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  1. I would like Kakao to consider the following changes to world and field bosses:
    Remove the cap of players that receive loot or significantly boost it. - Players who participate from the beginning can receive nothing due to other players flooding in as the other channel's bosses die or due to playing on overly populated servers. A number of players playing BDO has changed mechanics need to adjust due to it.
    Boost the spawn frequency of bosses to every 2-3 hours but limit the number of times a player's family can receive loot from a boss daily to 1-2 times. - This will lower a number of players participating per boss while also giving more players the opportunity to participate.
    Poll for approval
    Edit: Oops had suggestions and general forums tabs opened - I messed up.
    For those who disagree that these changes would be beneficial I'm curious to hear your reasoning and what you would suggest.
  2. Everyone knows a big part of this game is grinding mobs, whether you are leveling, grinding for gear or loot, killing the same type of mob in an area is a huge part of playtime. A while ago I had an idea that could potentially make grinding mobs less mindless, and add an additional goal to mix things up.
    So here is my proposal, it might be a bit too ambitious, and Im not even sure if its able to be implemented, but I would still like to put it out there and get other players thoughts.
    On most high level mob areas like Pirates, Sausans, and Skeleton Graveyard add a "Infamy" bar that is shared with the party. The more creatures you kill of that type the more the bar fills up. Once the bar gets full a rare enemy spawns for the party to track down, kill, and gain extra exp/loot/silver. The idea here is to give parties that will be farming the same place for hours and hours something to work towards. Depending on the area it could be anywhere from 500-1000 enemies killed to fill the bar. After the bar is filled and the rare enemy is killed then the bar would reset. The rare enemy spawn could be similar to how summon scrolls work, where only the party can see/attack it, and there would be multiple spots for the rare enemy to spawn to keep parties spread out and add a hunting aspect to it.
    I know there arnt too many details to this, and there are holes, but my main premise is to have a target number of enemies to kill during grinding that would reward the party with a rare, very powerful enemy unique to that area to kill. I feel like this would make grinding so much more fun, promote working together in parties, and it could even incentivize grinding in areas that have largely been abandoned because of poor loot/exp.
  3. Hello. So, yesterday Karanda should have spawned at 00.30 max on eu server counting the extended maintenance. Although the timer on iha discord initially did not consider that, it was then fixed correctly. Anyways for some reason Karanda decided to spawn at 02.29 am. Is this normal? Did they change back her spawn window to a prepatch one (I'm talking about the "increase spawn on karanda) in the patch notes of 2/3 weeks ago.
  4. Short version:
    Due to lengthy spawn windows and generally long respawn timers, world-bosses currently highly favor those players who can schedule their daily life around them, aka attending at whatever hours the spawn happens. In contrast, players limited to playing during "prime-time" (evening times) might not get to see world-bosses much or at all. Yet even worse, when they can attend, they can do so in potentially less channels (node wars) and face increased competition than when world-bosses are available during off-hours.
    In order to make world-bosses available to a broader audience, equalizing competition as much as possible regardless of hours as well as making the whole experience feel more rewarding, my suggestions are as following:
    Reduce the respawn timer and keep the spawn window relatively short, giving access to a larger audience.Daily lockout for each world-boss upon kill, players only get loot once per boss per day.Up the rewards per kill and make loot distribution more transparent.For more details and reasoning, see long version.
    Long version:
    Points out the current problems as I see them and how they could potentially be addressed.
    Clarification of terms used below:
    Respawn timer: Time between the boss having been killed and the boss entering the next spawn window again.Spawn window: The time-frame during which a boss can spawn again.World/field-bosses: Gonna stick to the term "world-bosses" to include both for reasons of readability, unless specifically specified otherwise.Current problems with world-bosses:
    The respawn timer in combination with the overly long spawn window results in world-bosses being difficult to attend regularly for players with "fixed" gaming hours. Fixed as in having real-life commitments such as jobs that result in being able to play at pretty much the same hours only (like, evening times). The chance that a boss spawns exactly during that given time-frame is low.Being able to attend a world-boss during off-hours or during prime-time is completely different in terms of competition: During off-hours there are generally less players around, making it easier to reach the boss in time as well as getting loot due to lower competition.Related to point 2, but worth a separate entry are channels: During off-hours, it is often possible to get a kill in multiple channels, therefore further increasing the chance of loot. In contrast, a player playing during prime-time will have a far harder time channel-hopping. Yet even worse, the bosses will be available on fewer channels in case there is a node war going on.The loot reward system is not transparent and doesn't necessarily reward contribution. Especially when it comes to field-bosses, getting a few hits in and sitting out the rest of the fight is qualifier enough to obtain drops such as liverto bundles. This further promotes attendance during off-hours as elaborated in points 2 and 3.Overall, the current world-boss system feels very much like it rewards time-commitment only: Those who are able to attend a spawn anytime of the day in as many channels as possible have the best chance of obtaining loot. Those only being able to play during prime-time may not regularly get to see world-bosses at all and when they do, they can attend in less channels due to node wars and face biggest competition.
    In order to make world-bosses available for a greater audience, my suggestions are as following:
    Further reduce the respawn timer and keep the spawn window relatively short. This ensures that several spawns a day happen for each boss (something like 4 per day) during different times, enabling players with "fixed" gaming hours to attend the one spawn that falls into their time-frame (addresses problem nr 1).Daily lockout for each world-boss upon killing it for the first time. This means a player who got loot once per day will not get loot again on that same boss until reset. The goal of this is to spread the population more evenly across the different spawns each day, limit competition for those only being abler to play during prime-time as well as preventing those players able to attend pretty much all spawns from overfarming the boss (addresses problem nr 2). Additionally, channel-hopping is being taken care of (addresses problem nr 3). A player who got all day to attend world-bosses can still choose to pick a spawn happening during off-hours which will likely still result in less overall competition, but that same player won't be able to come leech another kill again later during prime-time.Up the rewards per kill: With players being limited to getting loot once per boss per day, the kill itself should be more rewarding, assuming that a certain damage threshold has been met. On world-bosses dropping auras, at least 1 aura should be guaranteed per kill. The loot distribution should also be transparent enough for players to see what exactly hey have to do in order to qualify for loot (this addresses problem nr 4).Ultimately, I feel that players should have a chance to attend world-bosses no matter during which hours they play and that all spawns should offer similar circumstances in terms of competition as well as the chance to receive loot. In contrast, them being overfarmed by players which can play all day should be prevented.
    Thank you for the consideration!
  5. So basic one here, please give us the option to limit how many people we can see only in the boss spawn areas via a tick box and slider (So we can choose to see anywhere from 10 to 50 people for example). It would really help out with the FPS and overall enjoyment of a boss fight.
    Obviously, you should operate this under two extra conditions.
    1) It only works during boss spawn in the boss spawn area
    2) It does not work for hostile players and guild mates, and these players will always show regardless of your limits.
  6. Greetings,
    some of you might able be part of the International Hunting Association of your respective server, and/or they already using the connected servers World & Field Boss Timer for their hunt. That is why I am proud to present you the newest member of our team - the IHA Relay.
    tl;dr The IHA Relay will forward confirmed boss spawns to your very own Discord Server. The integration of her is fairly simply as well!
    You can find the Link to invite her to your Discord as well as a guide on the integration here.
  7. The current RNG spawn time is not working for many players who work or study. Last time I did Karanda (Alustin) was on Sunday, 5 days ago! Everytime she spawns, I'm working or sleeping. This makes it incredibly hard to stack Latent Auras, which, as you already know, are also RNG. When I was on vacation, I did about 10 Karandas and only got 5 auras because one of them dropped 2. Why make a quest to bypass RNG if the item necessary to conclude it is also based on RNG? I know Karanda and most World Bosses on Korea have really low spawn timers, which allows players to obtain these auras at a much faster rate. However, in Europe, there are many different time zones, which makes some boss timers more favorable than others for different players.
    Here are some suggestions to fix this problem:
    - Remove Field Bosses from the game and leave only World Bosses. As far as I know, Field Bosses were removed from the Korean version a long time ago, so the introduction of the new Awakened Summon Scrolls, which have a much higher chance of dropping boss armor, should allow players to get their boss loot without worrying about constantly missing field bosses. In addiction, we will be getting Nouver and Khutum pretty soon, which will be even more time consuming for players because of all the traveling time required between bosses.
    - Make World Boss spawn at fixed times, but don't allow players to get more than 2 loots from the same boss each day. For example, depending on time zones, Karanda would spawn at 1 PM, 9 PM and 3 AM. Kzarka would spawn at 2 PM, 10 PM and 4 AM, etc. If a player killed Karanda at 1 PM and 9 PM, he would receive a family-wide debuff that would prevent him from getting loot from Karanda in the next 8 hours.
    - Decrease World Boss spawn times. In Korea, Kzarka spawns much more faster than he does in our version. I believe his spawn time is between 8-12 hours per day (correct me if I'm wrong please). In estimate, in our version, Karanda spawns once a day, while Kzarka spawns about 1,5 days. This means that if these World Bosses spawn at incredibly awful times, that's it, no more loot for that day. The worst part of this is that the next timer will probably be pretty similar to the last one, which means the cycle will keep repeating itself until server maintenance.
    Our version is getting content at a pretty fast rate, and even though I recognize that you're making an effort so that BDO is more casual-friendly, World Bosses still play a huge role in the game's balance and should therefore be more accessible to all players. I hope Pearl Abyss can take this into account, as I'm sure many players would love to have more chances of participating in World Bosses. @CM_Tytyes, @CM_Aethon, can I have some feedback from you guys?
    Best regards,
    A sad player who works 8h a day and misses almost every World Boss
  8. Edit : Considering some people had trouble loading the images probably because of the size of it I have added download links on the main page. I apologise for the inconvenience and hope this helps.
    Hello everyone I have finally completed the best map for horse spawns ^^. Go take a look at the site I made for it.
    and here is a small preview of the map 

  9. So i was grinding for tree spirit belt in treant forest. and noticed that:
    1. The Khurutos at the entrance of the cave respawned A LOT faster but only dropped silver.
    2. Mobs near the Treant Forest Node respawn A LOT faster and were MANY more than those near Treant, the drops where the same e.g. Crystals and japtems/trashloot
    So they drop the same Stuff but i see nobody farming at the Treant Forest Node, instead they stay near Treant, Why?
  10. Link zum Field / World Boss Timer - Alustin only
    Derzeit gibt es keine Pläne für eine Erweiterung auf andere Server - ich kenne leider nicht genug vertrauensvolle Leute auf den anderen Servern.
    Grüße zusammen,
    Seit einigen Tagen habe die Leute spitz bekommen das "meine" Field- und Worldboss Timer ziemlich genau sind und ich bekomme jeden Tag ingame mehr anfragen zu Kill und Spawn Zeiten. Aus diesem Grund habe ich mich entschieden das ganze als Timer ins Netz zu stellen - das nimmt nicht nur mir die "arbeit" ab den Leuten zu antworten sondern erlaubt es auch jedem auf einen Blick die kommenden Spawns für sich selber zu planen.
    Ich hoffe ich kann dem ein oder anderen damit helfen ein paar mehr Bosskills zu sammeln! GL bei euren Drops!
    Bitte beachtet das dieser Timer nur für den Server Alustin funktioniert!
  11. Alustin only Field / World Boss Timer
    There are currently no plans to extend this to any other server due to the lack of trustworthy "spies" on the other servers.
    A few days ago people on my server recognize that my network of spies for Field and World Boss Spawns works really well and I get frequent whispers about Kill / Spawn Timers. Thus I decided to add my knowledge into a timer so everybody can check the Timers and Plan ahead without the need of whispering me ingame. I hope this timer can help you guys to get a few more boss kills for yourself as you are able to plan your day around them.
    Please Note: This timer is for Alustin (EU) only
  12. Can you please stop catering to people with non-normal work hours?  Zaka almost always spawns at either 4am or at 3 in the afternoon.  Most of us have normal 9-5 jobs or have classes then.
    Every time you bring the servers down, you reset the clock for horrible NA Zaka spawns.
    Please Fix,
  13. I have been really vocal in this forum, as well as reddit, about my utter distain for World/Field Bosses.  While the Field Boss mechanics are bad, they aren't unfun, but Kzarka is just stupid.
    Kzarka does not spawn X hours after he was last killed.  He spawns between X and Y hours after he was killed, this "spawn window" is 6 or 8 hours long (can't remember which).  This spawn mechanic creates multiple problems:
    A long window means that during that time you cannot start anything that cannot be immediately ended, getting dinner or going to the store may mean you miss the 30 minutes a day that he is up.The long window means when he spawns late or early in the window his spawn is further pushed into none peak hours.Spawning at the same time on all the channels mixed with the fact that so many people are waiting for the spawn, means that lag and fps drop make the boss fight super annoying.  Especially melee, who not only have to deal with their game becoming a slideshow, but the annoyance of body blocking.I have two selections to address these issues.  Both are made under the assumption that you can on average get 1.5 Kzarka loots a day.
    Both suggestions have these changes:
    Kzarka spawns on different channels at different time.These spawns are spread out by 2 hours. Meaning every two hours of the day a new Kzarka Spawns.Viela 1: Spawns between 00:00 to 01:00Balenos 1: Spawns between 02:00 to 03:00and so on...So now to prevent someone from getting 12 kills a day...
    Suggestion #1: Loot Debuff
    A debuff that stacks twice, that is gained when you kill Kzarka (or just possibly loot) that lasts for 24 Hours realtime.  When you have two stacks of the debuff you do not gain loot from killing Kzarka.  This means that you can get two kills a day, and that those kills can be on your schedule.
    Suggestion #2: Daily Quest
    Simple, add a daily to kill Kzarka, and Kzarka no longer has loot.  Completing the quest grants one or two bundles that is equivalent to looting Kzarka twice.
  14. The most frustrating part of getting your Kzarka weapon is the Kzarka spawn.  Not only is his spawn window annoyingly large (12 Hours), but they all spawn at the same time and, half time, at a horrible non-peak time.
    Kzarka should not be something where you have to skip doing content during its window, or where you can miss spawns multiple days in a row because the 30 minutes that he is up is when you decide to eat or sleep.
    My suggestions below are under the assumption that most people get at least 1.5 drops on average.  Getting 3 Kzarka kills and drops is rare.
    Increase drop rates and drop amount equivalent to 1.5 to 2x what Kzarka drops now.  So 4-10 seals would turn into 6-15, 100k into 150k. 1% for Kzarka into 1.5% (Actually, what ever the chance to get 1 Kzarka weapon off two drops).
    Then introduce a 24 Hr debuff that prevents you from getting loot from Kzarka, limiting you to 1 kill per day.
    Then lower Spawn window to 1 hour, and stagger the spawns across channels uniformly.  This would mean that for a person playing 4 hours a day you would have 2 or 3 opportunities to get your daily kzarka loot.
    If you were hardcore, you wouldnt have to stay up all night, if you work alot you would still have a shot almost every day.  There would be less lag as the entire server pop would not be condensed into one room, and people can spread out to the many spawns.
  15. Post on Boss Spawn Timer in General

    By Specatorus, posted
    There is a boss timer up where u can fill in whenever a boss has either spawned or killed. It will count down the time untill the next boss spawn.
    i didnt make this all credit goes to its creator Tanahara15.
    Use it guys that way we can farm the hell out of those bosses.
  16. Dear BDO Team,

    Today i was playing Black Desert Online, then i left to go to work. Meanwhile i was in Mediah city and my horse was just next to me when i left... Then i just came back from work and opend BDO... Then My Horse was gone?? so i tryd to call it it sayd its too far?? i looked on the map and it showed me on the other side of the map?? Like Seriously? i didn't even go there once etc..! Can you guys help me out please?? 

    Thanks in Advance!

    ServerName: Croxus
    FamilyName: Brothers
    CharacterName: BloodyCleave

    Ok so today i found out that horses can run away and sail with a boat??? Cause today when i opend BDO it sayd that my horse was at Velia Beach around there, so i Quickly Ran towards it and what i saw was So Strange! Like How Is It Even Possible?! Take a look yourself...

  17. Post on Kazaraka spawn? in General

    By 6east, posted
    Does anyone know when he is spawning?
  18. Liebes Team, ich  bitte doch an einigen Stellen derzeit den Fischspawnrate anzupassen oder die Lokal Erholung. -.- Mitllerweile ist es fast egal wo ich bin.. vor allem im Startgebiet.. da hat es sich ausgefischt. Und ich will kein AFK Fischer werden. Eventuell könnt ihr das einfach an der gesamt Serverauslastung festmachen? Oder an irgendetwas anderem was die Belastung verdeutlicht. Ich jedenfalls.. bin schon mehrmals ne halbe Stunde mit Angel durch die Gegend gelaufen ohne was zu finden. -.- Sogar ins Land hinein. Ich steh im nirgendwo... Angel raus.. See angeguckt.. und nope.. alles erschöpft. 
  19. Post on Spawning place in Classes

    By Hitokage, posted
    just a quick question. Does everyone spawn in one town in the beginning? Like all classes begin the same storyline on the same places?
    And in game do you just spawn where you ended the game during the last play?