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  1. Hello, fellow adventurers. I have been playing for 3 months, have 2 57 lvl chars and 3 56. my main is a sorc.I have been grinding all my life since i joined this game and reached the point to have 176/251 ap/dp (i dont have any boss gear except liverto) so i im seeking ways to make money with my life skills (everything is skilled except trading which is apprentice) 
    first of all i have 171 energy and 155 cp i tried many methods like making crates around calpheon hired lots of workers but they cant gather enough to make me rich i can make like 13 calpheon crates per day which is 1m if i sell to altinova then i tried to start making trash crates to level trading still a bad idea can make like 200 trash crates per day which have almost none impact on my trading exp and silver is awful, now im focused to make a grunil empire but i dont know if it will work
    my biggest struggle is that: i cant get steady daily income from workers 
  2. Hi Fellas! 

    Who is so good that he can spent time to teach others?
    I am serious about that cause I just returned from BDO after a 6 months paus. Before I was playing on US and managed to get 2 chars on 57 and 2 more on 55. That was last year August.
    Now I returned and I could use a little help in setting up a good economy.
    I want to be clear about that, I am looking for someone to establish a long-term partnership. I used to play with a friend who spent like me over 600€ in this game.
    We separated our focus so everyone could benefit from the other and get really good in one thing or update the other if something new came up. It was really cool and fun.

    This friend is no longer playing so I give it a try here.

  3. Hi Black Desert Online-Gamer,

    Ich suche eine deutschsprachige Gilde die einen alten Hasen aufnimmt.
    Hab ca 10 Monate auf US Servern gespielt und es mit 2 charactern auf 57 geschafft und 4 weiteren auf 55.
    Hab vor kurzem auf EU neu angefangen und bin jetzt Stufe 58 mit einer Valkyrie und hab auch nen Warrior auf 56. Hab Gathering und Alchemy auf Artisan.
    Wer einen alten Hasen (35), Berufstätig, aufnimmt und interessiert ist aus dem Game das meiste Geld zu schöpfen  der is bei mir richtig!
    AP: 194, DP: 254

  4. Hello,
    Name: J.Dawson (not my real but call me dawson)
    Age: 16
    Language: English, Estonain
    Characters: Musa and Witch
    Level: Musa is lvl 56 and witch is lvl 54 soon 56
    Experience: Well i know how to fight and craft beer and nodes but id like to learn more.
    Note: Im looking for a friendly guild who i could play with. Dont have to be the best guild, but im looking for a guild witch is Grinding and Silver oridented. Guild who wont mine me makeing few spelling mistakes time to time. guild who wont be mad at me when i ask them few questions about the game and how to do stuff (i have only played for a month). Im on everyday atleast 3 hrs a day. my timezone is GMT +2 
  5. Post on Valencia. in Suggestions

    By AzureWind, posted
    I'm a big fan of the Valencia region and was underwhelmed by how it compares to every other region ingame so i came up with this rather than nerfing pirates.

    Part 1 : The problem.

    Kuit islands aka Pirate island is very populated by players because of how rewarding it is , neglecting the majority of the other regions in game.
    This is very toxic to the game's environment as players coming in to the game cannot progress as fast as older players EXCEPT if they farm there and by how contested it is it is not as efficient in the log run . It can net up to 15-25 million per hour compared other regions in game including deep down in Valencia . As the player base increases there will be not enough channels for players to contest which leads to a very slow progress for new players.

    Part 2: Theory-crafting solutions.

    Nerfing pirates by itself is not the right move in my opinion. On the other hand bringing other higher up regions (Valencia) on par with it will distribute  players in a healthy way to keep the game world alive and not trapped in one place for maximum profit.

    Option #1: Increasing silver per mob in all the Valencia regions.
    For Basilisk and Centaurs to having more increased silver and trash loot per mob compared to other Valencia part 1 regions due to their difficulty in killing.
    Increasing weapon and armor stones from the Valencia region or be on par with pirates.
     After a 144+ hours data sheet there is a significant number increase from pirates to Valencia regions , even with the event on.
    Below is a template for the trash loot of Valencia should be like. 
    (The numbers are not final in any sort of means just shows the approximate increase to the areas , take it with a grain of salt)

    Option #2: (Recommended): Just like the candy and dark knight event make an event item that drops exclusively from all Valencia regions. To be exchanged for gold bars from an npc ( Node NPC)
    The exchange rate is as follows 
    (The numbers below is a representation of the event item exchange rates. These are examples to show if a higher number of exchanged items equals higher rewards to reward long grinding sessions)
    10 - 100k50 - 1 mil100 - 3 mil200 - 6 mil500 - 13 mil
    The top 100 contributers that exchanged the highest amount will  be rewarded with a title + a reward worthy of their efforts.

    This will reward people farming longer period of times to be rewarded with higher amounts of silver in return rather than abusing minimum amount of farm to get the same amount as someone who sat there for 4 hours.Option #3: Night-time in Valencia should spawn a "bandit" type monsters in the area that flee when attacked has a semi-high HP pool and should be defeated in 30-45 second timer. If not defeated the "bandit" type monster will escape. The monster loot table should be exclusive the the place you are farming in. Example Crescent's will have the crescent ring in the loot table. 
    The monster cannot be slowed only CC'd. The monster can slow you down with an attack if not blocked or dodged while fleeing. 
    (Monster is not supposed to be 3-4 shot. HP pool should range be less than Gahaz's elites but not too squishy to be 3 shot even by a 250+ AP.)

    I think this will really spread out the player base amongst the world to create a lively world in BDO.

    Part 3: Increase exp in the desert and desert exploration.

    An event for a certain duration of time for anyone leveling in the desert area will automatically receive a +20% exp and 20% skill exp bonus.

    Spread out random even gathering spots that are located in the desert that have a chance to obtain one of the following items.

    These gathering spots spawn randomly similar to the Aakman temple entrance locations. This will prevent people pin pointing locations and abusing channel swap. 

    Weapon stone
    Armor stone
    Black crystal shard
    Concentrated weapon stone
    Concentrated armor stone
    15x Weapon stone (Rare)
    15x Armor stone (Rare)
    3x Concentrated weapon stone (Very rare)
    3x Concentrated armor stone (Very rare)
    3x Black crystal shard (Very rare)

    This will encourage people to explore the desert and form parties on the hunt of such treasures in the desert.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Much love.


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  6. Hey there.
    I'm currently looking if anyone is going to be interested in buying two pets for me and I'll buy it from them with silver.
    The pets are :
    Desert Fox
    Red Panda
  7. Due to the severe demand for these items I would like to start a petition to increase the silver prices for these items. Value Packs-> 18,000,000 silver and Pets to 12,000,000 silver.
    We need more incentive for cash players to choose to sell these items. The demand is never ending. Thank you!
  8. To start with, it's probably been said before but let's say it again because nothing has been done about it. 

    Firstly, the market and buying "cheapest items first" requirement. I have nothing against needing to buy the cheapest listed items first. What I do have a problem with, is the fact that it factors in items still in the bidding phase, forcing you to constantly wait. This makes it really annoying and time consuming when you're trying to buy something and there are always more of that item coming into the market. (ie, relics and forbidden books)
    When you have to wait a minute to purchase 2 relics, and then wait another minute to purchase 1 or two more, and then wait again because more relics are always being listed, even though there are 12000 relics on the market at the moment, then there is something inherently wrong. As an example, I joined a 10x relic group, and had to sit at the market for over 10minutes just to purchase another 30 relics for 6 more scrolls because of this stupid requirement. Also, the recent patch that allows players to buy items close to the cheapest price does nothing to circumvent or help this problem. 

    My assumptions of the pre-order market, are: 
    You pre-order in a region (lets say Serendia), and whenever someone lists an item in that region, the system goes through everyone who pre-ordered in Serendia, and gives the item to the highest bidder. Now if no one pre-ordered in Serendia, it then checks the other regions, and if no one has pre-ordered the item in the other regions, then it will go into the free market where players can play the stupid lottery of a bidding system. (correct me if i'm wrong on this) 

    Now the thing is, I recently listed an item on the market for a friend whom i've known ever since the launch. We traveled to valencia because we thought it was region prioritized as i stated above, and we even waited an hour after he made his pre-order (because who knows if there is a stupid que timer for making a pre-order like there is for listing items). One hr later i added a notification on the item and listed it. Immediately, the notification that the item has been listed came up, but the one about it being purchased via pre-order never popped up. 15minutes later, it goes into the bidding phase, and we're just there scrambling, hoping that he would win the stupid lottery. Suffice to say, my friend did not get the item. 

    Now before anyone starts listing how it has worked for them, yes, I too have seen pre-order working for some people. I myself, obtained my bhegs gloves off the market via pre-order.
    But i've also seen it fail for others, and know that many of you have seen items that you've pre-ordered go into the bidding market even though you have already put up hundreds of millions to reserve it.

    Why even implement a system if it doesnt work ALL the time? Please fix it so that it can be exploited as it was designed to be, or remove it and force everyone to play the lottery. Because frankly, knowing that it's there and that it's broken, is worse than not having it.
  9. Servus Community,
    Ich weiß, dass die Frage unendliche Male gestellt worden ist, aber ich will mich dennoch vergewissern und wage es die Frage zum X'ten mal zustellen. Wie verdient man effizient Geld?
    In YouTube gibt es Videos mit den Kisten von Sonnenblumen, aber das dauert irgendwie zulange bei 5 Std. bis die ernte bereit ist + Erstellung der Kisten. Desweiteren Geld erfarmen bei den Sausan's alleine oder mit Freunden etc. o. allgemein Grinden was allerdings nicht wirklich viel Geld einbringt. Angeln soll auch einiges bewirken, aber stimmt es auch? Wenn ja, wie lange Angelt man ca.?
    In den zahlreichen Videos die ich mir angeschaut habe, haben die Spieler locker 1 Mrd. aufm Konto bzw. im Lager und nein, es ist nicht der aktueller Marktanteil des gesamten Lagers sondern wirklich, dass was sie zu Verfügung haben, klar haben manche auch einen Lagerwert von 1 Mrd. oder mehr, aber wie zum Teufel verdient man bzw. hat man 1 Mrd. im Lager einfach so und ich nur schlappe 40 Mio.
    Wie verdient man sehr effizient verdammt viel Geld?
  10. Hello Gamers world wide, I have a member of my group who recently suffered a stroke, he is trying to play mouse and keyboard 1 handed and still is a gamer
    I have seen these but is it mouse and keyboard? and would it work

    I have also seen this sadly not out yet

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    looking for mouse and keyboard combined solutions left handed
    I reached out to these guys and i hope to have a decent answer 
  11. Hello toxic forum folks!
    I created a simple guide to help quench all incredibly frequent questions about grinding, and you can find it here:
  12. What from the Pearl Store sell for most silver at the marketplace?
    And how much silver i would get?
    Yeah, I could check it myself if my computer would stop acting stupid.
  13. I've tried workers out multiple times over the past 8 months or so and each time I didn't do anything with them. I figured I needed to get the ball rolling finally and set up something that that I could make a few mil on a day. I've got 200 contribution and spread it out the best I could so that I'm able to make costumes, steel daggers, and high quality sunflower crates.
    Now I've heard all these claims of people making 20m/day on workers passively doing stuff alone, figure if I can do half that I'd be really happy. Although the more I'm doing it I feel like it's a lie. So many things require either a ton of Trace of X that are abysmal to gather and the nodes that give them give something like 2/2hrs or something silly like that. Same with crystals (Mud, etc) when I look into doing other things similar.
    Am I doing something wrong here? I feel extremely bottlenecked by pretty much only Traces but don't see a lot of ways to actually get them. Any general tips on workers that people have I'd love input.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm a new player and I'm gradually learning to play this fantastic game.
    Probably this is the 10th question on this argument but sorry I didn't find the other.
    Which is the best way to do silver? I prefer something that doesn't need a lot of time like grinding beacuse I can't play so much.
    Thank you all for future answers and good game !!!
  15. Hello, we are the Zodians. A small guild looking to expand our members for economical domination!
    Are you looking for a guild that won't push you to reach a certain AP/DP or level? Perhaps less stress and some AFK crafting galore? Want to make millions of silver with the company of others with the same intention? Someone to talk to through Discord or guild chat? Want to learn the game in a whole new light?
    Only thing you will need to do is be on consistently, members offline for a long period of time may be kicked due to inactivity, but that not too hard is it?
    Maybe you should contact us! Please pm Alcarnus, Gothikita or Myriiko or post on the thread for more info.
  16. Post on Money dissapeared in In-Game Bugs

    By Rokaha, posted
    Hi guys !
    I was playing BDO the other day and suddenly , while i was online, actively playing the game , a lot of money dissapeared from my storage in heidel. (150 million to be exact.) I`m sure i didn`t spend it on anything or accidentally purchased something from the marketplace. 
    Is this a bug or something I`ve sent a support ticket but i`ve been waiting for more than a week and still didn`t get an anser.
    Can anyone please help me ?
    Kind regards
  17. Imperial Trading
    As we all obviously know, the servers merged. I have no complaints for the server merge in itself but more so the Imperial trading. To start off why I suggest this... it is primarily for those who have awkward hour jobs or even ones that are extremely long hours. I myself am in the military and my work days are long, and my time off is short. I love to progress in games and as we all know especially those with high level gear, in game silver is absolutely mandatory. To gain silver you need to invest TIME something I wish I could actually and absolutely do aside from AFK gaining. 
    I invest a bit of time into life skills as of late especially after discovering Imperial Trading and it's potential of making so much silver. The issue is with such a great implementation in the game is prior server-merge it was already competitive as to who was there first to sell the items. Though with the server merge now it is nearly impossible to actively sell the trade packs unless you are the absolute first by waiting by the Imperial trader. 
    My suggestion primarily so Imperial Trading can be a thing to enjoy among others especially for those who need silver in a pinch or crunch of time like myself is to either increase the number limits per trade item.. Or! Best yet so each and everyone has a fair chance to making the equivalent amount of silver(removing the 'First come, first serve' every three hours aspect.) Is to make the Imperial Trade go by individual.
    I can sell 74 trade packs in a day. 
    You can only normally sell upwards of 27 Reagent Imperial Alchemy packs in a day. 
    After selling those out for my "Daily" gain I would need to move on from those packs or just simply not continue until the next day just like they are currently. All in all it's the same thing as it is currently... just invidually counted rather than channel-wide.. when in reality anyone who uses the technique just server hops each moment they can creating this as a "Server wide".. and server wide on such a currently large scale is going to be difficult.
  18. I am a new player, trying to figure out the storage and money system. I transferred all the money I had held in storage and I am pretty sure in went to Current Marketplace Asset Value.  Not really understanding why this exists or what to do.  What options is there for money held in storage and is there an NPC I am missing like a banker or something that manages the asset value? Confused.
  19. Post on You broke Sausans. in Suggestions

    By Nurichu, posted
    I get that you're trying to help players with their weight issue when exchanging drop items for silver, but why oh why did you make it 1000 or 800 pieces per ingot? You're literally screwing players out of 2 or 3 million silver because they're short 50 armor fragments or sausans supplies packages and we can't exchange that shit because, you know, they want 1000. 20% of a days work wasted when you have 900 or even 950 that can't be exchanged. It would have been better to just shove a currency exchange so we can just turn our own silver into gold bars. OR EVEN MAKE THE EXCHANGE RATE 100 PIECES FOR 1G IGNOT, it's not like they're heavy.

    Spank you very much.
  20. I have looked around and so far have not found an answer. What I have found is that as the owner of a Guild I can access the Guild Store and place funds into the Guild Bank. That's where all information so far stops.
    My question is how do I access these features and add funds to my Guild Bank.
  21. Hello,
    I am new to this game and enjoy the economy in this game so far and have looked into a bunch of guides for making silver (trading, investment banks, fishing, processing, nodes, grinding, and etc.) I am curious as to currently good methods of making silver as most of the videos or guides I read are outdated. I do currently have about 20 million from the event so my starting capital is pretty nice I think. Anyways, what are some of your guys thoughts on making good money?
  22. Herbal juice should be buyable from the General Good vendor like HP/Mana potions. The x amount of time it takes to gather weeds and herbs + the y amount of time to process all of it into Herbal Juice + the z amount of time to process the herbal juice into better herbal juice could be spent actually grinding silver and exp.

    As always, I click on NPC's to gain the thousands of knowledge, accept quests, and there was this NPC really far away from everything, which I clicked it twice, and it purchased this Villa Invitation which expires in 1 week, so my questions are.
    Is this already implemented? Is this usable? How do I use it? What is it for?..... 5 million (5 gold lingots) wasted in this.
  24. Hey, I knew some of you guys played in KR / have Knowledge about the Patches so gonna ask here wat´s coming.
    I read the Guide on Dulfy.
    Will we get new Crates? (Valencia Crate?) Titanium/Vanadium Crates?
    Will there be an other "easy" way to make some bucks like now the Imperial Stuff from last Patch?
    What´s with Arehaza. Which City is most far away? Trent or Epheria? And how high is the additional Trading Bonus from/to Valencia?