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  1. Hello,
    This is a crate guide that i made i hope it could be of help to this community.
    LINK: Guide Link (GoogleDocs).
    Buxku out.
  2. Salut a tous je suis nouveau sur BDO et je recrute, peut n’importe le niveau.
    je suis lvl 25 et ma classe et ninja.
    merci  .
  3. Basically been playing around with Tamer and Warrior. However compared to Warrior, Tamer seems to be a lot more complicated.
    Not gonna ask for skill builds because I'll probably end up doing a full reset eventually. Using Taritas/Grunil
    How good is MP for the class? Got TRI and DUO Elisha ring with 2x Blue Coral rings. PRI Bares Neck and GLD Shult Belt. It's probably retarded since knowing the standard AP setup but ain't forking 10mil for a piece of jewelry (could farm them but I'd rather sell it.) So long story short am I better off getting bares/AP earrings?
    What is better? Full AP, balancing AP/DP, or just go DP? I know some tamers use blade trinket and even fewer (I think) with Krea. Everyone seems to have a complaint about squishiness regarding respective classes but it seems to be a common perception/misconception of this class.
    TLDR: Went DP route with wizard and would like something that could grind better. Actually want to "tank" as a warrior so I just pass down the armor. What do you think about the class. Perhaps the tamers in our guild aren't a good example but they get blown up pretty good. "Ceramic Cannon" as one poised but browsing around it merely seems to be negligence of armor, that is expecting to not get hurt by a 20lb rock with scrap pots and tin cans.
  4. Post on FAMILY NAME FOR CHAT! in Suggestions

    By Zen, posted
    Do you want a toggle option to display family name instead of / in addition to character name on chat?
    The question is self explanatory. i don't think this should be hard to implement in the game. and i do not think it will have any adverse affects. 
    Edit: current system mainly creates confusion in the guild chat.
  5. Unable to complete simple cooking quest.

  6. Considering most Mmo's now use some type of server combination now due to low population after launch, do you think the server setup used for beta 2 was good?
    I would rather have a few servers with channels then get comfortable and later be merged or Lose my home server!
    Just a thought