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  1. Post on Marketplace spam in General

    By $lick_$loth, posted
    I keep getting "[item] has been listen on matketplace registration" and "[item] has been purchased by pre order" on my ui, every 5 seconds.
    I am a new player and I have no idea how to turn this off, I have gone into settings and turned off Marketplace notifications but still my ui just gets flooded with messages.

  2. Talking about this, I'm pretty sure the following option is supposed to disable this, but it has been broken since launch and despite multiple threads addressing this issue it's still not fixed. 

    Can we get a working option to disable this spam, please? It makes grouping really annoying, and it's quite absurd this has been a bug for over a year, should be a simple fix. 
  3. After getting my Maehwa to level 56, I  (personally) was somewhat disappointed with my awakening. I am looking for a new class to main, specifically with skills able to be used off cool down after for easy grinding such as Rising Storm on Musas/Blader but after awakening. Are there any classes with awakenings abilities such as the one listed above?
  4. System notifications need a lot of work. 
    I find it rather spammy that I get system notifications from ALL players in-game. I only care about the ones in my guild or on my friends list or party. When I have guild quests, items and life skill system notifications all enabled, my chat is basically spammed by the system letting me know when any player does any of the three. 
    What i'm suggesting it to limit it, or allow us to limit it, to show those notifications for players we know. Like guild members, friends and party members. 
  5. Anyone else as interested in these Russian websites as I am?  their catalog looks great.
  6. Please add some form of limit to general chat posts. Better yet, a review process for accounts with excessive postings. This would cut down on gold seller spam, and let us actually read chat around their repeat postings.

  7. Are any of you even seeing the files below me? Last night they weren't there when I submitted my question thread.
    Now we have the new adventurer page filled with hotline spam?
  8. Hey Guys,

    After trying to report someone for advertising gold shops in game, I discovered I was unable to. On further research I discovered that the item you need is not in game yet and is likely to cost loyalty points. I have a suggestion to completely change this. Its very simple.

    Step 1) Allow ALL players to report others for spamming without cost.
    Step 2) Check reports and make sure they are valid.
    Step 3) Any player that wrongfully reports other players will be given a warning/ have loyalty points removed (increases after every fake report)
    Step 4) Any player that correctly reports others receives a thank you message and some loyalty points (increasing in time and dependent on number of reports)

    I would love everyone's feedback on this.

    Many thanks
  9. Escape Key > Chat Filters

    Enter these words

    No more spam
  10. Bonjour,
    Alors voila, depuis hier voir avant hier j'ai remarqué qu'il y avait des bots sur le channel monde ou autre (gold money bla bla bla) qui spammait de temps à autre, sauf qu'aujourd'hui je remarque que maintenant ces bots nous chuchote carrément, et cela désolée mais je trouve cela inadmissible pour un jeu, et payant de surcroît, surtout qu'ils sont malins ces bots et que c'est absolument impossible de voir leur nom pour les bloquer (oui car quand on remonte lentement le channel cela passe directement le nom car le texte dépasse du channel), j'éspère qu'il y aura une solution à ce problème rapidement car je ne vais pas bloquer tout les channel à cause de ces bots. Surtout que ce matin j'en reçoit toutes les 10-15 minutes.
    Si jamais quelqu'un connait une solution pour arriver à les bloquer le temps que DAUM règle ce problème, je suis preneuse!
    Merci et bonne journée à vous les gamers!

  11. As the title says,  I think there should be an option to remove all of the special effects from your attacks, it makes the game feel spammy, lowers FPS and doesn't even let me enjoy looking at my weapon stabbing or slashing an oponent, I only get to see some rainbows and darki energies around it. There's already an option that REDUCES some of your special effects but it's still too much to look at.
    Pros: Less spammy looking combat.
             Better FPS in combat
             Better visually for some people who wish to turn it off.
    Cons: It would take a few hours to implement such a mechanic in the game's menu. 
  12. Obwohl ich im Spiel wenig schreibe kann Spam ganz schön auf dem Geist gehen.
    Was haltet ihr davon eine Serverseitige Blocklist zu haben. Wenn z.B. 50 Leute einen Spieler blocken dann sollte automatisch eine Liste mit Namen
    an alle Spieler geschickt werden.
    Selbstverständlich sollte man es deaktivieren können oder die max. Anzahl an Blocks in der Liste begrenzen um die Liste nicht unendlich zu machen.
    Im günstisten Fall sehen die ersten (50) Personen den Spammer und blocken ihn im Chat. Jeder der sich neu einloggt oder eine Zeit lang Spielt wird den Spammer nicht mehr sehn.
  13. Post on gold/power lvl spam in In-Game Bugs

    By Quest, posted
    None stop spam in chat, make a new channel still see it with everything unchecked.
    Came from Guild Early Bird
    Family name Pendulum
    char name Funhaus
    server Edan Calpheon E2
    have picture if needed.
  14. Why don't you just insta-disconnect anyone who uses key phrases before the post hits the server? Make it so giving the URL to their website address obscures it so much that no one can figure it out. When someone reports a gold bot, add the way they spell their website to your list of ban-phrases. Only the whole phrase though, you don't want to DC people having casual conversation.

    Example: bikinipanda.com = ban
    biki nipanda.com = ban
    b i k inipanda.com = ban
    b | K | /\/ | PA /\/ D A (dot) ( 0 M = ban
  15. Post on Gold Spam Suggestion in Suggestions

    By winhhh, posted
    Why don't you guys put in a system where if the game detects that there's any terms/strings related to the spammed gold/leveling websites in the chat box, the character/account is flagged and you can review whether they're a spam bot?
    And then perm ban the account?
    It MIGHT be easier said than done as I have no idea how the coding works for BDO, but thought I'd just suggest it.
    Surely in 2016 someone could put something together.
  16. Hey Leute,
    vielleicht können wir hier mal Möglichkeiten zusammen tragen die Daum dabei helfen etwas gegen die Goldseller zu machen. Zumindest gegen den Spam im Chat.
    Viele von uns haben zahlreiche andere Spiele, besonders mmorpgs gespielt und kennen daher das Problem mit Goldsellern und eventuell auch Möglichkeiten die bei anderen Spielen geholfen haben ohne den Chat für uns Spieler einzuschränken.
    Mein Vorschlag wäre:
    Das wie beim Kaufen auf dem Marktplatz eine Zahlenkombination eingegeben werden muss um den Chat freizuschalten. Das könnte einmal beim ersten Versuch zu schreiben geschehen oder aber wenn das nicht ausreicht jede Stunde oder alle 30 Minuten passieren.
  17. Guys, just tested requesting chat ban on a gold spammer and it doesn't consume any energy to report now. However, it's for gold spammers only, not to be used on other people for other issues. When you click request chat ban it explicitly states: This report should be only for Gold Seller Spam Bots, abuse of this report against players will result in a suspension of your account. Also on the header it says "Report spam bot".
    You need to be at least level 29 to be able to request a chat ban.
    Here we have something Daum did for us after we requested it, yet they aren't advertising it?
  18. Hello,
    I'm not just a BDO player who loves the game, I'm also a software engineer since over 30 years in "real" life. And the gold seller spam, specially the nasty one with a wall of text and special symbols, is really starting to annoy me seriously. It's often hard to read what the other legit players have to say.
    I was wondering why you weren't using a simple function server side to at least filter the most annoying gold spam before it's even displayed in the chat.
    I mean, I could write such an algorithm in like 15 minutes max. It's not hard to detect the walls of text with repetitive patterns like website addresses, special symbols and site names those guys are using. You could filter those out before they even arrive in chat and annoy us, the legit players. And server side, it wouldn't take much resources, chat is not that active either. It would actually save outgoing bandwidth by not sending those walls of text every few seconds.
    Or just add it client side and add a toggle in the options if you want to provide players a safeguard in case the system filters unwanted stuff.
    Just for info, Blizzard have a similar system in World of Warcraft, with a toggle in the options to turn it on or off. It works VERY well.
    Thanks for reading me.
  19. Post on Chat spam in Suggestions

    By Crixi, posted
    I have a suggestion regarding spam from bots about cheap pearls and gold.
    Every time we log into the game, we should get a reminder to "request chat ban" whenever we see spam about gold or pearls in the channel chat.
    This way, everyone will keep an eye out and keep requesting chat ban. 
    Other than that, if IP ban could be a solution, then go for it. they -----ing deserve it, (Excuse my language) 
    If you have a suggestion, then feel free to post it. Should be a easier way for everyone to get rid of them, maybe even permanently.
  20. Hey,
    My guess is that most bots are using the 7 day free test period to spam the chat. Then they are selling the real accounts for a cheaper price so they can get more accounts and spam even more.
    Disable 7 days trial period passes to be able to write in general & channel chat & server chat & PM (PM only accessable if you are friends with the person), to be honest i wouldnt mind and im on the guest pass atm and will buy the game on thursday. There for making them pay 30 euro per account would be very efficient to get rid of a lot of them. 
    This + having a worker monitoring the chat for 2 weeks and banning every single person who spams with paied accounts would make it to costly for the gold farmers and it would stop them from the mass spam that is current.
    Lets do the math:
    5 spam messages would in theory cost 30 euros. They would not do it cause it would cost them more than it would benefit them and there for they would stop. 

    How is this a problem?
    No one reads the chat anymore cause of the spam, its very annoying
    Best Regards
  21. Can someone get ride of those spam bots please? Can't read the General forums!

  22. Post on /tableflip in General

    By TerrorMoose, posted
    Desperate plea:
    Was looking for the horse breeding thread among all this crap today. It's a bit out of hand and these forums are a joke like this.
    There are a lot of good ways to prevent spam, use them. A simple google search will give you a ton of good tips how to do it so I'm not gonna even start counting up everything
    A lot of good threads and legit debates go unnoticed like this, and only prove that you don't give a flying fcuck about what we think and hope from your game.

  23. Post on so much bot spam here in General

    By GAiNZ, posted
    whats with all these bots spamming the forums... mods PLEASE!! 
  24. JUST- !?!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!!?!?!?