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  1. More history and RL related stuff. If you are not interested in history and RL, then there's nothing interesting here for you. Move along.
    First I am going to talk about Musa's awakening weapon, Woldo. I'm not going to talk about Maehwa's awakening weapon because I don't know where the heck they got the idea of a wavy spear. The only weapons with wavy blades I know are Flambard, a Renaissance European weapon, and the Kris knife, which is a Philippines weapon. Kind of straying away from the original topic, but looking at the awakening weapons makes me think PA is sexist. Musa (Korea inspired character) with Woldo (Korean weapon), Ninja (Japan inspired character) with multiple Katanas (Japanese sword, but even the Japanese only used 2 max.) And then there we have Maehwa (Korea inspired character) with Kerispear (Origin unknown weird spear), and Kunoichi (Japan inspired character) with a hula hoop nicknamed chakram (People claim it's India inspired, but Chakram is a small ring shaped throwing weapon, not a hula hoop with blades.) Of course BDO is a fantasy game and PA can do whatever they want to do with their game, but when this creative freedom only occurs when it's a female character then it's a little fishy. Back to the Woldo. https://youtu.be/q55H_3otHCc This is a video of people performing the sequences written in Muyedobotongji. I tried to find a better video, but there aren't much videos of it out there. Anyway as the video shows there are a lot of spinning motions. The woldo weights 3근 14냥 (1근 is 16냥 and 1근 is approximately 600 grams so it should be 2.3 kilograms. For U.S. people who use pounds it is 5.1 pounds. DISCLAIMER: I used the conversion written on Wikipedia because I have no idea what 근 and 냥 is. So the calculations could be off.) and when the mass is mostly focused on the end of the weapon it is hard to control the motion of the weapon, so they do a lot of spinning the blade to take advantage of the momentum and make it easier to control the blade. Spin 2 win is confirmed. Totally legit, historically accurate spin2win never seen before in other games (I am joking.)
    Next topic is the stub arrow. The Korean name of this skill is 편전 (pronounced Pyeonjeon) and well... It is a very very misleading name. Pyeonjeon is a special arrow used with a tool called 통아(tong-ah? pronounced something like that. Not pronounced like the nation Tonga.) https://youtu.be/LgmBO-TeC-8 This is a video of a random man using the 통아 to shoot a Pyeonjeon. As you can see in the video, pyeonjeon is a very short arrow and needs a special rail in order to fire it without the arrow going through your arm. Pyeonjeon is definitely a fitting skill for Musa and Maehwa, but the problem is the skill name is Pyeojeon and yet Musa and Maehwa shoots normal arrows. If PA made Musa and Maehwa use real Pyeonjeon then it would have made them much more unique than now. Ranger using a longbow and normal arrows, Musa and Maehwa using a recurve horn bow with Pyeonjeon. Makes them much more unique, but PA decided to just name it pyeonjeon and give them normal arrows. Very very disappointing.

    Current Guide Version:
    Last Guide Update: 29. July 2016
    Author Informations



    (You can also use Rocaba instead of Taritas since it adds +75hp & +75wp aswell as 2 additional Crystal slots)
    • Helmet: Black Magic Crystal - Agility x2 or Black Magic Crystal Intimidation x2 without Evasion Boss Armor
    • Chest: Black Magic Crystal - Vigor x2 or Ancient Magic Crystal of Abundance - Armor x2
    • Gloves with Kzarka: Black Magic Crystal - Valor x2
    •Shoes: Black Magic Crystal - Adamantine x2 or Black Magic Crystal - Swiftness x2
    • Weapon Kzarka: Power Crystal x1 - Ancient Magic Crystal - Carmae x1
    • Offhand Saiyers: Black Spirit Crystal x1
    • Offhand Krea: Black Spirit Crystal x2
    • Offhand Nouver: Black Spirit Crystal x2



    Note* I dont use Corpse Storm. I dont recommend using Corpse Storm. I hate the Desync and i never use 4 Grab combo chains. However it's not a bad skill, i just dont like it and it's the only skill where i desync almost every time. Feel free to use it in case you like/want it.
    586 Points (Including Elastic Force (Does not require skill points anymore))
    752 Points (Including Elastic Force (Does not require skill points anymore))
    900 Points (Including Elastic Force (Does not require skill points anymore))
    979 Points (Including Elastic Force (Does not require skill points anymore))






    Looking for a Node Wars Guild on EU Alustin?