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    About us
    Hi and welcome to Millennium! We are an international, semi-hardcore, sieging guild, which found its roots many years ago. We've been exploring the realms of Black Desert since the closed beta phases and will continue to do so for a long time to come. If you're interested in becoming a member of this exciting family-like community, please read on and find out the many things we have to offer!
    Just like every other guild, we have a certain way of thinking, certain activities we prioritise and certain facilities we think are important. The purpose of these lists, is to simply give you a general idea of what Millennium is like and what it is looking for. At Millennium we value the person behind the screen and his/her mindset more than the gear or skill. We are not just a collection of strong individuals, we are a family that grows strong together. However, we do not want people who neglect the gear progression or skill progression. An arena test will be made.
    What we have to offer
    A wonderful international community, which accommodates nearly every type of player.A PvP oriented game experience (weekly sieges, node wars, GvG's, as well as good clean arena fun!).A good guild structure, with several teams and positions, combined with excellent strategies.A convenient means of communication, using Discord and TS3.A chance to grow as a player, together with the guild (guild quests, grind spot protection, world boss alerts, wagon attack groups, useful guild skills, siege incentives,...).Reasonable and humane leadership with appreciation for member feedback and suggestions.Various guild events, drinking nights and banter.Weekly guild RBF.Weekly Valencia trade TP.Messing around a lot, doing  various fun things ranging from detonating siege-traps on unfortunate travelers to pink ghillie owpvp.What we are looking for
    A PvP mindset, especially when it comes to attending sieges.A fair amount of activity.A here-to-stay mentality, be loyal to the guild and the guild will be loyal to you.Ability to deal with banter and be able to put things in perspective, you don't have to like everyone, just treat everyone like you want to be treated and don't cause drama.A team player, help your guild mates and they will help you.Thriving in PvP regardless of the outcome.Gear and skill progressive member.Current requirements
    Be active, we are very understanding, but if you only spend 2 hours in-game every 3 weeks, this is not the guild for you.Participate on Saturday sieges and sunday nodewars, it doesn't matter if you think you're weak, we have a position for everyone.Be level 60 and have the total gearscore of _atleast_ 480. Total/Awaken AP + DP or above.Use our discord to be aware of our plans and use TS3 during sieges and nodewars (Speaking is not required, but encouraged).Arena test will be made.Conclusion
    We at Millennium are pretty laid back and very understanding when it comes to activity, gear,... Once again we would like to emphasise that we value the person more than his/her gear or skill. So if you have questions, doubts or feel like you shouldn't even bother to apply because of the requirements, just contact one of our leaders and we can have a chat to see if you're a good fit either way. Every applicant will be treated equally. In case all these words didn't convince you yet, you can still find some screenshots and videos of our recent guild activities below.
    Leader: AragornII (F: Lonewolf)
    Officers: Arwen (F: Seraph), Genbu (F: Yuvenciel), WastedEnergy (F: Wastedbear), Coka (F: Naeks), Aru (F: Raijin)
    Application: http://millennium.corplaunch.com/
    We hope to hear from you soon!