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  1. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/15/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ Margoria / Various Topics
  2. Hello all,
    I read at 
    That you need to get sailing skill the new trading ship.
    Can this already be build in any city?
    Thanks a lot
  3. Post on Guild Tall Ships in Suggestions

    By Riversbend, posted
    I have noticed that there is a vast ocean area to explore but it is very under used.  May allow guilds to build tall ships to allow for mini games ship to ship with pirates or hunting whales as a team.  You could have a series of guild quests to construct the ships, design flags etc. 
  4. Post on Wagons/ ships in Off-Topic

    By tmn97, posted
    So lately I have been reading about wagons and fishing boats durability. From what I have observed, wagons and ships will be destroyed when the lifespan hits 0. And there's no way to regain that liespan/ durability. But one day, I was by the docks with my wagon, and I randomly rode off the dock. My wagon became destroyed. (obviously). But later I was checking my stable to recover my horse. I also found my wagon which I could restore, in order to get it back. So I did restore the wagon. When I did that, the wagon's durability was regained. Does anyone know if I can buy a noble wagon, and do the same thing, just before it gets destroyed? Or do I have to buy a new wagon everytime it gets destroyed?
  5. Post on New ships on KR in General

    By Draconnix, posted
    Can anyone post picture of new trading boat and galleon ? 
  6. I have tried multiple times to cross to Iliya to pull out money I've left in the bank there. Every single time I try to take the ferry, it disconnects me and drops me in the water. So I thought, Okay, maybe I'll try rowing across in my rowboat. Nope. Still disconnects me, though it doesn't drop me in the water. Once I get a few yards from the Velia docks, it just disconnects me. Its done this multiple times and this is the first time it's started happening as I have in the past been able to cross just fine without any disconnects.
  7. Well just looking at facebook and this popped up onto my screen... (basically an announcement of what the Devs have planned for the future of BDO)
    Most of which is probably already known by most people, but some things in there I hadn't heard of yet !
    Now for the future plans from the press conference, correlated and translated by DualShocker. These include a huge new explorable ocean area with its own bespoke content, involving undersea content and naval warfare. And there will be trading ships too.
    The elven land of Kamaslive will be added this summer (in Korea - it will take longer for it to head West) and with it a playable dark elf race. Later, the land of Drigan land will arrive, where be giants, dwarves and elves.
    Tier 9 horses - hell horse, pegasus and unicorn - will be added, as will baby elephants as trade mounts!
    Apparently there's more co-op content coming, and the team are looking at ways to speed up the new-game experience so people can catch up with veterans. The skill awakening system will be overhauled, it says, and in-game voice chat is coming.
    To reiterate: the Western version of Black Desert Online is several months behind the older Korean game in terms of content. The desert of Valencia isn't in the Western game yet but is in the Korean game, for example, and Ninja and Kunoichi classes aren't in our version yet either. I expect they're all coming, though, and, I hope, soon.
    Looks like I can forget having a life for at least a couple of years...rofl  
    EDIT -
    Funny how you notice more about things on 2nd/3rd reads.
    I wonder if Pegasus mount is going to be just a visual thing ???
  8. Hi Guys, 

    I thought it would be awesome for more expansion of the map North of Veila with Larger islands and cities so there would be more exploration of the sea available, These cities could have houses with tier 3,4 for ship building so you can build larger ships faster to make the traveling easier, these ships would need more durability so traveling around the map wont kill the durability of the boat in one trip around. 

    This would make more fishing spots and more availability for players with boats to get abundant sources for fish etc.

    It would allow more high level quests and mobs for higher leveled players.
    Just thought i would post to see what people would say.
    Let me know what you guys think.

  9. Okay so sorry if this was posted elsewhere but I could not find it so decided to post. I have been looking around google trying to find details on the large ships you see in the korean version, I want to learn how there built so i can prepare in hopes that the recipes are the same as well as know when one of the biggest parts that got me hyped will be coming out. If someone could link me a site to find this or give me info. it would be much appreciated
  10. So I just spent a week getting together all of the materials to craft a ship and literally after half a day of using it I'm already down to 85% of it's entire lifespan.   This I feel is a bit wrong. 

    The amount of work I put into making this thing is ridiculous to the short lifespan that it has.  I didn't pay 1.5 million in materials and 2 days of my workers time building it to have it die so quickly.   To me the lifespan mechanic just doesn't make sense.  I Like the idea of vehicles being worn down and damaged over time but I feel that we should be able to repair those vehicles so we don't have to rebuild them again.   it just makes me want to say "Screw Fishing" and do something else in the game.  I mean at least with Wagons I can buy a new one cheap for 180k and keep making money but fishing doesn't have that option. I have to either blow 1.5 million silver to buy another one on the marketplace or go through another 3-5 days of grinding to make one which to me is NOT very fun and will make me quit fishing real quick. 

    My Suggestion is this:
    Make Wagon and Vehicle repair kits that both heal health and lifespan of the vehicles similar to carrots.  Make them both craftable and buyable via warf NPCs (stable managers already sell wagon repair kits so they would just also extend lifespan)   Each tier of ship would take more repair kits to heal the lifespan of the boat than the one below it.  This would balance out the value of these boats as well as create another money sink in the game. 
    If you guys are unwilling to do that then AT LEAST extend the lifespan of fishing ships to quadruple  what it is now.   Because I literally only used my ship for half a day and it's already down to 85% lifespan.   By the end of the day it'll easily be below 80%. 
    If you agree with this please show your support int he comments for this thread. 
  11. So I keep hearing that boats and ships are not repairable. While I understand there are probably reasons that the game is designed this way, I feel like you should be able to repair your boat/ship (even if it's not cheap/takes a lot of resources). I was looking through the Pearl store, talking with some guild mates when I noticed a really cool looking boat. We were talking about it and one of them told me it would eventually break, at which point I questioned why you would spend $20 on something you can't repair. I wanted to get the opinions of the members of the community and would also appreciate if someone could explain why boats/ships aren't repairable so I can get a better understanding.
  12. Post on Ships in General

    By Kitsu289, posted
    Am I the only one hype about the ships? Screw the new classes coming, screw the waifu simulator character creation,
    I'm in it for the ships-

    Wait... They're that small? This ain't no ship, it's a...
    A boat.

    We're getting ships, right?
  13. Hi fellow players!
    I apologize for the dumb question. I didn't participate in CB1.
    I understand the nautical patch in Korea was introduced roughly a year ago?

    Has it ported over NA/EU as well? My husband looked at some videos and said the animation and oceanic effects were still in the works/being improved however he probably watched an old video. 

    How about them boats so far?

  14. Hi,
    My apologies in advance for my bad english, i'm a french member.
    I think that we've not a community manager for the french community, so I submit here.
    The pirat's ships have some collisions. Look at the pictures ;-).
    The pirat's shipe don't move at the moment.
    Thank you for reading !