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  1. Here is a full history of NA's Node Wars, from the beginning. The numbers before each winner of the nodes/territories, are how many castles were built on the node/territory. I will keep it open for the public, and keep it updated daily. The castle numbers will be up BEFORE each node/territory war, however the winners will be entered after all wars are complete.
    If you are interested in helping keep the record, please contact me here or in game (Skuldisir).
    I apologize for any misspellings of guilds... there is no ill-intent or disrespect meant by it.
    Feel free to reference for your own amusement... and ENJOY!!
    New-World NA Node Wars
    Also, I have the Edan Node Wars record in the same spreadsheet, just on a different tab.
  2. Hey guys, since i started the game I've been using these spreadsheets religiously, and they have helped me a TON. Saves a lot of time minimizing and googling. They are printer friendly, they were created by me, and the entire bit is only 8 pages. Which isn't bad considering the amount of information you WON'T be googling by keeping this by your keyboard.
    If your printing, make sure to print in portrait mode or it will try to print over 15 pages.
    Reading saves you paper.  [:)]

    I made this spreadsheet from information off of BDFoundry, so it is all up-to-date as of this post date.

    Google doc:
    VNDL_LifeSkills Google Spreadsheet
    Published PDF:
    VNDL_LifeSkills.pdf Published Version

    Download the VNDL_LifeSkills.pdf attachment at the bottom of this post.

    If you don't mind minimizing your game, here is a pretty much constantly up to date guide for cooking and alchemy (and my main resource for the spreadsheet) :

    Also, feel free to check out my guild on NA Edan:
    <MostHated> Guild Recruitment Thread
    Not really my guild, but it's a good one  [:)]
    --Added Color legend for ALL of Cooking sections
    ---Added new tab for Alchemy Stones
    ---Added new version for those who use this digitally, 4 tabs total, less clicking more scrolling / searching

    Google doc :

    Published .pdf :

    VNDL_LifeSkills (1).pdf
  3. I made a list of the quests that give skillpoints. I formatted it in a spreadsheet for easy viewing. I found some similar incomplete list with less info so I made my own.
    Here's the link to the reddit post. If possible please comment there with feedback I'm trying to get more familiar with Reddit and don't want to split up possible improvements for the spreadsheet too much.
    Thanks in advance and hope you guys find it useful!

  4. Hey there! I made this worksheet for myself to stay organized with my horse breeding and thought I would share.
    I am by no means an expert at using excel at all, I just figured I would share it for people who may not understand how to use excel, aren't very organized themselves, or maybe just don't want to take the time to put one together. If you already have your own set up just ignore this
    It's pretty basic, and I have some minor instructions on the Horse Breeding sheet for you to use. They're tips that I use, but you're more than welcome to use the spreadsheet however way you want.
    I use this mainly to keep track of my horses and their levels, tiers, locations, ect. I DON'T have a deaths tab because I personally don't breed horses with any deaths. That's something you can add if you want. The breeding tab itself isn't super complex. I personally just paste horses on and then delete them off that sheet once they've been exchanged.
    There is also a sheet in there that has little pictures for almost all of the available horses in game for you if you like to put the picture in the table. I don't have ALL the horses but I'm pretty sure I have most.
    Anyway, feel free to ask any questions!
    Horse Breeding Template Example.xlsx
    Horse Breeding Template.xlsx