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  1.  Code is currently RECRUITING active lvl 50+ players! We are a small guild trying to reform and add more numbers to our ranks, we are willing to teach and grow with our players so we can become a possible node war contender. Pretty much accepting anyone. Discord required, mic optional.
    If you are interested or have any questions whisper Hikosi (Myumin) or Comics (Phooh).
  2. <Morphine> is a small NA Guild looking for a few more active players of any class and level to fill it's ranks. We are a small casual, play your way Guild with no dumb Guild requirements like gear score, level etc. etc. that most other Guilds require, all that we ask is that you are active, respectful, help out other Guildies and have Discord (mic not required). We do Guild Missions, boss scrolls and grind parties. Play the game your way, not how others expect you to just in order to be in there Guild. If you just want to life skill, that's fine. Into just grinding mobs, that's fine to. We have yet to do any node wars. We do dab in pvp. We are not ragers, we are unfiltered and no censor so thick skin is a must. We are always active one way or another. 

    We at Morphine got tired of having to play BDO on others terms and restrictions, we just wanted a Guild to call home, build up and get Guild perks and play BDO the way we want to, not be told how to play or when to play certain aspects of the game by other ppl. Have fun with BDO, play how you want to play, we don't make it a competition like most Guilds. 
    If Morphine sounds like the type of laid back, play your way type Guild you're looking for than don't hesitate to PM me here or in game. Family name Noaeu Character Name OxyOverdose. You can find me on discord at <Morphine>OxyOverdose#6367 
    Discord is a must, no mic is okay.
    Guild Perks so far:
    Level 3 Accuracy
    Level 3 All AP
    Level 2 Damage Reduction
    Level 2 Gathering
    Level 2 Fishing
  3. Post on <CursedOnes> Recruiting in US Guild

    By Deady, posted
    <CursedOnes> Recruiting! we are a large-small guild... or a small-medium guild? i dunno, but the guild at present is near 30 members. We have been doing a fair amount of Margoria missions because its a blast to take a bunch of us and sail into the uncharted seas and blast monsters with cannons! The guild missions are fun, but we do not require you to come to every single one ever, or really any for that matter, but they are fun when we sail the countless seas. To join you can add me in game and shoot me a message about joining, the "Deady" family, or just join our discord and hit any of us up at discord.me/cursed. Thanks for considering the guild and reading the post!

  4. Post on <DigitalNomads> in US Guild

    By Tykipon, posted
    DigitalNomads is a closeknit Pve/Lifestyling guild that has plans to look into PVP in the future. We are looking for new and old players, both those just starting out, returning players trying to relearn the game, afk fishers who play on their own time etc. We are most active from around 10pm EST-4am EST, as our members are all over the map. We have a discord channel that we use to keep our members up to date with patch notes, events, links to guides etc. Lurkers welcome
    We tend to stay mostly on Serendia 5 but its not a requirement
    IGN: Tykipon. 
    Officers: Tanuvial, Maisato, Netloadr
  5. First of all Welcome To the Red Cloud, And May Blood Rain From The Red Clouds
    Second, we are a Small Guild, looking for new members, we are wanting to do guild quests and need more people on in order to do this, we are willing to help you grind and level.
    any ap/dp welcome, As we are prepared to help you maximize this .  if you wish to join get on the discord and we will work with you on the membership  

    Our Main Server is CALPHEON 3.
    We use Discord this is our link: https://discord.gg/AscDj
    And we are allied with Beast.
  6. We're a small guild looking into expansion to dwell into some of the other aspects that guilds have to offer.
    We are a PVE guild however we do encourage defending grind spots, or dueling for them. You're allowed to stick up for yourself.

    We have a Teamspeak, and we are active players. 
    We are a drama free guild, and thus being said we're looking for chill players.

    We do guild quests everyday.
    Once we grow hopefully guild bosses everyday.
    We can/will grind together. 
    We're also all very mellow people.

    English is a big plus.
    Not required to partake in Teamspeak but it would be nice to chat. 

    Overall looking for any players who might be interested, we aren't worried about your gear score. We all started low at one point.

    PM me in game: Yoshimitsuu
  7. MoonRise is a purposefully small PvX RP adventuring company on Uno server.  We’re found on several of Uno’s channels, but our main channel is Serendia U2. We offer a casual, friendly and helpful setting for our membership. We do a lot of impromptu scroll groups, grinding and exploring groups, as well as guild missions.  MoonRise offers paid 7 and 14 day contracts to our membership in order for them to benefit from our guild perks (mix of combat and lifeskill perks). 
    We don’t require attendance at events because Real Life sometimes happens; there is no minimum gear expectation, nor any expectation of using voice comms. In recruiting we look for a good fit, not skill (ability) to play.  We have few rules (respect each other, respect the community accordingly, play hard and have fun) and enjoy a good environment for playing BDO.  Roleplay with MoonRise is usually pick-up/improvisational style (we save guild-chat channel for chatter not RP) and run the continuum from RPLite to hardcore and story-based.
     We will re-open recruiting after the upcoming server merge dust settles, so if you are interested in joining please contact myself or any MoonRise officer.  Thank you for reading!
    Kukyochan Leafsilver (or alts Senpai_Umeko, or Shadowraith)
  8. Introduction:
    Wake was formed on Orwen, North American. We are a small, self-motivated PvP guild, looking for interested individuals that have reached Lvl 58 and 420 GS, to join our small squad. While we are in a growing phase, we want joining members to understand that it is a long building process to find members that fit our criteria, for stats as well as personality. Our guild currently has a roster of 25 but are very active every day. Discord is our primary form of communication and we want new members to be more then comfortable joining our voice comms regularly!
    Our officer core was formed from a close group of like minded players originating from the guilds Sarcasm and Black. The need to create a group of players that were self-motivated and wanting to push themselves through progression, was highly sought. Based on each member's own desire to become stronger, we decided to break away from these guilds form the one described above. Since then, we have been slowly building a strong and dedicated core of members that are interested in BDO as much as we are.
    Leadership / Policy
    The guild is all inclusive. Each decision is made via a round table atmosphere, where everyone has an equal say about guild policy, and the direction the guild should take. In this environment we want everyone to feel like they are able to voice their own opinions about how the group plays. We aim to make Wake a welcoming environment that offers players a great opportunity to help mold this guild into something great. While we do have a Guild Master and Officers, the guild still runs on a democratic mindset; someone has to take care of the logistics no matter what. As players, we are all here for the same purpose, to play the game and have fun. If you're not having fun then it's no longer a game to be enjoyed.
    If you are interested in finding out more about the guild Wake leave a forum post or contact an officer in game:
    Officer Squad to Contact:
    Sheol, BrownWater, Azuredge, and Kymain
  9. If theres any erp/rp small/medium guild on any server can you please put the names on this thread. (active guilds)
    Going to see the options on which rp guild I want to join.
    thank you

    Depth is a recently formed guild on the North American server Orwen. We are a small, self-motivated PvP guild, looking for interested individuals that have reached Lvl 57 and 400 GS, to join our small squad. While we are in a growing phase, we want joining members to understand that it is a long building process to find members that fit our criteria, for stats as well as personality. Our guild currently has a roster of 11 but are very active every day. Discord is our primary form of communication and we want new members to be more then comfortable joining our voice comms regularly!
    Our officer core was formed from a close group of like minded players originating from the guild Sarcasm. The need to create a group of players that were self-motivated and wanting to push themselves through progression, was highly sought. Based on each member's own desire to become stronger, we found that Sarcasm was not meeting our needs, and as a result we decided to break away from them to form the guild as described above. Since then, we have been slowly building a strong and dedicated core of members that are interested in BDO as much as we are.
    Leadership / Policy
    The guild is all inclusive. Each decision is made via a round table atmosphere, where everyone has an equal say about guild policy, and the direction the guild should take. In this environment we want everyone to feel like they are able to voice their own opinions about how the group plays. We aim to make Depth a welcoming environment that offers players a great opportunity to help mold this guild into something great. While we do have a Guild Master and Officers, the guild still runs on a democratic mindset; someone has to take care of the logistics no matter what. As players, we are all here for the same purpose, to play the game and have fun. If you're not having fun then it's no longer a game to be enjoyed.
    If you are interested in finding out more about the guild Depth leave a forum post or contact an officer in game:
    Guild Lead
    Family Name - Koba
    Character Name - Kymain
    Family Name - Hardman
    Character Name - Aceton
    Family Name - Wordlaw
    Character Name - Emeryn
    Family Name - Itris
    Character Name - Itrees   ( capital i )
  11. <Isoleth>
    Intro(of me).
    A little about me. You honesty don't need to read this part, but it's gonna be here anyway. I've played MMOs for a long time now. I started with Ragnarok back somewhere in the 2000. Since then I've tried out a bunch of different MMOs, mostly Asian, well, since I am Asian. For as long as I've played MMOs, I've ironically played alone. This game though, regardless of what anybody else thinks, has been almost everything I've liked in an MMO. I'm not saying it's the best MMORPG out there, but it is exactly what I wanted. Because of that, I decided to settle down and not nomad my way around MMOs anymore, this time I want to play the long game. What does any of this have to do with the guild? Simple, I want to make a family, a place for players to feel at home with each other. Reason number two of this seemingly pointless rant, hopefully it'll relate to you
    Player of all skill level are welcome. New and veteran players alike are welcome. I love helping new players personally, but I'm not that good at the game myself, in that regard, we can learn together. As for veteran players, hopefully you'd be inclined to help new players, but it's not necessary. Elitist probably won't like to be here because I have no idea what i'm doing as far as the game is concerned. I'd love to learn if any veteran players out there would like to teach the guild. It's a brand new guild, So I can't promise a lot of things that larger, older, more established guilds can, but hopefully together, we can build that as a bunch of friends goofing off :). 
    Guild Mission Statement (Always wanted to say that)
    First and foremost, this is a guild about making friends. So if what you want is a large guild that barely talks, this won't be the guild for you. If i do this correctly, every member should remember each other by name. When you log on, you'll have people who care greet you. This guild is about building a close knit group of friends more than anything. Everyone should feel welcomed, and not afraid of speaking their mind. At the very least, you can always speak to me. 
    I personally just really want a guild house  beyond that not much. However, in the future, if I do manage to make this guild happen, it won't be about what my goals are, but rather all of us together. Our goals, our ambitions will be that of all of us. The most important thing is for it to be something we want to do together. If doesn't take us anywhere, so be it, if it takes us really far, so be that. As long as we have fun, together.
    I could say that there aren't any requirements but i'd be lying, but it'll be fine, just bear with me here. In order to build the community we need this is important.
    Be Mature: Simple right?Be Active: I mean how will you be social if you aren't active Be Social: It's a guild for building relationships, no point if you're not social  If you're just shy, no problem.Be Friendly: Most people are, so no issue, it's more like a rule, if you can't be friendly then you aren't wanted.Told you it would be easy. 
    How to Join
    Whisper me in game: Akane_Kurokawa or Anri_Shikihana
    If you can't reach me, leave a message on this thread on when you'll be online, or send me a PM here. BTW, I'm on PST.
    Closing Words
    As of this moment I'm trying to design a guild emblem, I have a couple designs so far but it's still all up in the air. I'd like the guild to have a say in it. 
    I have a discord server set up, but I'm not that experience in using it yet, so if anyone who does know would like to help feel free. 
    For the most part I'm on Val U2
  12. Buccaneers is a small sized PvP orientated guild on the server Alustin.
    We are looking for mature, active and decently geared people,
    who prefer a small fun guild over being a number in a big zerg.
    As a guild we have very little rules or things you have to do,
    aslong as you are active and social within the guild & show up for
    Guild/Node Wars if you can and help out your friends and guild members.
    We use Discord as a communications platform which is mandatory to have and be active on.
    This does not mean you have to constantly be in a voice channel when you are playing,
    but for GvG and Node Wars it is required.
    So if you are looking for a laid back social PvP guild and you meet the following requirements:
    - Have a mature personality
    - Are social
    - Have +15 gear atleast
    - Are level 53+
    - Play on a daily basis
    - And want to work as a team in PvP
    Then look no further and post a message below, then I (Lyan Silverheart) will contact you trough a PM
    on the forums!

    Best wishes,


    Does Team Platinum trust you?
    What is Team Platinum?
    <Platinum> is a small, semi serious guild looking to recruit players of all skill and level. We have chosen semi serious because we value the enjoyment of Black Desert Online, but at the same time we also want to promote self improvement with in our members. While our numbers may be small currently, we are confident in saying that we are all active and dedicated to Black Desert. We do not require that our members have the best gear and skill, but rather that they strive for self improvement as we grow together as a guild.
    What can Team Platinum offer me?
    <Platinum> has many resources to offer to both veteran and new players. For veteran players we offer a solid, active team, focused on fun and efficiency. For new players we offer assistance and a community dedicated to encourage improvement as a whole. We also offer:
    Weekly Boss Scrolls and Guild Quests.
    An active and friendly Discord.*
    Both a Guild Leader and Officers who are always willing to listen to your feedback on the guild.
    Guild members who constantly run both quests and train together.
    What are we looking for?
    We are currently under going Open Recruitment. We seek players of all levels and skill, that being said we also would like to state that we are currently PvX orientated. As the guild expands we do hope to lean toward a PvP orientation.
    How do I join?
    You can join <Platinum> by messaging me on here or by contacting one of the following in game:
    Guild Leader:
    Octave (Family: AssWrangler)Officers:
    AmericanPlague (Family: LF_NipponWaifu)
    Suppression (Family: Jarnefeldt)
    Hotpocketo (Family: ToastyHotpocket)
    *While we heavily encourage our Discord's voice chat, you are not obligated to join the voice chat. We do however require you to join the Discord since we frequently post information there. (i.e: Announcements, Guides, Party recruitment, etc)
  14. Are you looking for an ambitious small/medium sized guild?
    Do you have an insatiable bloodthirst(in BDO) and just can’t get enough PvP?
    Do you want to participate in Node wars?
    Are you tired of drama guilds and “behind the curtain” managing?
    Here at Buccaneers we stay small/medium, promote PvP and massmurder(in the game ofc). We absolutely love node war carnage and will actively look for contested nodes to ensure a war.
    First and foremost we are a small, close-knit and like-minded community, our discord is plastered with banter and we are neither afraid to offend nor do we get offended that easily. We welcome constructive criticism and encourage your participation in our conversations.
    We purposely choose to limit our member size because we love the challenges of smaller scale PvP and node wars, where you as an individual are not just a number in a big zerg, but play an important, impactful role in what we strive for; organized and well-structured team play. And while we are very ambitious, active and want to eventually participate in Siege wars, it's important to us to grow slowly(organically) and carefully in order to preserve our current identity.
    Of course that comes with certain expectations from our side towards new members, just like new members come with certain expectations towards us. That's why we offer a trial period so we can get to know each other rather than asking for gear score requirements.
    Our requirements are simple:
    We seek active, quality people.Gearscore is irrelevant, but we do expect you to be in the lategame.We want to speak to you and get to know you.Your willingness to participate in node warsIf you are interested, do not be afraid to contact us. You might like it here!
    Guild Master: 
        Silverheart (Lyan)
        Hansel123 (Carrlaa)
        AdamTM (Piiper)
        Catnip (Dismay)
        Buxna (Bicarka)
  15. Currently seeking 5-10 active players, including officers, interested in building a small, yet highly active, efficient, and organized guild.
    We will focus on Grinding, Life Skills, and PvP Practice. 
    When Node Wars are released we will specialize in Artillery and support functions in a PvP Alliance setting which will be determined later.
    No minimum Level, AP/DP requirements, minimum hours, however you should be active several days a week, specifically during Node War Times.
    I have 3 lvl 50+ characters, current character being in intermediate development, and over 30 days play time and years of gaming experience.
    I  will assist you in anyway I can, all I ask in return is personal excellence and loyalty.
    Please leave the following information, or Whisper me ingame @ Scarlet_Hound. 
    I look forward to working with you. 
    Family Name;
    Character name;
    Preferred name;
    Gear refinements, if any;
    Hours per day/week in-game;
    Previous guild leadership experience;
    Previous competitive PvP experience;

    Glad to see you here, before we begin let us introduce ourselves.
    Ominous is a EU/International clan started at Europpean release of Blade and Soul, but it's story begins a lot earlier as it's build upon the remnants of The Crimson Eye and Proximity clans which have been successful and acknowledged clans started in the beta of APB, on Obeya server.
    We are a clan which prides ourselves in skill on individual and team level, and connecting teamwork with high individual skill of each player is one of our greatest aspects.
    Our goal as community is to create the place where skilled players can walk alongside the others alike. As games are not made to be played casually alone, but to be challenged as a group.
    We are recruting members whose interest lies within small/medium scale PvP battles and hours of grinding.
    What do we want from you? Well, there's few things. One is to take the game seriously... Yeah, we get it, you've got life, job, girlfriend, dog, whatever... It'd great if you could get rid of all that, but if you can't it's still alright because "hardcore" is mindset not the time you spend in game.
    So do not fret, we do not expect you to abandon your life, but instead of playing start Gaming.
    Our requirements:
    -Age 18+
    -Teamspeak 3 (For guild events and fun factor)
    -Not being offended by everything and everyone
    *Temporarily we do not place gear requirements as everyone needs time to gear up*
    If it sounds like what you're searching for, to apply fill up application


  17. Welcome to NVP
    Orwen - North America
    My name is Kyban and I am the guild leader of NVP (non-valuable players) of Orwen NA. We are a late night guild that becomes most active around 10:00pm PST. We are currently looking to increase our numbers of active members to 25 or 30! Currently we have an active roster of about 10. We are looking to fill our roster for guild bosses and more community fun as well as eventual siege wars! Don't be deterred by size as we make it up in heart!
    Who we are:
    NVP is a small guild that provides an atmosphere for players to hone their skills through small scale pvp, organized grind groups, and group dailies. We want to build a strong community that can be respected on Orwen NA. As this community grows we hope to become more active out in the world of Black Desert by adding guild bosses and siege! Our guild is built on a small core group. These members are happy to be around each other and people go out of the way to share knowledge, accept others, and have a great gaming experience. We are active in TS and welcome anyone that wants to come be a part of such a group! My experience as a guild leader stems from wow where I lead a top ten 10 man server group during Dragon Soul. I have always loved small guild mentality and want to continue that throughout my BDO experience with this guild.
    Prime Play Time:
    Weekdays - 9:00pm till 4:00am PST
    Weekends - All hours (someone is always active)
    Currently our guild part takes in daily gathering and kill mission as well as weekly boss scroll groups. A member is always willing to organize grind groups or help another individual level. Most of our members spend lots of time working on life skill professions. These individuals are extremely knowledgeable and will help you get your own crafting empire off the ground. Be it dailies involving rhutum/manshas or out in Mediah someone will be interested or able to help out.
    In the future, drawings and prizes will be rewarded for guild events set up throughout the year to increase community involvement!
    Age: 18+
    Active member ( Active play 2/3 times a week )
    TeamSpeak 3 ( You do not have to talk but it is encouraged )
    Mature, Patient, Calm, Have a Filter
    Participation in Guild hosted events
    Thank you for taking the time to read about our guild and consider it in your own attempts to find a new home for yourself! Good luck with your search! If NVP resonates with you and are interested in applying please contact one of the individuals listed below:
    Contact Info:
    First Name: Kyban  Family Name: Koba  (Guild leader)
    First Name: Hyperiana  Family Name: Reinheit  (Officer)
    First Name: Aea  Family Name: Drakkon (Officer)
    Guild Event on 5/28/16
    "The road to Valencia!"
    Come be a part of NVP and do guild missions with us at 7:00pm PST! All members who are involved will have a chance to win 1 of 2 pets from raffle prize! Have to contribute to guild missions in order to sign up for raffle! (If gifting is back in game by this point / fingers crossed!)
  18. Hi Black Desert Commuity,
    Rawchief here,
    My group of buddies and I have recently begun to play Black Desert.  We've rolled on the Uno server and currently there are 6 of us (possibility of a couple more coming over).  We play semi-casually and don't necessarily fit in with the regimented guilds.  We are looking though to either join a larger semi-casual guild or if there are other small groups of players out there in similar situations, form one.
    We've got a guild going now and are about to put our 2nd point into rank 2 gathering but we are flexible and willing to abandon this one.  We also have a small vent server for use.  
    Feel free to contact me in game (Family name is Draconigena) or leave a message here.  I have the client running 24/7 so please excuse me if I don't see or answer a tell.
     I look forward to more BDO!
  19. About Lotus
    We are a small guild of players that highly enjoy PvP and want to be able to compete with the larger guilds, to do this we need to grow in strength through numbers as well as skill. To do this we will hold multiple training sessions to provide each member with more PvP combat experience and strategical knowledge. We are a friendly guild and we want to try keep everyone in the guild together, rather than having small groups of members forming, as with any guild this will most likely happen, but through grinding together, sharing knowledge and participating in training sessions & guild missions we shall attempt to give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other, making our bonds stronger in the guild with everyone and not just a small group. 
    What we are looking for and requirements:
    We are focusing on recruiting people that are PvP-orientated, but enjoy doing other aspects of the game as well.
    We want members to have 230 total AP/DP, or be very close to that score
    We would prefer members to be at least level 52 (Level 52 is not mandatory).
    We want each member to participate in at least 5 Guild Missions a week.
    We want all members to participate in as many Guild Wars as possible.
    What you can expect:
    We would be doing 5 Guild Missions a day, making that 35 Guild Missions a week. 
    We will have a Guild Meeting every weekend where we discuss important topics/changes to the guild, report on the guilds performance, and give members the chance to ask questions about anything they'd like to know, or make suggestions for the guild to consider.
    We will have Guild Training Sessions at least once a week (Arranged Guild Wars and Guild-Only Arena Training)
    Guild contract salary will be discussed in-game.
    What happens next (Application/Trial Process):
    To apply for the guild you will need to contact the Guild Master or an Officer.
    Here is a list of the main Character Names for the Guild Master and Officer, so that you can contact us in-game:
    Here is a list of their respective Forum Names for the Guild Master and Officer, so that you can contact us through private message on the forum:
    They will then invite you to the guild in-game, and you will start a one-week trial, within this week we will closely look into your activities within the guild. At the end of the one-week trial we will have an evaluation to decide on whether you will remain in the guild. To gather information for the evaluation we will discuss with your fellow guild members on your activities in the guild.
  20. <DivineKnights>
    Black Desert Online
    Balenos E2
    <DivineKnights> was created March 20th 2016 for Black Desert Online though the guild has existed in previous games, the longest of which was Rappelz.  <DivineKnights> is a friendly guild focused towards helping and defending others.  We treat everyone with respect and try to keep things at a PG-13 rating.  We want to keep <DivineKnights> a smaller, close group of about 40 members, but that doesn't mean we can't be strong.  Members and Officers are involved in all guild decisions and directions and encouraged to be invested.
    We want everyone to play the game how they enjoy playing.  Gatherers, fishers, quest perfectionists, fast levelers, all are welcome.  Even casual gamers are welcome as long as players meet the monthly activity requirement.  We encourage members to participate in guild quests and activities so we can have more guild income and better guild skills.  We also invite everyone to use Discord and voice chat as a means of communicating with the guild so we can be a closer guild.
    Be Active. (Main's Level x 75 "Activity" per month)  This is a very minimal activity requirement that any player should be able to reach in a few days.Be Involved. Join discord, chat, voice, guild missions, since we want a smaller group, we also want an involved group.Be Kind.  Respect fellow guild members and their opinions. Be willing to help each other out every once in a while.Be Honest. No cheating, macros, trolling, or other similar things. Respect both the players and developers. 
    Founder: WonderWoman (Spriggy)
    Officers: Zeldha (Goepher), Heift (Stormbred), Jyntai (Japu), Ishnusei (Syfal), 
    If you are interested and want to find out more, or you are considering joining, please contact us by:
    Messaging any of the above guild members.Visit us at our Discord https://discord.gg/0qr2yr6jj653etElReply to this thread. 


  21. Hi, my name is Reyen!
    Like many others, I'm new to BDO. I play a sorc and I'm only level 20, but if that's a downside to you, I might not be what you're looking for.
    I'm looking for an ACTIVE CLAN. Why a clan you ask? well, I'm looking for something to be a part of that's SMALL. I don't want 50 people constantly shouting in guild chat. I'm looking for a group of people who I can eventually become friends with. For instance, as soon as I join, I might want help with X quest, or X level grind. But I'm more than happy to do the same for someone else (but given my low level, I probably won't be in a position to do so :P) A group of NICE people who don't shout vulgarities in chat just because it's fun. (though please don't get the idea I'm opposed to cussing, I'm most certainly not!) I just don't want that kind of immaturity here. 
    Why something small?
    In other MMO's I've run guilds with many hundreds of people. I know the kind of chaos it brings, and with this kind of game, I'm looking to become immersed with a small group who I can consider friends by the end of it.
    I hope to hear from someone soon!
    PS If I think your group isn't working out for me after I've joined. I will just leave. I'm not very good at goodbyes.
    Hopefully I'll see you future clan mates soon!
  22. I've been looking around for a new headset preferably with a mic and/or wireless capability for mobility. I've been looking into getting a Blue Yeti desk mic but I would prefer to stick an "all-in-one". I've looked into Astro Gaming, SteelSeries, and Logitech the former being catered a little more to smaller heads with adjustable bands while logitech is more of a personal preference (grew up on logitech products) are really huge on my head and ears.
  23. Love PvP?
    Hate the zergs?
    Want to roll with a group that specializes in busting zergs and fighting undermanned?
    Don't want to be just another one of the drooling sheeple that infest this forum? 
    Best in Slot is a super small guild/community, our core numbers at best around fifteen people. We have dominated PvP in every single game we have played since our formation in Rift. In Rift we dominated every guild on the Seastone server, then transferred server to server beating every guild. We ended our stay in Rift by winning a community hosted 5v5 tournament of all the competitive PvP guilds. 
    After Rift, only a small amount of our core actually played Guild Wars 2, and we formed the team known as Super Squad. During our time in GW2 we reigned on top of SPvP and hold dominant victories over teams such as Team Legacy, and Team Paradigm. Our team disbanded do to lack of PvP support, but a couple of our guys remained on top of PvP for awhile.  
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J1lnFLOUOk   vs. Team Legacy
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGeU7xAqfUQ   vs. Team Paradigm
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9cI3pF38u8  vs. Matchless Gaming
    Moving on to ESO, we opened up recruitment and bolstered our number up to about twenty on a good night. With groups ranging from 15 to 20 people we were able to consistently bust huge zergs from all of the biggest guilds such as PRX. Which led to PRX trying to assemble an elite team like ours, and we ended up rolling them and their zerg all together. Anytime our group was out, we completely dominated the map, with just 20 people we were able to take on zergs of 100-200 people. 
    https://youtu.be/PKfjIcjdDdY  - Izkimar becomes a one man army after rightfully being crowned emperor of the entire goddamn world. He keeps his hoes on a strict diet of d#ck and more d#ck-.
    https://youtu.be/smHoOsOwQ9A - We go balls deep in to the enemy alliance territory, raping and pillaging everyone and everything before eventually stealing the scroll. Now you're thinking, time to bring that bad boy back to our home turf, right? Wrong, cause that's boring. Instead our relatively small group decides to play king of the hill on the bridge and fight off a bazillion raging fuccboiis from both alliances on both sides without breaking a sweat. 
    https://youtu.be/lMuP8UdChrw - Some organized pvp fun against some of the other guilds in the cbt. Just another tuesday for us, breaking necks and cashing checks.
    Right now we are opening recruitment to get hopefully around 5-10 more solid members. What you will get with Best in Slot is a small tight knit group of highly skilled players. Our purpose will be to act as a thorn in the side of the major guilds, and tilt the tides of war however we see fit. We greatly value quality over quantity. What we don’t offer is a pretty website, a kumbaya let’s all get along community, or any hand holding. We talk a lot of shit, and we are the antithesis of politically correct. Did I mention we are not here to hold your hand? Only apply if you know you can potentially be one of the best, and want to be around the best. We want people that are open minded, listen well, and communicate well. 
    Apply @  http://www.bestinslot.org
  24. Post on AUTO-walk in Suggestions

    By Xionizzy, posted
    Right now, you can walk by holding Caps Lock, and you can auto run by pressing t. Having an auto walk feature (probably where you hold caps lock and press t), would be nice. 
    This seems like a rather small and non-important thing, and it is, but I imagine that it really is just one of those small things that I would like to see in towns or on roads, and ESPECIALLY by the beach, are people just walking. I think the small amount of time adjusting the controls to enable the feature is worth having. I'd imagine, that the stamina you'd get from walking would be significantly lowered, if there be any stamina bonus, but it just seems to me like a nice extra feature to promote the aesthetic.
  25. Hii everyone . (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ~
    I am planning on creating a small guild. It'll be small in order to.. Be closer ? (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
    < Cause in big guilds half the time you don't know who else is in it >
    - Just saying: I do not know the guild name yet . It's still to be decided. -
    But yes- I'm going to start off by saying I am not the type to usually write something on the forums. So.. I'll just give a brief description about mahself first.
    < Since you should know about your-possibly-guild-master beforehand >
    I am a female. I'd say quiet. Timid until I know someone ..
    < I hate drama - I won't deal with it. Like zero tolerance. >
    Have been gaming for approximately..10 years or more. I have played so many MMORPGs it's not even funny. I have ran a guild before in another MMORPG, wasn't a top guild but I have never been fond of big guilds so.. But I briefly was able to play the RU version of Black Desert before the IP block was placed. I plan on getting the Conqueror's Package since this will become my main game. I prefer PVE, since I am commonly the support roles or healers in games and people tend to slaughter them first . <3
    < Gaming includes PC and consoles but whatever . > >;
    So I'm going to just say the main things I desire in a guild and possible questions I think y'all may have ?
    IDEK . Ask questions if chu have any.
    A List .. For you. o/ ~
    1. Administrators
    Of course, they are needed.
    Since it'll be a small guild, most likely there will only be a few?
    But I ask for everyone's opinion.
    Since like.. It sucks to not be acknowledged. >;
    2. Size ? .. Heh.
    Small . I want to be able to know everyone's name.
    I can't stress that enough . ≧◡≦
    3. PVP/PVE ?
    Slight dip into both .. ? But I am not fond of heavy PVP, so most likely PVE based.
    < Unless Guildies want it changed ; I want to know their opinions too on that . >
    5. Would this a trolling/PK guild?
    Heh. No,
    but the guild won't be responsible for any actions a guildie may take.
    so like.. Fight your own wars. ლ(́ಠ益ಠლ
    6. RP ?
    'kay. Well this is where there is a fine line.. Rping is okay but not all the time .
    I love to - glomp - like many others.
    <I don't count that really as Rping- but yeah. It's an example.>
    But no to :
    " As I wandered into the woods, I saw a huntsman staring at me. Cautiously I walked forward- "
     < ☉▵☉ 'Cause I seriously get lost , it's like a story. ☉▵☉ >
    7. Using a Voice-Chatting Program ?
    I guess I wouldn't mind, but I do not have one in mind.
    Joint decision.
    8. Mature guild?
    I can have a sick sense of humor . If you don't like that-
    This guild clearly wouldn't be for you.
    But, if you are really immature then this guild isn't for you.
    9. Drama
    Just making sure I've said that enough .
    ^ v ^
    Looking for active, loyal members ~
    I am unsure of what else to list .. But if there are any questions, then please ask away ~
    < Since I'm sure there will be some. >  
    Thankies for reading this far ~ ^◡^
    I hope everyone enjoys playing BDO ~
    But if I lost you prior, that is okay. It was for the best I'm sure.
    But if you stayed ~ I bet you didn't notice I skipped 4.
      1 point for Goat.