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  1. ty ppl for the support i found my guild hope fully i will be there for a long time
    Gr Kurumi
  2. The Cuties Guild is Recruiting!
    We are a semi-casual PvX guild looking for active players (new or returning)
    Our main focus is to provide an active, social environment
    We prefer having a tight-knit community where people can relax and make new friends
    We do not have a participation requirement, but we do guild quests often and have guild activities weekly (scroll parties, arena dueling, guild missions, etc.)
    We are welcoming active and committed players, no gear score requirement
    Discord is required for communication
    If you're interested in joining, add me in-game at family name:
    We currently have 20 members, most of us reside in the USA and are in our 20s.
    We have a website here with some guild rules: https://cutiesguild.wordpress.com/
    If anyone has questions let me know!

  3. Hello everyone,
    We are looking for members! Most of us like to take our time and enjoy all aspects of the game. We don't mind helping each other out and enjoy chatting about the most random stuff. Of couse we do guild missions now and then, everyone is free to jump in on those or not. 
    So if you're looking for a guild to have a bunch of crazy  nice persons to chat with and ask questions ranging from gathering logs, to horse breeding, to becoming a stronk player it's all fine, Stronk got it all covered.
    Cya around and if you want to know more let me know! 
  4. Me and a very dear friend of mine, are quite passionate about BDO.
    And we have on a few occasions got talking about how Pearl Abyss/Kakao could get around the dilemma of there being no form of trading system in-game " or at least one that works". And the lack of any ability to share much of the game experience with someone you have on your friends list, short of simply partying up with them and killing crap.
    You see, I think its great being able to have someone for example visit your residence.
    But what is really the point? they can not interact with anything like say your cooking utensil etc.
    So one way we thought was to introduce what we dubbed Social XP.
    In short this would be much like all other experience types in-game that allows an extra type of character progression 
    "relationships with friends" One example of how you could implement this, would be that Player X has gained a set amount of knowledge towards Player Y by simply partying up
    and doing the game content.
    The more time you spend together, would in turn change your status type of relationship with them.
    Such as "acquaintance, friend, dear friend, partner" and so on.
    Each type of status or rank if you prefer, would bring with it extra functionality.
    Like say the ability to trade items and perhaps silver with them, or even have them move into your residence and have access to use crafting stations etc.
    This would also be a good deterrent against gold sellers, because their very unlikely going to want to do all the work needed to party up with someone and climb those ranks just to sell in-game currency.
    Most gold sellers look for feasibility, and to get in and make the $$$ quickly.
    Which to my understanding is the main reason why the trading function was more or less switched off, despite the fact the button still shows to initiate trade with someone.
    I'm not sure how the rest of the community would feel about such a system, but I do believe it would only serve to improve the whole game experience in a very positive way.
    I do welcome feedback on how you feel about this idea, but please leave any immaturity at the door.
  5. DesertRats, a friendly and active guild is reqruiting memebers!
    We are a not too long ago formed guild with 8 members in as write this post.
    We want to do the following stuff with our members!
    - Grinding: (Pirates mostly, sometimes some go Sausan and valencia when more people want to)
    - Guild quests: In order to pay our members and afford stuff for our guild we need funds! 
    - PvP/Node wars: We would like to get into this as soon as we have enough good people so we make a good chance at winning!
    As Long as you are progressing and willing to gear up/grind. You are welcome to join regardless of your current gear/level. You will get there eventually (which can be really soon).
    We would really like you to join our guild and hope you'll choose us to be your companions. Please leave a reply if you want to join us or whisper Ichiiko or TheBeardedGuy.
  6. Hello,

    I would like to suggest adding the option of having in game chat time stamps on all chat options.
    I am sure that I am not the only one to suggest this but it would be a very helpful feature that everyone would appreciate.


  7. Post on Social in Suggestions

    By Hobz, posted
    I am new to this game and leveled up into the mid 50's and i was very excited to play! but it quickly came to my attention the HEAVY lack of social play in the game. I will list a few examples:
    1) Besides grinding there is almost NOTHING to do with a friend in the game besides just sitting around and talking.
    2) even when grinding, unless vs very strong mobs its faster to farm separately for speed. and even vs bosses its just a group of people slashing away at a strong guy. almost no team play required.
    3) I got on to play with a friend who started a month before me. to each of our disappointment, there is almost nothing he could do to help me besides give advice and a few potions. i appreciate limiting trade to prevent gold corruption in the game, but if you are gonna build a game so heavily into the economy (with the many many many life skills that require much time to develop) it almost leads to no point. Me being a wealthy or strong player has absolutely no benefit to my friends. The game at the moment is almost a single player RPG where you can see other people playing at the same time. on the positive side of this, I do like the effort for team play in things like Node wards and things. (even though again it is just a bunch of people slashing away at one another. How i suggest maybe a minor fix would be to allow player to player trading of items or money after a time frame, ie. I start playing, add my friend. after 2 days of waiting (to ward off some appeal to "BUY GOLD NOW" schemes) then my friend can assist me in buying resources, gear, ect.
    4) As I said before, there is almost no reason anyone needs to play with anyone else. so that being the case, maybe add a marriage system where players can share housing or business development possibly? also maybe adding guild houses or player shops where they have more control over prices than the market place (the min/max caps are too narrow IMO and leads to again a pointless system when you build a game so heavily around life skills. maybe by adding some way were people can assist one another in playing the game, relationship, business partners, ect. then people can play together rather than just watching one another play their own game. 
    5) develop a better battleground system, right now its completely unplayable unless you are at the near caps of each area. i went into a 200 cap red battleground area (alone as usual) with 150 dp and got 1-3 shot by every person over and over till i just left. I would suggest at least adding some objectives besides death-match so that lower level people can still contribute to the fight by possibly holding a point, gathering supplies to fuel a buff, ect. but again, its currently 2 team slashing away in a never ending cycle of death. no strategy at all. 
    All-in-all my point is to come up with a way were people can interact more than they do, because from levels 1-53 I have not needed one persons help to do anything. and I have been unable to play with my higher level friends though most of the game. and now that we are both higher, there is nothing we can do together besides grind... so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add more social play before people get bored of sitting around grinding all day!!!!
    Thank you and sorry for the winded letter
  8. <Astalder> We are the Valiant Ones
    We are a North American guild focused on creating a casual but fun environment for players of all types to enjoy the game and have fun together. We don't have any pesky requirements that force you to be online everyday at a certain time, and we don't force anyone to play when they don't want to. If you're looking for helpful hints on how to get started in BDO we have members that can help you figure out what it is you want to do, whether its Life-skilling, PvP, or something else entirely. If you're a veteran player like the leader and co-founder who's grown tired of all the politics of the major guilds, or who's tired of this game being your second job then you'll love it here. 
    Our founding principals are:
    Real life comes first. Black Desert Online after all is just a game, and as much as we enjoy having all our members be active we understand that jobs, family, friends, etc come first and will never fault/punish you for having something else to do.Black Desert Online is a GAME not a job. As such there are no leveling quotas and no gear requirements.Our guild name is elvish for "Valiant One(s)", and as such we expect our members to behave as such. We're not anti-pk, if someone is taking your spot and you've asked them to leave we have no problems with you flagging, but we are anti-griefing so our members are not to go around pking for no reason.Don't forget to have fun. 
    If you're interested in joining our guild, or have more questions feel free to leave your reply to this thread or PM Masyaf in game. (I do my best to respond to any PMs I get in a timely manner)

    KYO existiert nunmehr seit August 2016 und hat sich als kleine social-gaming PvE Gilde etabliert. Nach der Umstrukturierung im Dezember setzen wir jetzt mehr denn je den Fokus auf den PvE Content, der nun wahrlich einen sehr großen Anteil dieses Spiels ausmacht.
    Wer uns seit Mitte Dezember kennt, weiß auch, dass wir friedliche Spieler sind.
    Wir bestehen aus Farmern, Händlern, Züchtern, Grindern & vielem mehr.
    Wir spielen aus Spaß und nicht um uns hier mit anderen zu messen.
    Gildenmissionen  & Gildenevents sind ein großer Bestandteil unserer kleinen Gruppe
    Bei Interesse oder Fragen meldet Euch doch einfach ☺
  10. [RELIC] PVX Adult Gaming Guild - Player Progression Focused
    About Us:
    What is Relic? Quid est Vinculum Quid Nos. It is that which binds us together. History, Community and Friendship. We are a mature community that has been around since 2009. As adult gamers who understand the nuances of adult life we strive to keep things family friendly and positive in our group. We game to have fun and relax with friends, not to stress out.
    Many of our players play more than one game together and have been gaming together for several years. Our history, the highs and the lows, has brought us together as a community and has let many of us form lifelong friendships. We support each other in-game in all aspects of game-play. This community is what we invite new players to be a part of.
    Joining Relic you join an established community of gamers. We will ask that you have respect toward the community and the game. We expect our members to act in a manner that speaks well of our group. You will be asked to act in accord with this spirit of good play and be reasonably active to maintain a spot on our in-game roster. (inactive players may be temporarily expelled in game if we ever run into roster constraints).

    What we provide:
    Regular Guild MissionsWeekly Guild Boss Runs (weekend event)Weekly Node Wars (weekend event)PVP Training OpportunitiesWeekly Magoria Sea Monster Hunting (weekend event)Weekly Whale Hunting OpportunitiesRegular Consistent Scroll GroupsA Stable and Mature CommunityWhat we Expect:
    Players Must be Active - You should be active on your character and participate in the community.Players Must Contribute to the Guild - You will be required to earn Guild Contribution and participate in at least one of our weekend events on a regular basis.Players Must Progress Their Characters- Life skills or combat. We expect you to always be improving some aspect of your character.Players Must Progress Toward a Node War Ready Character. Currently we consider that 400 GS and Level 58 minimum.Contact Us!:
    If you think community when someone says guild then we might be the guild for you. Let's see if we fit together. For more info contact Sass or Meaghs here on the forums or in game [ Relic_Princess (Sassi) / MrM (Meaghs / Meagh)]. You can also contact Meaghs directly via  discord (Meaghs #4352) for more info or an invite. Alternatively post here!
    Guildlaunch: http://relicgaming.guildlaunch.com     /     Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/relic.gaming     /     Discord: https://discord.me/relic
    Check out our activities on imgur!
  11. Post on RETURNING PLAYER in US Guild

    By Aria Sunshine, posted
    returning after rl took me away for nearly a year currently rolling a lvl 48 witchy woman <3 possibly daily player unsure yet...im seeing that ALOT has changed in the game tho...looking forward to some help along with enjoying the game and meeting good friendly people  *not interested in PVP* pve ONLY!!
    Aria ♥
  12. <TeamSAGA>
    TeamSAGA is a fast growing guild looking for new members to share this momentum with us!We are a super social guild with family like and fun atmosphere. 
    We do node wars, grind, PvP practice, and try to have fun! Our two requirements are that you use Discord (if you're shy at first, no need to speak), and participate in the node wars. We do weekly incentive payouts based on your involvement with guild activities and node war participation.. Currently, we have main node wars on two days of the week, but have many other optional ones for fun and practice on other days from time to time. We speak Korean and English!
    We have experienced players who would be happy to help you improve and get stronger with the guild!
     Buffs: Most of PvP and +1 gathering 
    Requirements: lvl58, active, Discord, and a brain
    If you're interested, visit our DIscord and introduce yourself in the new member section or PM me or any other officers listed below in game!  
    Jinus (Ashirizen), Raccoon_SAGA (Raccoon_SAGA), EmpressPenguin (EmpressPenguin)   https://discord.gg/82XZ7kn

  13. <TeamSAGA>
    TeamSAGA is a fast growing guild looking for new members to share this momentum with us!We are a super social guild with family like and fun atmosphere. 
    We do node wars, grind, PvP practice, and try to have fun! Our two requirements are that you use Discord (if you're shy at first, no need to speak), and participate in the node wars. We do weekly incentive payouts based on your involvement with guild activities and node war participation.. Currently, we have main node wars on two days of the week, but have many other optional ones for fun and practice on other days from time to time. We speak Korean and English!
    We have experienced players who would be happy to help you improve and get stronger with the guild!
     Buffs: Most of PvP and +1 gathering 
    Requirements: lvl58, active, Discord, and a brain
    If you're interested, visit our DIscord and introduce yourself in the new member section or PM me or any other officers listed below in game!  
    Jinus (Ashirizen), Raccoon_SAGA (Raccoon_SAGA), EmpressPenguin (EmpressPenguin)    https://discord.gg/82XZ7kn

  14. Hello!
    I have been playing BDO for a while now and am really enjoying it. I think it has the potential to be one of the greatest MMOs of all time.
    I would love to see the ability for players to send each other offline messages. Here is a scenario;
    I'm trying to join a guild, and after looking at the guild listings, I see that I should contact the player named 'LordSirGuildMaster' for more info. So I open up the chat menu and whisper this player, but he is offline. So I try again later, and the message goes through; however, LordSirGuildMaster didn't notice the private message because he was in a fight and the message got hidden by other notifications. So I try again later, but LordSirGuildMaster went AFK for a few minutes and when he came back, again the message was obscured. At this point the person sending the messages is likely not as motivated to take part in that community. They don't know if the person is ignoring them intentionally or if there are other factors. And the guild master might have lost out on a potential recruit because they were simply busy enjoying the game.

    The ability to send private mails to people, whether online or offline, would greatly improve the communications and community building in the game. Most people start a new game because of the features, but being part of a great online community can keep people in it for years after the shiny-new feel has worn off.

    Thank you very much and keep up the good work!
  15. Post on Dance Emotes in Suggestions

    By Tsizara, posted
    BDO is missing dance emotes. You could put them in as quest rewards and we could have a dance off!
  16. Hello and greetings everyone! I am but a small idea merchant with an idea on how to improve the lousy trade system to make it more enjoyable.
    My suggestion is... Player bandit incentives, bounty boards, and merchant body guard contracts! Now you may ask yourself, "Why would we incentivize banditing among players? We want players to get along." Well, my kind sir, that's frankly boring and unintuitive as it removes much needed social interaction in this large scale game.
    Now what would I suggest with this bandit incentive program is front and center bandits being able to steal things off backpacks and parked wagons outside of towns and trading nodes.  This system would include the current karma system and killing players and stealing thier trade items would decrease their karma but they would get in return gold from the items and a black market/bandit skill level.
    Now to counter bandits, I would suggest a body guard contract system and then a bounty board. We already have guild contracts where people can get paid, why not move it over to merchants too who would hire body guards to keep thier products safe in travel? This would add another social aspect to the trading system and let players interact with each other. Now, if these contracts are broken, the player who breaks it has a karma decrease that could be as severe as a bandit who steals or even more(since it's a breach of a contract and trust.) This could even open the ideas of caravans and such becoming more popular, even having dedicated Guilds to caravaning. 
    Now let's say that bandits are successful in thier plots and get away. This is where the bounty board system can come into play.  This adds yet another aspect to the social sphere as a merchant can put a contract out on an successful bandit family who has yet to be stopped. A group of players could take up the task or even solo bounty hunters who can then hunt these individuals, giving them the location of the bandit(channel and general vicinity.) Once the bandit is stopped and killed, the items and gold from the items they have stolen are returned to thier respective owners. If the gold is more than they can afford, they go into debt and thier pvp aspect is taken from them until the debts are paid off.
    To conclude, this was just an idea I had to spice things up in the trade system because as it stands, it's very boring and very unintuitive. Social interaction is rather important in a MMORPG and this could improve BDO's social aspects even more.
  17. We are a small guild looking to expand our ranks. We're active, sociable, and focused on PvE as a whole (though some members do PvP as well). We use TeamSpeak3 and are open for experienced and new players alike. We are online a few hours before and after daily reset. All we ask is that people be friendly, willing to contribute, and ready to have fun.
    Message me here or whisper DevilBear (family name: Eoinrie) in-game.

    La guilde Kuraidesu se présente enfin sur le forum officiel de notre bon jeu 100% RNG que nous adorons tous !
    Nous lançons une campagne de recrutement, afin d'inviter toute personne sans guilde ( ou ayant envie d'aller voir ailleurs ) à venir postuler chez nous et ainsi gonfler nos rangs. Nous nous caractérisons par notre bonne ambiance au sein de la guilde et les membres venant de différents univers qui en font partie.
    Notre objectif principal est de devenir réellement compétitif en pvp, afin de s'imposer en nodewar.
    Nous ne demanderons aucun temps de jeu obligatoire à nos membres, seulement de participer aux événements de guildes quand ils le pourront, ces événements de guildes sont pour nous :
    -Les sorties en guilde ( Découverte des nouveaux contenus, des zones peu explorées (Aakman, hystria etc...)
    -Les quêtes de guilde ( Et donc boss de guilde )
    -Les nodewar
    -Râler sur la RNG
    Nous apprécions égalements les sorties en guide telles que le pex l'arène, pêche et chasse.
    Nous possèdons un discord qui est obligatoire pendant les évents en guilde !
    Aucun critères de recrutement spécifique, à partir du moment ou vous êtes actifs et que vous souhaitez vous intégrer à la guilde, celui-ci se fera au cas par cas suite à un entretien avec un de nos officiers qui sera là pour répondre à vos questions, mieux vous expliquer le fonctionnement de la guilde et ce que vous pourrez lui apporter.
    Vous pouvez joindre : SeishinIzanagi   -  Kilinn  -   Kami_Lei
    Ou sur notre discord dans la section recrutement : Https://discord.gg/7tsVdcN
    Nous sommes tous majeurs ! Nous n'accepterons pas de personnes immatures et / ou qui peuvent être sources de problèmes. La bonne ambiance règne. Toute personne qui y portera atteinte sera sympathiquement dirigé vers la porte de sortie.
    Bon jeu, bon farm chance

  19. Found a Guild thx for the input!
    Looking for a guild... obviously... but I would like a guild with people in it who have similar interests. I like Anime, Music, Sci-fi stuff, science and emotional stuff but not into drama of others. I like all kinds of music just ask me and I can elaborate. I have pretty much been solo in all of my time in BDO my main is a lvl 30 valk named Melhaala. I am a pretty deep person with studies in many things. I can be fun to be around with the right group of people! I will see where this post takes me, hope it is somewhere good, if not then well boo fail!
    Glad you stepped by to learn more about us or just to kill your curiousity of who we are. 
    Easely said, we are a bunch of people who found eachother and share the same thoughts of the game. That a game has to be fun, no drama or rushing or nagging that your way of gaming isnt the "twue way" and that you should learn it the "right way", ofc. We are playing our game, each does it differently and its totally fine to do so. Also, our general age is a little higher then with other Guilds maybe, but thats only good. For we know there is an life also outside the game and that one, does not turn off!
    <Hooters> is a Extra large Guild, we go more after quality rather then quantity. Not saying that more members is bad, but for us its nice to have time to get to know eachother. It makes playing the game much more fun, for all of us. We are always recruiting, but you wont see us spamming the channels for members. Our method is more of an ninja-way. More smoother and not so, "out there". Sure we do advertise too, but as said, not as much as others do. The members of <Hooters> are coming from several places, England, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and so on. I am sure I missed someone, they might force me to add their country later on, so come back again if you want to know more about heritage 
    As Guild we try to do as much as possible together. 
    Scrolls and bosses. Grinding together and exploring together, Guild Missions... The exchange of knowledge within the Guild is sometimes awesomely overwhelming, plus everyone is really friendly and helpful to anyone else. Several times we had newbies to the game joining and they were amazed by the helpfullness and friendlyness by the others. But, well, what can I say .. Thats how we roll ..
    We use Discord, but not frequently. some of us still havent even log onto it yet. As said before, everyone is entitled and accepted by playing their game. We do not force anyone to play it differently, only because we want it that way. Nice having all to talk to, but its also fine to use the channel if you want. Also, despite our old Thread in this forum, we do not only looking for female avatars wit the biggest breasts. It was an joke that was funny in the beginning, but now is long obsolete. Unfortunally our old Leader is no more part of the game, so it cannot be undone. So forgive us for that and turn to this one instead. hopefully this does mirror more who we are and what we are going for.
    Anyone is welcome, no matter gender, weight, color or level. no one cares if you are newbie in the game or already know what to do at all times. Sure, we would like to have more lvl55, but then again, every lower level is actually leveling towards it, so all is fine. What we also do not care about is what character/class you play. Or how many, everyone is always welcome. And as Guild we are quite Laid back and easygoing. Our humor can be, concerning sometimes, but thats part of being a <Hooters>. You are a wierd bird then ..
    So, if you got to here, then you must have an interest in us or you just have no life and its maintainance day and the game is down .....
    Would you want to know more, come talk to us or check also our our Website. or Hooters Discord Channel
    If it all sounds interesting, let us know here or contact one of us InGame!
    Officers to get in contact with:
    Grindie Grindtegel              Calithileth Cuethiel               Charran Gogos               Meatgrinder Wormridden               Ginya Nipshu          Ksa666 Ksa666
    Usedname Grindtegel        Zinna Cuethiel                     Chawit Gogos                  Boltthrower Wormridden
    Channel that is our home and you have most chance to get in contact in game...
    Hooters Discord Channel
  21. Wasteland is a small social guild that is looking for new members, if you are new to BDO You are still welcome but ofc are oldtimers welcome too.
    We do:
    Boss scrolls   Saturdays
    Guild dailys   Afternoon/evenings
    Node wars     Not yet
    We use Discord
    Send me a PM in here or whisper Riverzz/Mixxina/Torvilina/Cheekyta or just ask for Wasteland on Balenos 2 channel
    ty for youre time
    If you want you can reach me here too, just tell me a name and be on channel Balenos 2 between 12-6PM

  22. MyLittlePwny est une guilde qui à été reprise récemment par la belle Alsedia(Clarquen)
    Nous nous définissions comme une guilde sociale, fun, sans prise de tête, mais quand même sérieuse qui vise le long terme, nous recherchons de nouveaux Pwny pour se joindre a notre grande famille ^^
    Discord est obligatoire ( au moins à l'écrit ) pour suivre le déroulement journalier de la guilde ( organisation d'events de guilde )Nous participons aux War Node Les Boss de guilde sont décimés les Samedis vers 17h-18hLe chef de guilde organise une réunion de guilde sur Discord au moins une fois par moisDes events supplémentaires sont proposés ( Pex en groupe, Arènes, GVG, Pk Sauvage, Rp etc)Nos Pwny sont tous majeurs et vaccinésNos critères de recrutement :
    Être au moins niveau 56Minimum 380 AP/PDÊtre actif in-gameVenir sur Discord régulièrement (même sans micro)Vouloir s'intégrer à la guilde ( n'ayez pas peur de parler in game et sur discord de tout et n'importe quoi)Être funLe respect entre membres est primordialSi vos amis veulent vous rejoindre une fois dans la guilde, nous les accepterons avec plaisir =) 
    Notre channel principal est Mediah 4 et Calpheon 1 pour les war Nodes.
    Nous avons aussi une page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Mylittlepwnybdo
    Ainsi qu'un site web : http://mlpwnybdo.webnode.be/
    Si tu es intéressé et que tu souhaites te joindre à nous, tu peux contacter Aseldia(Clarquen), Overdoze(Keelah),Traitre (AlphaKiss), Shiia(Yom) in game, nous contacter sur la page Facebook ou répondre à ce post.
    A bientôt ~*

  23. hey,
    game feels very much alone after my 3rd character now.
    seriously, i try talking to some people i bump into, maybe ask them to grind together for profit - everybody are just way too deep into their own grind, leveling etc..
    anyways, was looking for some funny people to play with on the EU servers.... 
    any recommendation?
  24. Hello to everyone on the BDO forums! 
    My name is Kyler. Im installing Black Desert Online as we speak and am 100% new to the game. I was aboard the hype train for this game leading up to launch, but took others negative feedback to heart and never even gave it a chance. Luckily, I watched a video on the game yesterday and the person speaking about the game made some really good points ( such as how BDO is its OWN experience and shouldnt be treated like other MMOS ) that really resonated with me. After all, some of my favorite MMOS were the older ones that required you to truly grind the game and put almost all your free time into it. 
    Here is some info on me and what im looking for in a guild
    Im 22 years old ( for any age restricted guilds ) and currently living in Texas ( CST time zone ). Im fortunate enough to almost completely work from home and therefore am almost always online. I have been playing MMOs for about 12 years now. I have been going from game to game since WoW changed completely, only playing some for a few months at a time. I hope to find a long term home here in BDO. 
    I would really like to be apart of a pretty active guild that has members who are on daily. Im a pretty social person so a guild with a Discord/TS server is a must for me. I have been in both very serious PvP & PvE guilds and plan on getting into the end game PvP. I respect role players so it is not an issue if people in the guild RP
    I hope to hear from some of you very soon! Thanks everyone. 

    Please contact Xerise, Candysaur or Tea in-game for more information! :3
    Interested in more about us first?
    Our average age is approximately 35-36. The founders of the guild have played together in multiple games for over 2 years  Many of us are Canadian.Candysaur, our Lord and saviour, is a Dinosaur made of pastel candy.Candysaur takes bribes in the form of cupcakes or anything else that involves a ridiculous amount of pastel colors.Or hand drawn pictures of giraffes.  Or cats.  Or dinosaurs.No, you may not collect Candysaur as part of your Halloween quest.Candysaur likes to talk in the third person when making guild recruitment posts.Still reading?  >.> uhh..Oh.  Our wonderful Xerise also runs a weekly PvP Tournament for PvP practice!Disclaimer:  Any synths found within the guild may be subject to harsh "removal".