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  1. Open RP, join in whenever you feel it's appropriate!
    Just to make it easier on new readers, here's what's happened so far:
    Once upon a time there was group of adventurers sitting at a campfire just on the outskirts of town. More and more came to sit at the fire and share their company and a laugh. It was a peaceful gathering full of weary travelers who either didn't want to go into town, or couldn't get a bed at the inn. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to share tales from around the world, when suddenly...
    A PIRATE jumped into the group, giving a cheerful introduction before running off, being pursued by a couple of navy soldiers. A bit stunned, the group looked after them as they ran off, when the red headed woman of the group got up and chased after them. A couple more decided it would do well to follow along. Both soldiers were brought down quickly enough and the group returned to the fire, the pirate joining them. They shared a couple laughs and a few more exchanges of words before suddenly....
    A wild BEAR had appeared! Aghast in shock, they had to act fast! A arrow struck one of it's shoulders - it was super effective! With a second shot, and a little help from some magic, the bear was struck down. Once it was dead it became apparent that it was sick. Mange matting it's fur and some froth coming from it's mouth. It must have attacked them in desperation.
    The group once again settled down and a few more joined them. The night was once again peaceful and everyone could relax once more.
    Or could they?
    Going to destroy my backspace button, had to rewrite this three times!
    ((( Yes, I know Gr apes is split, because if I spell it G-----s it has a whole bunch of dashes in it. >.> ))
    A group of people sat around a campfire set on the outskirts of town. The night was dark and chilly, but the warm fire was inviting - as well as the smell of stew that sat boiling on the coals.
    A woman was leaned toward the others, in the midst of telling a story. Her hair was a fiery red and a bit damp as if she'd gotten drenched somewhere earlier that day. She wore a long green cloak that was wrapped around her, though it did little to keep the chill away as it too was damp.
    "So there he was, the Cap'n," she began. "Clad in his navy blue coat, boots thumping loudly on the hard ground. Darkness closed in as the sun disappeared behind the mountains. Every step seemed to grow louder as he ventured closer and closer.
    He could hear his ship, Patricia, rocking in the waves behind him. As long as a certain elf didn't pull the sails open, he knew it would remain there on the grey shore. He continued forward. Closer, closer. He paused, thinking he had heard something.
    He looked left.
    He looked right...
    He continued forward, the trees and bushes were thickening, it was getting ever so hard to keep his boots silent amongst the twigs and foliage. Still, he had gone too far to turn back now. They were nearly there, in his sights.... within his grasp...
    The Gr apes.
    Quick as a flash he began picking the purple fruits, bursting with over ripeness and stuffing them into his pockets. There was no time to lose, he had to get as many gr apes as he could before being caught. His heart pounded inside his chest, sweat beaded upon his brow. He cleared one bush, now onto the next. He picked gr apes as fast as he could, every other one popping into his mouth and bursting in pure sweetness as his teeth tore into it's delicate flesh.
    His pockets were full, bursting. The Cap'n, his job done, began to turn and leave the way he came, when he saw it.
    The largest gr apes vine he's ever seen in his time! It was so beautiful, tears tried to form up in his eyes, attempting to smear the dark eyeliner that shielded his eyes from the ocean sun. He couldn't leave so many beautiful, succulent gr apes there... someone else would pick them, someone undeserving. He pulled off his coat and put it aside. He tore his shirt off over his head and tied the sleeves together. He put his coat back on, and began picking, and picking as if his life depended on it! ...It did depend on it. He must have those gr apes. They were his. His. His! HIS!
    Once every last gr ape had been picked, he threw his shirt-sack over his shoulder, and began stalking out the way he came.
    Those gr apes were never seen again."
    She paused and looked at those around her's reactions.