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  1. Post on How to farm skill points in PVE

    By cj711, posted
    I find myself constantly outleveling my skill points since i always run with a ton of combat exp buffs. i've heard people say to grind manyshas for sp, and that has helped some, but there has gotta be a better place. somewhere with decent drops and exp. maybe soldiers grave?
  2. Post on Low SP points in Guides

    By mitaka90, posted
    Hello, I'm relatively new to this game, but I manage to learn the game at a good pace by watching tutorials, reading wikis and etc, but I can't seem to find the reason for this. I'm playing with a warrior 48 lvl. Since I messed up my build a bit I used the free reset feature you get at 45 lvl and went to watch a guide, but I noticed my skill points are considerably low. From what I've read on different threads many people usually have around 500 at around 50-55 lvl which for some is not much. However, at 48 lvl I only have around 280. As far as I know you get those from quests and killing mobs. As far as quests are concerned I've done quite a bit, since I kinda like to follow the story/black spirit and also do some side quests, probably the reason why I have around 90 CP. Mobs, well, I didn't get to 48 lvl without killing mobs, but I've used quite a bit of XP boosts and I don't know if that is the reason. Now, I'm sorry if it is something obvious that I missed or you just get a lot of SP points at lvl 50, but either way, I'm a bit worried.
  3. Hello fellow sorcs!
    This patch caused a serious problem in balancing with the new added WP/SP potions added. Normally I can dumpster warriors and musa's(bladers) with no problems and out chase them any given time of the day.
    However, With these WP potions (formally know as herbal juice) these bumbling unskillful classes endlessly run away and I have no way to catch up to them again. They just spam their WP potions and will end up killing me.
    The game was extremely more balanced when these classes had to craft and make their own WP potions because it gave other classes a chance to kill them.
    Thank you! Hopefully this gets re-balanced and fixed.
  4. Post on Exp Events in General

    By Nexrodus, posted
    So we are getting these exp events, and alot of them to.
    It's feels kinda sad to level up and now see the biggest problem with gaining lvl's fast (awakeing is here and comming)
    Why we have all this combat exp events but how about the skill points?
  5. So this is my build: http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/14119
    I lack SP so I wonder what should I go for now
  6. Update 1, GM statement: http://i.imgur.com/obpaAev.png
    Update 2: I measured my XP gains all throughout 432 SP up until 501 SP. I've turned in many SP quests before this, but not during. Here are my notes from grinding pre-Mediah patch...
    444 SP  :  1% per kill
    450 SP  :  2% per 3
    456 SP  :  1% per 2
    462 SP  :  2% per 5
    474 SP  :  3% per 7
    495 SP  :  3% per 8
    501 SP  :  2% per 6
    These are very approximate XP gains from killing Cron castle mobs without any kind of buff. I'm now at ~550 SP, and I still haven't hit the soft cap. For contrast, I've talked to people who leveled without doing any quests and grinded to the soft cap. At somewhere around 465 SP, they hit a wall where they were getting about 1/5th as much SP. As you can see, there was no significant drop anywhere in my notes, and I'm still getting SP pretty easily now.
    -----------------------------------You can pretty much ignore everything below this line-----------------------------------------
    ----------------------------------------The data is still good, but not really relevant-----------------------------------------------
    Edit: For people are confused by my horrible explanation below, here's something I hope will help clarify things... 
    SP XP requirements increase each level. If you go from 3 SP to 6 from a quest reward, the XP requirement for going from 6 to 7 (or 9, in reality) would be higher than going from 3 to 4 (or 6), no? At least, that's how it would be if SP from quests affected your cap.
    Think about it. If you're level 6, and you kill a mob and get 1% XP, then instantly level to 7, and kill that same mob again, you'd get more like 0.8% or something. However, this didn't happen with the SP in my test because the extra points from the turn in didn't affect my SP level. It's really that simple.
    Conversely, if this test were replicated at 500 SP, here's what would happen... You'd kill a mob, and get say 0.01%. Then you turn in and now you're at, say, 600 SP. You'd still get 0.01% from that same mob, because according to that chart, the XP requirement to go from 500 to 501 is the same as going from 600 to 601.
    I just posted this on reddit. Here's a copy paste 
    "This information is about the NA/EU release only. I cannot speak about the KR, JP, or RU releases, as I haven't played them.
    Also, if someone has already posted information resolving this issue, sorry!
    This has been a pretty intense topic of discussion for a while now (from what I've seen), but I've verified beyond any reasonable doubt that the skill points you get from quests and rewards DO NOT affect your Skill Point cap. Many players were grinding to 500 SP before turning in any of these quests because they believed that the bonus SP contributed towards this cap. However, this is NOT the case.
    Lets start by talking about some misleading evidence I've seen floating around. This post shows some interesting numbers on SP experience in the second to last section. Namely that the soft cap is 500, and there are no XP increases for each subsequent level past this.
    First, these numbers are from the KR/JP/RU release – therefore it's immediately possible that they do not apply to NA/EU. Second, this method of counting cap is irrelevant. Every time your SP bar fills up, you gain three skill points, not one. Thus, calling the cap 500 is inaccurate at the very least.
    Next, a logical argument. These SP rewards give flat skill points – and often less than what you'd get from “leveling” your SP (in other words, they often give less than 3 SP). Keep in mind that some quests do actually give SP XP, but this is a flat number, and not a percentage of your current level. Why would one quest give an XP amount and another give SP worth only part of an SP “level”?
    Perhaps more significantly, why would Pearl Abyss implement a system that rewards people for skipping content? Conversely, why would they punish players who simply played the game normally?

    Last, lets do some science! I basically replicated /u/skywingpi 's test in his reply to this thread - with some notable variations. Thank you skywingpi! Without you, I wouldn't have thought to try this myself 
    This is an extremely easy test, and I encourage you to do your own if you don't believe these results. I created a fresh character (Ranger, because they easily and precisely one-shot beetles), and got to Buntt but did not turn in the quest for the bonus 3 SP. Then I went out and started killing beetles. Note that I grinded until I was level 6 with 3 SP (from combat – not rewards) before I started recording data, as I wasn't sure if having 0 SP would affect my numbers.

    Starting XP (Level 6)
    Character XP - 0.000%
    SP XP - 3.05
    After 15 beetles
    Character XP - 12.738% (+12.738% change)
    SP XP - 3.14 (+0.09 change)

    Here I turned in to Buntt for my 3 SP, and went back to killing beetles.

    Starting XP (Still Level 6)
    Character XP - 12.951%
    SP XP - 6.49

    After 15 more beetles
    Character XP - 25.690% (+12.739%)
    SP XP - 6.58 (+0.09)

    According to the chart linked earlier, SP experience gain at 6 SP should have been ~3.4x slower than at 3 SP. This is clearly not the case, as the rates were identical in this test.
    But lets do one more test to make sure that there is actually an increase in SP XP requirements at low SP levels. So, I grinded to 9 SP. Note that I had to suicide about 20 times before this test to keep from leveling my character up to 7, as this would affect XP rates. Finally, I ran the test again at level 6, but with 9 SP.

    Starting XP (Still level 6!)
    Char. XP - 81.528%
    SP XP - 9.00
    After another 15 beetles
    Char. XP - 94.267% (+12.739%)
    SP XP - 9.03 (+0.03)

    Note that the kills and character XP gains were the same, but the SP XP was 1/3rd of previous tests. The results are pretty clear!
    Anyway. I hope this helps some of you! Thanks for reading 
    tl;dr – SP rewards don't affect SP cap. Do quests. Level. Enjoy yourself. You won't get punished for leveling normally."
  7. I hit level 51 just recently and have a total of 450 SP.
    At 2.5% in level 51 i got an additional 3SP so potentially an additonal 120SP at level 52 if it is linear leveling curve

  8. Post on So I can use my PTO in General

    By War, posted
    I need the release date so I can go ahead and use that 3 weeks of PTO for BDO(named as something else so it's not rejected ofc).
  9. Hey there!
    I have been trying to dig around the SP system of BDO, but unfortunately I'm waiting for the EU/NA and can't test them in real time. Luckily, the game has been out for a while in KR & RO, and I've seen a healthy dose of people here who've played those versions.
    I would like to ask some questions based on everyone's experience with this system, but first let me just state the information I have to see if we're all in the same page:
    The amount of SP needed to invest in all skills varies for each class. In The Awakening, a Wizard needs 1250 at lvl 50, and 1507 by lvl 82, if one wants to unlock everything (take in mind the current soft caps will go higher eventually, it'll become easier to gain xp & sp). An average mid 50's build with a selective skill investment needs ~900SP [ http://form1ca.ru/media/bdo/calc/calc_08sorcerer.html ]. There are roughly 180 skill points (battle points) from quests level 1 to 47 [ http://black.inven.co.kr/dataninfo/quest/ ] (the number is an estimate: my computer crashed halfway; possible errors deciphering Korean or repeatable/chain quests; EU/NA version may have more quests or different rewards)Some people mention a ~500 SP soft cap, any skill points earned after that are gained at an exponentially lower rate. Some people suggest waiting until the lvl 50 soft cap to complete quests with SP rewards.
    With this in mind, I have the following questions:
    What is the avearage SP amount accummulated by lvl 50? (with/without the quests)Does level affect SP gain rate?Can you de-level after loosing XP below 0% of your current level?What is the % of XP lost on death, do you also loose SP?Could the mentioned lvl 50 soft cap be the same of the ~500SP soft cap? Does spending points on skills affect SP gain rate? 
    If I'm not wrong you loose XP but not SP on death, this would mean you could farm at certain levels to accumulate SP. On the other hand, the SP calc I linked has a SP level measurement that increases depending on how many points you spend on your tree, this could be tied to the so called SP soft cap.
    Thank you in advance ^^.
  10. Post on How do Skill Points work? in General

    By Law, posted
    You earn skill points through missions, but you also earn them by fighting monsters!
    So I was wondering, will there be a time where you're able to obtain every single skill or is there a cap to prevent you from obtaining them all?