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  3. Thinking of Joining Aftershock?

    We’re a PvP guild looking for highly skilled, progression focused, active members to join our forces. In Aftershock, the guild finds it very important that community stays top priority. Therefore, our new recruits should know that they should openly contribute and help other members in any way that they can. Our goal is to stay pvp-competitive and have good fights, so if that sounds like your kind of guild, please apply! We are excited to welcome new members into our family.

    We run node wars twice a week and are diving into the Saturday sieges. 

    Have any questions/issues regarding the guild? Feel free to whisper our recruiters.

    How to apply:
    Reply to this forum with:Your character name (family name if you want)Character classOptional – Whisper one of the officers/recruiters there's pretty much someone online at every time of the day.What to expect:
    There will be an interview, nothing too drastic.Guild pay is on a participation basis up to 5 mil. This will be explained within the interview.We do most of our talking on voice-chat (Discord) – We are a community, it’s still a good idea to be on Discord even if you don’t talk.
    Guild Recruiters(Character Names):

  4. Barcode clearly being the worst guild will now be a T1 node war guild so were making friends with any1 who wants one. And as such we are offering our services to the ENTIRE server ^.^
    You got an LOTD in your grind spot and they just wont leave?
    trying to gather tulips and an LOTD keeps taking the spawns?
    or you just don't like those LOTD faks then send a whisper to any1 in Barcode! We will rid you of the LOTD at no charge!

    Media Blackout Expected for the Next Week, Citing "⚠️️ TOP SECRET ⚠️️" Security Concerns:

    TRADING PLACES, MEME GUILD EDITION: FML wins Serendia after Cho gets knocked out;
    15 MINUTES OF FAME: Chonation OUT of Serendia, meme guild booted by BlackRose and FML;
    Calpheon (ILLUMINATI?);
    So how about that Calpheon:

    NOTHING TO SEE HERE: Valenica (remains Barcode), Balenos (LotD, basically nothing to see), Mediah (passed to Vision); 
    Explanation of Critical's failure from the inside: Top PvPers left to form their own guild, GM was scapegoated, new GM proceeds with terror purge tactics and continues mass kicks.  No turning back.
    Yup Critical is dead, another chess piece off the board;
    Gravity picked up by ManUp, remnants of Iconic kicked to the curb;
    Barcode picks up some from failed Gravity/Iconic merger;
    FROM CALPHEON WITH LOVE: Expected detente between ManUp and Barcode, sources within both sides floating prospect of merger in the event of attrition via boredom or as the contingency in the event that latest Gravity/ManUp merger fails:*

    *Credit to the New Yorker for originally publishing this cartoon, which has been heavily modified for this parody; Also, credit to Kendrox for the suggestion that I use different colored text;
    Is NewEra about to be short-lived?
    Give Lacari some benefit of the doubt, high level source indicates there is a contingency plan already in place in the event of shambolic fallout from Manup's latest merger;
    News from Around NA
    State of the Game: 14 (!!!) guilds drop on a Tier 1 Node on Monday, lol;
    Tier 1s busy as hell, 10(!) guilds total dropping on two tier 1s in Valencia on Sunday;
    Seeing those TRI Kzarka Krieg swords already, have fun Dark Knight rerollers;
    Now collaborating with Skuld's NA Node Wars Report, thank you Skuld. 
    Congratulations to BigandShiney for getting level 62;
    T3/T2 caliber guilds moving down bracket and use of temps/mercs remains controversial, heated thread on General Discussion calling for 7 day guild change CD for territory siege winners gets locked and removed by GMs;
  6. Post on Siege Workshop Help in General

    By Zelveris, posted
    Hey all, so I have run into a bit of an issue that im not sure I can solve on my own. 
    So I am doing a quest called "Supplying the Delphe Knights" and it requires me to give them 5 flashbangs. Now this seems quick and easy, which is great as I need the item it gives for an outfit I want. But it seems every time I go to buy a siege workshop It tells me its invalid. Im not sure what this means at all and I can find ANY info on this on the internet or forums really. If their are any more knowledgeable people out there that could tell me what im doing wrong, that would be fantastic.
  7. S TIER: Barcode
    S- TIER: ManUp
    A++ TIER: Vision
    A+ TIER: Lunar
    A TIER:  Alloy, ChoNation, Lotd
    B+ TIER: BlackRose
    B TIER: Critical, Audacity 
    B- Tier: Insomnia, NewEra
    Someone got sad I didn't give explanations, luckily for everyone, I am a benevolent tier list generator and have given an explanation alongside each guild.
    Barcode: Have a solid leader with no signs of taking a "break", top tier gear, good mechanically, good strategy, solid shotcalling but not perfect, homogeneous, and the ability to pull allies. While other guilds have the issues of players become fragmented due to their past guilds (see relevant/manup/mangos, support/rage) BC's environment that has been fostered, allows for this to be basically a non-factor. While other guilds lose members to these issues, BC is able to capitalize on it by bringing in top tier players, from top tier guilds constantly, to replace the ever burdening reality of inactivity, allowing for the guild to not stagnate and to progress.
    ManUp: Have good shotcalling for the most part (Valencia 30 min siege, nm on that one LUL), very strong players mechanically, and good gear. They are able to overcome most guilds through this, but run into problems when they can not roll over a guild with just this, which is where they start doubting calls, and start acting more like it is RBF. Unlike BC, their guild is very fragmented, mango/relevant/manup, and through this, there is the potential for them to lose sizeable chunks of players at a time because of their players still holding onto their past faction. Without Lacari staying vigilant and making sure not to go on any more breaks, I fear that ManUp has the possibility to die overnight, or at least drop to  number three behind Vision. Fortunately, like Barcode, they are able to constantly get new players due to their all-star streaming trio of Lacari/Macilus/Zeth. With the allure of playing with their favorite streamers/LACARI MEME VID xD, they manage to get players from tier 2/3 guilds who have the gear, and the mechanics, but not necessarily the experience in region wars.
    Vision: With the addition of 15-20 imports they can really call themselves a serious region guild, with the ability to break into the top two. While they do have some very geared players, on average their gear is worse than bc/manup. Since they are used to fighting outmanned they have not yet acclimatized to fighting in a 90-100 man force and currently lack the "big damage on my ping" which is needed to focus down targets quickly. They also have a certain stigma associated with their guild (meme'ing) and this could stop some potential mergers/geared players from joining. If Vision was able to cuck ManUp, and bring over MangoBay group, I believe Vision would have the ability to step over lacari's dying body to achieve greatness. 
    Lunar: While they have gear, and numbers, in general their players are less mechanically inclined than other players with their level of gear, it would almost seem as if they got their gear without having to grind for it :thinking:, which both practises mechanics, and hones them. They have yet to learn how to fight as a team post-merge, and currently seem to have some issues with shotcalling. It will be interesting to see if they will once again manage to break into the big 3 once they have ironed out these kinks.
    Alloy: Like a worse Vision pre-20 imports. They have worse gear, worse players mechanically, worse strategy, worse shot-calling, and worse team fighting. I do not seem them progressing any higher in the rankings unless a guild rolls over and dies and they somehow manage to poach the members who have crawled out of the carcass. I would suggest they stick to t2 regions if they wish to get a castle in 2017, might I suggest Eiffel towering LoTD with the assistance of another A-lister guild?
    ChoNation: Not much can be said here, stronger after the merge with WolvesOfWar which assisted with boosting their numbers and also their average GS. I expect to see them sit on Serendia unless an alliance from the t2 guilds want to overthrow them.
    LoTD: Great turnout, average gearscore, this combined means 4 weeks of not getting contested and free money for all lucky enough. Would be nice to see them give away balenos and see them work with possibly Alloy/BlackRose to push ManUp/BC out of their respective regions.
    BlackRose: They are very organized, know how to play factions for their benefit, and in general have a good core. Unfortunately, they do not have the gear and the current turnout to be a major threat. Would be nice to see them teamup to take out LoTD/ChoNation if no other deals have been previously setup. 
    Critical: Good snake charmers, don't know much else about them |:
    Audacity: Do not know much about them except Critical boyfriend.
    Insomnia: Solid turnout, average gear, good for softening up opponents for better geared guilds.
    NewEra: Solid turnout, average gear, good for softening up opponents for better geared guilds.
    Please no meme'ing, just keep it factual and concise if you disagree with the ranking, and I will make changes if it makes logical sense.. 
  8. Margoria needs to be its own territory with a castle siege. The 2 ways I've thought of
    1: have guilds wanting to participate have there guild ship in the territory. And the last one standing controls the territory. It would be best to have more than one boat. And if you left the territory your out of the fight so guilds couldn't run just so no one would win
    2 have islands that guilds can build there forts on and a castle at port rat. Ships could be used to take the castle gates and forts down
  9. Breaking: ManUp Backs Out of Purported Showdown with Barcode in Valencia, Drops Calpheon Instead

    And Manup accuses Gravity of dodging...  Dam how things change quick from "Gravity #1 dodgers" and almost dead guild to Manup running for it...
  10. Maewha PoV of a Node War VS the toughest guild NA. 
  11. Lacari: "I Will End This Barcode Nonsense"
    Barcode/Orca Response: "Nice Joke Bra"*

    Perhaps fortunate for Gravity, Barcode instead has drawn the ire of Lacari who claimed Manup would "end this Barcode nonsense."  And Manup had their chance too since Barcode only fielded 3 guilds total vs Manup's 2, but it ended up that Lacari's statement became nonsense.  With developments in Mediah, perhaps Manup will turn their attention back upon Gravity?
    *Barcode, please feel free to come up with a more witty response to Lacari's apparent ultimatum
    Gravity, After Complaining of "Zombie Rush" by Alloy, Pulls Off Same Tactic in Sending 5 Guilds After Mediah

    In a not surprising move considering that Gravity has been on the brink and needing a win badly just for survival, they assemble a 5 guild team to zerg down Mediah.  Vision attempted their best Rick impression but there were too many zombies.  With ManUp losing in Valencia the logical move for next week appears to be ManUp targeting Mediah to try, again, to deliver the killing blow.  If history is any indicator though, Gravity will voluntarily vacate and go elsewhere...
    Balenos/Serendia anyone? 
    Even if President Trump can get Gorusch on the Supreme Court, there's no way Justice Kennedy, the deciding vote, wants to be known as the Justice that greenlighted Korematsu-lite. 
  12. <Enemy>
    About us:
    We are a highly organized hardcore Sieging & PvP guild with a competitive mindset who focus on striving to be the best in all areas of PvP and are constantly looking to improve ourselves. Most of our core members have been playing since launch and have immense knowledge and experience with the game.
    PvP, in any form, is and always be the main focus of this guild. We do Nodewars/Sieges, Duels, Red Battlefield, Open-world PvP, GvG’s, tournaments, and in future content also ranked arenas. We have an extremely active and drama-free community, both in-game and on our Discord.
    We don’t do alliances, we believe success should be worked towards together by improving ourselves and not by relying on the help of others guilds.
    Guild Rules:
    - High attendance in Node/Siege wars is required
    - Have fun and respect each other
    - Under no circumstances do we allow karma griefing
    - Being experienced and skilled at playing your class
    - Being an active player who can have high nodewar- and siege attendance
    - Having competitive gear for high-end PvP
    - Willingness to improve both skill- and gear-wise
    - Being able to listen and follow orders on Teamspeak and/or Discord during organized PvP
    How to apply:
    Contact any of the below in-game or preferably on Discord:
    IGN: Zorlak, Discord: Zorlak#4426
    IGN: Reespo, Discord: Reespo#8465
    Expect to have to provide a screenshot of your gear and to have a trial fight in an arena.

    21-01-2017 Serendia siege winner
    11-02-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Oldskool)
    18-02-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Millennium + Sfora, Encore)
    25-02-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Sovereign, Ember)
    04-03-2017 Calpheon siege winner (vs Sovereign)
  13. The Lead: Live From Gravity Campaign Headquarters in Calpheon
    Notwithstanding the 2v1 at Calpheon, Gravity at its peak purportedly was able to take on 1v3s and would usually not be in that situation because they would have allies of their own.  Needless to say this was a shock defeat for Gravity at Calpheon and Alloy firmly establishes its seat at the table. 
    Valencia: Pretty Sure There Was Some Intentional Flopping, Nothing to See Here...

    Slithery Business Deals in Mediah: Who's Pulling the Strings?

    Speculation into the exact details of payment aside, it would appear that something changed hands in order to allow Vision to obtain Mediah uncontested.  Really goes to show that NA siege politics has become nothing more than Italian politics: bribe bribe bribe, and it's same group of guilds paying each other off.
    Die, Die, Die: LoTD Makes the Play of the Game, Deals Critical Blow to Team Critical

    Staying true to form, and you have to admit LoTD has remained consistent, LoTD took out Critical & Co. in Balenos pretty much on their own.  This may be more an indictment on the growing disinterest with sieges given the limitations on PvP, which is narrowing an already shallow pool competing for these castles.
    Commentary: Will the Introduction of Naval Content Actually Change Anything?

    Notably Haven, a non-siege guild, became the first NA guild to build a galley AND multiple ships.  While the so-called "top" tier siege/node guilds have strictly been focused on ground-pounding, it's very likely other guilds have looked to the seas and invested significant resources into becoming pioneers on that front.  What remains to be seen though is whether that will be a game-changer at all, or whether the seas are largely ancillary and merely a side-show to the fighting on the ground (amphibious assaults at a future Margoria castle anyone?)  I would like to see nodes, a castle, and other serious content for naval warfare, which may shake things up/open new fronts, especially in the light of the fact that the use of mercing/ringer guilds down-bracket in nodes (sending siege folks into T1s, seriously?) has had a disastrous chilling effect on node warfare.   
    Then again, Baka somehow beat Iconic twice at Tier 1s so ???
    Don't Worry, I Didn't Forget About Serendia

    It's one thing to legitimately feel aggrieved and vocally protest in the hopes of effecting change, and it's another to just use protests as cover to engage in acts of wanton hooliganism.  I don't understand, and have no sympathy, for so-called "protestors" that solely engage in acts of looting, property damage, vandalism, theft, etc.

  14. Post on No Wars Channel in Suggestions

    By Webby, posted
    I suggest a channel group that never have wars (Conquest, Node, etc) or at least have channel groups on a separate schedule. When we have wars of any type, the #1 of every channel group has the war, but all the channels go to complete crap on all sub levels. It makes the game almost unplayable at times.
    BDO has a lot of positives, but one of its biggest problems is server stability and optimization. Until this gets fixed (if it ever will) please consider allowing some channels to be war free so those not participating can have a better game play experience.

  15. Was a very fun fight to all involved. Gravity vs Vision, ChoNation,Support, Hikikomori, and Wolvesofwar. All memes are for comedy purposes. Great fight to all guilds involved.
  16. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/22/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ Awakening / Fame System / Various Topics / Guest
  17. Post on Saturday Siege 1/21/2017 in US Guild

    By Plain, posted
  18. It's nearly 2 Months now after the merge and yet its lesser competitive then before. Every Day so much guild recruit spam: small scale, semi-hardcore, semi-progress, and even progress and yet so much nodes are free or claimed with no competition. This is so much money and actual PvP-Experience that is lost its sad. We even have a Weekly Podcast after Sieges hosted by our beloved @Swiper Swipers Twitch .
    But why is the attendance so low? I see tons of players running around even lvl 60+ People Guildless / in unknown Guilds. And how can we encourage more People to do actual PvP?
    Let's get Wasted!
  19. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/15/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ Margoria / Various Topics
  20. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/8/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ Special Guest's / Various Topics
  21. Siege Balanos, Lagg. Need i say more? no because its a constant issue but sure why not i'll put it into perspective AGAIN.
    turn up. Lagg, thats fine, attack people they die, move/i-frame-teleport attack others, see them taking damage, then rubberband back to a spot you were in a min ago dead. sometimes you even see back attack & you are taking damage but theres no one there.

  22. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/1/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ New Year Salutations / Various Topics
  23. Post on Advertising the PvP in General

    By Keagghan, posted
     I think that PA or Kakao should do the same thing for EU/NA, it shows that the game is also PvP and that they care for it. I like when developers show what players are able to do as guilds in a game, like CCP does sometimes in their scope series for EVE online.
    This could even be a little more than what the video shows, like a narrator, diagrams or something :
  24. Friends:
    Week 2 was pretty interesting.  As predicted, there was a dip in the competition at the higher tier weekly nodes because the stronger guilds would be locked up in their territories.  What is interesting, however, is the surge in Siege participants.  Whether this is a burgeoning “mid-major” circuit, or mercenary/alliance relationships being formed, is yet to be fully seen.  I, for one, think it is most likely a little from column A and a little from column B.  As evidenced by the explosion on the T1 scene, it appears that people in guilds of all sizes are hungry for PvP.  I think some smaller groups are taking the steps to make a larger impact on the Saturday sieges.  
    Once again, the God @Skuld comes through with the daily data, which can be accessed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kV17QvxRP1AQgPQ4-JaGIsAx7nsQksOxgj3NLHedSiU/edit#gid=1627623236
    Total:  465 (↓ 4.32%)On Tier 3 Nodes: 40 (↓ 42.03%)On Tier 2 Nodes: 105  (↓ 23.91%)On Tier 1 Nodes: 293  (↑ 13.13%)On Siege War: 17 (↑ 58.82%) 
    Day with the biggest drop in activity? Monday
    Day with the biggest spike in activity?  Thursday
    Empty Nodes (0 built):  8  (+6, including two Sunday T3s)Uncontested Nodes (1 built):  32 (+5)Contested Nodes (2 or more)  119 (-11)3 Built:  29 (-14)4 Built:  20 (-8)5+ Built:  24 (+6)Overall Contest Rate :  75%  (-7 points)Tier 3 Contest Rate:  78% (-2 points)Tier 2 Contest Rate:  70%  (-18 points)Tier 1 Contest Rate:  82%  (+ 5 points) 
    Overall Stalemates:  24 (+1)Tier 3 Stalemates:  0 (-3)Tier 2 Stalemates:  3 (-1)Tier 1 Stalemates:  16 (+5) 
    Qualifying for Sieges – 42 (no change):  
    Audacity, Badthorne, BlackRose, Cynical, Elevate, FML, Fortune, Gravity, Iconic, IlIlIlIlIlIlIl, Kyoukai, Oasis, TradeFederation, Aftershock, Alloy, Argent, Ascendants, Bridge_Burners, ChoNation, DeadSerious, Dreams, Equilibrium, Eternidad, Fire_Nation, Hybrid, IT_TI, KithSaHunter, Magnitude, MoonCake, NemesisAsylum, Nephalem, Nigh-----ch, NqpZ, PeaceMakeRs, Republic, Savanna, Spaghetti, Spetsnaz, StopResisting, Support, Templar, WolvesofWar. 

    Holding 2 Qualifying Nodes – 18 (+4):
    Aftershock, BlackRose, ChoNation, DeadSerious, Dreams, Fortune, Gravity, Hybrid, Iconic, IlIlIlIlIlIlIl, Kyoukai, Magnitude, NqpZ, Oasis, Spaghetti, Templar, TradeFederation, WolvesofWar
     Territory Holders (5):  LotD, Audacity, Gravity, Vision, ManUp.
    Lokien's Week 2 Power Rankings:
    See you next week.  Until then, thanks for the PvP!