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  1. Okay i'll assume if you clicked on this title then you are either searching for an answer or you are just curious what the fuss is about. So i've noticed since the patch/update we had on 26th the demand for relics has increased or the catch rate of relics has decreased. I think this is a big issue for everyone whose main income is fishing (like myself) because i think the catch rate has decreased by at least 50% ! I was watching closely on how many i got per haul (117 inv. slots) and i used to get about 15 with active fishing and 8-9 with afk fishing. After the patch i got, over the 10 full inv. slots only 7-9 with active fishing and 4-5 with afk fishing. 
    I know that this is just a minor testing, that is why i'm asking here what is you experience with getting relics since the last patch/update and what is your opinion or thought on why we all of a sudden have almost no relics on the market ?
  2. Based on 1000 energy spent (around 3000 picks) I get half as many shards as before the event. The difference is 90% of the shards are now sharp, whereas before it was the other way around. But in total it's still half the shards!
  3. Post on Fig Pie in General

    By Coeprandua, posted
    So now I've been gathering long enough to say that I've found around 100 shards so far. In my experience, you get a shard after every 100 energy spent, which means a drop chance of 1%. This doesn't mean that you will literally get a shard for every 100 energy spent, but rather you'll get 100-ish shards for 10.000 energy spent, since your luck will vary throughout the course of gathering.
    Anyways, my question is: I have just discovered Fig Pie, which is supposed to increse drops by 3%. So does this mean you get a 4% drop chance or does it mean you get a 1,03% drop chance? If someone has any experience with this. 
  4. Hi, new player here so be forewarned this might be a stupid question.
    Saw some guides around reddit and the forums here showing how to get sharp and hard black crystal shards from farming (more specifically pruning plants/ killing bugs). So far I have 4 large farms full of sun flowers in a humid area set up and I just play farming simulator all day.... so far, no luck but is it because my farming level is simply too low? (Apprentive 6). Or is it because its no longer possible to get shards this way?
  5. 1st step: Don't sell any ancient guardian seal, ancient weapon core, bensho necklace that you get from event boxes, if they sell cheaper than shards.
    2nd step: Heat every ancient guardian seal, ancient weapon core or bensho necklace that you get.
    3rd step: Sell the shards that you get from heating plus the melted ores plus pure minerals that you get.
    So for everyone that doesn't know this, if you heat accessories you can get hards or sharps.
    Bensho necklace: You get 2 hards, melted platinum ore and resplendent sapphire.
    Ancient guardian seal: You get 1 or 2 sharps (50% of getting 2), melted gold ore and pure gold crystal.
    Ancient weapon core: You get 1 sharp, melted gold ore, melted silver ore, pure gold crystal and pure silver crystal.
    So if you just sell the accessory you are just losing lots of money. Your processing level doesn't matter you always get the hards and sharps.
    So for example, right now in my server Bensho necklace sells for 2.1 millions. And hards sell for 1.3 millions. So if you sell your bensho directly you are losing 500k just from the shards and about 300k of average in platinum.
    If you are master 2 trade, you can even make luxury boxes with the gold, platinum and silver that you get by doing this making this a very profitable form of making money while the accessories are cheaper than the shards.
    For example I just bought 5 ancient guardian seal for 2071818. So I spent 10359090. I got 9 sharps, 56 melted gold ores and 4 pure gold crystal. So 9 sharps for 2181634, that makes a value of 19634706. 664608 for the melted ore and 594472 for the pures. So I got 20893786. I just doubled my money. Although I got very lucky with the double proc of sharps from the ancient guardian seal. You'll expect to get 7.5 from 5 necklaces.
  6. Yes, I am advocating for gatherers to  drop one of their shard/hard if they are killed by another player.
    Why? Because it'll make gathering an actual challenge rather then just walk up to a tree and press R.
    And before you say "Its not a challenge because we'll have our gathering equipment on." 
    No, I'm not suggesting you fight back, I'm suggesting you either run or gather in secluded places. 
    I also recommend gathering suits have extra plus movement to give them a chance, maybe even a little CC resist, but with an ap penalty so people won't be doing node wars with their gathering outfits. (Not that the suits would have the dp anyway) 
    I got the idea from reading posts about some of the people not leaving the game because all they do is gather or do stuff casually. And I remember the good old times of being invaded in rust. Good shit, except when they would glitch inside our house, that was bull.
    Is it unfair? Probably, but this game is RNG based, so it really isn't fair to begin with. And I don't think gatherers really know the true pain of RNG in this game.

    Please refrain from ad hominems, I didn't read the forums about the xp loss, but I heard it got nasty.  I'm just a 134/207 war who got Pri'd 7 times and isn't even good at PVP cause I have three +56 classes and altogether 5 +54. 
    If you have any suggestions, knock yourself out.
    "You're just mad you didn't tri"
    "This is horrible! I gather to get away from PVP!"
    (This was marketed as an open world PVP game, so being able to avoid it completely shouldn't be an option.)
    "I'm 82 years old, I cant react fast enough!"
    "This is unfair!"
    "You're literally Hitler!"
    (I'm the SOLOmizer)
    "You just want us to feel the P2W burn as well!" 
    (I do)
    "My wife doesn't want to pvp!"
    (Then I hope you're man enough to protect her)
    "Now people will just camp us gatherers!"
    (They will, so you will just have to move to another channel or gather somewhere else, just like when someone wants to grind sausans and get kicked out by a group that can outfarm them.)
    I'm sure the best argument you guys have is that it would be forcing PVP on those that don't want it, I cant think of a proper counter argument other then  what I said above, maybe I'll come up with one later.
  7. Have been getting 2-3 shard drops per day farming every day for weeks now 3 days with nothing. Anyone else notice this or just VERY bad rng. 10 farms Artisan 1 farming no crop changes just NO drops at all.
  8. ----- this
  9. Hello, I'm a level 56 sorc fairly geared on Edan, I have a few concerns and inquires about a few things in the game and decided to start a thread about it to read and see how other players have experienced in the game so far. I self admit that RNG and I do not agree, and as such my luck, when it comes to anything other than enhancements (the fail stacking part not the succeeding part ) is down the drain. I always have +5 luck in case anyone wants to know that.
    Players having better luck than others and node investments: (I will use Hexe node for witch earrings as that is what we tested it on)
    So my buddy (a ranger) and I created an account literally right next to each other, in the same room! So far, he has had way better luck than me when it comes to any rare loot. He does not care about knowledge grades (he does have mostly C's, we've checked to make sure), and he does not care about node investment or connecting the nodes, he knows going any where and farm for an hour he should have at least 1 if not 2 rare loots by the end of it (haven't gone to Valencia yet, do not have pri+ gear yet) I even had him kill 1 mob at a time to make sure its not a massive number of mobs he is killing per hour compared to myself. On the other hand, I spend hours, even days just to get 1 rare drop. So I started to reset my knowledge on mobs in the hope of getting an S or at least a B for a better chance, no luck with that. So I then invested energy in the node, that helped for a while, I got plenty of relic shards (I want to say a total of 50 max in the span of weeks) and 2 witch earrings and junk loot, but as soon as I got it to level 9, I rarely even get witch pouches (no witch earrings, no relic shards either)... So my question is, is the luck account based? as in if I create 10 accounts, each account will have random luck with it or what? Also about node investment, is that even worth it? because I have a level 9 node, farmed for 5 hours a day for 3 days straight, and only got turn in loot and 3 witch pouches only and I am sure I got better results before I had the level 9 node.
    To put it in perspective, my buddy, another guild member (a witch), and I went there to farm, in 20 minutes my buddy got 19 relic shards, while me and the witch got nothing after staying there for about an hour and a half, and by nothing I mean not even a witch pouch. Is this normal or what?
    Shard gathering for gear improvement:
    I am a PvP minded person, while I understand I have the chance of sniping them of the market or pre-ordering them for over 15 mil for 1 sharp, I have taken to gathering in order to improve my gear. The result so far have been abysmal to say the least. Professional 4 gathering on my main, 232 energy, 5 characters. Over the span of 2 weeks, I have gathered a total of 5 Hards and 1 sharp (nowhere near enough with the amount I need with the luck I have). I then started crafting tools in the hope of getting lucky tools, got 5 of them, used 4 of them and got none. I thought using Lucky tools would improve my chances, but so far they have diminished my chances instead, I can however confirm that I have gotten way more trade items using them than the regular tools. Is this normal when it comes to lucky tools? Is the drop rate that I got normal compared to you? And lastly, has anyone found a better way (consistent way) to get them?
    I really want feedback on your experience when it comes to node investment and luck when it comes to getting rare loot.
    I know I'm a sorc, heard it all, really, best one is "Oh you are a sorc, set it to free looting, we have an extra pet in the party" *party leader set party loot to free looting*
  10. UPDATE 7/16/2016: 
    Hello everyone:

    I am sorry for not posting my guide as promised earlier in this thread.
    Shortly after posting this thread, officers in my guild and my guild master approached me and were very upset that I released this information to the public instead of letting them greedily whore it for themselves to try to get an advantage over everyone else on Orwen. He wanted me to delete this thread / my posts but I refused to do so. Long story short, a week's gone by and I left that guild. (Not to mention, how stupid is it to act like my guide is an IP that belongs to the guild I'm in? LOLOL!)
    Anyways, I promise to get that guide up for you guys now ASAP!
    Not to make anymore excuses but today is my father's birthday so I won't be able to post it today since we're going out of town for the day. I'll try my best to get it up tomorrow. But I sincerely DO promise to get it up for you guys as soon as I finish it. Stay tuned -- will update this thread with a link to the guide when it's ready.
    I posted this in another thread but thought more people might find it useful so I'm making a thread and copying the other post into this one.
    Farming is currently the BEST way to get shards in game. 
    Sorry if 'guide' is misleading as this is more of just a very brief introduction into my method of getting shards for profit. I can make a very indepth farming guide if people wish, I know dulfy's is appreciated but I feel it does NOT explain how to use farming efficiently or economically. 
    "The secret to getting shards frequently is farming. With 100 crops (100cp = 10 strong fences), I pull about 70 shards a week, maybe more. That's after spending around 200 energy a day (I'm  Pro8 in farming). I get around 2-3 shards for every 100 fixes. Sometimes a little less frequently, but my ratio is around 1 for 40-50 energy. It's a very consistent and reliable drop rate. I do not plan on rushing my +20s (i'm focused on getting at least all tri jewelry first), so i sold all of my shards and made almost 400 mil in the span of a few hours. Farming is an amazing and lucrative way to make money and supplement your buffs if done correctly.
    My recommendation is planting 100 crops of seeds that have an 8 hour breed time. Plant fixes proc everytime your energy is refreshed(every 3 minutes), so if you wait 30-60 minutes, you can generally go into your garden have anywhere from 40-100 fixes available (so a potential 1-2 shards an hour). I've found sharp and hard shards to drop at a very even rate, and it's usually in a 1:1 ratio (for every sharp i get a hard shard also). i've even gotten such good rng that I get BOTH shards from one fix.
    Here's a screenshot of the chatbox AFTER i got that double shard proc from a single fix (I got 2 shards and a twig). Unfortunately, I'm so used to spamming R for fixing that I pressed R to loot before I realized what kind of RNG i got on the drop, so I missed the screenshot of both shards in the loot window.

    I. 200 energy gives me 4~500 fixes(varies depending on rng). 
            II. If i spend the entire day farming (and rest on pearl store bed between fixes), I can do about 500 energy (depending on how much willpower and patience i have before i go bored and want to go beat down sausans to relieve stress) and get about 15-20 shards.
            III. In this photo I have dry manes and hump mushrooms because i breed them for fruits of magic power and enchant. i don't recommend them strictly for farming shards or leveling, though. i'd go with t3 fire flake, t3 wheat, or t3 potatos. anything with a long harvest time."
    I will update this post with a screenshot after another week to show my supply of shards, as I've sold most of them last night/this morning for jewelry enchanting, liverto enchanting and horse armor enchanting money (which I was able almost do all of!) <-- ~400mil/week/50-60mil a day in shards alone, probably another 5-10 mil in seeds/spirit leaves/monk branches/female kermes.
  11. Hello! I had a question that I was hoping someone could help out with. I have this guild member who has spent well over a few thousand energy gathering and has not received a single hard or sharp black crystal shard. He only gathers with the tools from the vendor, and we can't seem to convince him to use the crafted ones. So my questions is, can you get them with the vendor tools and he is just super unlucky? Or can you only get them with the crafted tools? 
  12. Post on Sharp and Hard crystal shards in PVE

    By Cools, posted
    Wondering how everyone is doing gathering the new sharp and hard blackstone fragments. I'm professional 3 in gathering and today I've gathered 300+ water, 300+ fir sap, 300+ wolf meat and haven't gotten one to drop yet. I wasn't using lucky tools and I havent done a single gathering quest yet, could that be it?