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  1. Hello today again i've experienced huge anger and adrenaline drive, why? Well again a pleb who is a karma griefer showed up on my Main spot on pirates where im grinding with a full group for 4 hours and pops in kills mobs, I nicely said hey its taken and we are full otherwise i'd invite, please leave. He doesnt do that and continues, so my group starts farming him, untill we went red, once that happend the guy comes around and hits us worst part is he is conviced he is awfully strong as he can beat us and we dont kill him right. Well I've been thinking of a way to Stop this from happening, it might take a while and whole EU community and NA to contribute to actualy get rid of them.
    Here is the idea, using this thread we can write down names of known griefers with proof (whispers, deaths and such) and then all the players who have their names could, should bully them, outside of safe areas when they are spotted, be they on alt gathering or main grinding or bosses we should all do this and contribute to getting rid of the awfull system daum put on us.
    I will be making a discord for this, as Name and Shaming isnt alowed on forums.
    If everyone agree's i'd start with making discord.
     I'll be editing this thread with names of each and every griefer added and so people can actualy work against them. Please do join in on this and help us get rid of cancerous plebs.
  2. My idea for pvp vs pve solve. At level 45 make a quest that excludes that toon from ALL PVP activites. That way the people that do pvp can't just toggle it off & on as they please to troll players. But even if they tried that player would be excluded so it wouldn't matter. Just make sure the quest HIGH LIGHTS that this is a permanent feature.
    Idea number 2. Make a vendor/station that toggles the current system on.(Out of safe zone pvp, etc) And toggles off meaning when you're anywhere in the world you can not pvp with anyone at all until you reactivate from the vendor/station.
    I feel like both of these are simple fixes for this issue. I like the game the way it is. But If i had the option to opt out on pvp all together i would. And for people that just want to train unbothered can do so. Then later be able to pvp if they like.
  3. I'm sure no one will take this seriously as I don't post on the forums that much. I don't really remember the last time I signed in to the forums, much less posted... 
    However, it annoys me to observe seemingly mindless blithering over an issue but no substantive solutions presented. This thread, I guess, is my effort at brainstorming a possible solution.
    As of now, there are only a few things that are lucidly absent of speculation: Daum/Kakao/PA have said they will introduce the selling of pearl shop items into the market place and that they have done so to foster accessibility for players who cannot spend money in the pearl shop for one reason or another. 
    Given these statements, my idea would eliminate any P2W accusations:
    Simply convert the money players spend on pearl shop items on the market place to loyalties (or some new monetary system that is not interchangeable with pearls in any way). 
    This effectively eliminates the concern of players assuming some insurmountable advantage given to those who decide to spend money in the pearl shop since loyalties offer minute advantages similar to the prexisiting pearl shop items (before this furor about P2W).
    This also achieves daum's two aims perfectly. Plus, they still earn money since people cannot reconvert loyalties into pearls. 
    Please feel free to point out any glaring issues I may have missed when evaluating the plausibility of this!
    Thanks for reading.
  4. As a combatant of p2w in BDO, which had been promised never to happen by Daum (Kakao now), I finally came up with a nice solution, which should be in favor of all types of players.
    1.) If this whole change is a matter of money for Kakao, then I would be quite fine with the change to a monthly pay-to-play model of the game, to bypass the p2w direction.
    Requirements: - Monthly convenience bonuses for the people who preordered and bought the buy-to-play game (could also include merv's palette and others).
                              - The annulment of the recent idea of making the cash shop p2w.
    2.) If it's not a matter of money then Kakao could easily add some npcs to the world which sell the items from cash shop. With this system everyone could get their desired items for ig money, which also was a main point of Kakao. To make sure Kakao won't loose every rl money purchase of their items, these npc shop items would have weakened effects of course.
    Requirements: - Ig npc vendors for costumes and outfits: Clothes bought ig have their additional effects (like bonus combat exp) disabled.
                              - Ig npc vendors for pets: Those pets can't be bred to achieve higher tiers.
                              - Ig npc vendors for value packs: Weakened effects for the conveniences the value pack gives + availability of value pack from loyality shop with a better price-performance ratio.
    What do you think of these solutions? Any thoughts or adaptations? Discuss!
  5. Post on Easy solution to P2W in General

    By Muggins, posted
    A guildie of mine had a really good idea. Daum stated 
    Here's the idea. Add a Pearl vendor. You can buy pearls for silver. This would create a silver dump to help prevent inflation and prevent P2W while still allowing players access to the Pearl Items.

    What do you guys think?
  6. Well, since I had some trouble with having a dual-display setup (I'm playing on a laptop and using an external display) - so I thought this might be useful for people still searching for a solution. This might be also of some use to people having huge frame drops during combat.
    See, when you run the game it usually goes windowed fullscreen. No matter what setting it says (IT LIES), the easiest way to test is just alt-tabbing. If your screen blinks and becomes black for a second after alt-tabbing out of the game, it was in fullscreen. If not - it was in windowed fullscreen.
    So - how to go true fullscreen? Pretty easy actually, the game checks which display you use only at start. You have to start the game only with 1 display active tho (go to windows display settings - multiple displays - check 'show desktop only on #')*
    1) Set fullscreen in launcher options
    2) Press play
    3) Watch the game window appearing
    4) Click once on the game window to make it active (while it's still black and loading) and then just wait till the game loads.
    After this you can freely alt-tab, activate your second monitor, close it to tray, etc. -  It won't bug out the fullscreen until you close the game.
    Results? 'Windowed fullscreen' has about half the performance of true fullscreen (at least on my Nvidia 960m videocard) and it's results are pretty frustrating in actual combat. For example - I can easily hold 60 fps in fullscreen while only having about 19 fps in windowed fullscreen (while the game setting still says I'm in fullscreen duh.)
  7. Ok, so .. keep 0% exp PVP penalty in game.
    Here's an idea:
    Add in game item called "flag of declaration" for some silvers from merchants.
    Item could be used only by party leader (when you got at least+3 peoples in party for example so you should not be able to ABUSE it solo),
    it would have +-5minute cooldown on use for example, cast time 5sec for example (could not be interrupted) and would do something like this:
    "In range 100m around flag players get *battle of honor* buff, players inside that area are ALWAYS flagged for PVP and get EXP loss penalty upon death via PVP combat, outside range of flag players cannot attack others with *battle of honor* buff, flag is destroyed when all members of "summoner" party  dies."
    This way "top" guild/grouped players can go to their sweet EXP spot, place flag and grind there, this way they are forced to DEFEND their grind place in name of honor, so beware if you try to challenge them, they will need think twice if they are strong enough to take over or just move little further, also this would completely negate "trolls" alts without gear which just went there to pester other by KSing.
    Also i think it would not endanger fishers or other AFK because mostly PKs which was killing players at these AFK fish spots was solo bored person on max red karma alts, so they would not be able to harm you without (full) party.
    What do you think guys?
  8. It has come to my attention recently since the May 4th patch that my attack speed on my Maehwa seemed to be much slower.  Even with 5 attack speed, I was sure that my attack speed was much lower than it used to be before the patch hit when I only had 4 attack speed.  After many hours of grinding, I noticed a sudden jump in my attack speed and I think I have figured out what is wrong with our attack speed, why is it wrong, and how exactly to fix it.
    Disclaimer: I have not fully tested whether this is actually the sole reason why I now have normal attack speed, but it seems to be the most logical conclusion.
    First of all, there are two definitions of attack speed that need to be differentiated to understand the root of the problem.  The first definition is how fast a single attack is performed (how many frames does it take to start and complete a single attack).  The second definition is the amount of attacks that can be performed in a recorded time period.  What the second definition includes that the first does not is the DELAY between attacks. 
    Before the May 4th patch hit, everyone read the forums and heard that we shouldn't skill Chase II or Ultimate Chase because they were bugged and didn't actually do anything for the class.  Some time after the patch hit, people figured out that Chase II and Ultimate Chase do have additional effects.  My theory is that before the May 4th patch happened, there was no delay between attacks and Chase II and Ultimate Chase did not work at all.  After the patch hit on May 4th, Chase II and Ultimate Chase were "turned on" which allows you to input commands during the ending frames of an attack animation so that the Maehwa/Musa can "instantly" dash out of an attack.  However, if you only skilled Chase I post-patch, I think that the delay between attacks (attack -> attack, not attack -> chase) has been either increased or switched with the way Chase II and Ultimate Chase work.
    So basically, pre-patch had no delay between attack speed because there was no such thing as early cancellable frames (because Ultimate Chase didn't work pre-patch), so we had normal working attack speed (2nd definition).  Post-patch, having Chase II and Ultimate Chase "allows" no delay between attacks because it enables cancellable frames which I think somehow got placed in the category of delay between attack speed. 
    If you skill both Chase II and Ultimate Chase, or perhaps it is just one of these (I've only tested before both skills were obtained and after both skills were obtained) you should have attack speed similar to what you are used to before the May 4th patch.  This bug only existed for players who did not skill Chase II and Ultimate Chase, which I can understand because of the wariness of spending points in a previously "bugged" skill.
    Get Chase II and Ultimate Chase and suddenly your attack speed is really fast again.  (You still have a chase cancel if you skill up Chase II, both Chase II and Ultimate Chase are now must-gets because they are fixed.)
  9. Hi!
    For some time now , I've had slumps before fps when all was well.
    Doing a little research , I saw that in the BIOS my CPU was blocked to 0,8Ghz , if that is your case , the solution is to disable the BIOS option :
    Intel Adaptive Thermal Monitor
    I found this bug on a motherboard MSI Gaming M3 .
    I guess if the failure FPS in MSI Motherboard , this is the solution .
    Good luck

    EDIT: I made a "tutorial" on my blog to solve this problem, in spahisn.
  10. @GM_Huego,
    Hi.  Since the AFK/auto-looping feature has been added there seems to be some issues experienced when playing the game.  Because these are technical experiences which are mentioned in the post below, I felt it was all right to post this in this section of the forums.  I hope that I am correct in that regard, thanks!
    Now, to be clear I really LOVE and I am a proponent for the AFK auto-looping feature.  But it seems to be that this addition plus the increase in player numbers overall (both good things) are having an unwanted side-effect.  So please keep the AFK auto-looping feature.  However, I would like to briefly suggest a solution range to look into possibly.
    Could we have selected and labeled server channels either designated (changed to be used for this main purpose) or added (if necessary create these new channels if need be) to the existing NA servers.  These channels on a server would allow players to more effectively dedicate their characters to auto-looping.  As it is right now it seems to be a highly used feature which is great!  However the effect on players actually playing seems to be undesired.  The main effect that I have noted, is the drop rates and looting whenever it comes up when playing--(I suspect the strain now on database/loot table access) this part of the game and aspect (also could be effecting the Cherry blossom event drops as well as all of the drops) is being effected.  Other just as important areas being effected as well are: movement of the characters, character animations, framerate, and loading of housing being heavily; all of these have been effected since the AFK/auto-looping implementation and with the recent new influx of additional players (for Musa and Maehwa which I also love).  With this proposed particular new channel designation, I am suggesting a means to address this issue. 
    First, the number of actual NPCs on this new channel would be reduced and optimized as just essentially a place to auto-loop/AFK; in whatever manner the development team deems necessary.  Because the players on this channel would actually not be there playing, they would not need access or to see the usual amount of extraneous wonderful NPCs and assets/etc.  Vendors and repair NPCs on this channel would stay available.  The actual number of town people NPCs and NPCs that are in the world; their numbers would be reduced or optimized for maximum performance. 
    Additionally on this channel, players could perhaps do AFK fishing without being:
    1) Disconnected AS OFTEN (this would also apply to the AFK auto-looping main purpose for this proposed channel).
    2) AFK fish in a more safe manner without being attacked (as an additional incentive to lure them to the channel) more effectively as a bonus or to lure players to use the new channels.  There then would be 2 incentives for visiting the new channels and using them, and thus having a place to go for the AFK/Auto-looping players--effectively increasing the game play experience (not the leveling experience points; just the fun time had) for players that are actually playing the game.  I hope this request is clear. 
    As for the FEW of the PVP players who would not want this AFK fishing addition?  That is another thread.  But to satiate their inevitable displeasure with the AFK fishing bonus addition, there would perhaps need to be for AFK fishing access on the new channel type, a rank requirement on the AFK fishing for access to grant this capability.  It would be low enough that it is not super inconvenient to reach, but would take some actual fishing effort in the normal channels before going to hot spots out in combat zone/attack-able areas to AFK fish safely or at all on the newly proposed channel. 
    To further solidify the purpose of the channel and also keeping some of the PVP players in mind, questing along with world bosses and treasure chests etc. as necessary, would be removed perhaps--meaning that if players wanted to really get anything else done besides AFK activities, then they would need to return to a normal channel.  In this regard, a 5 minute move to cool down would be available FOR moving into the AFK/auto-looping channels (if needed otherwise it would be instant).  However the 10 minute cool down would stay in place to ensure the development team's reasons are kept when moving back from the channel.
    I am open to any additional ideas for incentives or ways to get players to actually use these channels or to become aware of them.  As a parting quick thought, perhaps activating the AFK/auto-looping feature ONLY on these channels would ensure that they are used.  To finish that thought then perhaps more than one of these channels may be needed per server, so the development team would need to monitor and address this as needed.
    Development team brief response or quick acknowledgement of receipt (hey we've got it and will give something along these lines consideration) of this proposal would be most welcome!
    These ideas that I am sharing hopefully warrant a review by the development team as well as by my fellow Black Desert players.  To me, it is a viable solution, that perhaps might need to be considered.  If not this exact solution then something along these lines?  Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone. We have hackers in black desert online. Some of them are hide, and some others are starting to show in public killing everyone using endless ultimate skill.
    A lot of people in the server Croxus has been reporting this all day. We have been able to identify 2 of the hackers.
    The hacker called *A* confess in the channel chat that he did kill all the people that was killing the boss Kzarka so  only one guy could get all the loots. He got 4 kzarka weapons.
    He also killed us using the ultimate skill of the witch without cd all time. He came after we killed a guy called *B* and told us that he was send to kill us all.
    This is not a post reporting this situation. This is a post about what are we going to do with the hackers and with the people that are taking adventaje of it too.
    All hackers should be baned and also those that did take adventaje. Please GM act fast becouse this is destroying your amazing game.
  12. I figured out the solution to my File corruption for Black desert! Hope it helps everyone with this issue. Tell all your friends the good news!
  13. Post on Bot hunting system in Suggestions

    By Cain-Ish, posted
    Your in-game chat dying cause of goldseller spammers. For sure someone buying gold and other stuff from them so DAUM Europe loosing money. People will be reporting scams/account breaks cause of account sharing for power-leveling so DAUM Europe  support will spend hundreds of hundreds hours to check what happen (and if it was sharing account - replying to raged person that they wont help).
    Can we do something about it? Actually yes. Hint for @CM_Jouska @CM_Tytyes and rest of DAUM.
    Invest into players! Set report system into... like 5-10 energy cost. If someone report bot and it will be confirmed by DAUM send hunter gift like energy restore 15 potion - PROFIT! People will mass report bots for extra energy.
    Wanna go further? Make TOP5 hunter list. Once a week persons (from TOP list) who report higher count of bots(confirmed one) will get pearls - say 100. Its to much... Then give them loyal points. People are willing to get rid of all bots so all what we need is active GM/CM how will be check any reported bot. You know how for example Archeage done it? They got GMs who every day log in into game and get all reports about bots. Bots was vanish really quick and people was happy. Made it here! Daily GM/CM route -couple minutes or 1 hour in-game and autoban any goldseller bot. Week or two of work and bot company will lose more money buying account when selling gold...silver.
    For sure bot spamer are on guest  access accounts. Solution - block newcome users for using global and direct chat (YES - bot spam also though direct message!)
  14. Issue:
    gold spam is getting out of hand in this game. We shouldn't have to continuously block gold spammers. Avoiding chat altogether is also not a reasonable solution as it is a large part of the game for many players. You shouldn't have to continuously block gold spammers.
    Proposed Solution:
    Ban Ip addresses of gold spammers, and add a proxy server check (or a check for anyone using a IP address changer). Make it where in order to play online (or at least to talk in chat), you must not be using a proxy server (or ip address changer) in order to play online or at least to talk in chat.) This would make it so that tagged unknown IP addresses are not able to continuously spam the chat.
    I am not a software engineer, but I feel that this would dramatically improve this game's experience dramatically. Thank you.
  15. Hello everyone, 
    I came up with a possible solution for the Gold-sell spam.
    Gold-Sellers have been around from the beginning. And even though the developers have tried resolving the problem, they didn't succeed, yet.
    So I began thinking about a way to stop the sellers and make the Channel chat a bit better. I came up with two possible solution and am curious what you guys think of it.
    1. Bann certain words
    -The website I mostly see in chat is: 'Bikinipanda''. By banning the Word they won't be able to promote their website anymore.
    2. Report function
    -It would be great to have a option to report Gold-Seller. The report shouldn't cost any energy. And only when a Family gets 10 reports the devs will have to look into the problem, and bann the account if the reports turn out to be Valid.
    This is my first Post, so please be nice, and correct me if I made any mistakes.
  16. Couldn't Daum or the GM's Just Block the input of websites in chat? That's one suggestion, See what the most popular phrases are that gold sellers use add that to a list of chat bannable phrases, or even copy and paste whatever spam they keep posting and have that as a chat ban auto-filter. Just a suggestion, because right now what was implemented isn't very effective.
  17. You have to click on properties of BDO and you execute compatibility with 256 colors, the image will look bad but you can connect your account and accept the terms.
    Once accepted you can start the game, and you can also disable the colors to be perfectly see.
    It has worked for me.
  18. I have had the previous problem of unable to launch the Black Desert launcher at all getting the launcher exe moved to background processing and not as an app, with after a while popping out an Error "Failed to read the launch version".
    Searching through the logs I dig up:
    From searching throughout the forums and on the net, there was no solution except to reinstall windows.
    Deciding to explore this I checked my Windows 10 version and realised it was outdated, possibly a problem.
    With some issues with updating windows due to old version bugs I used this website to update my windows:

    now it works!

    Hopefully this will help some of you!
    TL:DR: Try updating your Windows to the latest offivical version

    PS: image as proof its working!!

  19.  After looking around the forum , internet, send tickets, install the game again, remove the antivirus and all ... the only solution is to reinstall the windows , clean. Because we have a program that gives conflict and thus closes the start , the easiest way to check what is start from 0 and install slowly .

    I'm sorry but I now work the game after it all.
  20. Post on No quests in the game? in General

    By Throow, posted
    The first day of my hs, I hardly could get any quests a part from the main quests from the spirit.
    Then I noticed, that when pressing O (quest log) at the top, everything was clicked of. I clicked on the icon All and in the 2 drop down boxes I selected "All"
    and the quests become available.
    I heard others had this problem as well, and I suspect that it is those of us who patched the beta client.
  21. I would love to see the developers have a post in the forms where they say what they have fixed and worked on from our suggestions. if this already exists please point me in the right direction, but I am pretty sure if this is not a thing it should be...we as users want to know our voice is being heard.
  22. Introduction to "Pot Spam"
    The ability to spam potions on Black Desert is a salient and serious problem. Currently, all potions can be used instantly, without penalty, and with a short cooldown. This "pot spam" leads to the following problems:
    Fights are overextended by "pot spam". A losing player can egress from or stall a fight so they have adequate time to recover HP, and thus, survive - even though they clearly are not skilled enough to beat their opponent. "Pot spam" requires no skill. Unlike stamina or cooldown management, no thinking is necessary to use potions. It simply requires the ability to use a potion whenever it goes on cooldown.Other games have avoided this problem with their own compensatory factors. However, Black Desert is a unique game, and deserves an equally unique solution.

    A Possible Solution
    Because of the complexity of the issue - and to avoid undesirable side effects - my proposal has multiple components. Be prepared to read.
    Introduce a stationary animation to health potions. A player must stand still and quickly "chug" a drink to recover their HP; they cannot move or cast skills while doing so.This will prevent "pot spam" in combat. A player repeatedly using potions will become vulnerable to attacks, as they will be unable to defend themselves or evade.This will introduce a new tactical component to healing. A player must be able to judge when they will have an opportunity to  use a health potion, or must otherwise create that opportunity by CCing their opponent.
     Introduce a new concept: "animation cancelling" for health potions. By pressing a key (such as Shift) in addition to the normal key for a health potion, a player will be able to use a health potion in the same way they do now - without animation, and with freedom to move or cast skills.Because health potions will normally require an animation, players would be unable to use potions while dazed, grabbed, or prone. However, this would affect game balance, as players would become "squishier" during CC durations (as, right now, a player can continually pot while CCed, increasing their defense). Therefore, a method to preserve this current meta is necessary.
     Introduce a stamina cost for this "animation cancelling". A player must be willing to sacrifice stamina to perform the feat of drinking a potion instantly, just like dodging and knockdown recovery.Animation cancelling will preserve the current defense of players, but at a cost.This will introduce a tactical component to healing. A player must manage their stamina well to preserve their ability to "animation cancel" - or "instapot" - their health.A player will have more options regarding their defense. Consider the following examples:A player predicts they will be stunned. They can either use their stamina to dodge it, or they can use their stamina to "instapot" after they are stunned.A player gets knocked down. They can either "instapot", or see if they will be able to survive the combo to preserve stamina.A player gets knocked down. They can either "instapot", or use their stamina to recover early. The no-pot duel meta remains the same as it is now - no pots means no instapotting.
     Introduce a stationary animation to mounted health potions. The animation will be longer than non-mounted health potion usage.Stamina is not used on horseback; therefore, normal "animation cancelling" will not be a viable solution. By increasing a stationary animation during mounted combat for health potions, the same problem of removing "pot spam" is resolved.Instead of regular combat's double option of either animated pot recovery (high risk, low cost) or animation-cancelled pot recovery (low risk, high cost), we will have a longer duration animation (very high risk, no cost).Horse acceleration and deceleration abilities and speed will become more important, as a person will need to stop quickly to use a potion during combat and accelerate quickly afterward. This promotes variety in mounted combat style and horse skill selection.
     Let potions recovering the equivalent of mana remain unaffected.Mana potions don't have significant effects on the problems of overextended fights or lack of skill. Certain classes rely on mana pots more than others. Leaving mana pots unaffected means the current balance is preserved regarding those classes.Mana management is an old concept, and most players are unfamiliar with it. Adding a skill component to mana management would discourage those players.
     Let foods remain unaffected.These items have cooldowns too long to be considered part of the "pot spam" problem.
    This is a highly preliminary solution. I expect flaws in my thinking, and many oversights. I also realize that this is merely theoretical - I have not attached any exact numbers, and I am not sure whether it is viable as a solution to the developers of the game. However, that is why I ask for your input. Please let me know what you think and any concerns that you have in the comments below!

    Thank you!
    (Fun fact: I was inspired by the ability of classes to use their basic attack while moving, at the cost of stamina. It occurred to me - in the shower - that this mechanic is an equally elegant solution to our "pot spam" problem.)