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  1. Post on Black Flickering effect in General

    By Whateer, posted
    This has to stop. 
    Fix it please.
    @GM Creat0r
    @GM Felaxus
    @GM Kaiji
    @GM Moose
  2. Pls stop posting those cartoon anime crap on the forum posts/replies i cant stand that if u cant refrain from it glue that shit onto your body pillow. Yt is full of people like you and pretty much every other place its disgusting.. Would the right term be a weaboo.. Oh dear god why....
  3. My partner has been playing with the 100mill investment bank node and after 48hours of making laughable return, .01% or so, she went to cancel, oops can't cancel a 1 time work order, np she waited 48 hours, did not refresh her workers, to ensure she didn't restart the order, however the work order restarted automatically for another 48hours.
    Questions would be, if the investment is for an undocumented period of time, what are we talking, 100mill tied up for a month in real time? If this is case for how long is each investment in real time. If this is the case, why were there no warnings before investing? From the UI it appeared to be a per work order deal.
    Anyone have the low down on this?
  4. This forum is 10% of the community. Daum/PA is not going to look here for feedback since it is all rehashed failed arguments, let us look at some shall we?
    - Failed Arguments
    1. PAY2WIN (Nice joke. New age kiddies don't even know the meaning of this.)
    2. Nothing to do but grind. (There is lots to do, you are blind. Grinding is only 1 piece of the pie.)
    3. PVP is bad for game. (Go to a PVE game then, stop trying to change things the majority of players like, you are the minority. Daum isn't even going to consider this retarded idea.)
    4. RNG ragequit threads. (RNG in this game is so -----ing mild. Seriously.)
    5. Gearing is too hard. (The thing you people don't seem to understand is this isn't a game meant for everyone to be on an equal level at all times, the sooner you understand that the sooner     you will be at peace. This is supposed to be a long term investment game, not a 2 month and done game.)
    Every single day these same threads are created, turning this forum into a cesspool of trash. Anyone who posts these threads is just sympathy baiting and wants SOMEBODY to agree with them to make their feelings better. I wish the moderators would delete every single rage thread until all of them left for good. 
    There is nothing wrong with creating a well constructed and factual complaint toward an issue, but nobody here actually does that. Instead of using fact and logic, they use feelings and hormones. Life isn't fair, not everything is going to go your way, but perseverance will get you everywhere in this game, but nobody is patient and nobody is willing to put in the effort it takes.
    Welcome to the new age of video games, it's all downhill from here. 
  5. Hi,
    When I am cooking and I believe it happens when my bags are to full to cook, the game crashes where the game stops responding and gives me the usually windows "Your application has stopped responding do you wish to close?".
    It will cook and then say your bags are full then crash.
    I will let you know if it happens without full bags.
    *EDIT* Doesn't seem to happen when bags are full.
  6. Post on A Thank you to devs in Off-Topic

    By Venenum, posted
    I just wanted to thank the developers for all of their work.
    I have been waiting a long time for this game. I bought a Korean account and played via vpn for nearly a whole year enjoying the hell out of it even with the dodgy English patch. This game is what I have wanted. The graphics are amazing. The combat is crisp and responsive. The depth of crafting and management is well done. I am excited to see what comes next for korea and am in high hopes to see things come to us in the NA/EU. I have no complaints.
    I walked into this knowing there weren't a lot of armor models, I am ok with the gender locks on classes. I enjoy the every living hell out of playing this game with the UI completely hidden and just taking in the amazing display this game gives me.
    I think the gathering costume complaints are stupid. I find the cash shop reasonably prices since NA/EU is better off compared to KR/RU so the higher prices makes sense to me. I enjoy everything about it and just wanted to put my two cents out there that it astonishes me what people find to complain about.
    I pray that when the ninja classes release nothing changes about their mechanics, I am not excited to hear the complaints about *blank* class is OP *blank* class shouldn't do this much damage *blank* class needs nerf. I find it ridiculous that someone thinks stealth should be nerfed if someone can sneak up on you as a proned COLORFUL bush. If they can do that they deserve all their effort in killing you.
    Personally I play with all names hidden, hell if I'm not questing I go into camera mode and play like that instead so these "no minimap icon and no name shown for gathering suit complaints are just people that only invest the bare minimum of their attention to the game. If you wanted to play a monotonous  mmo version 3.0 there are plenty more options. I came for the niche appeal, I came for the difficulty, the obvious class differences, the long term growth.
    Thank you Daum, Thank you Pearl Abyss,
    A pleased BDO player. ~
    EDIT: If you poll check as the game "Having Major Flaws" write about it here, what is so broken it makes you frustrated. What seems completely disregarded and needs some serious work? I'll say that water related content is crazy glitch, me and a few guild mates were exploring the ocean and just couldn't stop laughing at the auto pathing for the boat, or the movement tracking. All of us peter panned into the boat at least 10 times.
  7. Another theme park game experience has been witnessed.  This game is so boring  and simple that I knew after 5minutes what we are dealing here. I had to read the game  features again  from the main site and boy, they make it sure sound cool. but the reality is something totally different.  That is hidden deep in the games pearl store.  Game where respec cost real money and its fan base call it a sandbox. Some players even claim it to be as good looking as Witcher 3. Im not a big fan of Witcher 3 but that felt even offensive to me. BDO in more closer to Farmville.  When an MMO fails to be a Theme park its bad. Especially when it tries to be more. There is nothing NextGEN here, only a crappy World of Warcraft clone with bot features installed in-game.
  8. As we all have likely seen the lack of a player to player trading system does nothing to stop the gold spammers, that however is beside the point, the extensive trading system and the fact that this is a multiplayer game are both suffering with the lack of a trading system this game plays more like a single player game without one and a lot of people i know personally are getting quite irritated at that fact as we all play mmos so we can play together as opposed to play alone or against each other.
    please allow for player to player trading, there are much better ways to deal with gold spammers then punishing every player for the transgressions of the few all you really have to do is have a chat filter that searches for certain words or phrases in chat. if it picks up on a non gold spammer all they need to do is dispute the mute but the point is having an auto mute feature for those who use particular words and or phrases isn't a bad thing, Hell if you want to take it to the extream block the posting of websites like have it scour for W W W. insert generic gold website here and have it instantly mute them.
    the trade and the community in this game will get so much better and it would certainly give you more of an incentive to role play as a particular profession as opposed to just being the creepy person who sits in their house all day doing god knows what while making then next cask of beer for your workers.
    anyway sorry for the structuring and the possible grammatical errors i really just wanted to get some points across.
  9. Can we just group all of the "please give me a free guest pass" requests in one forum thread? It's getting slly
  10. Post on Pun Thread in Off-Topic

    By Radiant, posted
    Welcome to Pun Desert Online.

    Try not to cringe  

    Oh by the way, how come electricity wasn't allowed to go outside? 
  11. Post on PvP & Real life comparism in PVP

    By Releis, posted
    Can people just stop comparing an effin game to real life? I have literally 0 idea what people are thinking when they say stuff like "but in real life you would receive a major punishment if you killed someone" or "Look at it as if you where in the real world. If you punch some one up the face, then yo will get a fine or will be pursued, no mater what reason" and many more..
    People usually play games because they are not real life.
    Also based on that ideology we should prohibit guild wars, right? I doubt in real life police will let you off the hook for reasons like "but there's an ongoing war between our gangs so it's alright I killed him" .
    There's just so many flaws in that logic.
    What about PvE and animal cruelty? You'd end up being punished for that too