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  1. Trent worker Bravant has the inherent skill Repeat Ore Box which gives him Additional Processing (+2) when making an ore crate. If he learns Ore Packing Skill which gives Additional Processing (+1) when making an ore crate, it will not stack and he will only make 3 ore crates instead of 4 each time at the mineral workshop.
  2. Blader's passive skill "Maneuver Training" that gives you evasion requires you to have level 10,20,....60,70,80,90
    This is imposible to achieve!
    It should be like the other passive skill that requires 10,15,21,27,31,38,44,50,55,60
  3. Hope to add a skill lock can be in 100% black spirit's rage will not use out of spirit skills.
  4. Ladies and gentlemen! I am introducing you today a brand new skill - the partnership skill or also known as friendship skill!
    But first let me tell you how I get this idea.
    It starter with the many feedback I had from PVP and PK focused player. They enjoy the danger, the unknown and the surprise and they get thrilled when they do not know if the player they were attacking are stronger, better or weaker. On the opposite the arguments of the PVE focused player who do not like to get PKed during questing came to my mind. Also the Valentine event, where a lot of player appeared as couple, friend or partner lead finally to this dramatic scenario in my imagination: 
    Two player, a female and a male (but can be also same gender) were farming together. While one player is moving away from the other but is still visible in the mini-map, suddenly another player appears and attacks the one in front of him. Now, while wondering why his most powerful attack did not killed the player the other player (lets call him "partner" or "friend") sneaks behind the attacker (let's call him "PKer") and starts to attack him. But now, let us go to next level, the PARTNERSHIP skills. While the PKer is being attacked from front and behind and realizes that both player were couples (or friends, partners who do levelled their PARTNERSHIP skills together) and also share their HP-lost (one of many partnership skill that can be achieved) when getting attacked (both must be on the visible area of the mini-map), the couple perform a partner-attack. Both player must press some keys in time and a powerful attack will be hit the PKer. The couple choose one of the powerful attacks: Fusion! Both character starts to melt into one big and powerful character who performs an attack. Before the PKer could react he gets wiped out (or he looses a lot of HP).
    Scenario 2 (drama): One of the partner / friend gets killed by the PKer. The other player can now perform a REVENGE attack to take revenge for his killed partner. The revenge attack can be very powerful (one hit destroyer - but depends a bit on RNG ). If he is lucky the PKer will die instantly or will loose a lot of HP.
    OK. A new skill (set of skills) need rules:
    1. To "activate" the partnership mode you need to invite another player (maybe your friend, partner, wife, husband, ...) to the partnership mode. The invited player has to accept the partnership mode. You can not invite more than one player. After the player has accepted the invitation he also can not invite another player (option will not be available). 
    2. From this time on only this character is your partner. Interchanging with other player is not possible.
    3. Both of you can end this partnership - you both will get divorced and all skill points and of course the partnership skills will get lost.
    4. Transferring the points and skills is not possible.  
    5. To levelling the skills / getting skill points, you both have to play together (grind, farm, quest together) and staying within the circle on the mini-map. 
    6. Special PARTNERSHIP-quest will be available to prove your "love" / "friendship" / "loyalty" / "trust" and of course how good you both can perform the complex partner-attacks.
    7. Partnership skills are only for defence! If one or both of you get negative karma the partnership skills will not be activated until the negative karma is gone!
    8. Partnership attacks will be only get activated if one or both player gets attacked.
    9. If one Player gets attacked and the other player is in range (is staying within the circle of the mini-map) he will get informed that his partner is being under attack.
    10. There are passive skills (heal partner, share HP lost, etc. ...) and active skills.
    11. The partnership skills are limited (cool down time, limited values, etc.  ...).
    12. In case of an attack selecting an active partnership skill / attack can be done by both player. Each player will see the selected skill / attack of his partner and must accept it. If both player have selected different  skills / attacks the first one which is accepted by the other player will be executed. 
    13. To perform a  partnership attack correctly both player need to cooperate and press certain combination in time. If one ore both player fail the attack will be not start or will be not that powerful as it really is.
    14. The type, appearance, power, animation and success of the partnership attack CAN be depend on the classes and maybe LUCK (RNG), character LEVEL, etc. ...
    15. ... T. b. c.
    Well, I hope I could inspire you. What are your opinions? Any constructive, suggestion, idea or comment is welcome.
  5. Im skilled 3 cooking how do i lvl it up fast ? (dont be vague)

  6. So i wanna get my trading to master 2 and people been talking about this nerf and stuff and now im dumb struck how to even trade so how should i trade, videos,screenshots and complete text guide  the fastest way is the best way!

  7. Hi,
    was bringt es den Skill Wiederkehrende vernichtung auf Ultimativ zu bringen?
    Ich habe nichts gemerkt, auch ist der Cooldown Lila nicht rot.
  8. Post on Low SP points in Guides

    By mitaka90, posted
    Hello, I'm relatively new to this game, but I manage to learn the game at a good pace by watching tutorials, reading wikis and etc, but I can't seem to find the reason for this. I'm playing with a warrior 48 lvl. Since I messed up my build a bit I used the free reset feature you get at 45 lvl and went to watch a guide, but I noticed my skill points are considerably low. From what I've read on different threads many people usually have around 500 at around 50-55 lvl which for some is not much. However, at 48 lvl I only have around 280. As far as I know you get those from quests and killing mobs. As far as quests are concerned I've done quite a bit, since I kinda like to follow the story/black spirit and also do some side quests, probably the reason why I have around 90 CP. Mobs, well, I didn't get to 48 lvl without killing mobs, but I've used quite a bit of XP boosts and I don't know if that is the reason. Now, I'm sorry if it is something obvious that I missed or you just get a lot of SP points at lvl 50, but either way, I'm a bit worried.
  9. I never really had a chance to fully verify this idea (though I'm going to soon), but maybe breeders will help me with some statistics for now.
    Each time when you lvl up your horse, you get a message "The chance to learn new skill has increased", and then if you learn something, it notifies you. The assumption is following: most likely there is a hidden failstack for skill learning.
    I.e. Horse A reached lvl 5 and haven't learned  a single skill. It got a 5 failstacks which increased probability of skill learning by X%. Then on lvl 6 it lvls up, gets 6th failstack, system then again rolls the dice and bam!, it learned the skill. Failstaks fall to 0.
    What is actually the most important if these theoretical failstacks purely belong to this particular Horse A, or they can be used on a Horse B too.
    Now the question is: can wagon training be more effective for skill learning? I started researching this theory after I noticed that almost each my wagon contains 2 potatoes and 2 decent horses. This actually can be explained by my assumption, since "potatoes" could donate their failstacks to other two horses.
    I understand that a lot of RNG is involved, and I personally got a T7 with 14 skills through single riding, and then T8 with 11 skills doing the same.... But I still would love to hear from people who were lvling up their T8 horses. If T8 is lvled up among lower tier "potatoes" they might get some stacks since they train slower. So the question to my breeding colleagues, have you noticed any difference when you lvl up your T8 though wagon and single-riding? Also have you tried to fail a few times on getting skills on your other horses before lvling up your T8?
    Disclaimer: I don't claim that my theory works and I understand that a lot or info must be gathered to check that. However BDO has a lot of hidden stats that we might not know about, so I'm trying to dig at least a little bit to understand the system. Also I omit costumes factor here since from my own experience can say that even if they have impact it's probably +0.5% to the chance to learn a skill.
    P.S. Would be great if devs would take a look here and enlighten us a little bit.
  10. Hello fellow Wizards! I ve been watching a few wizard PvP videos and I just found out that this guy is able to reposition the bolide of destruction skill. Is there any way to do that into our version? I have tried to move the cursor and such but with no success:(   I ll put the video link here to undesrtand better of what I m talking about.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEBlZl1yriQ   at 1:11 to be more precise.
    Thanks in advance!:)
  11. So, I'm thinking on running this for pure PVE:
    - Flash: 30HP / 30MP
    - Bolt: Accuracy / Attack Speed
    - Jolt: Crit / AP against monster
    Also thinking on Wiplash: 3hp / 3 mp
    Any recomendation? What are running you?
  12. Hey guys, anyone who have tips on what awakening abilitys and non-awakening abilitys to spec into ? 
  13. The Bloody Contract sorceress pre-awakenign skill has been largely ignored since release of the game.  This skill has terrible scaling even while leveling and is obsolete in awakening, however, Bloody Contract would be a useful addition to the class if its MP drain was reduced, HP increased and/or channel time dramatically decreased.
    Bloody Contract II:
    Space + Shift
    Consume 30 MP + 2 per level to recover 35 + 1 per level HP.
    Bloody Contract casting speed +30%
    Successful casting 2 times gives MP +11 regeneration for 60 seconds.
    With Sorceress MP pool of 1200 MP, 5 cast speed, and full MP this channel ticks 8 times, for 760 HP over 9 seconds.
    This Is a 2.8% HP heal per second, assuming you have the available MP, requiring your character to be locked in place with no block, dp increase or super armor.
    The player would then need to consume 4 Extra Large MP potions, 6s cooldown, to recover the amount of MP spent.  This is an addition of 24 seconds to the 9 second channel time for the player to gain 760 HP, equating to 23 HP per second.
    In contrast a player can consume 3 Extra Large HP potions, 3s cooldown, to recover 825 HP in 9 seconds, not be locked in place for 9 seconds, and not spend any amount of MP.
    Please consider reworking this obviously overlooked skill.
  14. Hello,
    I am unsure if this topic has been suggested already, if it has, then I apologize. I've only recently gotten into life-skilling and I've been playing the game since release. 
    I feel as if life-skilling is an under-appreciated aspect of the game. Most of the players who join the game pay little-to-no attention to the life-skilling aspect of the game because grinding can arguably be considered more beneficial than life-skilling in a shorter amount of time.
    In my honest opinion, life-skilling in BDO has the potential to be a very fun part of the game, but currently grinding just seems to be more beneficial and yields more rewards in a shorter amount of time. 
    Here are some suggestions that can possibly make life-skilling on BDO better (once again, I apologize if the following suggestions have already been suggested) :
    Suggestion 1.) Providing an introduction for new players on CONTRIBUTION POINTS and on LIFE-SKILLING
         I have been playing BDO since release. Looking back, I now realize how much emphasize there is for players to focus on grinding. In fact, there is no formal introduction to life-skilling - an aspect of the game that a large community base within BDO considers vital to their entertainment. There is no mention of how contribution points are imperative to life-skilling or even how interrelated these concepts are within the game.
    Suggestion 2.) Making certain life-skills more interactive rather than just an AFK-able activity
         I'm not saying that life-skilling SHOULDN'T be an AFK-able activity. I'm suggesting that there should be an interaction such as a mini-game for players who do want to actively process. In the same way that you are able to auto-fish and also actively fish. By completing these mini-games, players will be able to get more XP and/or rewards from the minigame, such as extra produce if farming, etc.
    Processing: Producing more by successfully completing the mini-game without any fails
    Farming: Gather more by successfully completing the mini-game without any fails
    Cooking: The ability to craft a higher quality meal by successfully completing the mini-game (giving meals certain grades/quality depending on your cooking level such as A,B,C,D quality meals) 
    Make these activities worth doing rather than simply being an "over-night" activity
    (Mabinogi's blacksmithing system as an example) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukCjNinCDZo
    Suggestions 3.) Making guilds more interrelated with life-skilling
       Guilds are a defining characteristic of Black Desert Online. By incorporation elements of life-skilling into guilds, it can expand the definition of 'endgame' for BDO. 
    Guild farms: Give guilds the ability to place their own farm plot so that their guild members can use them
    EDIT: Will add more suggestions once I come up with more
  15. Post on Did I ----- up? in General

    By Estrosiah, posted
    Hey, guys I need some your help.

    Because I didnt like talking to the black spirit, I ended up skipping the black spirit main quests, to the point I reached a certain level, where I had to do a quest from him, so I can level up. I did so and ended up finishing the main story for under 52. Now I realized that most of these quests I didnt do gave skill exp.
    So do I have a problem that I did not do them, am I missing skill points for forever now, did I somehow gain all the skill exp that I skipped? Or what happend? Im lvl 55 with 534 skill points atm. Should I start new character? Help plsss
  16. Hey People. i've returned to BDO since a month now and been leveling up a new sorc. 
    My budget isn't the best yet but i am starting to get a more basic income over time due to learning the game but i am kinda stuck now where i am not sure  exactly what to do in the game nor what upgrades to priority and what to buy.
    Same goes for the sorceress skills with awakening, i feel more comfortable there but if anyone has a good build or advices on gearing, please share.
    I have a picture to share on my shit gear tho  

  17. The short travel distance and high stamina cost of forward Night Crow (W + W) does not justify the halting of forward movement and long skill animation.  
    With a lack of Frontal Guard and Super Armor compared to other awakening classes, Sorceress must rely on mobility for survival.
    The original mobility of the sorceress has fallen behind most other awakenings, with both W+W and Space+Shift+W having long animation times that halt forward movement and drain much needed stamina.
    Elimination of the delay in forward Night Crow and reduction in the stamina cost (or elimination of stamina cost for forward Night Crow only) would help to increase non-combat mobility of the class.
  18. Like many sailors, I've been doing the same as others have trying to train this up. I personally use Sute Tea, Elixir of Flowing time, & a couple pets for Life exp all of which I can't exactly tell if they have any impact (since we also have no proper sailing exp outfits yet and the time it takes to even get 1% is VERY slow) or not and use Auto-path/move (T) as well. Been looking up & down trying to find ways to make this quicker and it seems the only way to do so is hold down W (Forward) which.. I'd rather not do... since I'd prefer to be semi-afk for this so I can do other things instead of stare at BDO all day, Like browse, watch videos & so on. I've looked into ways to try & have this done automatically however. One would obviously be a macro but those are of course against ToS so I'm  not going to touch that.. I even found there is a way to.. sort of have forward held down using Num-Lock and rebinding W to Numpad 8 but the downside to that is that it only works if you have the game window in focus which doesnt work to well when ya wanna be semi-afk and do other stuff. I doubt anyone wants to sit & stare at black desert for hours on end, holding down W or keeping it in focus for the Numpad method. Sure it could work if you had another PC to do this on but.. not everyone really has that luxury.
    I find it rather disheartening just how utterly slow it is to train this skill up. From just beginning & apprentice no less and we're expected to get to Guru 1 for the final skill? I've seen someone even mention that it took around 150 hours alone to get from Beginner 9 to Skilled 1. With that in mind it seems like it'd take.. who knows well over a year maybe two just to get to Guru 1, considering Master1+ isnt the same as other ranks being 1-10 and all. Heck, it might even take half a year to get just to Master 1 infact. I don't think other skills are this slow at Beginner & Apprentice are they? Pretty much most of my skills are in Skilled or well past it and none of them seem to have taken to long at the start.
    So if its even possible, if a GM, CM. Anyone who can confirm if this painfully slow rate is actually intentionally or not.. I considered just sending in a ticket about this but would it really qualify for that. Is it a bug or is this intentional. Who knows.
  19. The patch notes today mention a guild skill reset now working properly. What on earth is this about? How are guild skills able to be reset?
  20. Hi Bdo / Ninja community,

    it was suggested to me to make another thread about the skills i thought up.

    So i made it, and here's why: We ninjas have 2 skills from our normal skill tree, in our awakened skill tree,
    and their effects are identical to our original skills, they are very expensive, and old, It would be great if the developers added 2 new skills
    and gave us those non-awakened skills free in awakened state, As far as i know,
    we are the only class out of the 12 (soon 13) to have duplicate skills;
    non-awakening/ normal skills in our awakening skill tree.

    just like musa and other classes can still use their "chase: Ultimate" in awakened state,
    we ninjas would like to be able to use original skills in awakened form, as well, and given that less than 2% of players play ninja,
    with Ranger, Berserker, Sorc, Wizard, Warrior being far more popular as well as powerful in pvp, relative to difficulty, we feel a few small buffs
    to our class are justified, whichever form they take, the most common suggestion being additional defenses, or not being knocked out of offensive moves.

    Feel free to create your own skills and or add constructive criticism about mine, e.g why
    it would be a good or bad addition, why that effect would be over or underpowered..
    Thanks for reading and again,  feel free to add your own skill additions,
    I'd love to hear about all the legendary ninja/ samurai/ ronin abilities which could fit well with our class and lore.


    The pictures are our ingame icons of Asura Awakened Form, Asura 3 minute cooldown,
    and some concept art from other games where Asura is also mentioned.

  21. Post on Good tap tap? in General

    By Ama, posted
    So after 10 years of tree chopping I decided to use the gained shards to good use.
    Is this lucky or not?

    PRI > DUO - 19fs 1 try
    DUO > TRI - 40fs 1 try

    15mil spent in total from pri to tri

  22. The goal of the awakenings was to make classes more complete and to allow to make up for flaws that came with the original class design. But as of now, the whole 'completion' story feels like a goner, because all you use is the awakening. It's not an addition at all, it's just a complete overhaul. This makes it so that the original flaws are taken care of, but only to end up with a new set of flaws.
    Once you reach lvl 56, you'll go for the awakening weapons/skills, which do 1000% in some cases. This is way more then your original skills. The consequence of this, is that you barely look at your regular skills, and turn to awakening completely. The only time i can imagine using the regular skills, is when you want to make it part of your cc chain, but for dmg output you'll go to the awakening skills.
    Wouldn't it be possible to raise the dmg % on the main skills, so that they are on par with the awakening skills? This will allow for a better mix between regular and awakening playstyle, thus completing the class ( as was  intended in the first place).
    This gives the player alot of possibilities towards mixing certain combo's, playstyles,... It would make the class more complete, because you'll use both your regular and awakening weapon;
  23. The Massive Potential of Margoria
    The Margoria update increased the physical game size by about 1/3. Naval warfare was introduced. A new continent is available (even if only the small port). Underwater exploration was added. There is a lot here. But somehow, it feels so empty. What I am trying to say here is that this feels like only part 1 of a much larger update. Margoria has HUGE potential. My suggestions below are about increasing what can be done in the massive ocean.
    So far we have:
    GvG naval combat.Personal Sail Boats for travel and trade (with minor combat abilities)Sea Monsters to kill (which pretty much takes a guild Galley to kill, aside from the weakest one). They drop items sell-able for guild funds and mats and to craft ship parts.Underwater gathering (which is very difficult being productive without the shark suit)Cross ocean trade (with max of +150%, same as desert trade bonus, I believe)Pirates to fight (do they even drop anything, or are they just an annoyance?)And that's about it. For a single expansion, this is a decent amount.
    The question is, how can we make this better?
    Node Wars could be held in Margoria with a slight change in how it works (due to there being no land).
    The Magoria node war should be held on Velia 1 at the same time as Conquests. It is not a territory, but does give guild funds equivalent to a T-3 node.Once a victor has been decided, the guild symbol will be visible at Port Ratt.The node war area would be circular in the center of Margoria, about 1/5th the size of the ocean. The map would be visible for the duration of the war. All hostile monsters and ships will despawn.[Guild] Buoy - Purchase-able from guild harbor master for the same cost as a T-3 fort. Marks a guild's territory in the ocean, similar to how building a fort prevents other forts from being built nearby. It is built with the same materials as a normal fort, except the rough stone is swapped out with cedar plywood (common planking for old fashioned boats). Unlike normal node wars, this is not the structure that needs to be destroyed. It is more of a base point for respawn. The buoy acts as a harbor to bring back destroyed ships and buy items. Discovered Buoys will show on the map, just like forts. The Buoy also comes with 4 cannons facing the cardinal directions for what little offense/defense they may provide.[Guild] Guild Flag - purchasable from guild harbor master shop for 1mill guild funds.  The owner of a ship uses this to designate a guild galley as the 'Flag' ship. Only 1 flag ship is allowed at any time. This is the target of the node war. If no flag has been bought, your guild automatically loses the war.During the node war, the flag ship has 4x the hp of normal galley, but takes a 10% speed reduction and cannot be repaired using the usual items. The flag ship must also always be within a distance of 500 from the Buoy. Go beyond that, and the speed reduction increases gradually to a mazimum on 90% decrease until it returns within the perimeter. The Guild Flag must be installed on the ship before the start of the war (no time is taken to do this), and the ship will automatically be transported to the Buoy at the start of the war, including all guild members riding the boat. The flag ship will not show the flag until the node war starts. While other ships can leave the node war area, the flag ship cannot. Once you lose your flag ship, you are out of the war.If players die, they are able to respawn at the Buoy at full hp. Respawn timers are still in effect.If a player's ship has been destroyed, all surviving guild members on the ship at the moment of destruction will receive the option to be transpoted to the Buoy.Offensive items that can be bought from the guild harbor master for the node war:[Guild] Shrapnel Cannonball - only usable by a Flag Ship. Deals little damage to other ships, but massive damage to players.[Guild] Chain (Bola) Cannonball - only usable by a Flag Ship. Deals little damage to players but massive damage to ships.[Guild] Sea Mine - explosive barrels that can be placed in the water to damage enemy ships that hit them. Members on the boats may right click to drop them from the boat.During the node war only and only in the node war area, all participating ships (both Galleys and Sailboats) do not need cannon balls to fire, aside from special cannonballsI feel node wars on the high sees would be an amazingly fun experience. Imagine 4-6 guilds, each with 1 - 3 Galleys and a dozen sailboats waging full on naval warfare!
    Life Skills
    Right now, all we got was an increase of gathering items, but the sea is full of so much more. Lets improve a few other life skills with the potential the sea has to offer.
    Net FishingNet fishing is both a single player and party fishing method for Artisan 1 fishers and above.Nets can be crafted in tool workshops in either Velia, Port Epheria, or Iliya Island using flax thread, rope, and black stone powder. It would take a lot of mats, but nets are repairable.It is only available in deep sea (where the map disappears).Nets are attachable to fishing boats and sail boats only. Once attached, a player can drop the net by selecting it on the boat. The pilot must then move the boat around until the net is full (the boat will slow to a crawl when full). In the meanwhile, everyone can fish as normal or do whatever. Once full, the players then work together to pull in the net. The more players in the party, the faster the retrieval.Each net haul brings in anywhere from 5 to 15 fish of varying rarity and the net's durability will decrease. Each member of the party can individually loot the full fish net.The number of fish obtained is balanced out by how long it takes to fill the net, but active net fishing with a full group far faster than normal fishing and comparable to hotspot fishing when net-fishing solo.A net can be prematurely hauled in at the cost of a major reduction in fish caught.If a sea monster attacks when the net is out, the net will lose durability, but it can be repaired 1 durability by having 10 flax thread in your inventory and going over to it to select repair.Underwater SpearfishingFor Master 1 fishers and above.Only available in the deep ocean (where the mini-map disappears)Fishing Spears are different than the thrown harpoons in that you only have one, the mini-game is different, and it is repairable.Fishing spears can be crafted in tool workshops in either Velia, Port Epheria, or Iliya Island suing flax thread, steel, and pine timber.Spear fishing works like horse taming in reverse. You swim up to the fish and stab it, causing the fish to flail and swim away. You then have the same horse struggle mini-game but constant as you try to pull in the impaled fish. The difference is that when the fish is about to flail, you need to let it have control (let the gauge drop) or the tension will rip the harpoon out and you will lose the fish. Once you completely pull in the fish, you get it. If you lose the fish and it swims away, you can chase after it again if you still have the breath to do so.If you run out of breath, you lose the fish, so preparation with potions, gems, and even the cash shop suit would be helpful.Target-able fish will need to be added to the ocean, such as tuna, swordfish, orca, sperm whale, sunfish, giant squid, and other yellow grade fish. Only yellow fish are caught by spearfishing, but they would be difficult to find in the ocean. The rarer the fish, the harder it would be to find one, and the harder the mini-game to catch it.Dolphin Taming (1 - use only)For Skilled 1 training and above.Be able to tame a dolphin to take you from the ocean to either Port Ratt or Lema Island, whichever side of Margoria you last entered from.This is an emergency measure to save people from being stranded in the ocean.To tame a dolphin, all you need is chum and a rope. Chum can be made by grinding any fish. Right click it anywhere in the ocean and a dolphin will appear. Lasso the dolphin like with horse taming (further using chum like sugar for horses) then "mount" the dolphin by grabbing is dorsal fin. An option will then come up asking if you would like to travel back to land. Selecting yes will bring you to Port Ratt or Lema Island as stated above. Selecting no releases the dolphin. 
    While GvG is fun and fighting sea monsters with your guild mates is fun, there needs to be something more for the solo player or non-guild associated party. Here are my ideas:
    More "weaker" monsters that can be fought with a single sail boat. From what I hear, only the red whale looking sea monster is feasible killing without the guild galley.PiracyHave NPC trade ships moving across the ocean, similar to the caravans across the desert. Players can take a karma hit attacking these for loot.Drops can include general crafting materials such as logs, rough stones, black stone powder, as well as more valuable items like gold bars, weapons, black stones, and trade items.The better the cargo, the more smaller support ships will be there, so players can gauge reward vs difficulty.5k karma is lost per support ship destroyed and 25k karma is lost per trade ship destroyed.Anti-PiracyThe same trade ships above will at times be under attack by the NPC pirates.Destroying the pirates will result in a small reward from the trade ship.The larger the group of pirates attacking, the larger the reward, so players can gauge the reward vs difficulty.Saving trade ships gives a large karma boost: 2K karma for small pirate boat, and 15k karma recovery for large pirate ship.The reward for saving the cargo ships is significantly less than the loot from destroying them, but karma is recovered in return. 
    Kraken World Boss (We can give it a BDO lore name later)
    The ocean is huge, so why not have a world boss that spawns in the ocean?
    The Kraken would spawn in the north-eastern side of Margoria.The spawn interval for the Kraken would be 36 hours with an 8 hour window.Players will receive a 1 hour warning before the Kraken spawns.Both guild Galley and personal sailboat cannons would be able to fight it as well as attacks from players on boats that are not using cannons.How to fight it:At first, only the 8 minor tentacles will be visible and attackable above water. (if you dive, you can see the entire Kraken)Killing all the tentacles will bring the head up and the two main feeding tenaclesOnly the head needs to be attacked to kill the kraken, but killing the feeding tentacles will rid it of some of it's abilities.Attacking the single large eye will be considered a critical hit.Killing the feeding tentacles creates floating masses for players to stand on to attack the headKraken attacks:In the first stage, the 8 minor tentacles will swat at nearby ships and players. Each also has a ranged attack firing high-pressure water. The damage is minimal, but can knock players off of their boats if they are not pilotingIn the second stage, the two feeding tentacles and the head each act on their own.The feeding tentacles deal more damage with swatting and the high-pressure water. They also get a new attack where they will go underwater and rise back up quickly. It is difficult to see where they will rise unless you have a spotter under water to see where.The head has two attacks:An eye beam that charges and fires in a cone in front of it. This attack deal little damage to boats, but massive damage to players. Dive under water or move out of the way to avoid it.Slamming its mantle down on the water. This attack does massive damage to ships caught under it. It will rear its head back before slamming it down, so there is some time to get away.Loot: (based on party, not individuals, so that the ship pilots can still get loot if other members in their party are attacking)1G to 100G gold barsBlack stonesCrystal ShardsGiant SquidLiverto Weapon BoxMagic Crystal of Infinity - Underwater BreathingAncient Magic Crystal - Air (+30 seconds underwater breathing)Other high grade magic crystalsKraken's Aura (collect 100 to trade at Port Ratt for the item below)Kraken's Eye Alchemy Stone (Boss Class Item)Unlike normal alchemy stones, failure at higher levels will not have a chance at destroying it but instead will drop it by 2 grades.EXP from corals. Low: Coral Piece, Med: red, blue, green, white, gold corals, High: Twilight, Prarie, Breezy, Daybreak, Sun coralsImperfect: +100 Stamina, +25HP, +25 MP/WP/SP, +5% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +5 seconds, Carry Weight +50, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Rough: +125 Stamina, +50 HP, +50 MP/WP/SP, +6% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +10 seconds, Carry Weight +75, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Polished: +150 Stamina, +75 HP, +75 MP/WP/SP, +7% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +15 seconds, Carry Weight +100, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Sturdy: +175 Stamina, +100 HP, +100 MP/WP/SP, +8% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +20 seconds, Carry Weight +125, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Sharp: +200 Stamina, +125 HP, +125 MP/WP/SP, +10% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +25 seconds, Carry Weight +150, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Resplendent: +250 Stamina, +150 HP, +150 MP/WP/SP, +12% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +30 seconds, Carry Weight +200, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Splended: +300 Stamina, +200 HP, +200 MP/WP/SP, +15% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +45 seconds, Carry Weight +300, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Shining: +400 Stamina, +300 HP, +300 MP/WP/SP, +20% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +60 seconds, Carry Weight +400, Duration/Cooldown 10min.
  24. Guild Goals:
    Get to 60 members.
    Get Maxed out HP, Acc, and AP buffs.
    Get all members to level 57/58.
    Win and maintain 1-2 nodes weekly once numbers stabilize.

    Guild Requirements:
    150AP+ or 300 GS total. (Lower gear scores will be considered just not guaranteed entry)
    Level 55 or higher.
    Play at least 10 Hour a week.
    4k Contribution Per week.
    Must be at least 87% Human.

    Guild Activities:
    Group World Bosses.
    Group Gathering.
    Group Grinding/Leveling.
    Group PvP Training/Practice.
    Node Wars in the Near Future.
    Water Monsters/World Bosses.

    Guild Overview:
    We are a semi-casual PvX multi-activity guild. We do a bit of everything and have room in the guild for anyone who is willing to grow stronger with us. We are currently looking to take in new and returning players to try to teach them more about the game while building the foundation for a solid community of friends and acquaintances. We are also looking for older more experienced players to help guide newer players and share and help fellow veterans improve their overall experience in game.

    Right now we are 11 members strong out of our 40 member roster and are looking for more members so we can continue to grow. We eventually want to participate in node wars and control a few nodes, this however is a future aspiration until we increase our numbers.

    This is not a hardcore guild, however we do all of the guild quests we can daily and expect members to participate when able. Our 4k guild contribution per week is loosely enforced but not iron clad so long as we continue to improve our guild level/funds at a constant rate. Payment is based strictly on contribution and the funds available in the guild bank. So long as you are contributing and we can afford to pay you we will pay as much as we are capable.

    If you have any interest in joining or would like more information please whisper Regret, Blindness, or Caitln in game. You can also alternatively contact me via discord at Regret#9620.