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  1. I am trying to create a character creation for my sorc and wicht but it takes weeks and I do not get the result that I want erasing the previous creations starting from zero and nothing
    If someone can help me or has the creation and can pass me it would be helping me a lot I prefer it for the sorc but if you have it for the wicht or other kind I do not care so I make screenshots of each trait of the face and then recreation in the 2 classes I want to sorc and wicht but I will have exactly the details to create them in the 2 classes I love (prefer sorc)

    You are my last hope
  2. Post on Sorc Dark Flame in General

    By BDOFAN, posted
    Is the front guard of Dark Flame still active when the skill is in cooldown?
  3. Post on 5 balls, 1 Sorc in General

    By Sir Antisocial, posted

    Although this move sounds great it never ever seemed to work. Most sorcs come to the consensus on the forum and the sorc discord that it is broken and always was, and a complete waste of skill points. I would definitely like to see it reworked into something useful or actually work as intended.
    Secondly is it me or does it seem the like black hole (100%) doesn't suck people in anymore? It seems that most anyone can just get away from it as it's slow enough as it is, but the cc potential seems like it's been nerfed. Just wondering.
    Thanks for reading.  
  5. Post on Sorcerer or Ranger? in Classes

    By ReyuZero, posted
    I have already read a lot about both of them, but I still dont know which one to pick.
    Right now I have a witch lvl 56, but I don't like getting destroyed in 1v1.
    So I want to level up a new character.
    I want to know which one, between the sorcerer and ranger, is the best for each type of pvp and grinding.
    Btw, I don't like the ranger awakening, it looks meh... and the fact that they use many pots while grinding sounds bad to me too. But I still want to know if it's worth dealing with that or going with the sorcerer.
  6. Post on Returning Player in Sorceress

    By NotPanda, posted
    I left BDO right before pri weapons and ect. 
    What should my goals be? 

    Looking for help like. 
    New combos? 
    Where to start the awakening quest? 
    Optimal and BIS gear? 
    What skills to prioritize first? 
    Level: 55
    Gear: http://image.prntscr.com/image/7792fb16c116400c9ed29d8582ba7025.png
  7. Post on Musa or Sorc ? in General

    By Maxi_Moot, posted
    Hi everyone,
    First : Happy new year !
    Soooo... yeah .. like sooo many post on this forum,
    I have a doubt about That => Musa Or Sorc ?
    Hmmm... i know, the choise is really hard  !
    If some of you have a exeprience with Musa or Sorc and can tell me something like ... This is better about that or that ... 
    I dont need the GOD classe or something like that ... just ... a class who's not rolling on by anyone ( PvE like PvP ).
    So that's my question , i know the game is ONLY grinding and work and using time,
    Musa get a self heal ?
    Cause the Sorc yes and that's really good for farming ( no potion in bag so i havn't to buy some of them, more place for stuff ... )
    Musa is a paper or not ?
    Have CC ?
    Good damage ?
    Sorc have CC and Heal and good damage sooo ...
    I like both of them, just need a return of experience =)
    I prefer Musa style, Speed, Fire  and ... Samourail style x)
    But if he havn't any heal for survive ...
    Thanks a lot and see you again !
  8. If you're on uno and have a dandelion please throw it up on the marketplace first enchant to 7 so then I can get the pre order, i've been farming karanda for months and theres just no way i'm ever going to get this drop.
    It would be a great help to my gearing grind . Thank you!
  9. Need some help! When I try to do flow: rushing crow by pressing w + right click, my character stays stationary and performs sinister energy. No one else has experienced this that I've asked.
    Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all,
    Had a question for fellow sorcs. When doing the common transition of Turn Back Slash -> Dead Hunt, I've noticed quite a bit of variation in how smoothly the two skills connect. Here are the possible ways it goes each time, rather randomly (with 5 cast speed and cast speed addons):
    If you time it just right, you get a very smooth transition from TBS to DH - DH's beginning cancels TBS ending just right and it feels fluidIf not, the transition will happen but with a slight ramp up delay as DH starts casting. Not the worst thing but it will slow you down and feel sluggish.If you get timing really wrong, DH will actually skip its first side swing and start directly with the upper hook swing. If you were planning to do 2 swings of DH and don't realize this immediately, you'll get stuck in the long animation of the 3rd swing of DH before you know it.Obviously, I'd like to be able to do (1) each and every time. I *have* noticed that by timing it right, I can increase my chances of landing it, but it's still not 100%. I'm suspecting latency might play a role in it too.
    I'd love to hear if anyone knows of any tips here.
  11. Hello,
    My name is JuicyJin and I would like to report a bug.
    I realized that when I am using Bloody Calamity in a certain way, it does not hit the mobs nor restore HP. 
    Method 1: shift + a/d then spacebar
    Method 2: double tap a/d, wait until your character has moved, then spacebar
    Method 3. Shift +a/d + spacebar (all at the same time)
    In method 1 and 2, the bloody calamity works as it normally should. However, when using method 3, the bloody calamity skill goes off (I can see the red thing) but it does not damage the mobs nor restore HP.
    Here are videos to demonstrate:
  12. Hey Leute
    Ich spiele eine Level 55 Sorc und frage mich so langsam was man den für ein End-game Schmuck benutzt auf ihr. Ich hab in einem Guide gelesen das man wohl die Korallen Ohrringe und ringe benutzt, da ich das aber komisch finde dachte ich dass ich lieber einfach nachfrage. Also was denkt ihr? ^^
  13. https://youtu.be/_gou_1d6YAA
  14. Hey,
    today i tried to change my skill build a bit and tried reseting some of my skills, but for some reason i couldn't reset the "Dark Armor" Skill, while others reseted just fine. Oddly it has the purpleish glow and it says i can right click to reset it but when i do it tells me that the target does not exist.
    Does anyone knows something about it? Is it a bug or is it intended? If you have the skill too try reseting it and tell us if it works or not. You get all the skill points you invested, so you can instantly reskill in that skill without loosing skill points.
    Thank you in advance for your help
  15. Post on EQ Recommendations? in General

    By ConStyle, posted
    Hey there
    I am quite a low (Lv 35) and asking you for your advise
    Currently my EQ is: Liverto+7, Full Grunil Armor +5, Jubre +7 (maybe exchange that)
    What kind of acessories should I get?
    I might need another 2nd weapon.. Which one do you recommend?
    As a sorc I also wonder what crystals might be the most useful for me
    Thanks for your help
  16. Post on Insane Desync in In-Game Bugs

    By Reedera, posted
    So i was having a nice duel today when my duel partner was complaining that i was desyncing extremely.
    Can be seen here: Sorc+Maehwa Desync
    We did test it with other ppl and this only happened between the two of us. Sadly we had no other Sorc/Maehwa around to test if this might be class related. As can be seen in the Video it also happens when i am standing still while the sorc is attacking me.
  17. Hi Leute,
    Ich wurde von einem gewissen "[Deleted name]" im Internationalen Chat schon oft Beleidigt und nun auch Erpresst, nun zumindest ist der klägliche Versuch einer Erpressung. Er will mich so lange jagen und töten bis ich ihm ein T7 aus meiner Zucht Verkaufe. Jetzt drehe ich den Spieß um, wer kann mir etwas über diesen "[Deleted name]" sagen? Ich weis das er sich selbst "Den Besten Sorc EU" nennt andere Hinweise auf seine Person habe ich nicht. Hilfreich wären Infos wie, Gilde, Lvl, Heimat-channel ect.. Er Spielt auf Alustin und scheint Nachtaktiv soweit so nützlich..
    Für Informationen und Hinweise zu dieser Person wäre ich sehr Dankbar, jemanden auf dauer zu Pkn für ein Pferd spricht doch hoffentlich schon für sich  und.. solltete ihr ihn sehen... vielleicht tötet ihr ihn ja mal für mich ~.^
    Liebe Grüße an Alle <3 Unico 
    Anbei, es geht nicht um das Gerede dieser Person, ich kann ihn Blocken und Ignorieren. ABER! Ich bin Züchter und reite daher viel Afk "Ja, auch in Safezones" aber mal ehrlich ich soll mich von so einem Typen Verjagen lassen? Mich immer wieder auf andere Channel verziehen in der Hoffnung ruhe zu haben? Nö! Ich will wissen wer das ist, wo er spiel, welcher Gilde er Zugehörig ist und dann Ihn Jagen Lassen! Zudem weis jeder der mal Gezüchtet hat wie unsagbar ärgerlich es ist getötet zu werden.. immer und immer wieder...
    [Deleted content] Name & shame
  18. cool, thanks, bye
  19. What are you guys going to do?
    A new fresh start with a New (old) class? Or will you keep on playing Sorceress regardless in which state she is going to end up.
  20. Hello sisters!
    So for us who did not play on KR or RU servers, what should we spend our time on right now in preparation for when we get our Awakening
    Any special levelrequirement on a main ability or two from the Awakening weapon skilltree we can get an additional rank of if we hit "x"?
    Do we need to save up Sharps and build failstacks in order to enchant our scythe weapon?
    Skillpoints, how many will we need to max our an ability, and how many ish are expected to finish our build?
  21. Im not sorc and I really hate sorc
    but since that "bug fixed" I haven't seen
    a good sorc, it was that buged skill the
    one that mades sorc being OP?

    I think that sorc needs a compensation
    and a good compensation should be a Balloon

  22. Darkflame I STILL does 20 damage to players regardless of DP.  I thought this was #1 on your priority que for fixes.  Its been weeks.... I'm tired of running away from 4k health giants because i can't ever kill them with 200 AP. ty
    - A concerned player
  23. Post on Sorc 18.06.16 in Schwarzmagierinnen

    By Dexcel, posted
    Abend , bin ich der einzige der das Gefühl hat das sie mehr generft haben als die eine attacke ? , mir kommt es extrem krass vor . ich mach wirklich VIEL weniger schaden , habt ihr ähnliche erfahrungen gemacht ? , oder ich bilde es mir nur ein . 
  24. Either wait for awakening or reroll, the roflstomp days of sorc are over.