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  1. When purchasing Calpheon Storage Expansion from the pearl shop, please include Euphoria Port into the package.
  2. Post on Unused Costumes!! in General

    By HouseStark, posted
    Hey Black Desert Online, as a Beta, and day one supporter of this game I would like to request something from you guys. As you know you guys release new outfits  frequently, and they are quite expensive, and yet I and other people keep buying them. Not to long ago you guys added the ability to buy and sell outfits and other pearl shop items on the market, now I, and many others  would really appreciate it if you would implement a way for use to sell our unwanted outfits. Maybe for half the price, or allow us to somehow wash the outfit and resell on the market. There are ways where both sides can win. You can make money on a laundry ticket? And we can resell outfits that are unwanted. I personally have 6 characters and almost all of them have costumes, some even have more then one. It would be awesome is we had an option to sell them again, or recycle them for pearls or something of that sort. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  3. So with the DK out and all these new patches how does Kakao games and the devs set up cash shop updates. Based on the good old Google we do not have EVERY costume from Korea and Japan.
    The topic here is not to ----- about odd outfits you don't like but to gain a better perspective on when they decide to release new outfit and cash shop items.  
    Since I basicly main DK atm and I have the snowflake outfit thing already I'm just looking out for the other costumes that all ready exist for the other classes. 
    What schedule do they follow to release this stuff. One a month? Twice a month, twice Every 2 months? Was there a trend in Korea and Japan?
     Not to mention that not evey outfit is out for the original classes either. Like gotha rensa has been out a while and is just now out in NA hell i had been useing it as a skyrim mod outfit for some time now.
    Anyone know the magic formula in this? Comment below THANKS!
    Just to clarify I know it's marketing but when Can I expect them to release more stuff ingeneral? Anyone see a Pattern in release of outfits ir stuff for shop in general.
  4. Post on Maids? in General

    By MrZeph, posted
    So I accidentally bought to storage irene maids and a transaction maid and placed all 3 of them in one residence. My question is, how many maids can you have per residence and in total throughout the region?
  5. Post on Cash Shop Sales in Suggestions

    By MIGhunter, posted
    The cash shop sales need changed.  Instead of selling a max of 5 items, since the Marketplace is pretty much fixed, it needs to be a monetary cap.
    Costume x5 = ~25m x 5 = 125m
    Pets x5 = ~5m x5 
    Value Pack x5 = ~10m = 50m
    Way it should be
    Costume x5 = ~25m x5 = 125m
    Pets x25 = ~5m x25 = 125m
    Value Pack x12 = ~10m x12 = 120m (leaving room for 1 pet).
    By setting a monetary cap instead of limiting it to 5, people will more likely sell pets, Value packs, etc.

  6. I'm curious why this is! I'm only level 52, but I have some lower level friends I'd like to send some horse costumes and furniture to... 
    Was it always like this?
  7. After so long I came back to play BlackDesert and saw that now the objects of pearlshop are also available in the Marketplace.
    This would reduce the need to spend a lot more money to play, but my question is .. What really is the availability of objects of pearlshop in the marketplace? Can you really buy everything from the marketplace without waiting weeks to be sold in the marketplace?
  8. After so long I came back to play BlackDesert and saw that now the objects of pearlshop are also available in the Marketplace.
    This would reduce the need to spend a lot more money to play, but my question is .. What really is the availability of objects of pearlshop in the marketplace? Can you really buy everything from the marketplace without waiting weeks to be sold in the marketplace?
  9. Hello BDO Community,
    I want to buy the Trumpet Creeper Costume for Maehwa, but I cant find on in the Market. I buy both variation just the "Costume Set" or the entire "Bundle" which include the weapons.
    I pay 25kk, but we can talk about the price. I play on the EU server.
    If you are interested send me a mail or write a comment  
    Kind regards Yasukami Rosakiri
  10. Post on Pearls !!! in Suggestions

    By Demonith, posted
    Well i am little stressed off because not just because u want MORE money from this game its losing the potencial of the game i already payed the game and now i need to pay for some stuff in the shop wow u shell look on GW2 how they manage the shop well but still need to be our choice shell we buy for pearls or we farm doing dungeons bla bla for pearls u taking away more fun and challenge from the game i hope u guys will see in the 2017 change the shop managing and put the players in not milking money from the players u already gat the money
  11. Post on Bidding fail question in General

    By Onineko, posted
    Since few weeks i'm trying to buy few things on marketplace and because i've never succeed, I wish to ask about something. When the item is biddable, like some Dandelion, Value Pack, a pet or an outfit, there are two kinds of text poppin' when the bidding is closed (and obviously I wont win the bid - I never did...) One text is "Failed to purchase the item" and the other is "Item is already sold" - where is the difference between their meaning? Does that mean I just lost the roll and the text is random, or am I keep failing at some point while trying to buy something?
  12. Hallo Community,
    nur eine kurze Frage da ich dazu irgendwie nichts finde. Falls es den Thread doch gibt bitte ich also um Entschuldigung. Der Set-Effekt der Kostüme, wann wird dieser genau aktiviert?
    Meine Frage bezieht sich darauf, dass ich durch die Vorbestellung bereits Waffe und Nebenwaffe besitze, aber keinerlei Kleidung als Kostüm. Wenn ich mir jetzt von einem Kostüm die Sachen ohne Sachen hole und Trage mit den Waffen, oder einem anderen Waffenset, erhalte ich trotzdem einen "Set-Effekt"?
    Meine Verwirrung entsteht dadurch, ob mit dem Set-Effekt gemeint ist das gleiche Kostum komplett zu tragen, oder einfach alle Kostümplätze belegt zu haben. Und im Spiel konnte mir irgendwie keiner so richtig eine Antwort geben.
    Danke schon einmal im voraus.
  13. As the title says, please consider adding a $5 option(or even $2) when purchasing Daum cash.
    There have been so many occasions where I felt discouraged to buy any Daum cash at all, simply because I knew I would have to spend $30 on an outfit that is only 2200 Pearls. With over 800 leftover Pearls, it feels like such a waste since I only wanted to buy one item.
    When deleting characters, if they're under level 5 then I don't think it's necessary to have a 24 hour timer. Please lower it. Higher level characters I can understand, but if I'm just looking to remake my level 1 character, it's very annoying to have to wait a full 24 hours.
  14. Hey Folks,
    Might I suggest deciding on which company you prefer to send email confirmations, so I don't get duplicate emails from both BDO and PaymentWall each time I order something?  While we're at it, could we please enable/create a shopping cart system for these webstore functions, so I can purchase multiple items without having to do individual transactions that create fraud alert hell?
  15. Hi!
    I really wish it was possible to mix-match outfits (with the same stats) without losing set-effect. I think it would be awesome to be able to use different pieces from different set or in-game items and put them together.
    So if the set-effect could be "equipping 3 or more parts with same bonus will trigger the set effect"? Something along those lines.
    Then there is some in-game items which i also barely get to use, simply because i would have to give up the +10% xp. 
    We currently have the option to buy a coupon to transform in-game armor/look so we can equip it as a outfit, but then this should count toward the 3-piece effect. Basically paying to transform it into a pearl item costume. I would wish we could do the same for items like santa hat and fox mask ect.
  16. Why we do not include this coupon item into Loyalties shop so at least crafted costumes can be worn without force to shop?

    Only for crafted costumes, may be a good idea, isnt' it?
  17. Hi all, I have bought a hawk becouse I like the animation when it lands on the shoulder.
    But what was my surprise when he doesnt land anytime!!
    I only have 3 pets: penguin, desert fox and this hawk, I acquired them in this sequence.
    When I get out only the hawk he lands on shoulder but when I get out the other pets it never lands.
    I have try to get out the hawk 1st and then the others but only work for a few moments, when I move my character or something it never land again.
    Can someone help me with this problem?
    Btw thank you very much for expend your time reading me.
  18. Currently if a person wants to switch names, they have to buy 3 coupons, wait 3 weeks total, and THEN that person has to HOPE that the name they want doesn't get taken after the first week. This is of course assuming that the name changes take effect in the desired and listed time frame.
    I propose that a new "Name Switch Coupon" be introduced, for people desiring to Switch/Swap names with THEIR OWN CHARACTERS.
    The price could of course be the same as 3 name change coupons or whatever seems reasonable.
    This new Coupon would, in effect, take out the massive amount of time spent switching a name as well as removing the chance of losing a name to someone else.
  19. I don't understand, this game is not free to play, why there are items like this in the shop:

    "Reset Skill Items" by the name of Partial Combat Skill Reset, All Combat Skill Reset and Awakened Skill Reset
    Suggestion: Remove it and add a "Skill Page System" instead where we can purchase extra pages in Cash Shop. Allowing us to switch skill trees on the fly for any occasion be it PvE or PvP for example.
    "Avatar Costumes" with status all of them.
    Suggestion: Remove the Status and adjust the price accordly. Like deduct 10€ from all purchases, since sets cost between 20€ to 30€ with an extra weapon skin.

     I though by buying the game we would not need such things has this 2 in the Cash Shop. I'm sure that anyone that strives for balance and sportsmanship agrees that we don't need this 2 types of items in the game.

    This two items comprise heavily this game in not making it to the eSports or making all players on equal ground, I think, correct me if I'm wrong.

    PS: Prices and Numbers can and should be adjusted according to how Dev's see fit, I'm not implying anything.
  20. Post on Serious, Talk. opinion in General

    By Mormy, posted
    So I have been following Black Desert online since the beginning of its development . I patiently waited for the English translation. Now that I have the game I would like to address an issue that a lot of people have been talking about but has not critique it in the manner of this way . Since this is a buy to play game the cash shop is drastically overpriced it's still the same pricing as if it was a free-to-play game, but that's not the real issue. The real issue is that anything you purchase from the store in game store your purchases are not account-bound, and there's a lot of false information when it comes to costumes and outfits each individual costume is not designed for each model it's only redesign based upon female,male, giant and also unisex uniforms, I'm talking about the ghillie suit the fish costume etc "I know this due to the fact I have developed coding and modeling for projects "  . I would be more willing to pay for the online cash shop if all purchases where account-bound, globalized and I think the majority of the players in the game would also benefit from this marketing change. Overall it's up to the developers they handle their PR and also how they're going to handle their fluctuation of money but I definitely know without a doubt making their premium costumes Universal and make an account bound so when you delete a character you don't lose the purchases you made would be beneficial for everyone . I personally would willing to spend a couple hundred dollars in the game just for costumes but due to the fact that I have to pay about $30 per outfit per character and it's only for one character"not universal" and if I decided to get bored with a character or delete the character I lose that $30 . I hope people can have a reasonable mature discussion about this topic and also have a happy Halloween 
  21. hi all, I'm writting here becouse I have a question about horse outfits but before I want say you all thank your for read this post and try to help me.
    The question is that I have bought the skeletal horse set and I dont know if I use it with one character: will I be able to use it with other character?
    I mean that i have three characters and I dont know who will be my main, if I equip this outfit to my tier 5 horse with one character, will I be able to use this outfit with other horse or character?
    I'm scared about use it with one character that will dont be my main or with a horse with lower tier than the next tamed horse...
    I hope you can help me with this question.
    By the way: a lot of thank for your take your time reading me.
  22. So. i just bought and used a coupon named on the title. my quesiton is. what does this do. i forgot to see if any of the horse stats changed.
    my question is.
    does this change the breeding collor and speed, turn etc,,,etc,,, on my horse?
    my horse was.
    Tier 8
    Collor: R2 B3 W4.
    Now my horse is all white. 
    Is it just a skin over the original collors?
  23. Post on sell costumes in General

    By comedychris, posted
    OK so I done something silly and bought a costume on market for 20m because every time I see them they are instantly bought.. I saw it appear and got excited and bought it... put it on but don't like it... I tried take of and sell but can't... once I've worn a costume is it no possible to resell or am I missing something.   Thanks in advanced.
  24. Herbal juice should be buyable from the General Good vendor like HP/Mana potions. The x amount of time it takes to gather weeds and herbs + the y amount of time to process all of it into Herbal Juice + the z amount of time to process the herbal juice into better herbal juice could be spent actually grinding silver and exp.
  25. Hey
    I'd like to share my notice. I mean price of pearls and items from pearl shop. It's some kind of Joke I think...I do understand such thing in F2P games...but we all PAID for this game and not so cheap if I may add...So Can somebody tell me...why the hell 1 single costume costs 3000 pearls?! (2700 now with discount). It's 30 Euro. It means It's more expensive than entire full game!! WTF? Oo are you crazy?...