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  1. First Question: I have 60 Lvl sorceress with 212-263 AP-DP. I have difficulty in going beyond the block of warrior and valkyrie. How can I kill them?
    Second Question: Which gems should I use on my kzarka and nouver?
    Honestly, I am a newbie sorc who rushed to 60 and made some items without much pvp experience. I will be happy to see comments of experienced sorc pvpers who easily kill blocking classes. Thank you ^^
    Any answer? All the sorcs rerolled to DK?
  2. Are they planning on releasing a male version of sorceress at any point? That class seems to be the closest to what I'd love to play, but I prefer to play males to be able to project myself more easily into the world and have a more immersive experience. I'm sure many would agree.
  3. Hey! I just noticed that my Lahr Arcien costume dyes completely differently now. There used to be three dye channels for the coat portion. There was the jacket, the lining, and the ruffle. Now the color of the jacket and the lining are combined. Please fix This is the second pearl outfit that has been bugged or changed for sorc (the other was snowflake, which was fixed eventually!) and that's not cool.
    Before! Red lining, gold ruffle/trim, blue/black jacket.

    After: the color of the jacket and the color of the lining are now on the same channel??

  4. Could someone help me recreate this sorc in game? I'm bad using the editor but I really liked her design. Thanks!

  5. Hello!
    So I'm a newbie, and I enjoy maining Musa (33!) and alting DK, but I do have an Wizard, Valkyrie and Berserker on standby for energy usage purposes.
    Thing is, I'm unsure what to do about the last slot on my roster, and I want to make either a Sorc or a tamer.
    this choice is mostly for fun, as I intend to eventually use their awakening weapons primarily (Love scythes and staves!)
    How do they play, and how's their effectiveness in PVE and PVP? What would you suggest I get?
  6. does the sorceress awakening and pre awakening skills scale with cast speed and/or with attack speed ?
  7. Yo guys, I was never very active on the forums, but I decided, that I will share these videos to help you get better with Sorc.
    They were unlisted for a long time, available only on Discord. Hope you will learn something.
    I plan to make bigger guides in the future for begginers and also advanced Sorceresses. Dont ask me when, tho.
  8. Post on Dressed right? in General

    By Redzebrass, posted
    So i was adjusting my sorceress in the beauty shop, and wanted to take a photo for the album, when i noticed the outfit i had chosen the Eckett outfit looked a little off somehow, check the title let me know what you think (^,^ )

  9. The Bloody Contract sorceress pre-awakenign skill has been largely ignored since release of the game.  This skill has terrible scaling even while leveling and is obsolete in awakening, however, Bloody Contract would be a useful addition to the class if its MP drain was reduced, HP increased and/or channel time dramatically decreased.
    Bloody Contract II:
    Space + Shift
    Consume 30 MP + 2 per level to recover 35 + 1 per level HP.
    Bloody Contract casting speed +30%
    Successful casting 2 times gives MP +11 regeneration for 60 seconds.
    With Sorceress MP pool of 1200 MP, 5 cast speed, and full MP this channel ticks 8 times, for 760 HP over 9 seconds.
    This Is a 2.8% HP heal per second, assuming you have the available MP, requiring your character to be locked in place with no block, dp increase or super armor.
    The player would then need to consume 4 Extra Large MP potions, 6s cooldown, to recover the amount of MP spent.  This is an addition of 24 seconds to the 9 second channel time for the player to gain 760 HP, equating to 23 HP per second.
    In contrast a player can consume 3 Extra Large HP potions, 3s cooldown, to recover 825 HP in 9 seconds, not be locked in place for 9 seconds, and not spend any amount of MP.
    Please consider reworking this obviously overlooked skill.
  10. The short travel distance and high stamina cost of forward Night Crow (W + W) does not justify the halting of forward movement and long skill animation.  
    With a lack of Frontal Guard and Super Armor compared to other awakening classes, Sorceress must rely on mobility for survival.
    The original mobility of the sorceress has fallen behind most other awakenings, with both W+W and Space+Shift+W having long animation times that halt forward movement and drain much needed stamina.
    Elimination of the delay in forward Night Crow and reduction in the stamina cost (or elimination of stamina cost for forward Night Crow only) would help to increase non-combat mobility of the class.
  11. While wearing the Le Vladian Underwear, the Shadow Map of the Underwear is bugged and draws as a texture on the skin of the character
  12. Disabling the screen setting 'Hit Effects' removes part of the skill effect animation for Sorceress skill Dream of Doom and Abyssal Flame.
    Disabling this setting does not affect the 'Shadow Eruption' or 'Flow: Cry of Darkness' skill effect explosion.
    "Hit Effects
    Displays the flashing effects that occur on attacks."
  13. Hi everyone. So I'm a lvl 57 Sorceress and I was wondering what crystals to use on my gear only for PVE since I'm absolutely not interested in PVP   I've got the full Ultimate Grunil Set + Liverto and Ultimate Jubre. So far, I've maxed out Crit, Casting speed and Luck (+45% Knockdown resistance on my shoes). Is it alright like that or do I need to improve my setup? 
    Thanks peeps  
  14. good afternoon.
    i started playing this game a couple of days ago and i love the play style of the sorceress and tamer, but i do wanna use a male character; Probably this question have been asked many times already but here it is again: is there any plans for the future of making a male sorcerer and tamer? i find it kinda frustrating that we are forced to use those classes with female characters, i would like to use that badass spirit wolf without having to wear a pretty dress.
    Thank you or your time
  15. Post on Crystals? in Sorceress

    By Glimpse, posted
    Got a question about Crystals for Sorceress:
    What would you guys suggest to use for a level 60 Sorc with Zarka and full boss armor?
    Ofc my first goal with those is to cap Cast and Crit, plus consider that I would strongly prefer to keep 2x Precision in Zarka and to not cut the Jungle Burger from the food list...
    Please elaborate your answers since I would like to hear your motivations as well!
    Thanks a lot guys!
  16. So after playing a few classes and even getting 2 alt's up to 50-51, I have decided to play the Sorc. Today I am looking to make a plan in regards to gearing, skill distribution, and even character growth. However given the differences and sheer amount of things you can do in this game, I am getting slightly overwhelmed. I have a good grasp of the basics of what to do, but I was hoping to maybe get some tips and suggestions on where to go from here. I will be posting my gear and such, currently I make most of my money (about 5-12 mil a day) from mob drops and cook/alch crafts I make. I know this is pretty low compared to popular set ups, but im just starting to level my CP, and life skills. 

  17. when i enter combat stance and try to path (wasd) i perform my rushing crow ability or when im out of stamina I just roll, i checked my binds and my ww ee ect is unbound and im not pressing shift or anything, is it a bug?? or perhaps my binds are wack? I already reset settings and reinstalled the game, im at a loss any suggestions? 
  18. So when i enter combat stance and imput a move or strafe command it instantly uses night crow, i have checked my bindings and even reinstalled but whenever I hit wasd it acts is if it is ww or aa. It makes the game actually unplayable since I cant do a lot of combos without being interrupted by night crow. any help or suggestions? thanks! 
  19. Post on Sinister Omen in Sorceress

    By Monokaira, posted
    I picked up Sorceress not too long ago and the skill Sinister Omen sounds really good, movement speed and attack speed slow by 30% for 10 seconds is kinda a big deal.

    I tried it in the arena with a bunch of friends as it says "Max 5 targets" but most of the time, I think it worked 1 time of all the times we tried even, it just won't do anything. They will twitch as if they do take the damage and then it will explode but there is no damage dealt and they do not get a slowing debuff on any of the two.
    It is not because of level difference and accuracy, we tried that.
    Even in PvE it barely works. I tried using it on a troll (even trying to hit it while the mentioned skill is active to trigger it) and it is.. idk.
    Is it a bug or is it just a skill that only works 1% of the time its used.

    Anyone got any ideas? Goes any GM know anything? Like.. why. Why have a skill that does nothing. If it is a bug why haven't it been fixed?

    Video example on a Troll
    (thanks for my Guild Master for helping with the upload)
  20. Hello there! I'm not able to dye the sleeves for the Snowflake outfit I bought for my sorceress. It seems like every other female class is able to do this. It makes it kind of hard to get a good look when your arms are white forever. Is this intended? Please halp

  21. Hello guys.
    I was watching fashion costumes on dulfy's page and I can't understand one thing about sorceress costumes. For example check this two costumes:
    For archer:

    For sorceress:

    Do you see the differences? Yes, we have poor version of costume. They cut the sleeves off of the costume. This is not first time when they criple our costumes. I understand this is becuase of amulet but why we don't have a choice if we want to use full version of costume which covers amulet or special version which shows amulet.
    What do you think about this guys?
  22. After messing with my movement speed to get it to a point i'm comfortable with on my sorceress i'm a bit upset by the idea of warriors with giant greatswords and shields, valkyries with huge lances and shields, and humongous zerkers who appear to weigh upwards of 300-400 lbs with two axes and a cannon equipped all being able to outrun me as a sorc with an amulet that appears to basically weigh nothing and a scythe that looks about as heavy as the musas polearm.
    I would like to see either a way to string teleports together more quickly after your flip, or a significant increase in the distance you're teleporting. The fact that my sorc is apparently fast enough to blink through space without being seen but can't outrun a warrior with his dash spam is just a bit unbalanced, at least in my opinion.
    Tell me what you guys think.
  23. Dard crépusculaire ultime + coup de pied ténébreux + éclats des ténèbres 3  + c + lacération retournée .
  24. After December 14, 2016 patch I logged in to see my Sorceress had a square mark on her face. After going into beauty tab I discovered this was a visual bug caused by the 7th hairstyle.

    It is very ugly and I hope it is fixed soon
  25. Hey everyone,
    So I was trying to know how bad akman temple could be if you grind there solo as a sorceress, but honestly it's not that bad.
    It's actually worth it, they aren't that strong with 271 dp (lvl 58) of course they are tanky but you still get around 2.5m a hour with 0.073% all ten minutes (without any buffs). Considering the fact that you can drop earring worth 95m and pieces (yeah their price has been nerved it used to be 45m now it's 5m) which you can melt together to get the earring it's totally worth go having a look there. Of course unless you don t care about skillpoints =P
    See for yourself: