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  1. Hi Leute,
    Ich zocke BDO auf einem 1080 GTX SLI System (2xAsus Rog Strix 8g).
    Meine Frames bleiben immer gleich egal ob mit oder ohne SLI?
    Wollte nur mal wissen ob Ihr auch dieses Problem habt, bzw. keine Leistungssteigerung feststellt wenn beide Karten aktiv sind.
    Viel Spass beim Zocken
  2. Since the BDO devs do not want to by the old PVP system back, why not put some channels with these options? Lose some exp when you die, lose crystals, everything like before ?!
    Put only 5 channels with these options.
    Yesterday I was hunting and when I found out I had a 4 player party killing my MOBs, without saying "Hi ?!"
    I think there is no pvp since we can not kill / kick those players out of our spawn.

    Please implement some channels with these options, OLD PVP SYSTEM
  3. Since the BDO devs do not want to by the old PVP system back, why not put some channels with these options? Lose some exp when you die, lose crystals, everything like before ?!
    Put only 5 channels with these options.
    Yesterday I was hunting and when I found out I had a 4 player party killing my MOBs, without saying "Hi ?!"
    I think there is no pvp since we can not kill / kick those players out of our spawn.

    Please implement some channels with these options, OLD PVP SYSTEM
  4. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/22/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ Awakening / Fame System / Various Topics / Guest
  5. Bonjour à tous,
    J'ai récamment acheté le jeu Black Desert, mais voila que j'ai déjà un problème ! Quand on clique sur ''jouer'' dans le laucher une petite fenetre rectangulaire apparait au baus de l'écran avec XIGNCODE3 écrit. Mais voila, cette dite barre de chargement n'avance pas du tout ou avance un peu et bloque à la moitier du chargement !  Je tien a préciser que oui j'ai déjà tout essayer les solutions proposer dans le Support en ligne (antivirus, remplacer le fichier na, changer le ''version.dat'' pour ''config.filecheck.dat'' et vérifier s'il n'y a pas d'autre programme qui interfere avec. Mais rien ne fonctionne. J'ai aussi essayer de reinstaller (3 fois) le client du jeu mais rien ne change. J'ai toujours cette même erreur de ''failed to init security'' . C'est frustrant parce que j'ai quand même dépensé de l'argent pour ce jeux et je ne sais même pas si je peu me faire remboursé si aucune solution n'est disponible... Alors voila c'est un cris d'appel à l'aide que je vous lance si vous avez d'autre solutions qui ont fonctionner pour vous j'apprécierais Énormément!  J'ai aussi envoyer un ticket au support mais j'attend encore leur réponse. 
    Si ça peut aider voici les info de mon ordinateur: 
    Asus portable Windows 10
    Carte graphique NVDIA GEFORCE GTX 670M
    Intel Core I7 et 16 Go de RAM
    Merci de vos réponse!!
  6. Greetings!
    Recently i been wondering to get a "Luck set" of armor and buff up my luck to max (have a swimsuit anyway) and try farming low lv mobs instead (i am quite sick of max lv farming) to see if loot-money is any good. But as i hear luck only effects drop from same lv mobs. . . 
    Ok so how does Luck basically work. What does it effect! What counts the "same" lv mobs....because if ppl did not notice even grey mobs give exp. (i almost leveled from 50-51 on farming sheep blood)
    Also...is there any point getting luck at all? Is it usefull or just a pseudo mystical bs? 5 is only soft cap or you can actually go above it?
  7. System notifications need a lot of work. 
    I find it rather spammy that I get system notifications from ALL players in-game. I only care about the ones in my guild or on my friends list or party. When I have guild quests, items and life skill system notifications all enabled, my chat is basically spammed by the system letting me know when any player does any of the three. 
    What i'm suggesting it to limit it, or allow us to limit it, to show those notifications for players we know. Like guild members, friends and party members. 
  8. SO what do i mean by track system (PVP) ?
    It's easy, the track systeme will grant a new pvp systeme. You will be contracted to kill someone. the contract can give you xp and money like 0.05% and 2M or less if their is no limit per day.
    How to do it ?
    So first you go talk to an NPC that will give you the contract, he will give you 5-10 item that will allow you to check the position on the map, (items will have expired date).
    You go to the location seek the player they want you to kill. And you kill it. 
    If i lose ?
    You will drop the contract and the player will loot it. He will need to go to ANOTHER npc and claim half of the reward.
    And what about the karma ?
    Well those who have negative karma will be more seeked. But their can still be a chance to have a contract on someone who have max karma.
    Thanks for reading, hope you like my idea. And hope the dev will hear about it. If you have suggestion on it just post it in the commentary section i will edit the post
  9. Post on New Awakening skills? in Musa

    By Kinsaeda, posted
    I saw the rangers have a post on what new passives can be tacked on to what skills in the new awakened skill system in Kr.  IS there anyone still in KR that can do the same for the Musa community here?  I for one would appreciate it greatly.
  10. Can you guys allow more fine grain control of system chat filter?  in particular, i want to filter out
    1. party members picking up items and
    2.new item listings to marketplace registration. 
    3. guild quest notification msg - guild members completing XXX/XXXX kill. 
    I get spammed way too much from stuff I don't want to see.
  11. basics you cant fall to +15 once you hit +16, so +17 is 1 enchant because you cant drop back to +15  so youre guranteed +17 without ever worrying about falling enchantments  and you can force +18  so people going to be rolling in basically +18, taking rng out of an rng game, love it!
  12. So some of you may know already, but the Korean version of Black Desert Online recently released an auction house bid system.
    ◆ Item Purchase Reservation
    The “Item Purchase Reservation” system is used if you want to buy an item without the item being on the auction house yet.
    You can set the desired silver amount you want to pay, and if your bid is the highest you will automatically be sent the item when it comes on sale.
    – You can register “Item Purchase Reseveration” through the Auction House NPC.
    – To register an item in your “Item Purchase Reservation”, the item must not currently be on sale. 
    – You must then enter how much silver you would like to bid for the item, this silver will act as a deposit and will be removed from your inventory/warehouse.
    – To bid on the item, you must bid higher than the item’s upper limit market price.
    – Item Purchase Reservation can only be placed on an specific item once per family. You can also select how many you would like to purchase.
    – The player who bids the highest amount will automatically be sold the item  when it is registered on the auction house.
    – If the highest bid is the same amount as another player, the first character to register the bid will receive the item.
    – If you win the bid, the item will then be shipped by mail.
    – If the item is bought with the new system, anyone who attempts to purchase the item through the Auction House will receive the message “Item has been sold”.
    – The player selling the item will be given an additional bonus amount based on the upper limit market price of the item. Auction House tax fees still apply.
    – You can view a list of all items you have bid on by clicking the  ‘Item Purchase Reservation Management’ button at an Auction House NPC.
    – Cancelling bids are only available through your “Item Purchase Reservation Management”.
    - http://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/2016/04/16/new-auction-house-bid-system/
    - http://www.inven.co.kr/board/powerbbs.php?come_idx=4123&l=1985
    I am not entirely sure if the NA/EU BDO team is planning on integrating this idea in our own section, but if they aren't I believe they should. I have had many times when I try and purchase a specific liverto weapon, a specific gem, or any other rare item (rare in the sense that it is always sold out on the market) and the market bots get to it before I even get to enter the purchase authentication code. Even if we create work arounds for the market bots, there is still the player who will sit at the market idly waiting until the exact second the item comes up and gets to it first. With this system implemented, then you will be able to register a "place in line" so to speak if you are the highest bidder, so that as soon as that item comes on the marketplace you are able to get it. It is a fair system and would greatly improve the marketplace in my opinion for the people like me who need things that are always getting bought straight away.
  13. In the Daum Press Conference on the 30th of March the following was stated: 
    Does this mean we will be receiving a Weather System Update?
    If so, here's a few suggestions I'd like to see! 
    Piling SnowAt the moment it just seems (from KR's gameplay) that snow is little more than a ground tint to white and dots shuttling down. I'd love to see this expanded, with the surface of the ground slowly being covered as the snow continues, heck, maybe even elevate to show the depth of the snow if it really comes down. (Probably around the Christmas season)
    FloodingNow I don't mean all areas when I suggest this because quests couldn't be handed in, horses couldnt be captured and other game breaking stuff. But I definately would like to see water being used a lot more in the world other than the sea.
    Frosty MorningsInstead of getting rid of the current "Snow" Weather if there was plans for an update, why not use the current settings for Frosty mornings. Think about it, you get out of your house and the in game time is 5AM, it's frosty, frosted air is billowing out your characters nostrils because it's so cold. I mean, if you really wanted to go far, you could incorporate a temperature system. Speaking of which!
    Temperature SystemI know I know, we already have combat debuffs when it rains and such but I'd love to see a system like this in game. Although some would probably hate it, would be nice to see a lower WP recovery if your grinding out in the snow. (Cause it makes sense), or lower stamina recovery for fighting in the blazing heat fully equipped in snow gear. Plus you could make cash shop things for this. Money right?
  14. Post on System chat in Suggestions

    By samooryesord, posted
    Just a quick suggestion for the system channel in chat.
    Could you PLEASE include XP, SP, Energy and CP gained from quests and/or kills?
    Also, your window for Chat Setting has a typo.

  15. Hallo zusammen,
    Eine kleine Einführung zu meinem Topic vielleicht zuerst.^^
    Wie in der Überschrift zu sehen ist, würde ich gerne sowohl einen Vorschlag, als auch eine Umfrage an die anderen Spieler unterbreiten.
    (Falls dies dann doch der falsche Ort dafür ist, bitte ich die GMs/Admins, mein Topic zu moven.)
    Das Thema meines Vorschlags >> der Handel (ingame).
    Und zwar spiele ich nun seit ca einem Monat BD und mir gefällt das Spiel an sich mit seiner "neuen Art des MMO" eigentlich ziemlich gut.
    Allerdings muss ich sagen, dass das Thema mit dem Handel, dass man den Preis von Items/Pferden/usw nicht frei entscheiden kann, dass man keinen persönlichen Handel tätigen kann und alles was das betrifft, mir den Spielspaß ebenso stark nimmt, wie der Rest des Spiels ihn mir gibt.
    Ich hoffe und gehe ehrlich gesagt auch davon aus, dass ich nicht der Einzige mit dieser Meinung bin, deshalb das Ganze hier.
    Ich habe mich allerdings durchaus informiert warum das Handeln abgeschafft wurde. Die ganzen Crashs, Probleme und Goldselling in den Vorgängern der aktuellen Version sind durchaus nachzuvollziehen, dennoch muss ich eines sagen:

    Die Freiheit dieses Spiels und eben auch solche Möglichkeiten, wie der Zusammenbruch des Markts, die Möglichkeit mit Handel Geld zu machen oder sich auf zB den Pferdemarkt zu spezialisieren, sind Dinge, die meiner Meinung nach, ein Muss und ein wichtiger Teil des Spiels sind. Zumal eben die Cash Shop Items für den Handel sowieso schon blockiert sind, würde ich mir wirklich wünschen, die Möglichkeiten des Handels im Spiel wieder zu öffnen. Selbst wenn es nur der Pferdemarkt wäre, wäre es ein Anfang.

    Nun, meine Umfrage:
    Wie seht ihr anderen Spieler dieses Thema?

    Und mein Vorschlag kurz formuliert:
    Führt den Handel bitte wieder ein, es wäre wichtig für das Spiel!

    Vielen Dank, für die, die sich die Mühe machen dies durchzulesen
  16. I know that gift system has been disabled because of gold seller, but it will be enabled again?
    Find another ways to stop gold seller and not penalize the players!
  17. Can my potato run this game with:
    CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 955 Processor (4CPUs), ~3.20 GHz
    Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 6670
    RAM: 4GB  (DDR3)
    OS: Windows 10 64-bit
    At least Low-Medium?
  18. Im really enjoying the game, but I dont find the worker part very interesting. I have heard people saying that its a essential part of the game, but do I really need to bother? I just invest in nodes to get the benefits of kills mobs within the node, and opening up the  map
  19. Hallo
    ich wollte von euch mal wissen ob BDO auf mittlerer, zur Not auch auf niedrigster Grafikstufe bei mir laufen würde:
    i3-4150 @ 3,50GHz, 64bit, 4GB RAM
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 750
    Ist ein schlechter PC ich weiß, aber er macht was er soll und andere Spiele laufen auf "mittel" eigentlich immer einwandfrei. Wollt hier nur sichergehen, wegen den 50€ die ich sonst versemmel. 
    Danke schon mal,
  20. Post on Hair in Suggestions

    By Not, posted
    So.. I made a pretty neat character, but.. Unfortunately when I kneel down my hair just bugs out as you can see in the screenshot. So I'd prefer to improve the hair system or whatever you want to call it. I have to agree that hair looks great but their physics are just so bad... Such a beautiful game with such a screwed up hair. Just look at Witcher 3 and its hair physics. Ofc it doesn't have to be as perfect as it is in Witcher, but I think your devs are skilled enough to bring it to life  I hope you will do something with it. Sincerely, Not.

  21. Alright. I really like the game and I been playing it a lot, but today there was 2-3 guys who kept coming back and annoy us while farming. We killed them and they came back. We tried to explain them to stop following us, but they ignored us. So we changed channel -> after 30 min they were there again. Well you get the drill, so here we are at -1.000.000 karma. We can't enter marketplace etc. because we are outlawed and it takes forever to get to positive karma. And no we were not griefing at all - some people are just freaking annoying when it comes to farming etc.!

    The problem here is more about the time it takes to get positive karma - It is insane! It is much better to actually level up a whole new character to 51 rather than getting karma to positive. I agree that the karma I got is more or less a punishment, but not being able to get to positive karma is crazy (and yes it is nearly impossible because you are flagged red all the time and you are not able to defence yourself without losing even more karma).

    So one mate told me a great way to solve this problem so everyone knows: "If you get to -1.000.000 karma what does it matter? You go farm kill everyone and get the farm to yourself. You charge your horse to your house and access the storage box put your stuff in there. After that you login with alt and use the marketplace etc. Everything is solved! Time to kill every freaking one!"... But you lose exp if you die: "well yea and then no. Just buy Elion's Tear and you won't lose EXP - problem solved"
  22. Since you aren't letting people trade because goldsellers stuff, what about adding this? 
    I'd be truly happy to be able to help my friends with their things, and saving weapons they would need , etc...
    Table of Contents:
    0:00 Introduction
    0:52 #1 Mechanical Issues
    6:15  #2 Party Stuff
    9:00 #3 Quality of Life Isn’t Quite Right
    11:21 #4 Cash Shop
    14:02 #5 The f2p Feel
    17:11 Conclusion
  24. Post on Mentoring System in Suggestions

    By Karma93, posted
    Good morning!

    As the title suggests, I wish black desert implement the possibility of doing mentoring.
    My idea was born from the fact that as many people love, doing "real jobs" in their favorite game, many others dream of making the head guard or (like me) the mentor.
    Very often it happens that, or our new friends / guild mates/ New players need a hand to get to know the game better. BD is a fairly complex game, full of features NON-TRADITIONAL.
    Having someone to talk , can help various players to adapt better, or just people who are not too confident with huge wiki to read (not out of laziness but for example for people with dyslexia (like me =)).
    I think that an idea like this could also serve for an eventual END GAME where very often things to do are  limited, and like it or not, you just chat to make something (not that black desert should have this end, it is only a hypothesis)

    Mentoring System could be developed as well (of course I'm not a game designer, so if interested, a hand is WELL AGREE * haha *):

    1) Implement a bulletin board / NPC in each city, with the task of managing the various applications.

    2) Implementation of a kind of "feedback" between players, the more it is well valued more fame you will. Each player will have 2 TYPES OF "FEEDBACK" one for              mentoring, the other as a Pupil. At the end of a teaching it gives one vote to assess both the Mentor and the Pupil.

    3) implementation of a "Mentoring level" and "Pupil level".

    4) Implement a simple spreadsheet that encompasses a format like this:

                      - Nickname of player .

                      - Mentor or Pupil selection .

                       - The various objectives to be achieved, or do achieve.Every goal successfully achieved will make growing your own mentor or Pupil level .
     !! for example if you  trivially explained how the dialogue between the NPC and their approval ,the% exp will be low, while if it is explained to a newcomer how the skill of black desert (including combos) the exp will be much higher .!!

                 - Duration of  teaching : I believe it is essential, if a person must understand, for example, how the nodes of commerce works, it is humanly impossible that  you learn everything in 1m.

                     - Personality of player: could be seen as a silly thing but knowing who you has to do it is always a good thing, both for learners and for those who teach. there will be a person who likes to talk like one that is concise and direct, you have to know what you prefer and how you learn best! personally if I need information that already I do not understand, if I had a person who is very concise I risk not understanding anything). 

                       - Duration of the ad: for how long you want the ad  remain on the board (for example, "all the time that you are online "/" 1h "/" 2h "exc).

    ** To be Mentor must be at least level 50, while to become pupil must have achieved level 20 **
    ** ONCE ACCEPTED THE  "QUEST" generates a direct message to the player or trivially opens a dialog chat between the mentor and the pupil (this part should be reviewed depending on what is easiest).**

    5) Implement achieved achievement: a page that encompasses all that is taught or learned through simple reward or cute titles (as often happens in many mmo) or as has  happened in some other mmo after an "n" number of goals achieved the player name changes color (banal and simple thing but for some rewarding) orr the image of the player on the bulletin board as "best mentor", things like that.

     ** Balanced Rewards!!  **so that they do not become this system crap, where just to take the prize people grind here! **

    This is more or less what we had thought, I realize it's a whole extra work and I have no idea whether it requires hundreds of hours of programming or a few hours, I considered interesting in a game as "serious", the opportunity to help each players as well between people =).

    *i am sorry for diplay view but i really can 't understand how this forum display works xD*

    Have a nice day!
  25. Now I know that there is a life system already in place, but what would make it even more awesome and would develop the game a bit more would be having a system that you have to eat food. Sounds Pretty interesting right? Personally I've only came across a hand full of games that introduced a food system, which greatly benefited the "role playing" community. I.e. Mabinogi, EQ, Etc. 
    The Pros of the food system.
     The cooking community of BDO would greatly benefit on this process, widening their aspect ratio and opening up more areas for cooking and throwing a demand for the cookers of BDOThere could be a benefit for keeping the "tummy" full and having a happy healthy life of eating! I.E. Faster movement for how ever long, an exp gain perhaps.This system could possibly pool more people into the game and help out the growth of the game so far.The Cons of the food system.
    There always negative effects when it comes to having positive effects in a system, so if you don't eat food, your overall energy could decrease and have a slower movement speed etc.You could possibly put in a weight meter on "body" size So if you eat too much food you gain weight.This system might put too much on the strain of economy wise in the game which food would skyrocket and other sorts.Also there will always be that one group that will personally not like the system at all and want it removed, but that's with every system right? Alright thank you for reading this!~ And please leave suggestion and more pros and cons I'd like to hear it out!