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  1. Hello,
    Please remove the ability to purchase/carry siege and node war structures for players that are less than level 50.  It's very frustrating to be fighting a guild and trying to deter them from building their base successfully only to have them hop on a lowbie that is not available for PvP.  This is a silly loophole.
    Thank you.
  2.     Today I'm voicing my concerns on some recent occurrences on the NA server. As of late, several Region Tier guilds have taken to dropping their guilds during the week to join smaller tier nodes. While harmless on the surface as they're free to do that so long as they fall within the current guidelines/restrictions, this has become a regular occurrence where specific guilds (I won't drop names here, though will give guild names to a GM/CM if asked), have taken to exchanging these services as payment for taking up region slots, and this needs to be reevaluated.

        As it stands, no more than 10 Guilds can contest a region, and so if a guild holds a castle, they can simply ally with smaller guilds, have them build forts, and simply not have any opposition for said region war. This effectively means that there's not legitimate way to contest a castle. In exchange for this, during the week, these region holding guild members will join the guilds who dropped for the region, and give a significant boost in support to said guild for node wars.
        The big issue is the fact that there is legitimately no way most guilds can compete vs the upper echelon as they receive significant payouts for regions, and for node wars (heck, one of the region holders cuts himself up to 500 mil a week). Regardless, this is a significant issue and will likely have an adverse effect in the long run. When it happened once or twice, it wasn't nearly as much of an issue but, it's become so frequent, that I've run into these "injected" guilds several times a week for the past month, and it needs to end. If this keeps continuing, I foresee a major drop in participation for node wars among the more casual/medium player base. There's even a region guild that has a dedicated alternative guild that they join during the week to assist their allies for taking nodes as payment.

        Additionally, the idea that "allies" are even a thing directly contradicts the spirit of this game. If the game was intended to force long term alliances, the systems would be in place with it. Instead, workarounds for said alliances are paid through abusing in game mechanics (ie; Handing off nodes, Final Wars, etc).
    Some Suggestions I would make would be the following:
    Initiate a seven day cooldown for new recruits. This would work in the sense that guilds would NOT be able to assist guilds during the week, and would effectively deter these actions. However, I don't think a seven day cooldown on joining a guild is necessarily healthy. Just simply disallow participating in any Region/Node wars for one week.
     Make dropping for regions more expensive. While I don't like the idea of an expensive drop as it significantly drops the number of eligible guilds for a region war, this will definitely FORCE guilds who do consider allying to determine whether a significant price (say 1 billion) is worth it. Not many guilds are willing to pay 1 billion out of pocket for some alliance/ally, as it ultimately is detrimental, AND it forces a guild to seriously consider their resources and whether or not they're ready for region wars.    Again, this has become a consistent issue on the NA server, and is growing by the week. More and more Region Tier guilds are abusing this system, and will only serve to hurt the game in the long run. Please reach out through the appropriate channels and see that this issue is resolved, as I do enjoy the game, and I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say their gaming experience is being ruined by this issue.

    Thanks for taking the time to read.
  3. Post on Problem with Hwachas in General

    By Nevyah, posted
    In the last 2 weeks, everytime we are under a massive attack (tons of white dots around our base), when I try to move the target or shot, my game freezes and finally I went disconected with a bdo error. I'm not the only one, I know that the same happens to other 3 individuals.
    One of the times, as soon the hwacha was destroyed, everything went perfect (movement, casting skills...). No lag. Only using the hwacha.
    Anyone notices that? Is a bug?
    Thank you

  4. Region: NA
    We are a hardcore PvP guild, currently ranked #6 on Edan Server, dedicated to PvP/Node Wars. We're looking to remain a competitive force after server merges hit and are looking for players that are lvl 58+ with 420+ Gear score! We are also willing to bring in core groups of guilds that meet our gear score and level requirements.
    GUILD MASTER: Character Name (Family Name)
    RatsNrop (Guams)OFFICERS: Character Name (Family Name)
    Lusus (Asanes)Smouldering (Succellus)Lucillen (Hotlicker)Eight_Toes (Pote)Daenestro (Hres)Kurugaya (Lazydude)Heiikat (Hellkitties)Wargarem (Masakari)Seejai (Seejay)WHAT WE EXPECT:
    Active presence in discord (mic not required) as this serves as a central location for current information concerning the guild.Don't talk $#!t to other guildsBe at our Node Wars, GvG's and Territory wars.WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT?:
    AT LEAST two node wars a week (Typically done on Mondays and Fridays)Territory wars A Discord environment that is anything but professional (Except during Node/Territory Wars). Expect some jokes to come your way, have some thick skin!Community that is 18+Guild buffs that are ALL PvP and siege related.OUR REQUIREMENTS:
    Ages 18+Active presence in Discord (mic not required)Our preferred classes are Witch/Wiz/Warrior/ZerkerLevel 58+ w/ 420+ GearscoreThick skinned. We love to shit talk each other and have a good timeHave fun and enjoy yourself!Interested in joining us? Hop in our Discord, PM one of our officers in-game or reply to this thread with the following (Guilds looking for a merge, please reply to thread with Guild name, # of players you're looking to merge into us and Avg. Gear score):
    Character Name (Family Name)Current level and Combined Gear scoreClassLink to our discord: https://discord.gg/fRK2egJ
  5. This thread is made to work with the old one. This will not be a discussion thread. The thread is only for siege guilds posting their point of view on how a siege war were. All discussions should be brought up on http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/105322-croxus-top-guilds-node-and-siegewars/ instead.

    Thanks for understanding, lets keep this thread clean and non toxic. I hope that @CM_Aethon and @CM_Praballo can help with holding those rules.

    The lords of Valenicah will be preoccupied with fighting Manup on Calpheon. This will allow for any guild that wants to. Try and take out gravity's empty base. (tip don't kill each other until gravity's base is dead >.>)
     “Aye, fight and you may die. Run and you’ll live — at least a while. And, dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!?! Alba gu bra!” *

  7. So I have been having some SEVERE lag since the most recent patch. It started when I was riding my horse from witch's chapel to Trent. I would be running, then my horse would stop out of nowhere. Then I would run again, and every 2 seconds my horse would stop again. Not slow down, just instant stop. Even when I try auto running it would still stop. I had to spam 'T' in order to get to Trent and it took like 10 minutes... I restarted my game and the issue seemed to fix itself.. Then later when I was farming at solders grave I had the same issue, except now it was with my player and trying to use abilities. I would stop mid-cast and just stand there. Every ability would bug out and make me stand still. I quickly left for a safe area to restart again and realized that I could not teleport. (Sorceress) I would try to jump teleport and it would make the sound of teleporting then I would just fall back down after the jump. This has never happened to me until after this last patch. Is anyone else having this issue?
  8. <Black> is recruiting driven PvP focused individuals with an end-game mindset. We pride ourselves on community and have an overbearing will to succeed.
    If your goals are long-term and you are looking to participate in the most competitive atmosphere this game has to offer then there is a place for you here.
    Contact Winters/Windward, Blaxxy, Unjoy, or Pendant for an interview.

  9. From today:

    Sieges and node wars will be released before Valencia update. 
    Start leveling your Rangers folks.

    Über Uns
    Mittlerweile haben wir schon eine richtige Geschichte hinter uns. Gestartet sind wir als Mitglieder einer Pre-Release-Gilde und viele von uns waren schon auf RU/JP/KR unterwegs, um dort einiges an Erfahrung zu sammeln. Post-Release haben wir uns von dieser Gilde aufgrund von Unstimmigkeiten getrennt und unser eigenes Ding durchgezogen. Dieser "Kern" besteht ca. aus 50 Leuten, von denen mindestens 80% täglich aktiv sind.
    Wir vereinen in unseren Reihen Schichtarbeiter, Studenten, "nine-to-five"ler - es ist also so gut wie immer jemand online. So ziemlich jeder von uns hat nicht nur ein "Graue Maus"-Verhalten - wir haben ausgeprägte Persönlichkeiten, so dass wir euch versprechen können, dass Spaß immer vorprogrammiert ist!
    Wir sind nicht Kriegs- oder PKgeil, aber glaubt deshalb nicht, dass wir uns nicht zu wehren wissen. Bei wiederholtem Killsteal oder einem direkten Angriff werden wir uns verteidigen. Bei einem längeren "Austausch" scheuen wir auch keiner Kriegserklärung, um uns auszutoben und die Fronten zu klären. Aber genauso gibt es Spieler bei uns, die einfach gerne in Ruhe ihre Quests durchziehen.
    Aber eines haben wir alle gemeinsam: Ist einer von uns in Not, folgen alle dem Ruf und helfen aus! Oft gehen wir dabei siegreich hervor, aber selbst wenn wir mal den Kürzeren ziehen, macht's richtig Spaß im Discord!
    Was wir erwarten
    Lust auf das Spiel
    Damit geht eine gewisse Aktivität einher und natürlich auch die Anwesenheit im Voice-Chat (Discord). Es gibt allerdings keine Stempeluhr, an der deine Aktivität verfolgt wird. Genauso wenig wird jemand gekickt, wenn er mal eine Woche durch Arbeit o.ä. bedingt keine Zeit für das Spiel hat. Wir erwarten aber dennoch, dass bei längerer Abwesenheit die Gildenleitung informiert wird. 
    Lust, etwas gemeinsam zu bewegen
    Natürlich will jeder seine eigenen Nodes ausbauen oder Handelsrouten perfektionieren, genau wie andere Level 60 werden wollen. Dennoch muss auch der Wunsch da sein, gemeinsam die Gilde aufzubauen, sei es durch die Teilnahme an Gildenmissionen oder die Vorbereitung auf die kommenden Belagerungskämpfe. Ihr helft damit nicht nur der Gilde, sondern auch euch selbst, denn nur so können wir die Gildentalentpunkte ausbauen, die euch einen kleinen, aber vielleicht entscheidenden Vorteil auf dem Schlachtfeld bringen werden.
    Keine Black Desert - Neulinge
    Versteht uns nicht falsch - wir haben nichts dagegen, wenn ihr Neulinge in diesem Spiel seid. Aber wir suchen Spieler, die vorhaben noch lange aktiv zu spielen. Jemand, der das Spiel kaum kennt, neigt manchmal dazu, "Langeweile" zu haben, nachdem der Content durchgerushed ist und zu denken "Joar - Game fertig". Wir erwarten daher, dass ihr mindestens einen Charakter auf Level 50 habt oder ein Veteran aus der Zeit von RU/JP/KR seid.
    Für uns gibt es kein Ende vom Content - es gibt viel zu viele Zweige, bei denen es Sinn macht, sie weiter zu verfolgen. Da wir uns eine langfristige Ausrichtung wünschen, wünschen wir uns somit auch Spieler, die gemeinsam mit uns eine lange Zeit gemeinsam verbringen möchten.
    Den Willen, sich dauerhaft zu verbessern
    Dass die erste Ausrüstung auf keinen Fall die beste ist, die ihr erhalten könnt, ist selbstverständlich. Aber manchmal erfordert es viel Ausdauer und eine gute Portion Glück, um euer Ziel zu erreichen. Niemand kann euch die Arbeit hierfür abnehmen oder das nötige Kleingeld geben, damit ihr die Abkürzung über das Auktionshaus nehmen könnt.
    Eine Kette ist nur so stark wie ihr schwächstes Glied. Für Kriege und Belagerungen benötigen wir daher Mitspieler, die nicht nur wissen was sie tun, sondern die auch über die entsprechende Ausrüstung verfügen um unseren Feinden das Fürchten zu lehren.
    Was wir bieten
    - Hilfsbereite und kompetente Mitglieder sowie eine aktive Gildenleitung
    - angenehme Atmosphäre durch soziale Kompetenzen und Humor
    - Erfahrung in nahezu allen Bereichen angefangen vom PvP, PvE bis hin zum Trading und Crafting durch Spielzeiten auf RU/JP/KR und des Headstartes der EU Version
    - Zusammenhalt und Loyalität
    - Aktivität die sich über den Tag verteilt
    - Voice- und Textchat in Form von Discord
    - Altersdurchschnitt von ~30 Jahren
    Unsere Ziele
    - Teilnahme an GvG, Sieges und Bossen
    - Gildenmitglieder sowie die gesamte Gilde in das obere Ranking bringen
    - den Spaß am Spiel, Gildenaktivitäten aufrecht zu erhalten
    Sollten wir dein Interesse geweckt haben, scheu dich nicht eine Person unserer Leaderschaft zu kontaktieren ! Wir sehen uns in Black Desert !
    - /w Duebrithil (Fam.-Name: Sentaku)
    - /w Leeloo (Fam.-Name: Fehuziel) 
    - Dave#6647
    - Fehuziel | Franziska#6088 
    - Zekken
    Wir freuen uns auf euch!

    (Unsere Teilnahme am We-are-Family-Event)

    (Unsere Teilnahme am Einer-für-alle-Event)
  11. Sieges are still a few weeks away, but with ongoing GvGs and whatnot, it's useful to discuss two concepts that are important yet intuitive: Yield and Replacement Value.
    1.      Yield: Actual/Expected percentage of the total number of players in a guild(s) that can be put on the field for _____ situation.
    Average yield = 25 - 33.33%; Above Average = 33.34% - 50%; High: >50%
    High yield is achieved primarily through a combination of (1) strictly imposing time requirements and (2) selectively recruiting "hardcore" players.
    Related: Total number: Number of players each guild + alt guilds have registered
    Average: below 70; High: 70-100; Very High: 100+ (achieved through alt guilds)
    2.     Replacement Value: The benchmark for the "average player," that is the one that will maintain an even guild war score (ex: 1:1) against most guilds.  I believe it would be useful to the PvP community to develop a workable benchmark for replacement value.  Off the bat, I'm going with level 55 @ 270 a/dp.
    Arguably, yield matters a lot more than the total number.  A guild with only average numbers but high yield will generally have more numbers available (and probably be more effective) than a guild with a high total number but average yield (.25 x 100 = 25, while .5 x 70 = 35).  Most of the top tier guilds are striving to do two things: (1) improve yield, and (2) improve quality of yield (better quality players on the field).  
    Replacement value is important because this is the basis for the so-called "zerg" recruiting guilds, and the meat of higher quality very-high number guilds.  The idea is that whether through constant cyclical recruiting or constant alt guild creation, these guilds can put hundreds of "replacement value" players on the field when it counts, and overwhelm the opposition.  Because they are replacement value, they won't be a net negative.    
  12. Need to balance the game before node wars, sieges and +16 patch.
    Need to balance:
    AP/DP scale,Range classes vs melee classes in large scale combat.Because advantage of range classes is already too high. After this update you will rid off rest of classes from the game forever. Because even if you nerf ranger and wizard after the update, nobody will make melee classes while have +16 gear. And while majority of top clans will consist mainly from rangers and wizards.
  13. Atleast on Croxus (EU), the meta seems to be completely shifting towards usage of the infamous 0cd hack. It happens on nearly all world bosses, all large scale wars and even on red battlefield. The game experience is dropping faster than north koreas rockets, and im afraid this is making Daum lose a lot of players recently. @CM_Jouska are you guys going to address this issue and change the cds to server side before sieges and nodewars are introduced? If you introduce them before fixing this, the game will most probably die completely in a couple of months.
  14. Post on - in US Guild

    By KingBlade, posted

    Ausrichtung: Progress PvP/PvE/GvG/Sieges
    Mitgliederzahl des DSN gesamt: ca. 350
    Server: Alustin

    Mitgliedersuche: Aktiv
    Offizierssuche: Aktiv


    Das Dark Society Network ≡DSN≡ ist eine Multigaming Community deren Ziel es ist, in verschiedenen Spielen erfolgreich zu sein.

    Einen Onlinezwang, so wie er bei vielen Communities vorgegeben wird, wird es bei uns nie geben. Trotzdem legen wir großen Wert auf Erfolge und erwarten, dass unsere Mitglieder die nötige Zeit mitbringen können, um sinnvoll in einer Gilde spielen zu können.

    Unser Ziel in BDO ist es eine erfolgreiche ≡DSN≡ Sektion (Gilde) zu etablieren, die zügig und effizient den gesamten Gamecontent angehen und meistern kann. Wir haben durchaus den Willen vorne mitspielen zu können.
    Unsere Mitgliederzahl pro Spiel richtet sich nach der durchschnittlichen Tagesaktivität. Ist diese ausreichend wird es einen Aufnahmestopp geben. Wir haben nicht vor eine Massengilde zu werden!

    Die Sektionsleitung in BDO ist bis jetzt nur zum Teil besetzt, aber bereits voll einsatzfähig. Wir sind momentan also noch auf der Suche nach Offizieren, die die Leitung ergänzen können. Wie im DSN üblich, besitzen unsere Sektionen maximale Autonomie. Das bedeutet, dass die Netzwerkleitung (Administratoren) des DSN primär eine unterstützende Rolle spielen und die Entscheidungsfreiheit betreffend Sektion allein bei der Sektionsleitung liegt.

    Grundsätzlich ist das ≡DSN≡ der dunklen Seite verbunden. Dieser Grundeinstellung folgend, wählen wir in allen Spielen den Pfad der Dunkelheit. Wir sind nicht dafür da die Schwachen zu beschützen und die Unschuldigen zu retten. Wir sind die, vor denen die Schwachen beschützt und die Unschuldigen gerettet werden müssen! Unsere Dienste sind nicht käuflich (außer der Preis stimmt!). Wir handeln immer aus eigenem Antrieb und nehmen niemals Befehle entgegen. Wer sich uns in den Weg stellt, muss mit dem Schlimmsten rechnen! Auch wenn wir dem Bösen zugewandt sind, wollen wir die Fairness im Spiel nicht aus den Augen verlieren. Das ≡DSN≡ ist unberechenbar, steht allerdings Bündnispartnern loyal gegenüber. Alle anderen haben keine Sicherheiten von uns zu erwarten!

    > Ein Mindestalter von 20 Jahren
    > Freundliches und kollegiales Verhalten
    > Eine gute Portion Humor, gerne auch von der derben Sorte
    > Das notwendige Ego um ein echtes ≡DSN≡ Mitglied zu sein
    > TS Aktivität (Pflicht)
    > Einhaltung der Grundregeln des ≡DSN≡
    > Ausreichende Zeit um sinnvoll in einer Gilde spielen zu können

    > Die Möglichkeit alle Inhalte eines Spiels zu erleben
    > Eine aktive Gemeinschaft, in der die Gruppenfindung für viele Spiele leicht fällt
    > Eine erwachsene und freundliche Gemeinschaft
    > Eine motivierte und erfahrene Führungscrew
    > Unterstützung durch die Gilde in allen Bereichen eines Spiels
    > Eine durchdachte Hintergrundstruktur:
    - Portal News
    - Ein aktives Forum
    - Team Speak 3 (512 Plätze)
    - eigener Server
    - ≡DSN≡ Grundregeln usw.
    Bevor du dich Bewerben kannst musst du dich bei uns registrieren.
  16. Let say I have character 55 with the best gear (I have not, but many players have it already) - what is the point to play the game? The group activities in BDO now are reduced to mindless zerg (world bosses, wars) or mindless grind (guild quests) without any real cooperation and competition in the gameplay. So I have two simple questions - when the sieges will start, and where are the whales?
  17. If you guys don't start doing something about the lack of content concerning the sieges and the node wars that are supposed to be in the game you are going to destroy it.  It's the only reason that I play along with anybody else that plays the game whether they realize it or not.  "BUT MY KUNOICHI!" No ----- you.  This game is missing it's core right now and if you guys don't realize that then it's already dead.  "BUUT MUH PVE SERVER" Never going to happen, quit the game you're bad.  Fix your -----ing servers fast or release the content on your broken ass ones that you have done nothing to improve.  This shit's getting old.  "HERE HAVE MOAR GRIND CONTENT AND MAKE YOUR CURRENT GEAR MOAR IRRELEVANT THAN IT ALREADY WAS" I will -----ing end myself.
    Edit: This is nurd rage and I need to go outside. Got it, any other feedback?

    "We the essence."
    About SV:
    Recruitment Details:
    Contact Info:
  19. is it just me or is the guildsystem one of the most basic systems i know?
    this guild system is just underdeveloped, the only thing you can do is guildquests, wich i think is strange because endgame is all about the guilds
    how about guild market places, so the dude that got the liverto bundle during the guild boss for 3 times can sell it to a guildmember, 
    why can we delare war, but we cant make an alliance official?
    and for gods sake why are we not able to make custom guild ranks.. 3 ranks is just not enough to maintain a 100man guild.
    how about when you are in a party with only guildmembers you get a small xp bonus.
    would love to see our guild icon some more (on costumes, ferry sail etc)
    anyone else here with some suggestions? or tell me what you think about my points.
    thx in advance!
  20. Seeds of War is recruiting! We have a core of a group of friends who have been playing MMOs for almost 20 years, and we've already grown to 60+ members in BDO. We are very experienced players, and we play often. However, we are also very laid back and understand that you have a life!
    We are looking for like minded individuals to join our ranks. We are looking to be competitive in PvP (though we are not solely a PvP guild, we do like all aspects, but PvP is going to be a focus). We are looking to recruit some more people who are interested in Node Wars/Sieges/PvP right now, level 45ish or above.
    Requirements are simple... don't be an asshole! We are looking for active players who play at least several days a week. We want people who are going to be active in the guild (ie not off soloing only, we do need people to do guild missions and it helps to chat in guild chat). We do not have age requirements, but most of our core is age 30+.
    We have a Ventrilo server. VOIP participation is not mandatory, but for sieges it would be very helpful if you can at least listen in (no mic necessary).
    Most of our players are EST. Typical play times for many of our players are in the range of 6pm-1am EST weekdays and all day on weekends. We do have players on at times outside of that, but those are our busier times.
    If you are interested, apply on our website or contact me (I am the guild leader) or one of our officers in game.
    Server: Orwen
    Usual Channel: Balenos 1
    Contact Info
    Website: http://seedsofwar.enjin.com/
    Guild Leader
    Family: Svenn
    Character: Ilyena
    Alternate Officer Contact
    Family: Kirbsah
    Character: Kirbi
  21. Seeds of War is recruiting! We have a core of a group of friends who have been playing MMOs for almost 20 years, and we've already grown to 60+ members in BDO. We are very experienced players, and we play often. However, we are also very laid back and understand that you have a life!
    We are looking for like minded individuals to join our ranks. We are looking to be competitive in PvP (though we are not solely a PvP guild, we do like all aspects, but PvP is going to be a focus). We are looking to recruit some more people who are interested in Node Wars/Sieges/PvP right now, level 45ish or above.
    Requirements are simple... don't be an asshole! We are looking for active players who play at least several days a week. We want people who are going to be active in the guild (ie not off soloing only, we do need people to do guild missions and it helps to chat in guild chat). We do not have age requirements, but most of our core is age 30+.
    We have a Ventrilo server. VOIP participation is not mandatory, but for sieges it would be very helpful if you can at least listen in (no mic necessary).
    Most of our players are EST. Typical play times for many of our players are in the range of 6pm-1am EST weekdays and all day on weekends. We do have players on at times outside of that, but those are our busier times.
    If you are interested, apply on our website or contact me (I am the guild leader) or one of our officers in game.
    Server: Orwen
    Usual Channel: Balenos 1
    Contact Info
    Website: http://seedsofwar.enjin.com/
    Guild Leader
    Family: Svenn
    Character: Ilyena
    Alternate Officer Contact
    Family: Kirbsah
    Character: Kirbi

  22. ----UPDATED----
    Guten Tag BDO-Community!

    Wir, die Gilde <Ferrox>, ein eingespieltes Team von MMo´lern wollen uns auf Alustin behaupten!

    Zu unserer Vorgeschichte:
    Wir – ein seit Headstart zusammenarbeitendes Team haben uns dazu entschlossen einen eigenen Weg zu bestreiten!
    Die meisten von uns waren Teil der CBT2 und spielen seither aktiv zusammen, aus diesem Grund verfügen wir über ein umfangreiches Wissen und natürlich auch Equipment.
    Viel Mühe, Blut und Schweiß sind zusammen geflossen, um jetzt mit einer gut strukturierten Gilde die Welt von BDO zu erobern!

    Unsere Ziele / unser Fokus:
    In der nächsten Zeit werden wir uns auf den Aufstieg in der Rangliste konzentrieren, jedoch soll und wird das übergeordnete Ziel immer das Aufmischen und Dominieren im PVP-Bereich liegen. Wir wollen uns durch aktives PvP einen Namen machen und unseren Channel dominieren!
    Selbstverständlich hat jeder auch seine Freiheiten bzgl. Berufen und Freizeit, jedoch erwarten wir einen gewissen Progress von jedem unserer Leute!
    Bist Du mindestens 21 Jahre alt?Bist Du bereit dich aktiv InGame und im Teamspeak einzubringen?Du bist bereit täglich aktiv an Gildenquests teilzunehmen?Ein Lvl von 53+ wird vorrausgesetzt!Aktuell besonders Gesucht ist alles mit Schild!-Valküre/Krieger sowie BerserkerDann melde Dich bei uns und stell Dich vor!

    Wir freuen uns auf Dich – bis bald!
    <Das Team Ferrox>

    Tario (Mcscheil)

  23. ✟Saviors✟
    What's up people, today we're bringing you a special treat. We're going to tell you about the Saviors! And what you can do to become one. First I'm going to start by saying we're going to make this short and sweet, to-the-point. And afterwards we're going to do a little Q&A to answer all the dumb questions I've had to ask myself while thinking of making this guild.
    The Saviors are a fully structured Anti-PK|PVP guild that are looking to become THE best of the best. And in the process our goal is to create a large dysfunctional family of hardcore gamers that play Black Desert 4-16 hours per day and spend most of our time talking about how much we hate all the other guilds (Not the people though, because we love all of you). Anyway, in conclusion we plan to be around in Black Desert for a long time and enjoy all that the PVP system has to offer, including the Arena, Crimson Battleground, World PVP, Guild Wars, Sieges, Bounty Hunter System, etc...
    ⚔Do's and Do Nots of the Guild
    Do Nots
    Do not attempt to offer a website or teamspeak for the guild's use (this is always pretty annoying so please try to avoid this one)Do not remark on how sexy an officers voice is if there are more than 5 people in the channel (Although this may earn you brownie points it's pretty frowned upon as it makes all the other officers jealous, unless it's my voice then you have my full consent..)Do not ever play "Never gonna give you up or any other song full-blast through your speakers with the microphone open", (if you do, so help me god we will drop kick you out a three story building window)Do's
    Always tell people how much you love them after you've killed them. 
    Q: What does PVP in Black Desert mean to the Saviors?
    A: Well, PVP to us means that we have to grind our asses off to stay ahead in gear and skill to compete with the rest of the world, after which comes the soothing jolt of adrenaline coursing through our veins that is PVP. The meaning of killing someone that has just been nasty to everyone they've come across... Someone that has worn out that ghille suit one too many times... It's a beautiful thing, y' know?
    Q: So you've said in the beginning that you are an Anti-PK guild. What is an Anti-PK guild in Black Desert?
    A: Yes, we are indeed an anti-pk guild, this means that if we see a well-known PK guild going around and killing people, we'll be getting our lovely manslaughter aprons on and our My-Little- Pony PVP flags out. We'll also be declaring war on these PK guilds at random and hunting them down to get face to face and ask them a couple questions about their future.
    Q: But what if you see a PK guild member running around that is not flagged? What would you do in that situation?
    A: Lemme answer your question with a question... If someone were to become a famous murderer and or terrorist and decided to dress up as a regular person and visit your local Starbucks for some coffee and happens to live in America... Do you either:
    A. Say hello and get to know this person over a nice cup of Joe...
    B. Start playing "America ----- Yeah" on your IPhone and straddle-punch said person to death...
    C. Pull out your 9MM and order that person to recite the National Anthem or die trying...
    ^ In conclusion, I think we'd pick A.
    Q: So it's true that you only let people of 16 years or higher join?
    A: That's absolutely right.
    Q: Just one more question... How does one go about joining the Saviors?
    A: They just ask one of us in-game for an invite along with any other questions they might have and we'll swear them in! No bullshit required. We main out of the Mediah channels as well so be sure to switch to those channels upon joining the guild. You can also PM me on the forums and we can get you invited into the guild that way. Well what the hell are you waiting for? Join us!



    Rain is currently looking for the following classes in order of priority:
    1. Wizard/Witch
    2. Berserkers
    We want the best of the bunch on Croxus to join us on more open world PvP, GvG and eventually sieges. We require you to maintain a decent amount of daily activity, as well as keeping up with the best in matters of level and gear. 
    Aside from PvP we have systems for:
    Daily/Weekly scrollsGrindingGuild scroll bossesWorld bosses 
    Being part of Rain is being part of a large family. We expect you to treat your guildmates with respect and patience, socialize and communicate actively, while being able to follow simple instructions when needed. Because of this, setting up and being able to join our Discord when needed is mandatory.
    If this sounds promising and interesting to you, please fill out our application form and we will take a look at it within a few hours.
    Eugene Handsome
  25. TheKings are a well established community with history in Tera, Rust and GW 2. Tera being our biggest and most succesful chapter, We hope to replicate that here in Black Desert.  We have a website as well as a teamspeak which are required to join. We also have bi-weekly events, Such as Horse hunting. We're a PvX Guild but hope to focus on sieges when they release.  
    Sign up here: http://thekingsgamingcommunity.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=12&sid=06e7fe31b522cdb1933908779c97f041
    or simply reply to this post