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  1. I would like to post my photos in the in-game photo gallery but, I can not get that to work soo. 

  2. Saved up some money for awakening. Currently at level 55 tamer, reaching 56 today. Have the generic +7 blue awakening weapon.
    I heard that awakening damage is based off of primary weapon ap as well? So should i just invest in a TRI Kzarka primary or is it better to be more well rounded with accessory and awakening weapon upgrades? Looking to spend 500m and my enhancing RNG is complete ass. Please help, thank you!

  3. Introduction "This is an updated version of my reddit guide. Because my post on reddit was archived, I will be posting all future updates here. Feel free to comment down below, or contact me in game." I have played MMORPGs for around 10 years now. Of those 10 years 2 of them have been dedicated towards playing the Tamer class in Black Desert Online. I am now level 62 with 1850 skill points. I've been in Manup, Gravity, Barcode, FML, WaifuHunta, as well as Support back in KR. I am not the best Tamer out there, but I do have more experience with the class than most. I hope to give back to the community that has helped me the most over these past two years. If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to share them below and I will do my best to get to everyone. Enjoy the guide! Gear:https://imgur.com/a/qQvPWYN Profile:https://imgur.com/a/bgSho6T Gearing Mainhand Rosar: Gives +1 Crit and +1 Attack Speed at Yellow Grade. The best pre-boss drop mainhand weapon. I do not suggest enchanting this item past TRI. This is my suggested weapon for new players. Liverto: Gives +3 Crit and is the first endgame item that requires memory fragments to repair. I do not suggest enchanting this item past TRI. Many players will go straight from Rosar to Kzarka because this item requires valuable Memory Fragments to upgrade. It can also be difficult to sell on the market. Kzarka: Gives +3 Attack Speed as well as the most accuracy per enchant. This is a softcap item that most players will have for a long time. Although it has recently been outclassed by Offin, it is a much easier item to acquire, and many players will opt for it early on. Offin: Gives +2 Attack Speed, +2 Crit, and +3 ap over Kzarka. The extra Crit is more optimal for crystal/food buff rotations, and the extra ap makes it better for breaking into the next renown tier. This item is BIS for players between 253-269 ap, but it is very hard to get compared to Kzarka. Note: Kalis, Yuria, Bares, and Krea will all work as a mainhand weapon for new players, but rosar will do the job better. Only buy these if there are no Rosars on the market. Celestial Bo Staff Practice: Good for players starting out who can't yet afford a memory frag item. Gives +5 PvE damage but has the least AP of the lot. Can be upgraded to yellow grade for additional AP. I do not suggest getting this item past DUO. Azure Thunder: Your main staff until you get a lucky Dande drop. Gives more AP than the Practice staff, as well as, +7 PvP Damage. Can be upgraded to yellow grade for additional AP. I do not suggest leveling past TRI. Dandelion: Best staff in the game hands down. Gives the most sheet AP of all 3 staffs, but is also the hardest to acquire do to it being a rare drop from a world boss. Trinkets Magical/Questline: Gives a nice mix of AP, DP, and Accuracy, and has 2 crystal slots. This is probably the best item to use as a player starting out. It should hold you off until 56 when you purchase your Needle Trinket. Incense: Gives Accuracy +7 and Accuracy every upgrade. No longer a viable offhand for most situations. Only use a +7 until you get a green Magical Trinket. Needle: Pre-boss, AP offhand, that gives +1 Special Attack Damage. This will be your main offhand for PvP and PvE, until you are able to buy the boss trinkets. I suggest not enchanting past TRI. Blade: Gives Evasion +3, HP +100, and Evasion every upgrade. This item only has one crystal slot but gives the most evasion out of all the other offhands. I don't suggest you use this over rosar because of it's lack of two crystal slots. Rosar: Gives Evasion every upgrade and comes with 2 crystal slots. This item has less evasion than blade but does significantly more damage than it too. I only suggest this item for players going full Evasion. Nouver: One of the boss trinkets. Gives the highest AP and includes 10% All Resistance. This item should be used by ALL end-game Tamers for PvP. Kutum: The other boss trinket. Gives the most PvE Damage, 10% CC Pen, Accuracy, DP, and some AP. The PvE damage and DP makes this trinket essential for end-game grinding. Every tamer should have one of these. Armor Grunil Set: This set gives +150 Max HP, All AP +7, and up to +8 Damage Reduction if upgraded to Yellow Grade. This set also includes 8 crystal slots. This set is the best pre-boss set in the game, and should be used by almost all new players. Heve Set: This set gives +300 HP and 8 crystal slots, and up to +8 Damage Reduction if upgraded to Yellow Grade. Before the set effect changes to armor, this item was best for newer players. However, this is no longer the case, and the only piece that should be used is the helmet for an evasion build. Boss Set: The best armor in the game hands down. Gives +200 Stamina, +200-300 HP, Increased Evasion/DR, Increased Accuracy, +1 Attack Speed, +1 Cast Speed, as well as 8 slots for crystals. Sadly, its strength comes at the cost of being the most expensive set to buy and repair. There are many different pieces of boss armor that can make up a boss set. I'll list a few combinations below. -(Suggested) Damage Reduction: Griffon's Helmet, Dim Tree Spirit's Armor, Bheg's Gloves, Urgon's Shoes -Full Evasion: Strength Helmet of Heve, Dim Tree Spirit's Armor, Bheg's Gloves, Muskan's Shoes -Hybrid: Giath's Helm, Dim Tree Spirit's Armor, Bheg's Gloves, Muskan's Shoes Accessories Neck: Ogre/Layten/Tungrad/Seraph/Shultz/Bares for AP and Sicil for Evasion Belt: Basilisk/Tungrad/Shultz/Bares for AP, Tree Spirit for Accuracy, and Centaur/Weapon Core for Evasion/DR Ring: Crescent/Mark/Blue Coral/Bares for AP build and Cadry/Red Coral for DR Earrings: Tungrade/Witch/Blue Coral/Whale Molar/Khalks/Bares for AP and Red Coral for Accuracy Note: Renown system has made stacking AP the most effective thing to do now. Using accuracy accessories in-between renown tiers is suggested though; so don't get rid of those RCE's yet! Best Crystals Setup Weapon: x2 Black Magic Crystal - Precision (20% CC Pen and +16 Accuracy) Trinket: x1-2 Magic Crystal of Infinity - Critical (+2 Crit Damage) and/or x1-2 Awakened Black Spirit's Crystal (+5/10 AP, +150/300 HP) Helmet: x2 Black Magic Crystal - Intimidation (20% Knockdown/Bound Resist, 10% Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resist) Armor: x1 JIN Magic Crystal – Cobelinus (+100 HP, +20 Weight, +5 DR), and x1 Magic Crystal of Infinity - Evasion (10% Special Evasion). Gloves: x2 JIN Magic Crystal - Viper ( +2 Attack Speed, +2 Cast Speed, +40 Accuracy) Shoes: x1 Red Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine (25% Knockdown/Bound Resist, 5% Sun/Stiffness/Freezing Resist) and x1 Black Magic Crystal – Swiftness (+2 Movement Speed, 5% Float/Knockback Resist) Note: Buy a Tailoring Coupon with pearls, then equip it to a +2 Movement Speed outfit like the Blacksmith's one. This will allow you to get +5 Attack Speed, +5 Crit Rate and +5 Movement Speed with the suggested Foods, Elixirs, and Crystals. Food and Elixir Rotation's Pre Boss Food PvE: Simple Cron Meal PvP: Exquisite Cron Meal Kzarka Food PvE: Simple Cron Meal Small Scale PvP: Hamburg > Knights > Kamasylvia Large Scale PvP: Hamburg > Knights > Kamasylvia > Valencia Offin Food PvE: Hamburg > Knights > Kamasylvia Small Scale PvP: Hamburg > Knights > Kamasylvia Large Scale PvP: Hamburg > Knights > Kamasylvia > Valencia Note: Just using Milk Tea for PVE is fine for players just getting into the game. It is cheap and can be easily paired with Mediah Meal for a similar, but more cost effective, choice. Elixirs PvP: Giant's Draught Solo Grinding: Giant's or Beast's Draught Cheap Group Grinding: Splendid EXP > Endless Fury > Remarkable Will > Steel Defense > Strong Life > Advance Concentration Expensive Group Grinding: Sharp Detection > Griffon (if applicable) > Grim Soul Reaper > Strong Draining > Lethal Assassin Note: Only use [Party] versions of any of the Elixir's listed above. Use Beast's Draught for mobs that you need protection against, and Giant's Draught for mobs you want to deal more damage to. Situational Soaring Wings Elix: Used to get to higher locations during Siege/Node War. Perfume of Courage/Khalk/Deep Sea Elixir: Used during big pushes in Siege/Node War. Enhancer: Cheap and very minor increases in magic/ranged/melee damage and accuracy. Suggested Build Path Beginner Just run through all the black spirit quests until you realize you are no longer 1-2 shotting the mobs. When this is the case, buy from the market a set of grunil armor, a rosar shorsword, and an incense trinket. Enchant these items using the blackstones you get from grinding. You should also go to the Calpheon blacksmith and buy the Root Treant's accessory set. From here keep progressing though the black spirt quests until you reach Mediah; you may have to enchant gear further while doing so. https://bdoplanner.com/TshiraSedicStalker Apprentice After you beat the story, you will be in need of better gear. Go to media and grind mobs at Abandoned Iron Mine, Elric Shrine, and Helms Post, for the Asula's accessory set. The Armor and Trinket are both given by black spirit at level 56. If you do not want to do this quest line, just upgrade Grunil Armor and an Incense Trinket instead. https://bdoplanner.com/PickaxeCatWeapon Note: Replace the Luck crystals as you acquire more luck through the title system. First replace the chest ones with "Magic Crystal of Infinity - Evasion" then the helm ones with "Magic Crystal of Infinity - Agility". Skilled Now it's time for you to get your weapons and gear up. Upgrading your gear to yellow grade is done by using Ultimate Reform Stones, which can be bought on the marketplace for around 5-8mil. I do not suggest swapping over to Liverto because they use up valuable materials. You should just save your Memory Fragments and Armor/Weapon Stones for a Kzarka. However, you will be swapping over to a Azure Thunder Celestial Bo Staff, and a Needle Trinket. https://bdoplanner.com/TalisBarricadeStaff Professional At this point you want to focus on getting boss armor. Try to get Bheg's Gloves first, and then decide what other pieces you are going to run. The Renown System has made Urgon's Shoes with Griffon's Helm quite strong against higher geared player, while the Strength Helm of Heve with Muskan's Shoes is better against weaker players. You should also pick up an alchemy stone, just don't forget to turn it off. In boss pieces you will want to slot expensive crystals instead of the cheap ones used previously. Just keep upgrading your accessories and you are well on your way to becoming a geared player. https://bdoplanner.com/IsabellaMasqueradeMonastery Note: If you are struggling to get boss armor don't worry, it will come in time as long as you keep doing your scrolls, world bosses, night vendor, and bidding. If stuck on gear, then just work on accessories. Also remember you can swap out blue coral earrings for witches. Same thing for TRI Marks of Shadow and DUO Crescent Rings. You want to get to most ap you can for the lowest silver, while also planning for the future. Artisan You are now at true end game. At this point the only thing you can do is go for TET armor, TRI yellow accessories, and a Sharp Alchemy Stone. There's not much else to say about this build other than "Welcome to Endgame!". Just keep getting your gear up from here and push for 60/61/62 and you will be welcome in almost any siege guild. Also start farming out "Forest Fury" so that you can get JIN/BON/WON crystals. https://bdoplanner.com/HeavenlyBaseOffin Note: Tree armor is one of the hardest boss armor pieces to get and many players will get Red Nose as a placeholder. I do not suggest doing this because a TET Ultimate piece of gear will do the same thing. Also note that while grinding you can break the cheap chest crystals for a luck crystal and vise versa. Master At this point you have reached soft cap. Basically you are done getting gear, and you are left with a build that is very versatile for both large and small scale PvP. I personally suggest that everyone goes for this build first, then slowly builds on towards some of the other builds mentioned below. Congratulations you are at soft cap. I hope to join you soon! https://bdoplanner.com/BarhansShrineOrnament Guru GGWP https://bdoplanner.com/JubreHearthWatchmans Optional Builds Grinding Gear There are many items you will want to get for PvE around softcap. Kamasylvia crystals for grinding Kamasylvia mobs, crit damage crystals for grinding squishy mobs, and black spirit crystals for grinding high damage mobs. You will want a Kutum until about 260ap, then you will need to swap back to Nouver. Here is an example set for someone grinding Gyfin Temple, and underneath for Gahaz Bandits. Notice cheaper crystals are used in the Gyfin build because death is often unavoidable. Gyfin: https://bdoplanner.com/SplashingScaryTaphtar Gahaz: https://bdoplanner.com/DragonCastillionsCauldron Note: Using your PvP gear/crystals for PvE, that's not at Gyfin, is fine! This is just the most optimal build for the two spots. Hybrid Evasion This build is mainly for players that join a T1 guild with friends. Using these items together will make you do crazy dmg, while also being extremely tanky to newbies. https://bdoplanner.com/MemoryVixenSharing Note: This build requires Exquisite Cron Meal to work. Skill Tree/Add-ons/Combos Skill Tree - Level 55 - 500 SP:https://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/116693 - Level 56 - 500 SP:https://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/116686 - Level 58 - 1000 SP:https://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/116687 - Level 60+ - 1500 SP:https://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/116690 - PvE Level 60+ - 1800 SP:https://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/116715 - PvP Level 60+ - 1800 SP:https://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/116716 Note: When starting out you are mainly going to focus on leveling Summon Heilang, Bolt/Jolt Wave, and Roaring. Before you get awakening, drop points from Roaring and Trample, then focus on Echo Pierce, Allaround Spinner, and Legendary Beasts Dance. Though all the awakening skills are great, those are the ones I would focus on first. Add-ons - Suggested:https://imgur.com/a/HBIPu4d - PvP Only:https://imgur.com/a/rX8vBZe - PvE Only:https://imgur.com/a/aGlzbOW Note: "Flash I" is used when grinding to never run out HP or MP. This add-on can be replaced for “Scratch," for a quicker secondary engage, or “Fearful Trembling,” for pain damage. The +20 DMG against monsters that "Jolt Wave I" provides is amazing for grinding, but when "Allround Spinner I" is off cooldown it should be used for an even greater increase of AP. When starting out invest in "Jolt Wave I" first, because of the Attack Speed and AP buff it has! After awakening get "Legendary Beast Dance" first, because of the 20% Crit Increase! Grinding Combos - Pre Awakening: Bolt > Jolt > Legendary Beast's Power > Bolt > Jolt > Trample > Repeat - Mob Spam: Legendary Beast's Dance (Tiger) > Bolt > Jolt > Legendary Beast's Power > Bolt > Jolt > Echo Pierce > Repeat - Single Mob Full: Moonlight > Legendary Beast's Dance (Tiger) > Garuda > Intimidation > Resonance > Allround Spinner > Echo Pierce > Mob Spam - Mob Pack (CC Able) : Moonlight > Legendary Beast Dance: Vermilion > Bolt > Jolt > Legendary Beast's Power > Bolt > Flash > Pole > Thrust > Bolt > Jolt > Allround Spinner > Resonance > Echo Pierce > Legendary Beast's Dance (Tiger) > Intimidation > Bolt > Jolt > Legendary Beast's Power > Bolt > Jolt > Echo > Mob Spam - Mob Pack (CC Unable): Moonlight > Legendary Beast's Dance (Tiger) > Garuda > Intimidation > Allround Spinner > Resonance > Echo Pierce > Legendary Beast's Dance (Tiger) > Mob Spam -Mob Debuff Combo: Moonlight Strike > Garuda > Leaves Dropping > Garuda > Flow: Gust > Garuda (Circle Pack) Note: To maximize grinding efficiency use "Evasion" and "Legendary Beast's Power" to get to far away camps, and "Legendary Beast's Power" into "Moonlight Strike" for close ones. If you ever feel yourself getting too low, you can either "Flash" or use "Beast Rampage,” depending on stance/cooldowns. Try to use "Leaves Dropping or Flow: Gust" before every camp. Also make sure mobs are debufed with either “Flash” or “Garuda”! ”Single Mob Full” should be used for World Bosses too. Trample Grinding This is a grinding method that focuses on using the skill Trample. This method will speed-up low HP mob clears by a large margin. Trample grinding can be used at Gahaz, Fogans, Nagas, Sausans, Pirates, and many more. Trample grinding is rather easy as long as you meet the requirements. -220+ AP With TRI Kutum -Absolute Trample -Fairy With Miraculous Cheer -5 Pets In Agile Settings up the fairy to auto consume mana pots is essential! First slot trample to your hotbar, then proceed to spam the hotbar key that Trample is set to. Make sure to use Legendary Beast's Power to go short distances, and Echo Pierce into Moonlight for longer ones. The only other damage skill you will use is Resonance off cooldown. Also, if planning to do trample grinding for awhile, change the skill add-on from Flash to Trample (PvE Damage and Attack Speed). PvP Basics - Evades : Leaves Dropping > Flow: Gust - AOE Spam: Void Lightning > Bolt > SS (Backwards) - Mobility 1: Evasion >  Spray Scratch > Legendary Beast's Power > Shift + AA - Mobility 2: Moonlight Strike > Legendary Beast's Power - Escape 1: Cloud Stomping > Flow: Cloud Ride > Mobility 2 - Escape 2: Evasion > Evasion > Evasion Note: These are some of the most basic tamer combos, but that doesn't mean you don't use them a lot. We can use evades to start an engage to use the +16 AP buff, or save it for the iframe mid-fight. "AOE Spam" is used to create a semi-impenetrable cc barrier. "Mobility 1&2" are used to keep your character moving at all times. "Escape 1&2" are used to either create a gap between players. If “Moonlight Strike” is down during “Escape 1,” you can also use auto attack to cancel rough landing. PvP Engages - Safe Short: Moonlight Strike > Soaring Kick - Safe Medium: Legendary Beast's Power > Moonlight Strike (or vise-versa) > Soaring Kick - Safe Long: Cloud Stomping > Flow: Cloud Ride > Moonlight Strike > Legendary Beast's Power > Soaring Kick - Grab Short 1: Spray Scratch/Hidden Claw > Soaring Kick - Grab Short 2: Leaves Dropping/Flow: Gust > Grab - Grab Short 3: Tree Climb > Hidden Claw > Soaring Kick - Grab Medium: Legendary Beast's Power > Evasion > Spray Scratch > Soaring Kick - AOE Stun 1: Legendary Beast's Power > Void Lighting > Bolt > Evasion - AOE Stun 2: Cloud Stomping > Flow: Cloud Ride > Legendary Beast's Dance: Azure Dragon - Alternative: Evasion > Spray Scratch > Flash > Pull > Echo Pierce PvP Combos - 1v1 Combo: Moonlight Strike > Soaring Kick > Bolt > Jolt > Allround Spinner > Echo Pierce > Garuda > Legendary Beast Dance: Tiger > Intimidation > Moonlight Strike > Flow: Full Moon > Resonance Note: Spam “Echo Pierce” on hot-bar to make the combo work! Can cut Intimidation if not enough SP, or having trouble pulling it off. - Group Combo: Legendary Beast's Power > Void Lightning > Bolt > Evasion > Swap To Awakening > Moonlight > Legendary Beast's Dance (Vermilion) > Allround Spinner > Flow: Soaring Strike > Resonance Note: If “Legendary Beast's Dance (Vermillion)” fails to cc all the players in the group, use another hard cc like “Garuda”. Grab Counter: Moonlight Strike > Allround Spinner > Leaves Dropping > Soaring Kick > Bolt > Jolt > Legendary Beast's Power > Bolt > Jolt > Echo Pierce > Legendary Beast Dance: Tiger > Flow Intimidation > Moonlight Strike > Flow: Full Moon > Resonance > Surging Tide (Bonus) Note: This combo is used against a blocking target like a Warrior. You use “Allround Spinner” as a block breaking distraction, you quickly, while they are distracted, go in for a grab. - Alternative Grab: Spray Scratch or Hidden Claw> Soaring Kick > Bolt > Jolt > Legendary Beast's Power > Bolt > Jolt > Echo Pierce > Legendary Beast Dance: Tiger > Flow Intimidation > Allround Spinner > Moonlight Strike > Flow: Full Moon > Resonance Note: Use “Spray Scratch” or “Hidden Claw” as an iframe into "Soaring Kick," this will allow you to perform an iframe grab! Hidden Effects 1) Heilang will attack enemies while you are cc'd if you use "Command: Attack" 2) "Spray Scratch" will cause stiffness while off cooldown 3) By using "Flow: Hidden Claw" you are still able to use "Scratch" from the left and right 4) You can animation cancel most skills in awakening mode with "Rain Curtain" 5) "Bolt" and "Legendary Beast's Power" can animation cancel most skills in non-awakening mode 6) “Resonance” can animation cancel most skills in both awakening and non-awakening mode 7) "Echo Pierce" and "Allround Spinner" will swap you directly into awakening mode if used on the skill-bar 8) "Jolt" will swap you directly into non awakening mode 9) "Moonlight Strike" and "Legendary Dragon Dance" can animation cancel "Flow: Cloud Ride" Helpful Links Twitch:https://go.twitch.tv/trollsies My Discord:https://discord.gg/Ff7q9rr Official Tamer Discord:https://discord.gg/zn6puC6 NA World Boss Discord:https://discord.gg/XrSRRQm EU World Boss Discord:https://discordapp.com/invite/MnruptX Renown Score Chart: https://itzdarkvoid.wordpress.com/2018/04/18/black-desert-online-renown-score-bonuses/ Site To Plan Out Your Gear:http://bdoplanner.com/ Site to Look Up Items:http://bddatabase.net/us/ Leveling Guide:http://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/leveling-1-60-guide/ YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/c/trollsies Guide Log 4/18/17: Guide Released 4/19/17: Added Section For Awakening Weapons & Grammar Fixes 5/22/17: Updated a lot of info and made into an all around more accurate guide as well as added a new section "Suggested Builds" 11/3/17: New Kama crystals added, full rework of suggest builds, fixed food and elixir rotations, and moved guide to forums. 5/2/18: Made major updates regarding boss gear, renown system, absolutes, cc changes, builds, skills, text, etc. 7/16/18: Updated for for new PvP system, added Offin to builds, changed all skill pages, changed build path to grunil, and introduced new elixirs. Basically a full overhaul of the old guide.
  4. Tamer Guide By Trollsies
    Introduction: I have played MMORPGs for well over 10 years. Of those 10 years 2 of them have been strictly dedicated to playing the Tamer class in Black Desert Online. I am now level 60 and have been for over 6 months. I've been in WaifuHunta, Gravity, Barcode, and FML throughout the last year as well as Support in KR. I am by far not the best Tamer out there, but I do have more experience with the class than most. I hope to help and inform the community the best I can. Enjoy the guide!
    Gear: http://imgur.com/a/iJugz
    Profile: http://imgur.com/a/0tIqd
    Bares: Gives +5 PvE damage, great for players who only care about PvE. I suggest not getting this item past DUO.
    Yuria: Gives +5 PvP damage, great for players who care about PvP and PvE. I suggest not getting this item past DUO.
    Liverto: Gives +3 Crit and is the first endgame item that requires memory fragments to repair. I suggest not getting this item past TRI.
    Kzarka: Gives +3 Attack Speed as well as the most accuracy per enchant. This is the BIS item for most if not all classes. Get this to PEN if possible.
    Incense: Gives Accuracy +7 and Accuracy every upgrade. This item is best for players starting out who need to level to 56. After hitting 56 however, I suggest swapping to a different trinket.
    Needle: Gives the most AP of the non BIS trinkets. I suggest swapping to this for increased grind speeds and overall damage after hitting 56.
    Blade/Rosar/Krea: These items all give Evasion for large-scale PvP. I suggest getting one of these for Territory War PvP as they can become BIS for Evasion Builds. Blade being my person favorite of the lot do to extra HP.
    Nouver: One of the BIS endgame Trinkets. Gives the most AP of all the Trinkets as well as 10% All Resistance. I suggest getting this for large-scale PvP AP Monkey build.
    Kutum: The other BIS endgame Trinket. Gives AP,DP,PvE Damage, as well as 10% CC Pen. I suggest getting this for grinding, 1v1's, and small-scale PvP. This is the best Hybrid item in the game for doing a bit of everything, as well as my personal favorite.
    Grunil: The most popular armor set for Tamers before getting full Boss Armor. This set gives +150 Max HP, All AP +7, as well as up to +8 Damage Reduction if upgraded to Yellow Grade. This set also has 8 crystal slots to socket for late game play.
    Rocaba: This set is usually used in conjunction with other sets and for PvP focused players who are going for an evasion build. The full set gives +75 HP, +75 MP, +7 Evasion, and up to 8 Damage Reduction as well as 8 slots for crystals.
    Boss: The best set in the game hands down. Gives +200 Stamina, +200 HP, Increased Evasion, Increased Accuracy, +1 Attack Speed, +1 Cast Speed, as well as 8 slots for crystals. Sadly, this set is the most expensive to buy and repair, but is still my personal favorite.
    Neck: Ogre/Layten/Seraph/Bares for AP build and Sicil for Evasion build.
    Ring: Crescent/Mark/BlueCoral/Bares for AP build and Red Coral for Evasion build.
    Earrings: Witch/Tungrade/Bares for AP and Red Coral for Accuracy. I will note here that Red Coral will become mostly irrelevant at level 61-62 with proper crystals and elixir buffs.
    Belt: Basilisk/Shultz/Bares for AP Builds, Tree Spirit for Accuracy, and Glad for Evasion build.
    Best Crystals Setup
    Weapon: x2 Black Magic Crystal - Precision (20% CC Pen and +4 Accuracy)
    Trinket: x2 Awakened Spirit's Crystal (+10 Hidden AP and +300 HP)
    Helmet: x2 Ancient Magic Crystals of Enchantment - Agility (+10 Evasion)
    Armor: x2 Magic Crystal of Infinity - Evasion (20% Special Evasion) or Magic Crystal of Perfection (+1-2 Luck) until max luck for grinding.
    Gloves: x1 Black Magic Crystal - Viper ( +1 Attack Speed, +1 Cast Speed, and +2 Accuracy) and x1 Black Magic Crystal - Valor ( Crit +2 and Grapple Resistance +5%)
    Shoes: x2 Red Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine (50% Knockdown/Bound Resistance and 10% Faint/Rigidity/Freezing Resistance)
    Note: Buy a costume coupon with pearls and equip it to a +1 crit rate outfit like the Blacksmith's one. This will allow you to get +5 Attack Speed, +5 Crit Rate and +5 Movement Speed.
    Best Food/Elix Rotation
    PvE: Milk Tea > Margoria > Media
    Small Scale PvP: Margoria > Mediah > Knights
    Large Scale PvP: Margoria > Mediah > Valencian
    Elix: Intrepid Swiftness > Endless Fury > Advanced Concentration > Etc.
    Note: Use Experience Elixir for PvE also make sure to only use [Party] versions of any of the Elixir's listed above.
    Skill Tree
    Pre Awakening - Level 55 - 500 SP: http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/36193
    Post Awakening - Level 56 - 500 SP: http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/36194
    Post Awakening - Level 58 - 1000 SP: http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/36195
    Post Awakening - Level 60 - 1500 SP: http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/36196
    Note: When starting out you are mainly going to focus on leveling Summon Heilang, Bolt/Jolt Wave, Void Lightning, and Roaring. Once you get awakening you drop points from Roaring and focus on Echo Pierce, Allaround Spinner, and Legendary Beasts Dance. Though all the awakening skills are great, those are the ones I would focus on first.
    This is my personal PvP/PvE add-on setup: https://gyazo.com/5deb8d840c8bbef717069278e2423915
    Note: "Flash I" is used when grinding to never run out HP or MP, you should only need a few pots to defend your spot from other players. This add-on can be replaced for something like "Void Lighting" for extra DP or "Scratch" for extra slows in PvP. The +20 DMG against monsters that "Jolt Wave I" provides is amazing for grinding, but when "Allround Spinner I" is off cooldown it should be used for an even greater increase in AP. The other add-on's are for PvP, either evasion, accuracy or PvP dmg. When starting out make sure to get "Jolt Wave I" first because of the Attack Speed and AP buff! After awakening, get "Legendary Beast Dance" first because of the 20% Crit Increase!
    Grinding Rotations
    Pre Awakening PvE Rotation Single Mob: Bolt/Jolt > Legendary Beast's Power > Bolt/Jolt > Trample
    Pre Awakening PvE Rotation Small Group: Void Lightning > Single Mob Rotation
    Pre Awakening PvE Rotation Large Group: Void Lighting > (1-2) Roaring > Single Mob Combo
    Note: To maximize grinding efficiency bind "ww" to a single key on your keyboard, this will allow you to "Evasion" to camps faster. Make sure to watch your stamina while doing this because it can go down fast. Using "Legendary Beast's Power" between 3-4 "Evasions" is a good way to keep up stamina. Also, when getting low in HP/MP feel free to "Evasion" into "Scratch" then "Flash/Pole".
    Post Awakening PvE Rotation Single Mob: Bolt/Jolt > Legendary Beast's Power > Bolt/Jolt > Echo Pierce > Allround Spinner
    Post Awakening PvE Rotation Small Group: Void Lightning > Single Mob Rotation
    Post Awakening Pve Rotation Large Group: Void Lightning > Bolt/Jolt > Legendary Beast's Power > Bolt/Jolt > Echo Peirce > Legendary "Turtle" Dance > Leaves Dropping > Flow: Gust > Allround Spinner
    Note: To maximize grinding efficiency dodge roll and Beast Power to far away camps. For camps close together, use Moonlight Strike into Garuda to engage on mobs. If you ever feel yourself getting too low, you can either use "Evasion" into "Scratch" then "Flash/Pole" or use "Legendary Beast's Dance" into "Beast Rampage" depending on your current stance and or affected cooldown timers. Also try to use "Leaves Dropping > Flow: Gust" before every camp if in awakening form.
    PvP Combos
    PvP Basic 1 : Leaves Dropping > Flow: Gust
    PvP Basic 2: Void Lightning > Bolt/Jolt > Evasion
    PvP Basic 3: Evasion (ww) > Legendary Beast's Power
    PvP Basic 4: Cloud Stomping > Flow: Cloud Ride
    Note: These are some of the most basic tamer combos, but that doesn't mean you don't use them a lot. We need to use Basic 1 to start any engage because of the +16 AP buff. Basic 2 is used to create a semi-impenetrable cc barrier. Basic 3 is used to create an eyeframe dodge and close gaps while not in awakening stance. Basic 4 is used to either create a gap while in awakening form, or as an eyeframe to dodge all attacks, but never use it as an engage, you will die.
    PvP Combo 1: Evasion > Spray Scratch > Bolt/Jolt > Soaring Kick > Bolt/Jolt > Echo Peirce > Bolt/Jolt > Echo Pierce > Allround SpinnerNote: Use "Evasion" as an eyeframe engage into spray scratch which should rigidity your opponent if off cooldown. This gives you enough time to "Bolt/Jolt" animation cancel your "Spray Scratch" and go for a grab. After a basic "Bolt/Jolt/Echo" combo, finish them off with "Allround Spinner" so that if the opponent gets up, they will be inflicted with Stiffness. This combo is hard to get used to because of the animation cancels, but once you get the hang of it, it's quite strong.
    PvP Combo 2: Legendary Beast's Power > Moonlight Strike > Garuda > Legendary Vermillion Dance > Allround Spinner > Soaring Kick > Bolt/Jolt > Echo PeirceNote Use this combo if the are having trouble catching your opponent with a "Spray Scratch". The gap close that is done with "Beast's Power" and "Moonlight Strike" is crazy. Will catch many people by surprise, and even if they see it coming, not much can be done at the speed you go. Also, if you want to use combo from un-awakening mode, use "Echo Peirce" before "Legendary Beast's Power", this is a well-known animation cancel.*
    PvP Combo 3: Evasion > Void Lightning > Bolt/Jolt > Echo Peirce > Legendary Vermilion Dance > Allround SpinnerNote: Use this combo if fighting 3+ players during sieges or node wars. By using evasion you will force yourself between a large group of players, while there you "Void Lightning" and animation cancel into awakening weapon through "Bolt/Jolt/Echo". From there you hit as many players as you can with "Legendary Vermillion Dance" and "Allround Spinner". If there is anyone left finish them off with a different combo or run away with Basic 4.
    Hidden Effects
    "Spray Scratch" will cause rigidity while off cooldown.
    "Cloud Stomping" acts as an eyeframe.
    The higher your movement speed the faster and better you will dodge using "Evasion" from eyeframes.
    You can animation cancel most skills in awakening mode with "Rain Curtain".
    "Bolt/Jolt" and "Legendary Beast's Power" can animation cancel most skills in non awakening mode.
    "Echo Peirce" and "Allround Spinner" will swap you directly into awakening mode if used on the skillbar.
    "Jolt/Bolt" will swap you directly into non awakening mode.
    Official Tamer Discord: https://discord.gg/zn6puC6
    Site To Plan Out Your Gear: http://bdoplanner.com/
    Site to Look Up Items: http://bddatabase.net/us/
    Leveling Guide: http://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/leveling-1-60-guide/
    Tamer Guide by Neipoy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z3remd4H1wXkh3Ys3dX4Lo0Hnr2wWaq4VPYwplLjBCI/edit
    Zizi KR Tamer Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC61e587Ho4x9_AH5bnDcGiA
    Frozzen KR Tamer Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkAPyuGs9tyBMzYbcKPryxw
    Official BDO Forums: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/
    Horse Calculator: http://www.somethinglovely.net/bdo/horses/
    Basic Gearing Progression Chart: http://origin.webcdn.theblackdesertonline.net/forum/service_live/monthly_03_2016/y65qNFX.png.e46a8d9dfad62a1173b8389f3fb0bdd3.png
    Version 1.0 Release: 4/18/17
  5. I am a level 60 ''lifeskiller'' Tamer, and I am confused 'cause there's alot of different accessories, for Tamer that is. Which one is better for Tamer, as for PvP? And I got both Kutumn and Nouver trinket, and all the boss gear etc. But I am confused about the accessories, of course...well, also about what offhand is a better choice for Tamer, for PvP. And I would like to have an explanation tagged along with it all...like why is it better, what it does excatly etc.
  6. Because it looks like there hasn't been one recently (if it's not on the front page, it doesn't exist!), I thought I'd start a thread where we can collect our suggestions for what small tweaks our class could use to stay competitive.
    This isn't for known issues/bugs.  We know our grab doesn't work right, for instance.  Dear lord do we know our grab doesn't work right.
    In any case, here is my modest suggestion:
    Increase the duration Legendary Beast's Power to 1.5 or 2 seconds.
    Change Fearful Trembling so that it can switch from staff to short sword/animation cancel. (i'm trying to think of a Shift+Q move in staff and coming up blank, anyway)
    Restore Heilang's CC, significantly increase his damage.
    I think if we got all that, we'd be silly good.
  7. Post on Tamer Clear Speed in Tamer

    By Velvet_Blanc, posted
    *This is not a QQ post, I'm just asking for information - not planning on swapping off Tamer or anything, love the class*
    I'm a pretty new player and my Tamer is currently 57. I notice my 56 Sorc clears faster with 8 less AP,  and this is without optimal animation cancelling - so I'm simply curious about how Tamer's clearing speed stacks up to other classes. Does it get better with more levels and more AP? For reference, I'm currently sitting at 159/154/197.
    Thanks all!

  8. It's hard to come by basic guides that focus on early awakened PvE. Most guides are into advanced PvP chains or cancels needed for those last percent of extra damage. Or they go into rotations for level 57-61.
    If you have mastered this class and are able to write down a typical 30 seconds of a lvl 56 PvE-rotation I'm sure it would be of great help to those of us just starting out with the awakening. Movement skills between packs, sustain-skills and vital skill add-ons would be a nice bonus.
    So far I have this rather incomplete set:
    Moonstrike + Echo as opener on the toughest mob > Beast Rampage + Echo. Repeat.
    Use Beast Rampage as main skill and rotate all other awakening skills around it.
    Legendary Beast Power: Spam for Super Armor.
    Absorb Heilang: Use when off CD. Only skill this up when you have your basic skills set.
    30MP per hit Add-on on Flash. Use on big mob.
    Intimidation after Garuda/Black Turtle.
    W+LMB in Awakening (only as last resort, it's slow)
    Void Lightning off-CD (hold until mobs are gathered) > Fearful Trembling
    Beast Rampage (recovers 45 HP per hit)
    Add on
    Fearful Trembling - 20% Crit, 30 AP PVE
    Void Lightning - 15 DP, 10HP on hit
    Pre-awakening skills
    Tier 1: Flash, punches, Void Lightning, Grab, Trample and Fearful Trembling
    Tier 2: Scratch, Throat Burn, Surging Tide
  9. Hello!
    So I'm a newbie, and I enjoy maining Musa (33!) and alting DK, but I do have an Wizard, Valkyrie and Berserker on standby for energy usage purposes.
    Thing is, I'm unsure what to do about the last slot on my roster, and I want to make either a Sorc or a tamer.
    this choice is mostly for fun, as I intend to eventually use their awakening weapons primarily (Love scythes and staves!)
    How do they play, and how's their effectiveness in PVE and PVP? What would you suggest I get?
  10. http://www.thisisgame.com/webzine/news/nboard/5/?n=57623
    The link is an old article made before Tamer was released in KR. It is an interview of the creator of Tamer and they speak a lot about how they started designing the Tamer and stuff. For people who don't speak Korean, Tamer was named Tamer because originally they tried to make a class that actually tames character, but BDO is more of an action based game so they didn't make a Pokemon-ish character. Also the effects of Tamer's skill was created to look like ink being sprayed around and the motion capture actor learned Wushu to create a more Asian like animation. The inspiration of Tamer was Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown, but the hawk was removed because Tamer having ranged attack and close range attack would be overpowered in both PvE and PvP (Awakened Ranger, Musa, Maehwa, Awakened Wiz/Witch with pets, and Awakened Dark Knight???) so they had to remove the hawk concept. The tamer has low HP so she will be played like a bouncing rubber ball. (I guess they scrapped this as well with the awakening) And there are other not so interesting
    So tamer was originally supposed to be Nakoruru, but they made her into Rera for balancing.
    Another interview with the creator of Tamer. Here there are some interesting things. The original name of Tamer was Tamer, but since there is no taming the name became 금수랑. So PA threw away the name tamer and after years we get the recycled name for NA/EU. Great. Also the designer mentions AI scaling as level and skill increases. I guess they scrapped the AI scaling too.
    So... what happened with the whole "having both ranged and close quarter is op" thing? What happened to the AI scaling? I heard rumors of the designer of Tamer resigning, but that doesn't mean they should neglect this character.
    Also one last thing. If PA ever makes a male Tamer can he have the hawk please? The male tamer having a hawk and being more focused on ranged combat will make him unique and more interesting to play.
  11. Im a beginner lvl at Alchemy and i want to be master as fast as possibel idc about money how would i go about power lvling to master (Dont be vague)

  12. Hello I am trying to make a new tamer and I saw this on the BDO page:
    Idk if its strange but i really enjoy it!
    Can i get clarification if this is supposed to be the default tamers look? It looks a bit different... and if it isn't can i get a link because I got a thing for that cute kpop look!
    tried to recreate it. failed miserably since im bad
  13. So, I'm thinking on running this for pure PVE:
    - Flash: 30HP / 30MP
    - Bolt: Accuracy / Attack Speed
    - Jolt: Crit / AP against monster
    Also thinking on Wiplash: 3hp / 3 mp
    Any recomendation? What are running you?
  14. Post on No mater what!! in Tamer

    By Lenerlink, posted
    No mater what impending doom awaits me i will keep playing till the end....RIP Tamer
  15. Which class is the least gear dependent and could handle themselves better 1v1 or small group pvp open world with less gear?
  16. 【Tamer】
    ● Attack range according to Flurry of Kicks’ skill level will now applied correctly.
    ● The opponent will not stun from the skill Heilang: Void Lightning during the skill cool down.
    ● Skill description changed. (Only description changed, and actual skill effect is same as before.)
    Tree climb: description changed about hit
    Ultimate: Jolt Wave: description deleted about air smash.
    Flow: Leap: during jump -> during moving jump
    Air Lightning: during jump -> during moving jump
    Heilang: Scratch: when using the skill during cool down -> when using the skill during cool down and on Heilang
    Celestial Bo Staff training: forward attack (4 times) -> forward attack (5 times)
    Whiplash, Heilang: Upward Claw, Heilang: Lightning of Earth: description deleted ‘Heilang attacks aggressively’.
    Translated by Chopper85 in Reddit
    What do you think guys? The void change was needed or not really?
  17. Post on Heilang useless? in Classes

    By MilanaMill, posted
    So I've always loved tamers over any other classes, little girls running around in little dresses being badass, I mean what else could you really ask for? The problem I have that it kinda feels like my furry friend is totally useless. Tamers overall seem to have pretty weak base stats compared to other classes that are similar to tamer. Now I don't know much about the numbers to be fair but when ever I summon heilang he seems totally useless. The damage he does is so pathetic that I feel like it really doesn't matter whatever he's there or not, the only thing that furball is good off is as bait for mobs while I collect the look on the ground before gathering new bunch and killing them with single Q. I have yet to try pvp in black desert but I can imagine he's even less useful againts actual players since he doesn't seem to bring any extra offence to the battle field. Correct me if I'm deadly wrong but this is just what I noticed while playing with Heilang. 

    Also just for the sake of discussion if there's anyone else who thinks like I do and finds heilang or tamer overall to be rather weak (?), what do you think would be good way to balance tamer as a class? 

    (ps. Sry if there's already tons of these, I tried to look up few pages but I didn't really find a topic, specifically about heilang)
  18. Hello forum, I'm a newbie currently one month in kinda non stop and love the game. 
    At the moment I tried several classes, lvl55 wizard, lvl53 tamer, lvl51 sorcerer, lvl51 Valkyrie, and lvl50 musa. To be honest I like all of them, and I'd love to get them all to 56 and go awakened. 
    Now I realize that lvl56 is just the beginning, skill points in 56 is not enough for most classes to be close to be fully fledged, I might have to grind more in the future. And it's kind of necessary to level life skills for more sources of income. 
    My questions are:
    1. Should I level all life skills on ONE character and other characters would be more like alts, or should I divide them up to make them specialize in certain professions like tamer be the cook sorc be the sailor etc etc. ? What are the pros and cons for these two directions?
    Thank you :3
  19. I've tried to summon Heilong on my tamer with no success.  I've summoned Heilong before numerous times without fail, and now I cannot summon the beast on my tamer in this one spot.  I've never had this happen before and would like to know how to report this with the video of myself actually trying to summon Heilong without Heilong actually coming out like he's suppose to.
    A video of Heilong not being summoned when trying to summon him.
  20. Maybe I'm just very bad at searching (to be honest I know I am, ssh) but I wonder if there's any good and still up to date tamer guide out there?
    I'm more looking for PvE guides and definitely one that tells me which skills to invest into. 

  21. Hello,I just cant decide between these 2.Atm im playing sorc and I see lots of people that play tamer and it looks pretty cool actually.But there's also the witcher/wiz that i heard that are pretty op and easy to play.
    What is the best as of right now/in the following patches? I like both ,i dont like the melee thing on the wiz tho,but the spells and all of the rest are good.Tamer is also pretty good,has very nice splash and hit effects,the beast is pretty useful.I'd like to know also which is more strong.
    Thanks <3
  22. good afternoon.
    i started playing this game a couple of days ago and i love the play style of the sorceress and tamer, but i do wanna use a male character; Probably this question have been asked many times already but here it is again: is there any plans for the future of making a male sorcerer and tamer? i find it kinda frustrating that we are forced to use those classes with female characters, i would like to use that badass spirit wolf without having to wear a pretty dress.
    Thank you or your time
  23. Illisae's Character Templates and WIPs
    Hello there! I've recently been adding more and more of my many character templates to the beauty album.  I figured I'd post the three I have up here and maybe other works in progress as I go.  I'm also more than open to requests, though I can't promise that I'll complete them.  For more pictures and creations feel free to take a peek at my BDO related tumblr http://calpheon-rebel.tumblr.com/  ♥
    Ranger:Witch:Valkyrie:Tamer:What I'm currently working on/Coming Soon:
    Warrior PresetSorcerer PresetWitch PresetAny Further Issues/Fixes:
    I've had someone on the Beauty Album comment on my original ranger skin that I stole it from someone else because my templates are listed under the name "Sicero".  
    I just want to take a second to clear that up.  From when I started the game (last spring) til about a week ago my Family name in game was Sicero.  Recently I changed it to Illisae because I have -always- hated my old family name.  Because of this, any template that I made or started in the past has the name Sicero on it, and I often mod off some of my old but original creations.
    When I do mod off someone else's creation I do make sure to state that mine is not the original, but has been intensely modified (IE: by the time I'm done with it, looks hardly anything like their upload did.)  Just like I did with my Valkyrie, which is the only character I have ever done this with.
    Bottom line, TLDR: I haven't and I don't copy people or their templates. I don't like to copy people, and when my work isn't 100% my work, I say so.  This issue is also resolved now and the aforementioned person has acknowledged their understanding that I haven't copied them.