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  1. Post on Facade Recruiting[NA] in US Guild

    By Quarry, posted
            Facade now recruiting
    Focus of guild:
    Looking for competitive node wars, to earn our victories. Keeping tight knit guild to max payouts and focus on progression.
    Simply want mature and relaxed players just wanting to be competitive in PvP with no alliance, currently paying 1mil/daily, increasing pay depending on gear score.
    About us:
    We are a small group of GS450-497 Lvl57-60 simply wanting to enjoy the pvp aspect of the game with no spams of memes or causing drama that's simply nonsense.
    Requirements:56+ GS400+
    GM Ivillis
    Officers: Deez_Nootz, Yuu_Shinoda, Sarinas
    We may not all be on in discord 24/7 as we got things to do in IRL as well, but we will respond asap
    If interested in this hop in discord.
  2. <<<<<<<<<<RisingTide>>>>>>>>>>
    Recruiting ACTIVE players, gearscore and lvls are irrelevant as long as you have the right mindset and that you are active!

    * Consistent NodeWars
    * Active US AND AU timezones
    * Experienced leaders and officers
    * Active discord
    * Lots of fun banter
    * Memes
    * Grills
    We are a part Australian and part American guild, meaning we have an active discord almost around the clock. Our main focus as a guild and community is to focus on what Black Desert does best, full blown PvP. We run constant wardecks, get involved in GvGs and will not miss out on an opportunity to fight in a nodewar. We fight by ourselves without set alliances and always try to go for the fight rather than the easy victory.
    If you are up for dank memes, fights and lots and lots of banter then hit me or Tara up in game or join our discord
    https://discord.gg/d3zkZWFSee you in game!
  3. Okay, so the servers merged, essentially tripling the amount of competition in Node Wars.  This is GREAT for the health of the game, I do not argue that.  A large amount of competition results in more players looking to make more end-game oriented gains, etc...  Kakao makes more money, less people quit the game, the community remains healthy.  Understood.
    But what about the small and medium guilds?  Why are we just left to 'git gud' (read: 'get big') or choose to forego Node Wars entirely?
    I'm the leader of a guild with just over 40 members.  We have slightly more than a third of our members show up to every Node War, and we win against guilds who bring equal numbers.  We have a strong core of 58+/450+ players.  But yeah, 'guilds who bring equal numbers' are few and far between.  The chips have fallen, and the scrub lord extra large guilds who get demolished in fights for T2/T3 nodes have sunk to warring for T1 nodes exclusively.  They bring 40 or 50+ people against our 12-20, and it's not fun.  We don't make it easy for them, we relish a good fight, and we hold our own for a respectable period of time.  But in the end, nobody on our side is happy when the War ends.  Everyone feels demoralized.  None of us are interested in being in a guild with that many members.  We like the size and close-knit environment of our own guild community, and we don't want to lose that.
    @Kakao; Is this how BDO is going to be for us medium guilds from this point on?  The 2-hour Node Wars you are implementing again just make matters worse for guilds our size.  Are you purposefully trying to cull the number of guilds, pushing the end-game Node control meta towards larger and larger guilds?
    Conquest Wars already have a hurtle to separate the balance of power.  Guilds strong enough to take an entire Region are not allowed to steamroll other less powerful guilds at Nodes.  The T1/T2/T3 design for tax disbursement was meant to be a trickle down balance of power, allowing smaller guilds to go for T1 nodes while larger guilds compete for T2/T3s.  Now, the sheer number of large and extra large guilds has skewed that entire balance of power, and the rest of us are just left to struggle with the hope that one of those 4 or 5 castles built isn't a guild with quadruple our numbers.  Now, even if it isn't, the reality of demolishing that many enemy castles in only 2 hours with our numbers.  Seriously, WTF?
    TL;DR Is it too much to ask that T1 nodes be restricted to guilds with less than 50 members?