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  1. I really want the Bheg knowledge, i know that you can get it from the world boss and the daily scrolls. But i am wondering if it is possible to get the knowledge from black spirit scrolls? Can i accept the quest, kill him, then forfeit the quest, accept it again then kill him again? I know it is possible to get scroll each time but am wondering if it actually gives you knowledge?
  2. i was grinding and was stuck at 89% it would not go up i change channels and the black spirit is working fine now just thought i would give a heads up in case anybody else had this problem
  3. I logged in today expecting to get some sweet stuff while AFK fishing and I noticed I am missing the button for Black Spirit Adventures. I've searched google, the bdo twitter page, here in the forum and nothing. Am I the only one experiencing this or did I miss an announcement of some sort?
  4. Post on Black spirit bug in General

    By Tuabhy, posted
    Hello guys, i have a problem with my black spirit
    It's telling me it has an available quest, like, it's shining and stuff, but when i summon it, it has nothing... It only happens when i'm in Calpheon tho... But i'd still would like to know why it does that.. And how to solve it... pls send help
  5. If you didn't know, he grows!
  6. Could we get additional 7 day passes to invite people?
    I have been here since March 9th and gave away mine as well others I have found via online give aways.
    if we could get a reward in game to get added passes to help the game grow.
  7. Simple idea, could it be possible to add/change the guide arrow option of having our black spirit as our guide arrow to destinations? Would be a little more lore friendly (if people care about that) as he is supposed to be leading us around at the start and helping us get stronger. Me, I just think it would look cooler
  8. So remember the Beauty and the Beast event? Top prize was a black spirit figure. Will Daum ever have a merchandise store? I like that statue a lot and wish there was some way I can get my hands on one.

  9. Hi guys !
    I have an issue with Black Spirit. The icon from the bottom right keeps flashing, letting me know that i have a quest. I summon Black spirit, but there is no quest or something. I close the dialog, but the Black spirit icon keeps flashing.

    I finished the 1st quest when I need to give a Weapon black stone to Basteer guy, from Dephne outpost, to receive a Basteer weapon, a Basteer black stone and some crystals. I used the crystals on gear, equipped and un-equip the Basteer weapon, because i have a +10 Yuria. I upgraded my gear with the crystals, but nomatter what i do that Black spirit icon keeps flashing.
    I sold the weapon that i received from that quest and the Basteer black stone i threw it away since i dont need it because is for Basteer weapons only
    I did a /reloadui command without success.  From quests tab, there is nothing new for me.
    Is there anyone that had this issue before? Or is there anyone that has an idea on how to fix this? I hope this wont mess-up the coming up quests from the Black spirit (awaking quests or others)
    I should make this thread on Bugs topics, but i dont know if its a bug or i messed up something.
    Thank you !

  10. No quests are currently available to a friend of mine, but I always seem to have quests from the black spirit. His black spirit doesn't even have a quest button like mine does. My class is a Ranger class, while his class is a Warrior class. I don't know if that matters, but I just thought I'd add that. Please respond as soon as possible.
  11. Noob here. Just started playing yesterday. I try to play today on Edan- Valencia 1 & 2. My problem is that I've completed a quest for the Black Spirit which involved collecting Imp clothes and armor. As per usual, whenever a black spirit quest is completed I get the prompt to press ' to summon it. Every time I summon it and it prompts me to complete the quest by pressing Complete or R, it never completes and I remain stuck at the screen until I am d/c. After clicking enter acknowledging my disconnection, the game suddenly crashes. 4th time now. Yesterday I was playing fine. I'm sure graphics is not an issue. I'm playing medium with a 2GB NVIDIA GTX 965 card on top of an i7 6th gen processor and 8GB of RAM. Suggestions?
  12. Hello, so I wanted simply to understand if quests and rewards are missing for mileage stones such as 220 energy and 180 contribution and what comes next, or simply not implemented yet?
    I did get the titles for 180 contribution and and 180 energy but nothing else.
    PS. If you gonna waste time to answer me, is 35% of completion of black spirit's quests is normal because there is no later content or i'm stuck here too somehow?
    Thank you, Player.
  13. Sup warrior mates!?

    So, yesterday I was stupidly lucky at my guild quest grinding this tree spirits and after 15min I got that fking tree spirit belt... (pls dont hate! :P)
    At the moment im at 84/104ish with mostly all armor (art/tari) at +7-9 and Yuria at +12 - bares earrings +1-2 - vang shield +9 
    +5 atkspd and +5 luck (cause the farm)
    Should I sell it and buy witches earring, mark of shadow and trying to +15 everything or just maxing everything by keeping the grind for witches earring and mark of shadow?  

  14. Hey there, I'm relatively new to Black Desert and I'm wondering if the black spirits quests are something I should be doing as it is conflicting with my morals. It's not a big deal of course but does morals/choices have a big effect on the direction of the story/end game? I'd have no problem if the only variable is rewards and the storyline is a constant.
    I'm currently at the Rovant(?) quest where one reward is a variety of items whereas the black spirit's is 2 skill points, which I feel like I really need.
  15. Is this a bug? I've posted it on another part of the forum before making my way here. I don't mean to double post.
    (The Path of a Ranger & Awakening of the Black Spirit)
  16. Post on Quest bug? in General

    By Jibz, posted
    Can someone tell me if this is a bug or not?
    I got those 2 missions (The Path of a Ranger + Awakening) since day CBT day 1. THe thing is I can not remove them, it says data not found or something like that.
    And everytime I finish/add more quests those 2 quests change.....