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  1. So I've been fishing in Velia on the net at the shore. And sometimes I'm catching complete garbage. Like 2 blue fishes and a couple of greens in an hour. Other times I'm getting blue/yellow/greens like keys and ancients continuously. Could any one tell me if I'm doing something wrong or am I not standing at the right spot to get those good fishes over again?
    And secondly is there any upside to take a fishing boat and go into the sea? I like active fishing so would I get more silver if I took my boat and went to somewhere else?
  2. You have seen those player who claim an area their own and killing other player who are "disturbing" their "rotation".
    Well, I have an idea how the game mechanic could be improved so most of the "new" player will have a chance to grind or do their task although the areas are limited.
    First of all each area where monsters / mobs are spawned / live should be divided into 3?, 4? or 5? separated, non-overlapping sub-areas (depending on the size).
    Each sub-area should be clearly visible on the mini-map / map (e.g. different background colour, border colour).
    The difficulty, amount and re-spawn time of the mobs / monsters should be dynamically depending on the amount of player grinding in this sub-area - or - the amount of player in each sub-area should be limited to e.g. 8?, 10? or 12? (depending on its size).
    The rules
    If a player finds an empty sub-area (no other player is in this area / no white square in this area) and stay for e.g. 3? seconds in this area a message will appear telling him:
    1. This area belongs to him for e.g. 1 hour or 2 hours. If this time-limit passed he has to leave this area and can not kill any monster in this sub-area for e.g. the next 2 hours. If the player leaves this area for e.g. more than 5 minutes he will also loose the ownership of this area. After loosing the ownership he must wait e.g 2 hours to be able to claim this sub-area his own again.
    2. The player can claim any other empty area where he wasn't the owner for e.g. the last 2 hours.
    3. Claiming 2 or more sub-areas at the same time is not possible.
    4. Afterwards the player will be prompted to choose one of the following conditions if another player enters his sub-area:
             a: he must duel you (no carma, XP, etc. loss for both player). If he lose he must move on. He will not be able to kill any monster in this area during the time you are the owner. If he wins he will be the new owner. The looser must accept the option selected by the winner / new owner (a - c). 
             b: he is welcome to grind with you together. Difficulty, amount and re-spawn time of the mobs / monsters should be dynamically adjust.
             c: he must join your group (special benefits for creating groups: time of ownership can be expand, rare item drop, equal XP and drop items, etc.). Difficulty, amount and re-spawn time of              the mobs / monsters should be dynamically adjust.
            (d: - other possible condition -)
    5. If another player enters an sub-area owned by another player the new player will be directly informed that this area already has an owner and shows the condition which the new player can accept or deny.
    6. The new player can not PK the owner of the area and can also not kill any monsters in this sub-area until he as accepted the condition of the owner (and for a he must win).
    7. Gathering should be possible for the new player although if he denies the condition (can be discussed).
    8.  A guild detection will prevent that player from same guild rotate between the "best" spots. 
    As you can see it is not completed and can be improved. Any constructive idea is welcome.
  3. After December 14, 2016 patch I logged in to see my Sorceress had a square mark on her face. After going into beauty tab I discovered this was a visual bug caused by the 7th hairstyle.

    It is very ugly and I hope it is fixed soon
  4. Hello, well i got a problem, i got Agrakhan Daily Scroll, but just in the middle where i can start it, here it is the elite of cadry, and i can't solo it, so i dont think its a good idea start daily scroll and spot of  strong elite. Maybe u can change any of that two things? 
  5. Post on Awesome fishing spot in PVE

    By Meereele, posted
    Right outside Shasha Island you can get rich quite fast. The exact spot is as the "Butterflyfish" spot south from Rosevan Island.
    Octopus worth 5,7k 
    Marlin worth  5,7k
    Grunt worth 20k
    You can get some green and white fish, but maybe in 1 of 15 throws. Grunts you actually get every 3 to 5th throw and Marlin\Octopus every 1 to 3 throws (not kidding).
    You also get faily often ancient Relic cystal shard. I was out fro 3 hours today and got  7 ancient Relic cystal shard.
    i started fishing here from skilled1, and i am skilled7 now. 
    PS: all the fishes have its origin from "Sasha island"

    Anyone know of any other good spots?
  6. (Players need lose exp after die)
    Every player needs a spot to level up !
    Flag Spot, is a system that prevents monopoly of large guilds (Enemies Spots) exactly what you are looking DAUM.
    (Player) How easy is it?
        It's as easy as using a skill guild !
    (Player) How this works ?
        inserting a flag in the ground in enemy spot
    (Player) What won invoking the flag?
        10% of combat experience.
    (DAUM)More bonus exp ?!
       (optional) you need to increase 5% of the necessary experience to level up, starting 50+, to maintain balance
    Now ! What prevents a guild or PK, get the place by force?(he can, but will not want)
    Here is the magic of the flag
    There are four types of flags, this flag is changing depending on what happens around this and affects the other flags of the same guild(close to this), as a chain

    Red Flag

    White Flag

    Black Flag

    Red-Black Flag(optional)
    Party Member Get -10% Exp.Party Member Get +10% Exp.Party Member Get +10% Exp.Party Member +0% Exp.(or -5%)Other Player +5% Exp.Other Player -10% Exp.Other Player -50% Exp.Other Player -25% Exp.All enemies at a distance of 30 meters from the flag, are affected by the bonus and penalties(Start in White Flag) guild logo on the flag.
    1.A guild member can not put a flag at less than 50 meters from another flag different guild.
    2.A member can invoke the flag 1 time per day
    3.members of the same guild can put near the flag (No Stack Bonus )
    4.if a member guild not killed enemies near the white and red flag, it disappears(15min)
    5.You can remove your White and Black flag anytime.
    6.You cant remove your Red and Red-Black.
    7.You can invoke the flag 1 time per day
    9.Flag disappers after 4 hours.
    10.You can not put a flag if there are 7 flags of your guild(around 700 meters)
    Changes flag
    Start in White
    -if a guild member(Yours) kills a player (with or without war, less PK) close to the flag of your guild (approximately 200 meters) this becomes Red and other nearby guild flags(150 meters of the flag) (This helps to not kill people near the site to take possession of all)
    -if another player (with or without war) kills a member of your guild near your flag this becomes black and  nearby your guild flags(prevents you thrown out of the place, to take control of it)
    -(optional)if another player (with or without war) kills a member of your guild near your flag this becomes Red-black and nearby your guild flags
    -Its back to White after 15 min,
    -(optional)if a guild member(Yours) kills a player (with or without war, less PK) close to the flag of your guild  this becomes Red-Black and other nearby guild flags
    -Its back to White after 2 hours.
    RED-BLACK (optional)
    -Its back to Black after 15 min.
  7. Bonjour à tous,
    finissant ma Liverto, j'ai du mal à trouver des fragments de reliques ou des livres pour faire les parchemins en guilde...
    Je voulais savoir si quelqu'un connaissait un spot "miracle" où le taux de loot de fragments était important...
    J'ai testé en hot spot en mer en face de Velia, les poissons jaune tombent bien mais vraiment trop peu de fragments (1 seul en 6 sessions de pêche auto de 2h)
    Et j'ai testé ce matin un spot qui en donnait apparement au sud-est de la Plantation de blé nord, mais à part des clés et des poissons vert...Nada...
    Connaissez-vous un spot plus intéressant qu'un autre pour ces fragments?
  8. Bonjour tout le monde, 
    Je partage ici une map interactive en français (à jour de Valencia II). Toute aide est la bienvenue, que ce soit pour partager des positions ou pour suggérer des ajouts et/ou modifications. Pour ce faire vous pouvez utiliser notre forum ou répondre ici. Toutes les informations données seront vérifiées avant d'être ajoutées.
  9. Hey guys, 
    I share here an interactive map (Valencia II). Everybody are welcome to help, to share locations or to suggest anything ! You can use this forum to help us. All information given will be checked before being added.
  10. Post on Fish Finding? in Suggestions

    By Ryuksen Defla, posted
    Some sort of a short range fish finder only attachable to fishing boats or the Fishing yacht I suggested? even if it shows like it does when youre fishing/have the fishing rod out where it abundant/average status. So that you dont have to have a buddy with you with a fishing pole out and stopping every boat length to test the waters. If this isnt a possibility how about some sort of a visual on the water or seaguls swarming in the area to somehow show that a hot spot is nearby. I hope the devs or some of you fellow fishermen/women agree with me! Thanks and happy Catching!
  11. Hey zusammen,
    könnte mir jemand sagen an welchem Spot man die Hexenohrringe am effektivsten farmt? 
    Ich farme zur Zeit an dieser Stelle. (siehe Screenshot)
    Ist es dort ok, oder sollte ich lieber woanders farmen? 

  12. Post on Fishing in General

    By Bloodlust, posted
    iam now building my boat and wonderd, where should i establish my trading route to sell my fish?
    Basically, where should i fish and where should i sell? Thanks
  13. Hallo Community,
    hier ist eine Map mit den Levelebieten für PvE Monster. Mir persönlich hat die Map sehr geholfen und deshalb wollte ich sie mit euch teilen.

    Mehr Infos und Guides auf www.theblacklegion.wordpress.com