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  1. I found a wall that let me teleport.... but it's not a good teleport... it broke my game and I was stuck in purgatory for forever.
  2. I know video quality sucks, but I had to do this on the fly to make sure I caught them in the act. I dont stream or anything so grabbed the first video recording software I could and tweaked it so you could see the names as clear as possible in the time I had.
    EDITI posted a ticket just thought maybe this could get to them sooner if I also posted here.
    Removed Link
  3. Post on Bug Teleport in Report de bug

    By Lyan, posted
    J'ai déjà vécu ce bug en péchant, ce qui est pas un drame en soi.
    pour info on retrouve son personnage téléporté au hasard.
    Depuis quelques jours c'est plus gênant, A velia, Olvia ou Heidel , a cheval en autoloop
    je me retrouve téléporté sans mon cheval ( qui dans 50% des cas meurt) sachant que ce ne sont que des T6
    ça commence à me fatigué.
    Il faut absolument corriger cela au plus vite.
  4. I am currently unable to move any of my characters in Serendia 02, they will not walk. If they do, they teleport backwards. Calpheon 02 is fine, I have not tried the other channels.
    - Update, able to move but game is laggy
  5. Post on Knockdown teleports in PVP

    By MrsDark, posted
    Kind of ironic because I'm a sorceress but I kept knocking down these two people and they teleport causing me to miss my attacks.
    Both of my opponents live in California but it seems that Plum was teleporting more than the giant.
    Oh and feel free to mute the video if you don't want to hear my voice.
  6. Hi guys!
    I was thinking about the "transport" in this game, and I really like it, because it forces you to mount on a horse and explore every single millimeter of the map.
    But, it'll be boring... I don't know when, but it will happen... so, I have thought this: using a particular teleport.
    Why "particular"? Because this Teleport System only teleport you to Big City (like Calpheon).
    But, you need to satisfy 5 conditions:
    Special Runes: Teleport works only with the Runes. These Runes are written on Rocks in every BIG City, nothing you can put in your Inventory.Teleport Energy Stone: You need a special Energy for using Runes, and you can take it from the Teleport Energy Stone.Cooldown: The Runes have a 1 HOUR cooldown time.Minimum Level of use: You need to be at least at Lvl. 30 or higher.Unlock the Teleport Runes: Before using the Teleport Runes, you need to unlock. So, if you forget to check, you need to travel again.What do you think? Is it a bad idea? Tell me
  7. Post on Wizard Teleport in General

    By Miffi, posted
    Not a HUGE deal at all, certainly other things that could and should be tackled first, but wanted to post this as an addition. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the wizard tele didn't seem to go through or over walls, not even little fences. Not sure if that bothered or didn't make sense to anyone else, but doesn't make much sense to me that one cannot? Am I alone in this thought process?