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  1. Most new rangers might not know how to use our kit defensively to win fights so maybe this video will help.
  2. Post on Fix pvp in PVP

    By Arckaina, posted
    You need to fix pvp in this game. You spewed nerfs all over sorc,on ranger, and buffed the shit out of giant and this was all pre-awakening. Then awakening comes out and you nerf only sorc, and only on NA/EU, while no other server has the sorc nerfs. You give super armor to every move, practically, in the awakening kit for giant, warrior and witch/wiz. You claim you're trying to balance things but you haven't made class changes in months, RBF strat is get to the back and try to get to a mage before they aoe everything. Oh you found one great attack him and knock him down, well he's casting through all my moves with his super armor and oh knocked me down i'm dead.
    You've nerfed only sorc awakening damage, and I think a very very light dmg nerf to one or two warrior moves, can't remember exactly. While leaving ranger, wiz. and giant unchecked, not only is their damage more than every other class, but you just suit them up with super armor so they cant even be contested while in the middle of a fight. You're just so ignorant of your own game it makes me sick. You do nothing to better the balance of this game and so a shit ton of people just reroll into these OP as ----- classes because you're too busy sucking your own ----- to look at the numbers.
    Fix this -----ing pvp, Nerf everyone, or just make everyone's dmg equivalent so it becomes an equal opportunity one shot fest instead of this bullshit where only a few classes can kill you 100-0 without you participating in pvp at all.
  3. Does anyone have any idea what is the percentage of damage reduction on Musa Super Armor in PVP? Some say 80%, some 85%, some even 75%. I have a feeling that dash skill has damage reduction but the effect on Below the belt in PVP seems very little at times. Out of Crosscut, below the belt and backflow, do you feel any skill is less reliable?

    I cannot test whether this is true or not. In Red Battlefield or Arena duel, the SA protects against CC yet the damage piling up like it is not even there. To be specific, I have an impression of surviving for 2-3 seconds more than doing combo without SA (BTB - Crosscut - Backflow, Musa spirit buff make it easier to survive btw). So is the damage reduction taken into calculation before or after DP reduction? Or does it even work the same away as dash???
  4. Constantly and consistently getting knocked out of SA / Block / Front Guard on my Valkyrie, hoping someone can shed some light on my situation because I'm almost convinced I'm the only one. Some things I can deduce to latency (More like s**t servers) but other things are just plain eye sores and some of our skills are just plain useless making them an outright abomination.

    Skills that need serious working on and need answering/justification

    Hastiludium (W+F)
    - Getting knocked out of SA MID dash (Not sure if this is related to my next point or not)
    - What the f***ing hell is going on with our W + F wind up? Sometimes its instant, sometimes it's like I'm winding up with -30% CS and MS?? <- Unrelated to move speed. Im talking Instant as in Wind-up animation doesn't even happen.
    - Does the Instant animation cause the game to think were still doing the windup during the dash therefore only have frontal guard?? Ridiculous.

    Terra Sancta (S + RMB) 
    - Why is my basic RMB taking priority over my S + RMB coming out of block? Is this server side issue? Game just not registering inputs?? Or just plain shotty design? This would be so bad if I could cancel out of the skill via Promptness...

    Verdict : Lancia Lustitae (Shift + RMB)
    - Using my F -> Shift + RMB constantly getting knocked out of beginning plunge animation (From wind up until first hit). 
    Lucem Fluxum (Flow RMB)
    - What kind of circus skill is this? No Super Armor? No retaining frontal block? More uncontrollable travelling for 4 hits? This is a joke. I keep mine locked anyone else? 

    Grab (E Non-Awaken)
    - If the last skill wasn't a joke this last one sure is. We're stuck with the worst grab in game. At least the ninja has 2 grabs to compensate for its equally terrible grab. Hell our counterpart gets -30% grab res and instant grab. Ive been grabbed by warriors while im grabbing them. Sounds ridiculous but desync is just as ridiculous.

    Noble Spirit (E)
    - "Super armor while using"... None whatsoever, i've been stunned stiffened knocked down knocked up glitched into push away push into whatever while sprinting. I'm not even sure the devs know what super armor is they just wanted to add flavour text to the siege buff it looks like.
    - Also glitches out with Death Line Chase if you force it. Fix this.

    Sanctitas de Enslar (F - 100%)
    - Would be nice if we could at least land before people get up from the CCs. But the main Issue I have right now is I've been getting knocked out of our wind-up and worst of all I've been killed while in the air so many times its unbelievable <- Either Change the wording "Invincible while in air" or make it happen because we have 2 different definitions of invincible it would seem. Or did the devs just copy pasta some google translate garbage and call it good?

    Lancia Training (LMB)
    - "Consumes 200 stamina per left/right moving attack" yet my mobility cancel relies on using LMB to cancel into Promptness and that takes 200 stamina on a basic stationary left click. Fix.

    Death Line Chase (Shift + W/S)
    - Sorc gets IFrames, Ninja Gets IFrames, Ranger gets IFrames, Zerker has a SA dash that works, Musa/Maehwa get IFrames, Witch/Wiz get IFrames, our warrior counter part is invincible while dashing. We get frontal block on 3s cooldown and the backwards death line chase has guard where we don't need it (the opposite way youre facing). What a Joke. 

    I've never been knocked out of promptness, so I'm truly convinced that our skills are broken. 
    QQ /endwhining - Edited forgot about our garbage grab and such. 
  5. It would be awsome if you guys could add the "super armor " while using the 100% rage skill of the ninja.
    While im playing i almost never get touch by enemi but when you're using this skill you just stop moving for like idk 5-6 sec for sure so every enemi can destoy like half of your life easily and that a bit frustrating.
    thx to take it in consideration 
  6. Well guys, I guess we already had similar topics about CHASE, but I really wanna talk about that (imaginary) Super Armor.
    First of all, what is Super Armor? As far as I know it is about 80% reduction in damage AND cc resist on everything except grapple.
    So recently, I just wanted to test it in pve and euhm... Results weren't as good as expected. In fact, it was like if there was no Super Armor at all during Chase.
    Testing happened with Chase II on 'Wandering Rogue Elementalist' mobs (in Mediah - Wandering Rogue Den). Also - Yep, I've got the Ultimate too.
    My stats: 76 AP & 107 DP & LVL 50.
    Amount of hits tested: about 40. Keep in mind, this isn't the exact value - I just calculated it depending on how many potions I used not to die (each pot +200 hp, I used 20 of those)
    Hit damage: 90-120 hp. Amounts didn't change depending on whether I used Chase or not.
    Results: Each hit got through Chase without any damage reduction. LITERALLY EACH HIT.
    Idk, maybe it's just bugged for ranged (magic) attacks? Thing is - I passively evaded few hits just by standing still and not doing anything at all (evasion crystals), so it's not the mob.. Also, I'm pretty sure it wasn't due to simple desync, since I actually did try to chase in different time frames (before the projectile hit me, at the moment I received damage, at the moment mob started to cast it, even after it hit me - yay..)
    Cmon just get it finally right guys ;_;
    Croxus 22/05/16 03:59