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  1. Is there a node that i can send works to to get? (plz send pics) #not ----- pics;)

  2. Im a beginner lvl at Alchemy and i want to be master as fast as possibel idc about money how would i go about power lvling to master (Dont be vague)

  3. Hello all =)
    So yeah .. like so many of us, i prepare the gear of my futur DK =) !
    So let's go =>
    What do you think about that stuff ( NO BOSS ARMOR ) => ( i dont have them ... )
    Helmet : Ultimate Grunil DUO
    Chest : Roccaba DUO
    Gloves : Ultimate Grunil DUO
    Feet : Roccaba DUO
    Ring : Blue coral ring PRI  x2
    Earing 1 : Blue Coral Eraing PRI
    Eraing 2 : Blue Coral Eraing DUO
    Necklace : Bares TRI
    Belt : Shultz PRI
    Weapon :
    MH : Liverto Kriegsmesser ( futur ) or at least Yuria 
    OH : Saiyer PRI
    If you see something better ( why ? and how ? )  tell me =)
    I have 2XX million in bank !
    Have a good day all !
    PS : sorry for my english, i do my best
  4. Hi,
    First, sorry for my english, i do my best =)
    So, i want to up a Ninja and main it,
    But on internet i saw sooooo many different way to do it (gear / skill ...)
    If someone can explain me what gear use, Full grunil / Rocaba - Grunil / Stone / weapon etc ... ? 
    If you have a link on something's looking good for it tell me,
    I have ... almost  60.000.000 for gear in my bank (basic gear on me)
    Thank you so much and good game !
  5. Bonjours à tous, j'ai un petit soucis, même très gros soucis au final, de dégâts avec ma rôdeuse, je dispose de 160 pa grâce a ma Liverto DUO / Dague d'acier DUO. Je m'explique, en pvp / pk, je fait presque aucun dégâts a quelqu'un de mon niveau, ou alors ce n'est qu'une impression ? Je me suis dit qu'il me manque de la préci, mais je me vois mal sacrifier ma dague d'acier pour ma bronze qui n'est qu'en +15, donc grande perte de PA. Dans ce cas où puis-je trouver la précision nécessaire (si c'est bien la d'où viens mon soucis de dégâts) ?

    Merci à vous (screen de mon build, médiocrement nul).

  6. Bonjour j'ai une petit question, je suis en trin de up ma petite sorcière et j'ai demandé conseil à ma guilde sur le stuff et beaucoup me conseil : attack speed / speed cast avec de l'Agerian en armure. Seulement j'ai regardé une vidéo d'un bon bonhomme qui à tout l'air de main sorcière et qui conseil un stuff Grunil en build PV / crit / speed cast disant que la vitesse d'attaque n'es plus du tout viable sur cette classe. Je voulais savoir ce que vous en pensiez ? Je voudrais être sur avant de me lancer dans des dépenses astronomique. 
    Sa chaine : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xlLy_xgU20 Lomitall
    La vidéo au moment ou il explique : https://youtu.be/8xlLy_xgU20?t=18m21s 
    Ps : J’espère que sa ne dérange pas que je link une vidéo, et que sa ne te dérange pas toi, auteur de cette vidéo, merci de ta compréhension et merci d'avance de vos réponces !
  7. More interesting than P2W threads.
  8.  UPDATE:
    (+18 content requires a subscription)
  9. Bonjour all,
    Je suis un nouveau joueur et après ( pas mal de création de persso etc) j'ai enfin trouvé un persso qui me donne envie d'en apprendre plus ! ( lire mes sorts, comprendre les combos, faire les quêtes , le commerce, grind et j'en passe ... )
    Donc j'aimerais savoir pour ceux qui ont un peut d'xp a ce niveau,
    Comment bien débuter au niveau du stuff ( Taritas, Grunil ou autre, les colliers, les bijoux, arme etc )
    Donc en gros, quel stuff choisir " de base " avant d'avoir tel ou tel armure, ce que je devrais viser, ce qu'il me faut,( ou si quelqu'un a un bon guide à me link ) je suis preneur j'ai déjà cherché de mon coté mais je n'ai rien trouvé de sûr...
    Juste pour avoir une base de jeu quoi,
    Donc je suis une Sorcière, de niveau 10 actuellemennt avec 3millions ( pour vous donner une idée de ce que je peut acheter )
    Merci par avance et bon jeu a tous !
  10. Post on . in Discussion contenu JcE

    By Walkyrianne, posted

  11. Hey see that armor,? the good old agerian!!! totaly broken by the rush of + + + + + + + +
    more seriously, i bothered to snipe grunil on market because i wasn't aware of that gems could break
    Since ima  noob &  die often  (i prefer challenge than stupid bash) i realised that stats given by gems (even 500k ones) were a real sink of money & can also break in pvp.
    Do you guys think its okay to build 2 sokets armor as the last thing?                
    Pre mediah====> high stats armor/ utility or moar violence in sockets                              ----->farming for HL   
    Post mediah===> utility armors getting strong with money that can dissapear (hp is great but i hink building hp on tamer & her dodges is a waste & +9AP is barely nothing because of nice secondary)                                                                                                                ----->true HL with megamoney
    To finish with my feelings, it makes me a 2ns @SsHole when i fail 2 or 3 dodges in a row & then i realise that +2crit & att speed (1mil of gems) disapeared.  I could blame lag but I know it is low
    Id like to have some feedbacks & know what you think about it
    BR, A casual Tamer lover
  12. Post on Equipement Maehwa in Maehwa

    By Elliaz Gaards, posted
    Petit topic pour ouvrir le débat sur l’équipement optimal pour la Maehwa,
    J'ai pas mal fait de recherches et voici ce que j'en ai tirer :  
    Type d'armureDéfenseSocketsBonusPoidsGrunil Set118+150 HP
    + 7 AP85.50

    Taritas Set204+20 HP
    +120 MP/Rain/DF
    +7 précision79.50Grunil Set(Casque + Gants)
    + 5 AP
    Taritas Set(Torse + Bottes)
    +20 HP
    +120 MP/Rain/DF
    Type d'armeDégâtsSocketsBonus fixe(s) sur l'armeEffet enchantementYuria                                               16~211
    +5 dégâts aux humains+AP
    +Dégâts aux humains
    Black Horn Warrior's Bow            ??~??        ?     
                     ??                                ??                   
    J'ai pas trouvé d'info pour les accessoires, du coup pour le moment je suis avec l’équipement suivant :
    Boucle d'oreil de Bares (x2)
    PA: 2 ~ 2 
    Anneaux de Bienfaisance (x2)
    PA: 2 ~ 2 
    Effets d'objet : précision +1
    Ceinture de Kalis
    Effets d'objet : limite de poids +40 LT et précision +2
    Collier de Kalis
    Effets d'objet : précision +4
    Pas de Gemmes pour le moment. 
    Les discutions sont ouvertes, au niveau Equipements/Armes/Accessoires/Gemmes.
    Les informations sont mince a propos du Maehwa, c'est pourquoi je trouve intéressant d’ouvrir le débat afin de déterminer quelle sont les meilleurs combinaisons tant au niveaux PVE que PVP.
    Pour les skill's : https://www.ashugames.com/musa-maehwa-bien-debuter/
  13. Bonjour à tous,
    je viens demander votre aide à propos d'un équipement et de sa réparation en durabilité.
    En effet, pensant faire une bonne affaire je suis parti sur le "Taritas en acier" qui est en fait le Taritas réaliser par des crafteur.
    Normalement il est précisé dans la description de l'objet que celui-ci peut être réparer en durabilité par n'importe quel taritas (meme classique)
    Cependant, impossible de réparer mes taritas en acier avec autre chose que du taritas en acier, même en activant la réparation avec de l'argent.
    Alors je voudrai savoir si je suis le seul dans cette situation et si quelqu'un a une solution.
    Car il est très difficile de trouver du taritas acier ce qui veut dire qu'il faudrai que je laisse mon équipement pour racheter un taritas classique et le réenchanter...
    ça serai la mauvaise nouvelle de la journée... T T
    Merci à vous.
  14. Hi Dear Fellows !
    EDIT on April 4th, 2016 : Including the Grunil Set, Kzarka Weapon & other stuffs !
    EDIT on May 8th, 2016 : Including Leveling Skill Tree (From Lv 1 to 50) & Off Hand !
    Before reading this guide, remember, I took my personal time to write this guide down, so please make sure to let us some feedbacks so everyone will benefit from our experiences. Thank you.
    I constantly see questions about Wizard stuff, I know there are some topics for this, but they don't cover properly all the aspects the players want to know about. So I take the lead and count on you guys to bring further informations from your personal experience in this beautiful game.  I'm not pretending this guide will be perfect but it has been proven effective in the contents cited, and with your help guys, the Wizard class will shine ! So please, don't blame me if I forgot some informations, I'm only half human / half squirrel after all. Finally excuse my eventual mistakes, I'm not an excellent foreign language writter !
    After being confronted to PvE / PvP situations i can assure you one thing : There is absolutely no ultimate stuff.
    You have to take into consideration if you wanna be more PvE or PvP focused, this will lead you to the stuff needed. Of course you can mix up gears to get a mixed effective setup for both PvE / PvP, but you'll see its limits quickly and get frustrated.. then you'll start eating bananas with your own blood. Nothing pleasant.
    The main problem with people is they're looking for a perfect optimisation gear setup PvP / PvE in one set : This will never happen., no matter what combinaison you might do with crystals / jewelries. Ever. Forget about it, and eat mushrooms, please. And yes, donkeys can fly.
    LEVELING PART - From Lv 1 to 45
    • Guide : http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/wizard/19689# •
    This guide will ensure you a great grinding efficiency until you reach your Lv 45 (reset skill). With this guide you will have good mobility (teleport / dodge), high AoE burst damage (chain lightning, thunder storm > residual lightning, fireball > fireball explosion), extremely great regen (mana absorption, healing aura / pharos) & a very good buff skill (speed spell) which you may apply to yourself and/or your teammates.
    LEVELING PART - From Lv 45 to 50
    • Guide : http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/wizard/19691# •
    Things are getting serious now. You will become familiar to the PvP aspect of the game through PvP / PK or even arena if you wanna practice with other players. With this build : you can't fail at being good with your Witch / Wizard. Now is a good time to take 'Sage's Memory" (instant cast for all of you spells), you also have access to more burst, more sustainability & more mobility.
    Don't forget, Wizard are based on combos (as simple as it might sound for you) ; You'll be using Lightning Chain to pull mobs & to CC your opponent, but you have to keep in mind using : Fireball Explosion, Lightning Storm & Residual Lightning will be part of 99% of your damages. If you wanna grind with large pack of mobs and use "Meteor Storm" or "Blizzard", make sure to use "Sage's Memory" or "Speed Spell" to increase your cast time, it's really important. 
    Your spells are stronger, hence they need more mana to be used. Mana Aborption will work most of the time, unless you're fightning mobs that can block your spells (skeletons, shrine, abandoned monastery..). If you got a mana issue, just CC the mob before using "Mana Absorption" (also a great tip against Warriors & Valkyrie from a PvP perspective).
    _PvP content_ : Casting Speed / Accuracy (and of course, AP, our damage source) are the main stats, no matter what. Why ? Your opponents will always find a way to get close to you (dash, side dodges, skills, horse..) so don't be concerned with the movement stats because you're a RANGED class. You wanna do some quiting ? Teleport / Dodge / CC skills. Movement speed has to be taken into account when you play a Closed Combat Class (to close gap). In PvP you wanna hit fast & you certainly don't wanna miss your target ; to put it in a nutshell : No Accuracy = Forget about doing PvP. Accuracy will also allow you to get full potential attacks from your skills (in the KO version, Accuracy can also work as an Armor Penetration stat, if someone can confirm this information it will be much appreciated!). Finally, you chose to play Wizard, take into consideration you will be permanently focused in PvP since you have the role of Nuker / Healer / Support. Players are not mobs, so act carefully.
    /!\ Do not forget to Gear up with resists to Crowd Controls. CCs are the Wiz / Witchs' nightmares in PvP, no matter how skilled you are, you get CC, you die (luckily we can enjoy the broken system of spamming pots every 6 seconds, even though Warriors & Valkyries benefit way more from this). Combined with our Mana Shield : we can get enough resists not to be CCed too often.
    ► GEAR : (Those are my personal setups,tested in PvP, feel free to adapt to your own playstyle!)
    • Weapons :
    - (alternative choice) Yuria (+5 Human Damage, Accuracy, PA & 1 Socket) ; Blue optimisation "Temptation" : +1 Casting Speed, or "Purple Flame" : +1 Crit Chance. This weapon will give you Accuracy and Human damages, perfect for PvP.
    - (main choice) Liverto (+3 Crit Chance, Accuracy & 2 Sockets) . Perfect for both PvP & PvE content, see this as a "Jack of all trades" weapon that will give you huge benefits.
    - (main choice BIS) Kzarka (+3 Casting Speed, Accuracy & 2 Sockets). Made this a Bis choice, because wether you have Liverto or Kzarka, you'll have exactly the same amount of AP / Accuracy once +15, so it'll be all up to the choice of gems (casting speed / crit chance)
    • Off-Hand :
    - (main choice) Bronze Dagger : You have good burst, but what's the point if you can't land your skills? Most of your skillset have low accuracy : so it makes perfect sense to boost up your accuracy to be more efficient, knowing that you will encounter opponent stronger / on a higher level than you, hence they'll be having more DP / Evasion. 
    - (alternative choice) Steel Dagger : Some Wizards focus on pure burst damage output, knowing they won't land all of their skills. Considering the actual meta, with all being Evasion geared (not even talking about Sorceress with permanent Evasion buff), I do NOT recommend you to take this dagger, UNLESS you have accessories that gives you Accuracy (+10 ~ +12 Accuracy at least, with Accuracy gems on Off Hand, otherwise forget about it.
    • Armors :
    - WITH Liverto / Kzarka Staff -
    - Armor Setup n°1 : 3 Taritas (Helmet / Chest / Shoes) + 1 Agerian (Gloves). You get : HP +20, MP +120, Resist Knockdown, Accuracy +5, Casting Speed +1, Atk Speed +1. This is a strong setup when combined with proper gems since we get all the bonuses we need. MP max scales with some of our AoE skill damages (~ 6% damage increase), and both the resist CC & accuracy is more than welcome ! This is more of a well rounded damage focused base.
    - Armor Setup n°2 (FULL Grunil) : +150 HP / +7 AP ; Can be extremely heavy, but the 8 sockets & the AP boost is too much not to be taken into account since the Wizard is a Nuker class.
    - WITHOUT Liverto/ Kzarka Staff -
    - Armor Setup n°1 (The HEALER / SUPPORT build) : 2 Heve (Helmet / Shoes) for the gems sockets & HP pool (+250) + 2 Agerian (Gloves / Armor) to benefit from the HP pool (+50 HP max) & CS (+1). This is more of a Support / Heal focused gear though, it will allow you to tank more while supporting your teammates with pretty good CS.
    - Armor Setup n°2 (FULL Grunil) : +150 HP / +7 AP ; You lack slots for Gems on your weapon, you're a Nuker class, you need this. Can be heavy though,
    - Armor Setup n°3 (not recommended when lv 40- 45+) : 3 Agerian (Helmet / Chest / Gloves) + 1 Talis (if you wanna have movement speed) or Heve if you wanna invest 2 Resist CC gems.
    • Gems : Those are extremely important since it will give you stats bonuses to reach higher levels on your major stats !
    - For Weapons : Go for AP+ & CS+ if you have the Liverto Staff, or CS+ if you have the Yuria one. If you have enough CS levels I suggest you to take Crit Chance +2.
    - For Armors : Helmet (+2 CS or Resist CC if you have enough CS) ; Chest (Damage Reduction +5 or HP +100 will be your best bet); Gloves (Crit chance +2 / AP+2 or Resist CC grab +10%) ; Shoes (I recommend Resist CC, but you can still chose +2 Mvt Speed if you really love to move faster)
    • Jewelries : You wanna look for Accuracy / AP stats !
    - Early game : Try to get the full Bares Jewelries, it will give you nice AP boost and it's quite cheap to get, solid start.
    - End game : This will become serious. Try to get Earrings of the Witch (earrings), Ogre's Necklace (necklace), Tree Spirit Belt (belt) & Marks of Shadow (rings). I recommend you to invest your points in nodes wisely (higher chances of drops) & opening RNG Necklace boxes, it will be your best bet since the drop rate is extremely low! 
    _PvE content_ : AP / Critical Chance / Luck. When going for PvE content you wanna hit hard. For those wondering about Casting Speed & Movement Speed : Yes, they can be taken into account if you enjoy running faster from packs to packs and fast spam skills, but they always come after AP & Crit chance in terms of priority (with only 2/3 CS & 1/2 Mvt Speed you can enjoy easily the PvE content, higher ranks is only for you personal comfort and your playstyle). The Luck stat will allow you to have higher chances of drops, excellent for grinding phases!
    ► GEAR : Grinding will be a huge part in your PvE content, but unlike PvP there are many ways to gear yourself up properly to achieve it. 
    • Weapons : No real changes, Liverto / Kzarka staff still coming on top, followed by Yuria staff. But honestly, everything will do the job, even if you chose to grind with Bares or Kalis staff, you won't have any problems. But since you will level up quite fast and achieve Lv 45+, you will be confronted to PvP / PK players, so better be prepared and optimise the Yuria / Liverto staff as soon as you can.
    • Off-Hand :
    - Steel Dagger  : You will be using this for the AP boost since you won't miss the mobs with your skills until you are Lv 45. When you reach Lv 45 ~ 48, you will be switching to Bronze Dagger.
    • Armors :
    - Armor Setup n°1 : 3 Fortuna (Helmet / Chest / Shoes) + 1 Agerian (Gloves) : You will have Luck +2 (drop rate increased, very handy for grinding), +3 Mvt Speed, +1 Casting Speed. With this setup you have 7 Free gems sockets, so feel free to fill your needs with the recommended stats (AP / Crit Chance). This is a very solid setup for grinding only (do NOT be concerned about the "gems breaking" debate, because you won't die against mobs as a Wizard, unless you're doing something wrong).
    - Armor Setup n°2 : 3 Agerian (Chest / Gloves / Boots) + 1 Heve (Helmet) : This gives you HP +150, +3 CS, +1 Mvt Speed & 5 Free gems sockets.
    - Armor Setup n°3 : 3 Agerian (Helmet / Chest / Gloves) + 1 Talis (Shoes) : This is a variant of the previous one, the only benefit you have from this, is +2 Mvt Speed on shoes but only 4 Sockets to fill with gems. It's all up to you, I leveled up using this setup & changed for the setup n°1 when I was at my  ~35s' levels.
    - Armor Setup n°4 : Full Grunil. 
    There are other variants for PvE grinding, so feel free to adapt your setup according to your preferences & playstyle. No matter what gear setup you chose, PvE is still fairly simple until you get lv ~40+ when you get those ranged attack mobs & rush, that's mostly when you'll have to master your CC / Teleport skills + dodges.
    • Jewelries : Same ones as previously. Focus on AP to boost your damages to grind faster!
    /!\ NOTE : When reaching lv 45+, you will need accuracy on your accessories !! You will grind mobs on higher lv than you, you will need accuracy to land your skills.
    I took some time to write this guide for anyone in need, who might feels lost and confused with all those variant stuffs, but I count on all of you for this topic to become our "Wizard Bible" and will be updated when needed.
    Thanks for reading, enjoy !
  15. Hi there,
    Sometimes there are no translations although I have choosen my language ( german ).
    You get suddenly english text as sbscription to the spoken text and the spoken and written content is different.
    I would wish to have not even a text translation I would like to have full translation.
    I know it is a lot of work to translate to every offered language - but I think it is worth the work for such a great game.
  16. I did a little research and I'm seeing the Taritas Set and the Bares jewelry is the most commonly used among our class. I don't have anything against it I'm usuing the Taritas set myself
    BUT... it'd look like the Fortuna set is wildly underestimated :
    Without any stuff, just underwear (+1 Luck) and Title Bonus (+2 Luck)
    Attack Speed0Casting Speed0Movement Speed0Critical Chance0Luck3 Now, let's see the full armor sets stat bonuses :
     AgerianTaritasTalisFortunaZerethHeveDobartAttack Speed0000000Casting Speed0000000Movement Speed0003000Critical Chance0000000Luck0002000Cristal Slots per piece1112121Total Base PD15201111191123+       (No chest found) Now there are several things to discuss which are Taritas vs Fortuna, and what jewelry to equip
    I looked around and the most common thing to come back is 4 pieces Taritas + 5 pieces Bares
    Not counting gems, this gives +5 Precision and +14 PA, but NO other stat bonuses.
    However if you'd want to wear Fortuna set, you'd have to get those 5 Precision back, sacrificing 2 Bares jewels for Kalis.
    For instance, the belt and one PRI ring, which gives you +5 total), which would get you to +5 Precision and +10 PA
    So to wear the Fortuna Set, you'd sacrifice 4 PA and 9 base PD. That doesn't seem to bad, especially when we now take a look at gems.
    Compared to the Taritas set, Fortuna gets 2 crystal slots on each piece. That's 4 slots MORE !
    Now we want to get as close to +5 as possible in as many bonus as possible.
    Let's take my own example, I have a +10 Yuria Staff and a +7 Steel Dagger
    Main weapon as an Agony crystal (+2 Crit, -1 Attack Speed), and the off-hand has a Perfection crystal (+1 Luck)
    This, combined with the Fortuna set, underwear and title bonus, gives :
    Attack Speed-1Casting Speed0Movement Speed3Critical Chance2Luck5As Wizards/witches I think we can agree that the attack speed is the least of our concerned, so having that -1 shouldn't worry you at all.
    I looked around and I found this combination to boost the rest of the stats with what's left :
    2 Chest slots : Whatever you want, there's no stat crystal in there
    2 Gloves slots : 2x Bravery ( +2 Crit each, which would be overkill, so get 1 blue and 1 green to make it +5 in the end)
    2 Boots slots : 2x Green Swiftness or 1x Blue Swiftness + something else (I went with Adamantine)
    2 Helmet slots : 2x Memory (+2 Cast each)
    Which gets you here.
     FortunaAttack Speed-1Casting Speed4Movement Speed5Critical Chance5Luck5Precision5Let's compare the stats for Full +5 Taritas set and 6 Bares against Full +5 Fortuna set with 4 Bares, Kalis Belt and Pri Kalis Ring with the same gems equipped (Taritas only gets one so assume a blue one for each slot), and weapons described as above in the post
     TaritasFortunaDifferenceAttack Speed-1-10Casting Speed24+2Movement Speed25+3Critical Chance25+3Luck45+1Precision550PA7773-4PD6657-9So even though you take a dent to both your PA and PD, you get a MASSIVE boost in DPS ( Casting Speed and Critical Chance), Mobility (Movement speed), and you even get a slightly better chance of dropping loots, while retaining the same Precision bonus than a Taritas set.
    Is it worth it ?
    I'd say totally.
    Your thoughts ?
  17. Post on Zerk in Berserker

    By Mizachi, posted
    Yop all.
    Petite question, pour vous le zerk doit avoir quel stuff pour être redoutable en PvP (par redoutable je veut dire un tueur !)  
    je parle pas bijoux/arme mais stuff
    Merci d'avance :-)

  18. Hey all!
    Just want to know what everyone likes doing when they aren't on a huge money making spree or smashing another players char into pulp!?
    I love roaming around checking out the amazing graphical scenery in this game uninterrupted by loading screens and watching all the players running back and forth with their trading carts, also primary fishing spots are nice to chill at and chat form time to time
    What do YOU like!

    Focus: PvP/Siege Heavy/Hard Core Open World/ Guild vs. Guild
    An Introduction to Foo:
    Foo is one of the most well established guilds in the gaming community. From our beginnings in Subspace, in the early 90’s, to our most recent conquests in GW2, Foo has been in every major game released during the past few decades. Among our most involved and dominated games are Star War Galaxies, Asheron’s Call, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft and so much more. 
    Foo not only boasts a variety of gaming experiences but a large and diverse member population. We are proud to have many members who enjoy every aspect of an MMO. Such diversity within our community is something Foo places extremely high value on. While fostering such a diverse and experienced gaming community, Foo has created life-long friendships, marriages, babies and probably some really bad porn by some of those people.
    Our community is also proud to boast our base of operations, http://www.fooguild.com/. With over 370 members, and expecting 100 more to join for BDO, our guild website is a haven for members to collaborate; sharing ideas, thoughts, likes and dislikes within the gaming community and beyond. 
    Our member time zones are as diverse as our member population. Foobies stretch from Alaska (our fearless guild leader) to all the way Europe. Most Foobies are currently within the US central time zone. 
    Foo has also been active on the RU and KOR servers for the past few months in preparation for the NA launch.
    How we run our show:
    Foo’s leadership feels little need for a heavy hand when it comes to administration. We have been operating this way a long time, learning along the way how best to spot and boot the turds quickly from our ranks. Foo has a policy to stay drama free and focused on enjoying the gaming and community experience. That being said, Foo also has a rich history of being among the best in every game we play. Whether we are crafting, PvPing, raiding, making alliances or enemies, Foobies know when it is business time comms clear and focus on the task at hand is paramount. 
    Foo employs the use of Discord (https://discord.gg/0nw8kFdZVmk1Gdox) as our primary comms. Whilst on comms we encourage all members to interact and socialize. That being said, when it comes down to business Foo generally has 1 or 2 persons giving direction, while the troops actively listen and carry out their jobs.
    Participation on our website is critical to our community members. Our guild forums support Tapatalk, so you can interact and be involved even when you are on the go. Now that fancy....
    Foo looks forward to seeing you in BDO, hopefully within our ranks or standing by our side, and if not...under the heels of our boots. 
    What we are looking for:
    • People in the age group 25-50 typically work out best in our community.
    • Ex-Military folks, we have a lot of them, and they integrate well.
    • People who aren't too hardcore. Most of us have jobs, babies, wives, husbands and lives.
    • People who don't blabber on coms. We don't mind chatter, but we don't want to hear one person all night.
  20. Post on Hidden Content in PVE

    By Screwball, posted
    @CM_Jouska Since Black Desert is a totally open world, it'd be great if there were remote, hidden areas with special mobs, mini bosses, and bosses that explorers can find, explore, hunt, and get rewards from. I think it'd be great if, for example, a player found a cave that led to a series of tunnels with mobs that dropped dope shit, chests, and the like. Developers can even change these areas up, removing and adding new ones randomly to keep things fresh. Depending on the complexity of the 'dungeon' and the difficulty, this could even be considered a raid, albeit an open world one. Also, since it's open world, competitors can come in and players can have themselves a little tussle to see who comes out on top. 
  21. Hello im Omni.
    i've recently found out that i need a girlfriend and that my life is extremely sad.
    While experiencing Rachel's stupid beard, I have had an epiphany and am now dreaming of becoming a pokemon master xoxo (will you be my Pikachu)!
    After going through many trials and tribulations and having my tail getting cut off when i was a little kid, I lost most of my powers and couldnt transform into my hairy form.
    I've requested the help of the odd jobs crew to help me get a girlfriend, but they ended failing, now i owe them a huge sum of money. Unable to pay them i had to become an escort, My first customer being Johnny Bravo. After that it all went down hill... On my way to my second customer,Tweety I was sold into slavery...
    To be Continued....
    all jokes aside im looking for an active,fun,mature guild who uses voice chat like mumble,teamspeak,ventrillo,cursed voice or raidcall.
    Age: 26 i think..
    Gaming Experience: moderate
    Country: The Netherlands
    Friends: None, just kidding I have lots of friends because I'm very likeable.
    Girlfriend: Yet to be found
    Curse voice ID: ScrubLife4Life
    Feel free to contact me if you're intrested in a fun, active, dedicated guild member.