. All of the debate over p2p trading seems like it could solved be relatively easy and make both sides of the argument happy: Just make a separate server with direct p2p trading enabled, and let the chips fall where they may. Leave it up to the players to decide if they want to play on a regulated server or a true sandbox, and see what happens. One doesn't have to effect the other.
  16. Hello,
    So I understand the servers for NA and the like are hosted on European servers and as such, I've read the list of restricted servers. This might be a long shot but I would really love it if the international version of the game was supported for those of us living in south america. Most MMOs tend to support our countries and there are a lot of faithful gamers who I am sure would love to invest in a title like this if allowed to do so, we just need the possibilty to be open.
    Again, I am not sure how hard it is to realize this but i figured I would make the post anyway. Feel free to comment with suggestions or feedback, please be constructive
  17. Help! I am stuck at the very beginnining of creating a character by the server choice. What is the difference between C1 and C2 servers, and why do some lack an "Enter" button? The choice will almost certainly be critical, and there is no information available about this anywhere!
  18. Post on Character transfer in General

    By Sidholun, posted
    Will there be an option to transfer characters between servers?
  19. Im trying to change the server from america to europe but i can't. From the settings of the launcher i change but it nothing changes.
  20. I have a problem with the launcher. I pre-ordered the game with the travelers package and i played 24 hours before the officioal launch in EUROPE servers, but after maintenance patch my launcher now log in the North America servers. How can i go back to the European server?
    Oh sorry. I've already solved the problem! I just change it in the settings of the launcher. Sorry again!
  21. Post on Item Transfer in General

    By Sunleth, posted
    If I made a character on the wrong server but selected to receive my explorer pack on that character is there any way I can transfer or get those items on my new character? I wanted to play on the same server as my friends but accidentally joined the wrong one and did not notice until a few hours in the game. I do not want to lose the extra items and bonuses I paid for a silly mistake like this. 
  22. Post on 3 servers enough? in General

    By MrFester, posted
    Just curious if everyone thinks that 3 servers for NA or EU are truly enough.  From just the looks of it, the servers are pretty damn busy right now and it's just the Conqueror’s Packs customers that are playing.  What in the world is going to happen when the rest come in?  
  23. Post on Switching Servers? in General

    By t0ny, posted
    Can we switch between servers like from Jordine to Alustine with our characters or is it going to be like in CBT2 where each server has different characters?
  24. I suppose I'll find out for myself eventually, but I'm curious if you create characters on the various servers within the same region using the same family name, if they also then share resources as if they were all on the same server?
    I have friends that are, unfortunately, going to both Edan and Orwen and it would be nice if I could create characters on each server and have them share resources.
    And what about switching from server to server? Is there some kind of cost or gating associated with that, does anyone know?
  25. Anyone have information on the location of the 3 NA servers? East? West? Central?