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  1. Post on Multiple Suggestions in Suggestions

    By trtlz, posted
    Idea #1 Event Boss: With all these events going on every so often I feel like there should be a boss relating to the event at the end. 
    Example: Easter Bunny would spawn around Florin and have as much hp/dmg as a certain world boss. It would drop typical boss loot as well as some kind of event outfit and pet. It would have better drop chances because this boss happens less than other world bosses. 
    Why? The current world bosses are kind of bland and monotonous. 
    Idea#2 More "Dungeons": Have 1 or 2 "dungeons" for each major area in the map that contain all of the areas mobs in them.
    Example: Calpheon would have some kind of portal under the city with all the mobs of Calpheon in them and would place lowest level mobs in the beginning, scaling to tougher mobs as the dungeon goes on. With a sub boss zone being filled with 2 cyclops and an ogre, then a main boss being a Witch. After the dungeon is completed it would give loot at the end based on how many mobs were killed and how quick the dungeon was completed.
    Why? Encourage parties to form up aside from the major grinding/leveling areas, as well as having the ability to not run into another group and get pvped by somebody over leveled. 
    Idea#3 Pet Quest: Have a medium length quest that rewards a player with a level 1 pet (Can't be leveled up or tradeable)
    Example: Pretty self explanatory, after Beginning of the Journey the player would receive a quest from the black spirit to kill x monsters, talk to npc's in different areas, and then receive 1 of 3 pets. Weasel, snake, mouse, or spider. Their gathering speeds would be half of what the current pets are. Maybe make it once per account, or make the quest exponentially harder to do and have it up to 4 times per account.
    Why? Pets are hard to acquire unless you're willing to spend money and sometimes people just can't afford that. 
    Idea#4 Tracker: In the knowledge menu you would be able to highlight exactly what kind of npc/mob you're looking for and be able to follow a direct path to it.
    Example: It kind of already exists, but make it more in-depth. The ability to find a specific mob instead of the area would be nice. 
    Why? Because It would save time and help out the newer players. 
    Idea#5 Quest conditions: Under available and recurring quests you could list why we can't access these quests. 
    Example:  List pre-requisites for the quest so that players can understand why they can't access the quest. As well as grey out the quest if they don't meet the pre-requisites. 
    Why?: It's pretty aggravating to do 1-200 quests and find out you need to do 10 more to get a certain quest chain to process an ingredient into the next step. As well as it would help out new players and give them guidance on which quests they need to do to reach their goals. 
    Welp these are just some ideas that popped in my head while processing. I'd love to help with ideas if any of them help out the game, I could go more in depth and give lore, story, and insight on them. Hope you enjoy them and if you have anything to add I'd love to hear it. 
    Just another suggestion, fix auto run paths to avoid mobs getting in the way or walls and what not. 
  2. So what's the dealio with the hat covering the player's face with this outfit? The brim comes down from the top of the head down to the chin. What in the what? Is this a glitch??
    If this is somehow deliberate, it's a real head scratcher. Apart from the roleplay aspect of this where you wonder how-in-the-fark your player can see anything, there's an equal what-the-fark OOC aspect which is that it hides your characters face. Character creation/customization is something that BDO does really well. It's what makes characters unique. So why undermine it? We want to be able to see those faces!
    Can this be fixed (if broken) or changed, especially considering they are pearl items and cost real money? A hat sits on a head, not on a face.  At least in America.
  3. With the new Dark Knight/Elf class it make's me struggle what to do,
    Should i re-roll and play Dark knight, or keep playing my current main class (sorc)?
    and i think alot of players have this question, if not about dark knight it may be about a other class.
    as for me i pre-orderd the game and sorc was the main class i wanted to play, there was nothing like it, but now DK is out and i actually want to re-roll
    but as many other players i bought alot of pearl items (outfits, blessings, horse flute etc) and these cant be transferred.
    they are all character bound.
    i would like to see a coupon in the cash shop which allows you for xxx amount of pearls to re-roll your class.
    it cant be that hard to create.
    Skills can be reset and all your skill points can be given backArmor can be transferred (already with city warehouse)pearl outfits changed to your new class weapons can be changed with a SQL query so they match your new classcharacter level transfer 
    I'm willing to pay that 3000 pearls.
    what do you guys think? 
  4. Hello!
    Since I didn't want to answer to old posts I'm trying to get the Discussion of Player Trading going again.
    I see the whole point BDO is trying to make by not letting people trade items in oder to stop gold sellers. I honestly understand that. But how come that I can't report any at least as spam when I see them then? If I try it keeps telling me "No item found". And as of right now in the Olvia_3 Channel I'm getting spammed by a gold seller.
    So why not, if you're not giving us more options to help fight gold sellers, at least give us simple options to fix the whole "no working together" problem. You set the rules of Guilds up, you know it's not that simple to have Guilds with a bunch of people running. So why not introduce a Guild Bank where people can put items in and out (if they have the permit to do so) to help each other or even just work together towards a goal.
    Gold seller in Channel Chat 1
    Gold seller in Channel Chat 2
    And a throwback to this Thread I think this is very true for me and my friends right now.
    Disclaimer: I don't want to come off annoying, since so many people already complain about this. But why not act on it then? I really enjoy the game and there is so much potential and so many things already done well. I just believe this is a Topic not completely talked about "officially" yet.
    Also, I almost forgot: Why is there an option in the AH for Pearl Items, if those are Account bound. Really got my hopes up to buy a pet IG. Just wondering... why?
  5. Because Boston Terriers are adorable. They might be more of a novelty in KR, but honestly, they're so much cuter than pugs. 

    I want this to be me w/ my new pets: 

  6. With Bdo being such a highly immersive and customization experience, it would be pretty spiffy if the equipment was a little more diverse as far as appearance.
    The options of the pearl store outfits are well and good, but i feel it would make grinding for armor and such a bit more rewarding, being able to find equipment that visually suits your taste and the character personality you are trying to portray.
  7. Post on Choosing my final class. in PVE

    By Zelveris, posted
    Alright, so I've been playing bdo for some time now and I've gotten 3 characters to lvl 56. My Wizard, Maehwa and Tamer. I chose to main my Maehwa because it was fun at the time. Sadley though after I got the awakened weapon it kind of became stale and not fluid with the combat. So I'm looking to get a different class to 56 and awaken it. I want something more fluid that can jump in and out of combat. I've been heavily considering my Tamer, Berzerker and my Wizard. Any suggestions? Am I doing it wrong? 
  8. Hello I am Ilyiandra and I am here to give you all my MASSIVE LIST OF SUGGESTIONS to help improve BDO!!!
    Please note before we get started these are only my opinions, I am sure plenty of players have differing opinions on the direction this game should go in but this is my personal list.
    1. Clarity of information. One problem I have with BDO is how badly it presents information. How much accuracy do you get when you ultimate a weapon and it says "Increased Accuracy". How much is "increased"? If I have 3 different items that all say "Increased Accuracy", which has the most? Alternatively, what percentage am I getting from "+1 Critical Strike"? is that 5%? 10%? How much more critical strike am I getting from +1 Critical Strike? What does investing points into a node get me exactly? What % does the drop rate increase? Does it make workers faster? Does it make them gather more if its a gathering node? Do I get more when I gather in that node? What do these things do EXACTLY. More detailed information needs to be released about... well... literally everything. Drop chances, stat percentages, total accumulated stats and how they affect your character and the things you're fighting, and much much more.
    2. Stat and level based PvP. I get it, this game is about grinding. Literally everything in this game revolves around grinding. Whether thats grinding mobs, grinding life skills, or grinding quests. This game involves a LOT of grinding. Which is fine, and I am sure a lot of players are here because they like that style of gameplay. However, I don't think open world PvP should be so dependent on level and gear. The other day I dueled my friend on his warrior. Hes a new level 53 Warrior, and I am a level 56 Witch. He has 65AP and 90DP, I have 128AP and 188DP. While my level and stats are a lot better than his, after 2 minutes of hitting me from behind with everything he had, he still couldn't drop me. I turned around after getting bored and 2 shot him. In no way shape or form is there any skill involved in that. There is no "counter-play" as the professionals are calling it, and I feel like that simply isn't right. With proper positioning and skill usage, he should be able to wipe the floor with me, it shouldn't be such a slaughter. The same goes for things the other way around as well. With my current stats on my Witch, which I would say are pretty average, I shouldn't have any advantages over a geared player thats for sure, but I should at least be able to HIT them and OUTPLAY them if I use my skills properly. I was at Sausans the other day grinding when a Warrior ganked me. After about 3 minutes of fighting he finally killed me. I was using literally every trick in the book I could think of. I teleported behind him and back attacked him while he was confused. I dodged left and right when he would go to grab to get out of the way. I dropped my poison right at his feet and he stood in it while I dodged around trying to auto attack him. I finally -----ed up and he grabbed me(I think he had been lagging most of the fight) and he dropped me in about the span of a second. He was level 60 with 185 AP and 260 DP (I asked after the fight) and 4 levels higher than me. Yes, thats a pretty big advantage, but after all I had done, I hadn't even done 10% of his total health. Most of my attacks missed, and the ones that landed hardly phased him. This shouldn't be the case if you want a competitive game, the power of a character should not solely be based on how long they have spent grinding. Make the effects of DP weaker, and the dodge/miss chance on higher levels much lower. If you are planning on designing a game where you can level forever, set a scale. For instance: If you have a soft cap and a hard cap, base your accuracy stats around the soft cap of 55, as you can expect most players to hit that level. Once they hit 55, stop making it harder to hit anything higher than that. IE: Its harder for a 50 to hit a 55, but not for a 55 to hit a 60. But still give the standard HP and other base increases that come from leveling. This way the level that most people are going to be playing at is used as the standard for PvP and makes the game far more balanced.
    3. Dyes. The system for getting dyes is absolutely terrible. Merv's Palette is awesome but you only get it temporarily. Dyes are in my opinion one of the coolest things about your gear customization system, and it hardly ever gets used unless someone has a value pack or a Merv's Palette. The random dye generation system is one of the dirtiest cash grabs I have ever seen, and also one of the most pointless. I don't have any stats in front of me but I doubt you sell many of them. Hell, I doubt you sell many Merv's either. But even if you did, I feel you are throwing away a massive set of customization options for a quick cash grab. At least give us the ability to craft all the Dyes. Make it so you can find schematics or learn them through difficult quest chains. Then make it so you can sell the dye on the market for a profit. People will bust ass to get those dyes and spend silver to buy them. I would really like to be able to permanently customize my gear, but I can't because its behind a massively absurd pay wall and the response I get from a lot of people is the same: "I'm not paying money to "maybe" get the dye I want." Make Dyes craftable.
    4. Better Boss Fights. What do I mean by this? Well to me most boss fights are tank and spanks. And by tank I mean whoever is dying in front of the boss at the time. Its basically just a smash fest until the boss is dead, no skill is involved, and if you get hit you are generally dead if your gear isnt good enough. That isn't a fun or engaging way of having boss fights. So here is how I would suggest you improve the fights:
    -----1. Give them clear and obvious mechanics. This means big arching swings and AoE moves that are broadcasted so that the player can see it coming and get out of the way, but is punished if they don't. This will be easier, but you can make it harder by adding new attacks, new stages of the fight(such as minion summoning or new abilities), and giving them more health.
    -----2. Make the bosses movements less twitchy, a giant monster shouldn't be able to 180 turn in a blink of an eye. Make them move more realistically and predictably. This makes the fight feel more epic as it gives you a sense of scale.
    -----3. Give the bosses more detail. These are your big bads, your ultimate challenges, why do they look like you spent 20 minutes modelling them and said "----- it good enough!"? Give them armor, new weapons, make them bigger, give them new summoning animations, give them better animations for their attacks and abilities, give them two heads, wings, an endless army of minions. Make the world bosses feel different and powerful and spend a lot more time on their 3D models and animations.
    5. Small suggestion but each tree should give at least 1 log and 1 Type Log. (IE: "Fir Log"). Its infuriating to cut down 12 Fir Trees and not get 1 Fir log. For 1 it doesn't make any -----ing sense and 2 it makes you have to go through far more trees to get to your goal. And I don't know about you but I have never been excited to hit the trees.
    6. Allow guild members to have priority purchasing on anything their guild mates put on the marketplace. The market is fixed anyways, at least let guild members buy items from other guild members.
    7. Completely overhaul the gear upgrade system. There is nothing more frustrating than the RNG system for upgrading gear in this game. Its infuriating. The simple fact that items can be destroyed or downgraded when trying to upgrade them without "fail stacks" is an absolutely retarded concept centered around a lazy company that wanted a cheap way of making gear upgrades without all the work of making models and animations. There are plenty of alternatives to this system. 1. You could keep the same type of upgrade system but remove the RNG and instead make it require more and more black stones to upgrade. Maybe PEN is like 50-100 concentrated black stones to upgrade? Or alternatively, and my favored method 2. Make it so upgrading gear gives you much more freedom to customize. Do you want nothing but AP? Make it so you can upgrade your gear pure AP by using AP stones, sacrificing a lot of DP. You want crit and attack speed? Sacrifice AP to get Crit and Attack Speed using different stones. You want AP and Accuracy? Use those stones at the sacrifice of speed and crit. Transfusions? Make everything able to upgrade to ultimate, and the base form has 1 Crystal slot, upgraded has 2, Ultimate has 3. Make it so transfused Crystals have a much higher range of customization. +2 Attacks on Red Moon? +2 Meters on ranged attacks? -5 WP Cost for Chase? And make these Crystals exclusive to certain slots so people have to make serious choices on how they want to upgrade their abilities. Want more range? You have to sacrifice attack speed. Want more damage? You have to sacrifice accuracy or crit. Want more DP? You have to sacrifice AP or Speed. etc etc. Give upgrades meaningful choices and make players think about what they want.
    8 Holy God Optimize your game. Get rid of the static models in major cities, people are already going to be everywhere we don't need our computers having to load in 300 extra models that literally stand there as set pieces. Or at least make an option to turn them off. Compress textures and models? Make better use of multicore processing and RAM? Clean up your code? Not sure what else to suggest but holy god please optimize your game MUCH better.
    9. FIX SWIMMING. How hard is it? You swim in the direction your camera is facing and press W to swim forward. If you press S you swim towards your camera. A and D make you strafe left and right. Hold shift to swim faster. FIX PLEASE.
  9. @CM_Aethon, @PM_Jouska
    I've seen these before among other MMO communities. They're usually contests that involve players creating content for the publishing/dev companies with prizes for the winners. We've seen an influx of new members, due to the new addition of the 7 day trial as well as the drop in price to $10 for the base game.  Something I had in mind (that could be interactive for the community) was maybe an advertisement competition? The best ad to capture the "essence" of the expanse that is this game. 
    This could be split into two categories: video (with a specified length), and created graphics. 

    I've seen the current event for Margoria (the screenshot one) - but I, along with others, don't have the luxury of high resolutions as needed. This type of event could make it more open to those without the needed minimum requirements from before. 
    It's just a suggestion! I'd like to hear feedback from GMs/CMs/PMs and other players, please! 

  10. As a crafter, I'd like a way to collect "ALL" from the marketplace "my registrations"  and when the economy drops prices or re-rolls them, you have to remove items from the marketplace and replace them at the new rate or they wont sell. For fact, steel fishing rods bounce between 30-50k each for sales price,if you list 30 of them at 45k , then the next day they drop to 36k you have to pull them all out and re-list them.
    Further, there are far to many actions to list multiple items, perhaps make a checkbox instead of button for min/max/average price and not ask for price verification each time.
    (PS Feed ALL Pets 1 action-like workers)
  11. I consistently get these every so often in game. This video shows the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZU2sg2g4A5s&feature=youtu.be
    I did not get these before yesterday, now they are happening often and giving me very jammy deaths. The game is playable, but grinding in pve will grant you many deaths, XP loss and crystal loss.
    This happens often, not just after logging in, for example in a grind session.
    if anyone knows a fix/ solution, please post it here.
    Tried so far:
    -scanned for corrupt files
    -restart router
    -running sfc /scannow
    -restarting pc
    -Removing Cache folder from bdo folder(in x86) (it might have worked, but after restarting pc and going back into game it happened again)
  12. Hi Daum/ Black Desert Community,

    I've been playing this wonderful game (with all it's ups and downs) for a while now and I'd love it if you could switch maintenance times to be during the night for europe,
    And not during the day, I see that we have our patch applied/ maintenance done at EXACTLY the same time as america, and that both servers are probably maintained by the same team.

    So, there's my request, I wonder how many other people feel this way. I've added a poll for that actually.
    "How to make sure your contribution will be taken into account:
    Be precise and constructive. Take the time to explain your reasoning behind a feeling or a suggestion.Check if the suggestion you have in mind has already been shared. If it's the case, you can reply to it and we even added a like button just so you can promote that idea!Sharing is caring, maybe ask other players or friends you know what they think of your post before you click the "Submit" button.Be realistic. To add content requires a long time, Rome wasn't built in a day!"

    ^ I hope this is precise and constructive.
    ^^ The reason is europe loses out on a whole day during the day, of playtime, and this encourages unhealthy nighttime habits for your player base, trying to sneak in a few more hours before servers go down... I know people do this.
    ^^^ It has, but in the distant past (over 9 months ago)
    ^^^^ people agree. as can be seen in the last forum topic made 9 months ago, the "yes" vote was quite unanimous, but fell on deaf ears? Can you explain why you HAVE to patch at daytime ?

    Thank you for (re) considering this, your playerbase will thank you for it, and thank you for making the extra effort, to make black desert the game it is.

    Also I would like to appologize for my gamer friends and community who see themselves as entitled and come off rather snotty and immature,
    we are all (somewhat) passionate about the game, and sometimes people (especially in their youth) can lose perspective, so thanks for publishing & running this game in europe,
    Personally it is currently my favourite MMORPG And has amazing fundamental design and system differences which set it leagues apart from others.

    Have a good day!
  13. Hi All, This is a post to give some feedback of my impressions of the game after my first month in. Dont know who will read it, but hey.

    I'd like to thankyou Pearl Abyss for bringing this game to the EU, and for the work and improvements that have been put into the game so far. 

    (If you dont wanna read the wall of text theres a quick point by point shortlist at the bottom.)

    First Impressions

    When i first joined the game, i couldnt help but feel completely overwhelmed, After being pleasantly suprised at the level of detail of the character creator, and slightly annoyed at the gender locking of some classes (i mean who wouldnt want a warlock alternative to the sorceress?) I proceeded to jump into Olivia and and was instantly assulted with a myriad of popup messages and flashy screens. After spending some time fighting testing out some classes, and ignoring the popups, i made my way to the settings to turn things off, change the graphcis to max, and rearrange and simplify the UI - "AAAaaaaaah" sigh of relief, now i felt ready to tackle the game. I proceeded to enjoy the most beautiful views and vistas in an MMO i have seen, The included screensaver is wonderful, and the included shader options is a big big plus.

    (developers: maybe think about simplyfying UI from the start and disabling popups etc - Ive had three friends drop the game before even trying because of the extra stuff, 1 came back after i spent some time explaining it. 

    +wonderful level of control over minimap, settings overall, ui customisation. 
    +Looks Gorgeous, beatitful scenery
    +Included wonderful shaders and screensavers
    - overwhelming UI at first, good amount of settings, (could add a few more settings for minimalists) 
    - lack of quests for understanding UI and Quest Journal (settings) 

    Combat and Controls
    At first i was pleasantly suprised by the smoothness and responsiveness of the combat, even with the basic first level moves, it was slighly more enjoyable than most online titles ive played, and once i got my warrior leveled to 20 (which did not take long at all) i was really impressed. For me, personally, This combat is one of the best ive played. Reaching level 50 I was pleasantly suprised to find the extra customised skills, the amount of earnable Skillpoints, and the general fun that the combat entails even after hours of grinding, on the same character, (this usually gets boring quickly for me). I short, Well done guys, sure there are a few tweaks i would have done to dodgeing etc. but overall this is a wonderful change of pace. 
    + Great combat, and responiveness, and very good set up of flow between moves, makes combat fun to get into.
    + Good overall paceing, its nice to reach level 50 and get into the flow of the game easily, before starting the grind. 
    - Slighly too EASY combat in the begining, the lack of challange makes the first few skills feel a lil to easy to learn, and you can easily miss their importance, 
    - would have prefered to learn new skills from several trainers (Quests for each new move, and tests on straw dummies before you can use them - for immersion only)

    Overall Gameplay/Depth

    In short there is a lot of openness in this game, a lot of freedom to pay the way you want, which for me is great, early gameplay gives a very quick impression that the game is huge, from the fun way to catch horses, to the annoyingly timed fishing and easy to use auto fishing - there is both a sense of depth, and a sense of easy and conviniance, Trading is a wonderful addition and the lack of teleportation is absolutly wonderful change of pace, making you think a lil bit more before moving onto another area. The energy and contribution point systems are a change from most mmos, and i find it works well, is fun and more immersive because of its complexity. Good on you for not dumbing down the game any further, and thankyou for thinking about alts and sharing of CP and ENERGY. 

    The marketplace and way to trade is a system im undecided on, on the one hand it works ok with the bidding (though it is SUPER annoying to have to roll luck on trading as well as itemisation, though it adds a tad of longevity, (though that can get old in long term). its also a shame i cannot trade with my friends and give them some base level weapons, although it is kinda nice to not have to "play the game" for my friends or family members. 

    Enchanting, Equipment and customisation

    This here is interesting, I know most asian MMO's have a similar system, and i quite enjoy it when it doesnt go to stupid levels of enchanting to upgrade, I would have liked the requirement to use an anvil, and a much higher chance of upgradeing, traded for extra animation time, and a Crafting minigame to upgrade (haveing to heat metal, etc) again this is just for immersion. It does feel a lil wierd to whack out my sword in the middle of the jungle and smash a black stone into it to enchant. I vote for the blacksmith profession/minigame. 

    On the other hand, I love that we can start with any weapon at base level and upgrade it as we go along our journey, and i love that these can later be sold to other players, to recover costs etc. I hope that does not change. I also love the armor can be shared accross family members. (although for immersion a small cost for "refitting armor" could be added, as an extra resource. (maybe even allow this to change costumes between classes). I do emjoy socketing crystals into gear, but wonder, where is the gear with 3 sockets as the UI shows us? upcoming update or something ive missed? 

    As for player customisation, visually, theres not that much to go for, anything interesting needs to be bought with pearls, and while some of the ingame options are good, there are very slim pickings, I do very much feel that there needs to be more in game options, each class needs to hae several more costume options (IMO) and each already existing gear i hope will be able to moved to costumes in game rather than pearl shop. including weapons and armor and what not. in this regard BDO falls behind all other MMO's ive played, and it makes the game feel very flat end game unless you want to spend real world money. 
    My thought, raise the base cost of game to 20 euro. (well worth it) 
    add much more costumes, and lower prices to 10 euro for a full set, I would easily spend 100 euro a month on game, if there were options at better price point, sometimes lower costs per item lead to more sales and much higher income, give it regular tries over holiday seasons and see what happens guys? 

    The sets themselves, while good, I would definatly like to see some more interesting optins for set gear, as seen in many other games, (diablo III comes to mind - in my opinion industry best for adding interesting mechanics to classes) this could add more diversity between classes in general. right now it feels like the goal end game is to be the same gear as everyone else, with very little variation of any kind. This stagnates and bores people in the long run. and end game, evolving and enhancing customisation would definatly add to longevity and (in my opinion) and increase in revenue.) GW2 is by far the overall best balance on cashshop etc that ive seen to date, even if their prices also could use adjustment in some cases. 


    Despite the aforementioned itemisation and cash shop problems, This is the game i will play for the foreseable future. It is hitting so many right points, and i have seen a good quality thus far on improvements. 

    + gorgeous graphics
    + incredible environments and vistas, wonderful textures. 
    + very enjoyable and varied combat
    + wonderful amount of quests and repeatable quest
    + Not dumbed down systems
    + Many varied life style options beyond combat to earn money and progress
    + Horse training + Worker training, Horse armor, interesting crafting system. 
    + large wonderful world
    + Multiple housing options. 
    + some really wonderful cashshop armors and horse armors. 

    - completely overwhelming first impression. 
    - Overpriced cashshop with some items not having in game alternatives for must have mechanics. 
    - a suprising amount of hidden stats. 
    - graphics popping in, still needs fixes.
    - Voice acting is sub par, (would love an option for japanese or original korean soundtracks in the english client! big fan of the languages) (i would pay seperatly for this)
    - Lack of visual customisation at high levels, and no helmet visual in game for standard gear(why??) needs heavy improvement. no in game skins for weapons?
    - No in game pet captureing (allow us to capture dogs, cats, wolves, in game?)
    - Very heavy genderlocking for several classes (drawback for many of my eurofriends)

    This is a personal list of thigns i'd like to see as Black desert continues. 

    * lower cash shop prices
    * in game pet taming (of wildlife already in game, ducks, cats, dogs, wolves) to extand horse training to creature training. 
    * Flying mounts (yes i know, but i would love this to just fly over the world, and view things, I would also not mind flying combat if done right - sense of power and freedom is wonderful) 
    * taming drakes and other such things. 
    * Cash shop item to have more than 5 residences. 
    * some kind of tradeing with individual characters/friends for items? maybe... 
    * many more in game sets of armor/weapon skins for each class, with refitting requirement to share with other classes. 
    * more interesting gear sets
    * Open choice of weapon options, rather than picking weapons during character creating, pick a sex and race, then have each weapon style learnable in game
      (alternativly create switchable weapons styles as a cash shop item) i know this is likely never going to happen, its just a dream for me. 
    * more mount options.

    Anyways, I look forwards to playing more, and thankyou for a wonderful enjoyable game! dont read to much into my critiques, they are just ideas i would personally like to see. 
  14. Well i debated on even writing this for some time, but now i'm here and i have no idea if anyone has covered it, but i need to make my pet peeves known. Things that could have potentially probed my brain, but didn't in this game list.
    1. Clothing/hair choices between men and women characters
    The women clothing/hair styles are way better by far compared to majority of the male characters in this game. They have more choices for hair, they have more underwear, glasses, accessories, etc compared to the guys just kinda sitting in the peanut gallery, and it irks me. The guys need love in this game too throw out some amazing things for them it just hurts to watch. Especially the old wrinkle wizard...i mean come on that's just not fair.
    2. Guild houses
    Not enough to go around, not much use for them, why are they there? Aside from elephants and suppose naval warfare there's really no point to the guild houses. I mean can my guildies go there and chill out? Cook at the kitchen? Do alchemy? Argue about how we need to decorate on side of the wall blue and have the other side green? No, not really. I mean if the game can allow guilds to have their own little space, and build their guild house that would be awesome and have there own banners outside that would be cool. Guild members can actually do things in the guild house, dance parties, cook, see horses in the guild stable, loan horses? crash on the couch, decorate the place instead of already having furnished furniture in there...that you can't sit on half the time. And have alliance/friends visit the guild house.
    3. Alliance button for guild
    Not really a pet peeve but I mean it doesn't have to be a thing some people like living the mafia lifestyle where they can just decide they can stab you in the back at anytime. I would say leave that up to the people that play the game.
    4. Recruiting for guilds
    Recruiting is tough, especially for people starting out so i don't know. How about instead of the players stating they are looking for a guild when you look at the guild recruiting page (only guild masters and officers can see this function) (Also half of those people sitting in that page is actually not looking for a guild, or have no clue there is a remove looking for guild button in there quest log). You guys do a switch off and have the guilds state they are looking for people and have these guys contact them some way. No i didn't really plan that out, It's a cut throat world out there for recruiters if you have been there before. If you have any idea's throw them down. 
    5. Gotta go fast
    Higher tier horse + higher speed = Still slow wagons?
    Will there be faster wagons? I like my Bdo virtual trucker simulator but really...if the maps going to be expanding and i'm still doing 20 on a 70 instant accel lane not much will be accomplished. I mean it will, just you know that trading life.
    6. Dance
    First mmo game i played without a dance emote unless i'm hitting the wrong buttons O_o. Not a big deal, i can live without it, but i found that interesting.
    7. Houses
    I feel like i live in an apartment, some a very tiny time out room. There are decent houses with multiple rooms i know. I just want more of that, make more nice houses something that just completely blows my mind. 
    8. Horses
    The amount of time you spend with your horse is special sometimes very quick and brief sometimes it's just way to much. I don't exactly understand the whole training system lifeskill. The amount of time to level your horse to 30 is painful to me unless i'm missing something. I thought once you level your training would help you level the horse a bit quicker that didn't seem to be the case because i can read lol. So i would say knock down some of that time on horse training to level the horses quicker I i think it takes way to long especially in the tier 6-7 (never had a tier 8 and will probably cry for tier 9's). As for the cash shop items there's one called skill change...i read some things on the forums for them apparently their a waste of time or their like fail stacks for the horse and can only be used while the horse is leveling up. You put it on when the horse is lvl 30 and nothing is happening i would fix that as well.
    9. Let's stop being a loner for leveling up
    Can we reward folks for getting together and giving them a party exp boost so we can lvl together instead of shunning off people to level up. I heard and seen alot of people are going solo because it's doesn't help them experience wise being in a group. One leveling up by yourself is boring (I have done this) and being in a group just isn't lonely as it is boring.
    10. Guild Bosses
    It would be the world if you guys had more guild bosses for guilds that had more teamwork elements to it. For example
    A world boss require a certain amount of people to stand somewhere to avoid teammates from dying or a certain amount of people to aggro it until you kill it. Make teamwork make the dream work for guilds instead of having us mindlessly wail on things like zombies it would spice things up abit. 
    That's all i have for now I will return if i have more if you have stuff to add then i mean feel free. I just wanted to put this out there cause i pay attention to the little things. The little things make me happy at times. Thanks for looking at my rant on the little things in life on bdo.
    P.s. Grammar i know.
  15. Hi players and staff,

    Before i start throwing suggestions here and there i wanna tell you a bit of my story as a MMORPG player, so you can understand more or less where all my "ideas" come from.

    My first MMORPG was RO (Ragnarok Online), right at the start, about 12 years ago. I still remember when i ordered the CD online from the game and was waiting for 2 days for it to be delivered. I was so excited, i could barely sleep. The feeling of making my first novice, and walking around,having no idea about the game, just exploring the maps and all that stuff, i will never forget. It was all so exciting. Until this day, i some times go back into the game just to revive a bit of those moments. After RO, i played all the big name MMORPG like, WoW, Aion, Guild Wars 2, Blade and Soul, Tera, RO2, Lineage2, recentely Revelation Online, Bless Oline, ToS(tree of Savior) and so many others. I must say that any of those games could hold me for more then a year and also, it wasnt the same feeling as i had when i first played RO for the first time, except for BDO, but this will be explained better later on on this topic. I asked my self so many times, why cant i stick to a game anymore for longer then 3 months (this is the time that i played most of those games, 1 or 2 i played for about 10 months), they all seem to miss something...and i might be able to answer those questions now.
    I started (really) playing BDO(Black desert Online) about 20 days ago. When i first played (right back at the launch) the game was a bit to confusing for me, and the major reason why i stopped playing right on the next day is that my computer sucked at the time, i mean, what is BDO without its perfect graphics right? =) So, since a month i got a really good upgrade on my computer and now i can enjoy the game with all it can offer. So, when i started playign again 20 days ago, i finally could get a bit of what the game can offer. The freedom that this game has, all those features that makes NPC usefull in a sence that u need to interact with NPCs more then just for quests and, what i like the most, the combat. The combat is so smooth, and with the graphics its just a perfect combo! I cant forget to mention the characters classes, they are all very unique* and all of them are very fun to play, at least the ones i tried so far. As i said,i dont have much experience with the game, actually, i have almost none, but during this time there were some thing, which might make the game not so attractive and catchy after some time, and i really would love to see this game only getting better. 
    So, here are my critics/suggestions that i think would boost this game 10000%.


    MOBS difficulty: So, im now lv 56, and on all way up to the 56 i think i died 2. Well, as i understand that this game is a grinding focused game, which i love btw, i think it could be added some more difficulty to the monsters and in the process improve players interactions. My solution to this problem would be very simple, add some spots where the monsters are quite stronger which would require a group to grind on this spot, and make the EXP also a bit higher so it would be actually be an slightly advantage to grind there. To balance it, so players who prefer to play alone wouldnt be "hurt" it could have drop rates decreased. So, u have a stronger monster with a slightly higher exp but with drops rate low and easier monster with slighlt lower exp but with higher drop rates.  I think with this, players who like the interaction part of MMOs would really enjoy and those who prefer to play alone wouldnt be hurt in anyway. I think i can speak for many, many MMO players, some times what holds you into a game are the bounds made playing it,no the game it self, and when a game has it, it´s population are very strongly attached to the game, doesnt matter what turn the game might take.

    MINIBoss: So, im not sure if the monsters that i will mention right now are called Minibosses but i will adress them like this as i dont know any other term for them so far.
    The monsters meant here are those, who are quite stronger then the monster normally around the area but are also not that strong to be called a boss. I have a feeling that those monsters could bring a very cool feature to game by the following method. ADD difficulty and some mechanics to those monsters. Not something crazy that would require 5man lv 50 to kill a miniboss lv 30 but something like 3 man lv 30 would be able to take it down. By doing that, you Imedeatlly add some challenge in the area and again encourage some interaction between players. To make it a bit more competitive and more exciting, you could make it drop like 5 black stones armor and 5 weapon, some crystal as it already does and gives a very good EXP, you could also add a very small percentage (%) of dropping some good items, or acessorys like Mark of Shadow or like 3 Set parts like Agerien or so. To dont make it abusive, you could make it drop rates falls down from the lv 38 on(assuming that the Miniboss lv is 30) so again, the players who doesnt like to play in group would still have the chance to kill it later on, when one reach a higher lv, and players who are lv 50 already or higher wouldnt get much from it as the drop rates for them would be very very low already. But i will speak more about items and other stuff later on this topic.

    Item Drops:
    I think the item drops are quite nicely distrubuted already, but my point here is, make almost EVERY area (monsters in a determinate area) drop some usefull or some good equipment, not the bests of course, i think those should be as they are, only dropped by Bosses, but the good ones like Grunil and all those stuff, im tired of seeing MMOs placing all the good drops on a dungeon or a boss and then what happens? The rest of the maps simply DIES, cause there is no actual use for the maps(areas) except of lvling. This is exactly one of the biggest problems in WoW, every expansion that they get, it simply makes 80% of the previous areas USELESS( I played WoW from burnig crusade to Cataclysm always stopping in between, so i can say one thing or 2 about the game). I think so many games fail on this topic, and very important topic, cause in a MMO that it is so huge as BDO i think most of the players want to take the most out of the game and enjoy the whole game world continuously,and by doing/keeping that you will have the whole world(BDO world) filled with character form all lvls. ( Please, im not saying that monters lv 1 should drop Grunil set parts, it should of course have a balance on monster lvl and items lvl droped or chance).
    There is one item that could be put in all monsters, of course with different percentage% drop, which are the crystals. I think those items are perfect for this kind of situations. It could also be done like, specific crystals drop from specific monsters with a higher percentage. And by having more class specific* crystals, you could divide more the players and classes which would hunt those specific monsters so it wouldnt be crowed like cray in some areas and some others empty.

    Crystals and Sets:
    So, for me this is a big topic. Its quite hard to really make a perfect system on it i think but i think that the crystals "general" at the moment. I think with with some additions this system could become great. So, here is my idea, what about if you ADD crystals that are better for some classes then others, for example: (im not sure about numbers now but please take this as a example.) there is a crystal which adds +1AP, why not have one, for example that gives +2 Ranged atacks/magic atacks/meele atacks, and the super rare +3 Ranged/meele/magic attack. Or, add for example, Crit DMG +2/3. The same would work for defense crystals, just turn into defense points instead of attack. With a system like this you would start seeing some more specificity on players, or the so called, builds. And if Minibosses and Bosses with their on "personality" for example, you would start seeing sets full Magic resist on tanker for example. On Guild Wars does sets would be the same anymore as you expect to get damage from all sources. I remember playing Aion, and almost every class could have 2 sort of sets with different stones( stones on Aion had more less the same effect as in BDO). And that would make PvP and PvE very exciting, Specially on 1v1 or 2v1, or small group fights. It can go further and have crystals which increase the block rate(correct me if there is already such a stone). Im sure, players would be excited by trying out new set of crystals and comparing them and so on.

    In add to the Crystals, we could have some sets slightly classes orientated. For example, when u have a set that gives more HP and Bloc rate. Then you have Sets that increase evasion and increase acurracy, or Evasion and Ranged attacks, or HP and Ranged skils, and so on. This again would make each class be much more characteristic, for example, even when a Witch could wear a Set that increases HP and Block rate, this set would not be the best for this class.  It would make exciting for older players who has 1,2,3,4 characters and have(at the moment) the best set in the game. This would be a good extra challenge for them and would also movement the market more and all that good stuff.

    I know this suggestion topic got quite big now but i truly believe that with those slight changes, it would make this game the " WoW Killer" for SURE.
    I dont play this game for a long time so forgive me if i wrote something that it is already implemented in the game, just let me know and i will correct it. 
    I would really appreciate if the BDO staff would take some interest in my ideas and give some feedback. There are some other topics that i did not mention cause i simply dont have the experience. All those things are from a point of view of a player who DOENST have guild and that is just starting the game so please, take it as so.
    I appreciate the space given to us to communicate with the developers and together make a "better" game for us all!
    Wish you all a good week and very good playing hours!

    PS:sorry for my bad english.
  16. - As far as I can tell, pre-orders actually doesn't work. I have had a pre-order in place for 3 days now for Fine Tough Hide (max price, 100 units), and it has not been filled. However, after the 2nd day, I just went onto the market and "sniped" 500 of them. Hence, having a pre-order doesn't work.
    - Either the "Bidding system" doesn't work, or google translate failed horribly. You see an item, you bid on it. You "see the result" (this should be a pass or fail, if failed, next window doesn't come up), and then you purchase the quantity. It often comes up with "already purchased" or "failed to purchase". Get rid of the "bidding" system, when the item is placed on the market, it should be put into a "buy" status. All of the other steps are just steps to annoy players. The other option would be to fix the bidding system and pre-order system so that items cannot be sniped off the market. The logic, if this system if fixed, should go like this:
      1) Item put on market
      2) Market checks pre-orders and "bids", selects a random player from the list
      3) If winner of item is the pre-order, send to the player's warehouse (go to step 5)
      4) If the winner is from a bid, then that person can purchase the item (bidding result: You won the bid -> Enter Quantity to purchase -> Purchase)
      5) If amount purchased from winner < amount put onto the market, go to step 2
    - Some items cannot be pre-ordered (lame)
    - For pre-orders, 100 maximum quantity is not enough, especially since you can only have 1 pre-order in place.
    - Set a maximum pre-order limit to say.. 10, increase the amount you can pre-order by 500
    - Translation needs re-done in certain areas (Pre-orders). It shouldn't be a "put in some numbers for trial and error" to figure out what should be in what.
    - Up the amount of items that players can add to the marketplace. Make it a quest line.
    - It would make more sense if the item pre-ordered was delivered to the warehouse instead of through the mail.
  17. so can we get beds to work and look as if the character is laying down resting and not bored staring at the ceiling all day its the same animation as him/ her standing against the wall also chairs there's no point besides house points you can't even sit in them WTF any one else agree or have other thoughts on usable house items, books drawers tables food on the tables??
  18. I have an idea for a balanced trading system that allows for better player interaction, without ruining or inflating the economy, while still adding reasonable uses.
    If a trading system were to be implimented, i think we can all agree that it should not inflate the economy, or allow monopoly over any existing system in the game, but add incentive to use the market over it, while also adding incentive for players to work together.
    For starters this system should only be usable in safe zones containing a market.  The player trading the item may trade it for free, or for any price at or below max market value, but if its traded below max market value, the item becomes untradable until the remainder is paid to a specified npc. This creates an incentive for the player to use the market over the trading system, and makes it so this system does not create useless items, it also allows players to trade items and "pass the buck" so to speak (This does make the items essentially useless for the market, as youd be giving away an item, and getting no return. But, if an item you were previously traded is useless to you, and was specified and not available on the market, you could pay full value to give the item to another player you are currently playing with. Keep in mind this also creates a cash sink, where one player will have to pay for the item either way). If an item is not available on the market, it forces people who really want an item to pay whatever (within market value or below) what the player wants, assumably higher due to its availablility. The last balance this system should have is a daily limit on item trading, depending on what the developers think best for the economy, assumably based on the items use and price. and you should be limited on daily traded items total, and daily traded items per type. Also, for those wondering, i dont think tradable and untradable items should stack, also, the untradable items should be used first in crafting recepies when available.
    In order to maintain immersion this system should use terms for the items like (Unappraised), and the npc should be an Appraisal npc, or something of the sort, as items in real life auctions are regularly appraised. This of course ignores the fact that the price is that of the max market value (since the system would be a mere convenience, it should not affect the inlflation of the market by allowing one to flip items) after all, this is a game, and this game cannot afford to inflate its economy, its been the downfall of virtually every mmo, and im sure many of us wish to enjoy it for many years to come.
  19. I really want to buy your game.. but from what I've been seeing, lots of players and YouTubers stopped supporting and playing the game. The thing is that your game is the style of RPG that I'm looking for and I want to have the best experience playing it.
    Keep in mind that if I enjoy the game I will gladly also put some money in it as I am one of the poor guys and spent money just for things that count.
    (Just saying that, because there are other better ways to make profits out of this game and all people would be willing to pay even a little bit to make their experience of the game better)

  20. Nice features to add:
    Source of all buffs/debuffs;Red Battlefield time tracker;Chat nicknames/family names;Guild invites without whisper;Language/Country tab in Guild Search (Europe);Red "!" for party loot bag new items;Delete tabs in friends list;Current online guild members;Guild members' AP/DP;Tamer pet skins;Time Rewards rework (after 5000 hours);Vice-Leader implementation;"Recover all" function for pets;More failstacks for failing accessory enhantment.Dance emote.Explanation:
    Provide the source of buffs/debuffs. This is useful when using a lot of EXP buffs because the icon is always the same.Give us a way to track Red Battlefield's time without having to stop our character and check the timer all the time. I've missed many Battlefields because of this.In chat, allow us to nickname our friends or display their family name. With so many different characters and alts, it's hard to know who is who.Allow Guild invites without having to wait for a whisper from the other player.In Europe especially, it would be nice to have a Language/Country tab when searching for guilds. Some players are looking for specific guilds and this would help them find it.Implement some kind of warning (!) when there's a new item on the party loot bag. Sometimes, players forget to roll and the item is sold.Please allow us to delete tabs in friends list. It's currently impossible to do so.It would be nice to have a counter to know exactly how many guild members are online at any given time.Tamer pets coud use some nice skins!The time reward system needs a rework, especially after 5000 hours. Earning a Skill Add-on Reset and some Appeareance Change Coupons (already included in Value Pack) don't seem like a proper reward for the insane amount of time required. If 5000 hours rewards the player with a pet, it's only fair that the rewards after are even better. Maybe some Pearls, a boss armor chest or something way more valuable than what's currently offered?Guilds Leaders have way to much responsibility on their hands. Guilds should be allowed to have at least one Vice-Leader who could do everything the Guild Master can do, except kick him or disband the guild."Recover all" function for pets. It's annoying to feed them one by one.Accessory enhancement should provide more failstacks. PRI = 1, DUO = 2, TRI = 3, etc.Any MMO allows its players to dance. Please implement a command that allows us to dance! @CM_Aethon, @CM_Tytyes
  21. Just a suggestion to bring back the 10 minute channel hop timer, the 15m one seems to be mostly just a hassle for everybody, and the 10m timer will make a few things better that i can see personally. 1:channel hoping to find a grind spot would be much less painful, swapping 6 times an hour instead of 4 would be nice. and the second just off the top of my head is the main reason i wanted to do this, bosses.Specifically kutum in this case, because the "train" on edan tends to take about 10 minutes a kill. this is mostly just my 2 cents but a decent amount of my fellow kutum-goers seemed to agree that a 10 minute timer might be nice for this. thank you for reading this! and sorry for any typos, did this while fighting kutum. X D
  22. Hello, 
    Let me start by saying, this is one of the best MMORPG that was ever released in a while, i do enjoy the game in it various aspects, although i did encounter during the journey, several elements on different levels, that wasn't pleasant, and i believe that fixing some of this elements, could change our gaming experience to the better,without touching the core mechanics of the game.
    Here i present to you : 
    ~ Some Suggestions, that could improve the Game ~
    The forum = game & community image.
     Forum restricted access : only Accounts linked to the game, should be able to access the forum (exceptions : New Adventurer/Off Topic section) : I believe this could reduce a lot of negativity on this board, and translate as accurately as possible, the general theme of the player base toward the current game status, and it future changes.Stickied Threads : plenty of very informative posts : classes guides, leveling guides, farming, trading, making silver, ...ect, are lost between the pages of forum section that are filled with threads that are .. not as informative, let's value the quality of this threads a bit more.Patch notes :  need to be posted at least 1 day before maintenance, also current communication level, reply wise, could really use some improvements.Let's get in game.
    Pearls Items : Quoting While initial rush has vanished, we can certainly provide a better system that preserve the current profits, while allowing players more accessibility to the Cash shop, by the addition of Sellable Pearl Packs : 100 - 500 - 1000, this packs can be an entirely different currency, very equivalent to the Premium pearls 1:1 ratio, but only usable on the items that are allowed to be sold on Marketplace.
     Automated Potion system : In my opinion this would improve the PvP experience the most, because of the low CD. similar system exist on other modern games, where a % need to be set, for example 60%,  for either HP/MP or both, when ever the % bar of a character get below 60% it activate a potion consumption automatically, ofc this feature can be activated/disactivated by choice,  i do understand why would many disagree with this suggestion.Equalized PvP battlegrounds : This could be applied to RBF. Many PvP aspect of the game, are already heavily influenced by gears, we can really use a BG where everyone can participate, regardless of their progression.Market place: the search function could be better through addition of search filters using : Rarity : Gold, Yellow, Blue, Green, White.Enchantment level :  Pri up to Pen and +0 up +15.Effects : Stat modifiers, Damage to X species, X resistance, ..ect.Also, showing the list of pre-order on items can be great (not the pre-ordered price).
     Items Remodeler : character gear customization, is a very limited aspect, this feature can be found on few other games : Copy the Skin of an Item A, that will be destroyed during the process, to another item B, that will gain the Skin appearance of A. Remove/Minimize the CD on foods : at least on some specific most usable consumables : Knight, Serendia, Balenos, Teas, .. ectRemove Energy cost when using in-game chats : this mainly apply to Channel & Role play, it is a key element to bring players base together, break the "solo" feeling, and present a mirror of activity for those that are just starting the game.
    On side notes, i would like to add few minor inconveniences, that could really use some rework : 
    Missing "Check OUT" button for all the pets.Trade CD after a channel change.Too much confirmation messages.Auto-path could really use some improvement, especialy in the sea area.Thanks for taking time to read this, feel free to discuss, any of the points above, as well as adding your own suggestions to this topic.
    Have a good day!
  23. after coming back to the game about a week ago now. it seems in certain area's now im getting horrendous performance now. compared to when i was previously playing which was just a couple weeks before valencia hit.
    for example. trying to do certain world bosses now its just a pure nightmare. the FPS drops is insane, and for the likes of karanda which its really important to see where her AOE is going to be shown. its a right pain trying to do certain world bosses now.
    has anyone noticed a impact on performance or is it just me ?
    it seems im not the only one thats seen a noticeable inpact on performance. maybe this thread could be used as some awareness for kakao to start re-optimizing the game
    PSA: For Discord Users

  24. Hi there fellow Rangers, I just wanted to know or rather get opinions of my current progress on my class, and which to take top priority first.
    I added a screen shot to see which items I have along with stats/CC resistance,
    Now its really not just the items but skills with add-ons as well, I've been testing add-ons and just don't feel comfortable with them as I feel like there can be far more useful ones out there, any suggestions if possible would be appreciate it
    Currently use
    Wotw- Attk Spd- +7%, 10% chance of down smash
    EES- All Def+15, movement+7%
    BlastingGust- Acc+3% Inflict pain 45 per 3sec for 12sec
    Now I know most suggest 20+ atk on monsters but I rarely even use it since I got decent AP as it is for sausans, not to mention just spamming wotw just wipes them all in seconds, and barely did I notice any difference when I even had it on
    As for what skills being used would you guys recommend any changes on this one? I've so far done a fair amount of PvP with it and had no issues killing unless they were far more geared than I was or cced me to death due to the lack of cc Rangers have.
    Sorry if its a bother to some in advance but I just want opinions of others to see if I've done any mistakes or if there's other goods things that I'm not aware of on items/skills

  25. Here i will keep a list of suggestions, i'll add to it occassionally.
    * Option to disable built-in double-tap movement key dodge
    * Option to disable vsync and set custom framelimit 30~60~120
    * add to 'Edit ui' function(Moving&Disabling); Minimap, Level*point, Location/time, Buff bar, Rage/Anger % thingy, high*rank item, knowledge gained/new story icons, Heilang HP bar
    * Graphical options; enable/disable shadows and hdr, Set min/max render range of objects/npc's/grass/trees/mobs/lod/mesh, Amount of lights rendered
    * When cursor-mode is enabled lmb and rmb should be restricted to normal functions only, currently when rebound instead of clicking on something it could execute a custom bind like an attack dus player would be unable to click anything
    * make it so that a person going offline whilst asleep in a bed retains energy regen buff
    * move middle*of*screen messages to the left/bottom/right/top, its obstructive right now
    * untie F1/F2 hotkey from npc interactions, implement seperate hotkeys instead
    * add a bald female hairstyle
    * option to enable/disable crosshair
    * automatically save last used angle of map camera
    * option to skip all kinds of confirmation popups
    * Map; Option to disable autoloop window
    * Ancient coins, Crystals, Seeds, # should stack
    * Allow alt to be bindable or allow it to also function as modifier key
    * Need a lantern toggle on/off hotkey, or even better: equipped lantern automagically turns on/off when its dark/bright
    * Option to enable cutscene dialogue whilst leaving combat dialogue disabled
    * Add to cashshop; Different effect colors for skills, Footprint, Aura, Glowing Eyes, Emote animations, Weapon+Sub skins~
    * Seperate top and bottom from cashshop costumes/uniforms that force player to wear both
    * option to set the sprint function as a hold not toggle
    * Add to merchant window; sell all junk (junk being stuff that has no other use but for selling)
    * Area/aoe looting
    * option to hide other player's parked mounts
    * player home anvil, allow to repair equipped items starting with most damaged
    * Option to disable pet sounds
    * Implement chat window fade after 10 seconds of no activity
    * Implement 'simple shadows' graphical option that enable whole*scene shadows and a shadow blob below characters feet whilst disabling all dynamic shadows
    * pet hunger bar shouldnt drain when player is resting in bed
    * add option to pet window; send to nearest town to sell player-chosen inventory items
    * Implement transparency meter(0*100% alpha) of background and border for UI windows
    * Linearize the random hp/wp/sp stats for pvp
    * Place auction house npcs in the small towns
    * Add warehouse icon to calpheon city map, also several marketplace director icons are missing
    * Add PvP flagging system, forced pvp is what kills any mmo with a high amount of PvE/slice-of-life content
    * Tamer; Equipping hunting item or instrument shouldnt unequip secondary weapon
    * Option to disable red battlefield and whale notificiations
    * Several alchemy crafting quests quote the wrong ingredients
    * Option to disable marketplace mail spamm
    * Remove stamina bar from Heilang hp bar as sprinting and attacks use the tamer's stamina, its redundant
    * Option to disable epileptic black-white flash whenever heilang attacks
    * earings/rings/necklaces/belt/gloves/helmets should be visible on characters
    Have a suggestion you'd like to see on this list? Post below, be brief and concise.
    Disagree with anything? Dont flame, post constructive criticism or leave. Thanks~