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  1. So since the event happened which caused people to make a ton of DKs and post them to the Beauty Album, I noticed how boring some of the other classes albums are in comparison. The male classes in particular.
    So I decided to make my own Musa based off of a WoW night elf. Let me know what you think and post any unique characters you've created too!

  2. Post on Template Sharing in Roleplay

    By Truthonly, posted
    Hi everybody! I wanted to share my templates, but it seems not to work. When i take the Pictures at the char creation and save them, nothing happens. Where can i get a walkthrough on how to do it right? And yes, i selected publich share. Thank you.
  3. Post on Eollyn's ART in Art & Media

    By Eollyn, posted
    Hi there. I create this thread so i can share all the joy i have from bdo. I include all of my fanarts, templates with download (to be added,) and in game screenshots.
    Hope you enjoy what you see.
    If anybody is also interested in commissions i am open for such as well.  I also do chibis.
  4. From my previous post. I have added now download link for each template. Click on any of the pictures and you will find a download link. There you can choose if you would like to download all of them as zip or one by one. They all have numbers so it would really easy for you to find the one you want to download. ^^ Hope you enjoy!


  5. I uploaded this on the Tamer section but i thought it would better idea to share it here as well All Tamer templates i've done so far since the start of the game. All done with care and a lot of time Will add Download Link for each one of then soon

                                                             I have more for other classes but they need a lot of work still
  6. This Thread has been moved over to the new forums!
    I would like to share my character customization's so that players outside of Uno server may gain access to them.
    I will only upload those which are most successful, and will add more to the list as i create them.
    Simply click the name of the desired template to be directed to DropBox to download the template.
    If you find any issues with the download links / files then please let me know.
    Bliss [Sorceress]

    Elfer [Kunoichi]

    Gee [Plum]

    Goldie [Sorceress]

    Ice [Sorceress]

    Lana [Ranger]

    Lilac [Valkyrie]

    Lilly [Plum]

    Mavis [Sorceress]

    Ninshe [Ninja]

    Rynn [Sorceress]

    Swordshe [Warrior]

    Teera [Ranger]

    Candy [Sorceress]

    Almost Rem [Sorceress]

    Steak [Musa]

    Eve-Anna [Valkyrie]
    (As requested on reddit)

    Please Scroll Down For More!
  7. Hello there,
    Since the start of bdo i have been making a lot of Tamer templates with the idea to help out people. Been testing and fixing forever for each one of them so i really hope you find one you like.  
                                                                      Link: http://bdotemplates.tumblr.com/

                                                                                                Have a nice day! ~
  8. I am not good or skilled at char creation so i want to ask for some templates  
  9. As requested several times via PM's here ya go..
    only a couple so far i'll upload the rest tomorrow.
    Download links up.
    If there is a problem with downloading the Templates please let me know.
    Snake eye: -> Download
    Giant pig: -> Download
    Evil Joker: -> Download
    Friendly Giant: -> Download
    Evil inside: -> Download
  10.  (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。 Featured/Newest Art ⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

    (o*゜∇゜)o〜♪ SternstaubKT's Artist Place o(゜∇゜*o)
    W E L C O M E everybody ♥ Nice to meet you ! !

    > > ♥ Pixelavatar (c) NothingsEnd ♥ < <
    My Name is Kathy and i love to draw (highly pref traditional, but im not scared to draw digital too).
    And i hope you like/enjoy my work.
    Be friendly! And spreadthe love!

    Links: Tumblr Facebook Youtube DeviantArt
    ♥ - Love to DRAW

    ♥ Female
    ♥ Fantasy
    ♥ Watercolor
    ♥ Copic Maker
    ♥ Surrealism
    ♥ Comic/Manga-Style
    ♥ Traditional
    ✖ - Dislike to DRAW/I don't draw

    ✖ Hentai (naked Females/Males)
    ✖ Animals
    ✖ Background with tons of details

    (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆ How to make a R E Q U E S T ?

    It's easy! Copy and fill in. ♥ Username: [name will be tagged in the picture if u like]
    References: [link picture or upload]
    Pic Personality: [Age + 5 Character Attributes]
    Tag Color:
    Other Specials for Pic: [Any pose/setting/mood/other request]
     .. /l、
    ゙(゚、 。 7
    ..l、゙ ~ヽ
    .......じしf_, )ノ(*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆ Slot's aka Stuff W.i.P. [3/5]

    [✔] – finished
    [✖] – not start yet
    [...] – currently working on

    1. midgard [ ✖ ]
    2. maevan [ ✖ ]
    3. -open- [ ♥ ]
    4. -open- [ ♥ ]
    5. -open- [ ♥ ]
    Finished Stuff! ☆⌒(>。≪)
    Shinpai's Character
    Guild Mascot + Emblem
    Tamerchan Tamer
    Random Girl
    eDust inspire
    Becii Witch
    Horrible Tamer
    Cyr'Ren Sorcerer
    Yuppy Tamer
    Rivana Sorc
    Watercolor eDust Ranger
     Jouska - Watercolor
    Scribble "- To bann or not to bann -"
    Watercolor - Girl Sun Lion
    Watercolor - Galaxy Girl
    Copic Marker - League of Legends Lulu - Aceo Card
    ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪) Sternstaub Fanart's from other Artist ♥⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )
     Thanks alot!!
    Jaoosa Artthread
    Rivana Artthread
    NothingsEnd Artthread
    left -> right
    Halosatan Artpage Ghost Artpage Astroboii/Antler Artpage1 Artpage2 Hax Artpage

    left -> right
    Avacadont cant find any Artpage - will add link soon Lyrose Artpage Gazat no Artpage SGT.Deli Artpage

    Alter Ego Forum Avatar made by khelais Artpage1 Artpage 2

  11. Welcome to my creative corner!
    I'm WiFiPanda. Just a few days ago I noticed I'm quite not happy with how my character turned out and got really interested in learning about BDO's character creation tool. So I've started to make a few templates for future use or just to have fun creating them, hahaha! 
    I hope you guys enjoy them!
    And if I have time over I can create a template for free if you want or if you would like to have some of the templates I've created. Just message me. 
    I will add more to this thread for you guys to see and will also be working on new templates as time goes.
    Edit: 2016-07-03
    OHOOOOY! SOOOOO, I've decided to share travel photographies, random pictures and other creative images of what I am doing as a university student. I loooooooove to travel and create as many memories as I can while being alive and I thought I'd share it with you guys!
    But I hope you guys enjoy my stuff on this topic!  
    Thank you for your time on this thread!
    Champions from League of Legends
    Lux ( Maehwa )
    Sona ( Maehwa, also in Sorc version )
    Edit: 2016-05-25 Added Ashe. ( Ranger ) 
    Update: 2016-6-06. Gave Ashe long hair.
    Update: 2016-09-02. Changed Ashe's appearance. Gave her fuller lips.
    Edit: 2016-05-26 Added Riven and Cassiopeia.
    Riven ( Maehwa )
    Cassiopeia ( Sorc )
  12. Hello all,
    It has come to my attention that quite a few players, within the community, are interested in the creation of quality character templates. So much so that numerous threads, requesting templates and sharing templates, are created every single day. With that in mind, I've created this thread in hopes that players can quickly have access to a resource within the forum-community to request and view quality templates.

    Personally, I have created several templates that have caught the interest of a lot of players. Below you'll find just some of the templates I've created.  I hope you all will feel welcomed to add your own templates, while being able to request a commission (unpaid) for a specific template. Thanks!
    IMPORTANT UPDATE: As I no longer have time to play the game, I've stopped making templates. If you wish to use any of the templates I've made in this thread please message me and I'll send them your way (LIMIT 2 PER PERSON). Enjoy the game!

    Brad Pitt - Musa Template
    Arya Stark (Game of Thrones) - Maehwa Template 
    Olivia Wilde - Maehwa Template & Archer Template
    Chloe Mortez - Witch Template
      Juuzou Suzaya - Tokyo Ghoul Maehwa Template
     Miscellaneous - Templates
  13. Anyone knows where i can find some good witch templates? I've looked around but all i could find was a site with really bad ones and old ones as the site seems to have not been updated for ages.
    Alright, first off I would like to say I absolutely enjoy this game and want to see it reach its potential.  I am a big fan of Player Based markets and societies like Star Wars Galaxies and Mortal online where the players are everything.  From what I have seen of this game it seems to want to reach that player society where the hardcore gamers can be the crafters and builders while the more casual gamer can explore that world.  My suggestion is that the game have a more intuitive crafting system that caters to aesthetics and the Market.
    My idea as well as some fellow BDO Members would like to suggest an idea for a better crafting system which will help make this game stand out. 
    This is Just a General Synopsis of the idea.
    1. Personally I believe in subclasses over the full range of motion given to players, because it removes the need for the economic growth.  If a Player can both make their own weapons, armor, mounts, house supplies, etc. what is the need for the market? 
    Subclasses: The idea behind the subclasses is to create more specialties and a need for player contribution, though benefits for focusing would be needed and here are some examples.
    1. Armor Smith: Can create and design armor for players.  Different materials could give different buffs.
    2. Weapon Smith: Creates weapons now you can always add specialties but general weapon maker
    3. Dyer: So I know dyes are in the game but and idea would be to give players the ability to create special dyes that that add benefits.  (Solar White Fox Dye: Gives player 10% chance upon taking damage to cause blind effect to attacker for 10sec)
    4. Jeweler: Create jewelry though it would be nice to have the player also be able to create piercings and other aesthetic pieces for players.
    5. Carpenter: Of course the ability to create housing items that have effects to them.  (I personally am upset with the lack of housing items... All I want to do in the game is make rugs)
    6. Ship Wright: This is quite the important subclass especially now.
    7. Gatherer: So this is probably one of the most important classes since everyone needs supplies.  Though players can get items in the world by gathering, the Gatherers are the ones that would be specialized in getting materials.  So say an Dyer gathers from a Ghost Mushroom node, he will get Ghost mushroom in low quantities.  While if a Gatherer goes to the same node he would have a higher yield and be able to get a Large Ghost Mushroom (Has stronger Effect) which the Dyer would not be able to acquire.  This promotes using the society.
    There are many other crafting subclasses that I know everyone can vouch for such as Cook, Alchemist, Breeder, and etc.  This is just a general idea of what people could focus on.
    I do like the Acknowledgement system that is set up on the servers its a great way to really show off the major players.
    2. A Template system would be a nice addition to the crafting system, where the player (at respective levels) well gain templates in which they can create gear. 
    Though this seems one sided due to the Older gamers having a possible advantage due to more templates, the idea would be to allow the templates to be designed.  With the ability to design a template with Dyes, Aesthetic pieces found through out the world(Harpy Plumes, gems, etc), Armor piece locations, a Player could then in theory create their own Fashion Line or Weapon line that is unique allowing for players to have more variety in what they wear.  This would also need to have the game open up the outfits slot so players can grab the player made gear and use them Aesthetically if they want.
    A product of money for BDO, since this game needs funding, would be to create Cash shop Limited time only  templates and Aesthetic piece templates.  This would allow for a market increase for the rare clothing in the game and an investment for the future of the Game.  Also if the BDO staff keeps watch on the market and sees that a specific gear has died off, meaning the players with the template stop playing then the group can put the limited time only template back on the market as to keep it out there.
    3. A Player based Questing System would help in creating a good loop in society. 
    So Say if an Armor smith is in need of a specific ore and that ore is not in the marketplace, The player can then post up on a board with the money they are wanting to give out for each piece of material.  So the Smith post up a price of 10k per piece of Obsidian the player could then load up about 100k if they one 10 so that when a player comes up to the board with 1 piece of obsidian, the player could then receive 10k and the total requested material for the quest would then be reduced to 9. With this system it would allow for Gatherers or freelancing players to gain money to spend back at the shops to keep an economic cycle rotating.
    So Finally I would like to say these are always just suggestions on how to make the crafting system more inviting to players that want to have the social interaction with the community.  This has nothing to do with getting rid of nodes, since I believe they are great assets and it will be a great time to go to war over the nodes.  Since they do provide some of the most basic supplies as well as assisting in increased drop rates they are unique to the game.  The idea of workers is great still and to add that idea a player can design a template they want to use and have their workers (as long as properly supplied) create their master pieces and fashion lines. 
    I do understand that if this does take off it will be a good amount of time before any of this would be implemented, but I thought I should say my two cents as I Kill harpies for no reason and work on trying to make rugs.  (Hopefully in the future I can make Rugs out of harpies and then truly call myself the Harpy King)
  15. Post on Makao's Customs in Art & Media

    By Makao, posted
    Hello I made some customized characters, I tried posting them on English template websites but they are either pretty unknown or just terribly slow at uploading stuff.
    So I decided to post them on the forums for download. If you got any requests feel free to ask!
    The first bit is the normal/pretty looking templates I made and all the way below you will find my BEAST templates Enjoy!





    BEAST Templates:
    Beast Sorceress

    Beast Witch

    Beast Tamer

  16. Post on UI Suggestion in Suggestions

    By DireSenpai, posted
    Suggestion: Add a UI Template save / load option from your "Documents folder."
    Reason : It would great to have multiple UI templates (saved to your documents folder) that you can load on the fly. For Combat, Event screen shots,
    It would be quite convenient for the players regarding different scenes PvP, socializing, RPing, or going ANTI-Social-grind-fest-mode rather then manually having to save it and redo each design. 
  17. I want to introduce you my character customization. 


  18. I feel Daum really failed at making character creation cater to the North American and European regions. In character creation, the templates are very limited and don't encourage diverse looks. It is very difficult to make hooded eyes not look hooded, and the shapes of the character's faces also appear Asian. I think they should add more character templates that allow players to look like any group of people around the world. It's not just the facial features that are very limited, the hairstyles are as well. Not everyone has or wants perfectly straight hair as it appears to be in Asian countries. And that hair "curling" feature? Come on now, you can do better than that. There is a lot of praising of the Black Desert character creation, but I feel it is extremely limited compared to an imported MMO such as Blade & Soul. Blade & Soul, also a Korean MMORPG, did a considerably better job of porting their game to the West. Blade & Soul's character creation has MANY different hair styles, and face and body templates. Also, editing the physical appearance of characters in BnS results in much more impacting changes. I honestly feel like the release of Black Desert was rush and little effort was put into optimizing the game for the West.
    I would like to know if anyone else feels this way. Have you been annoyed by this too, has it subtly bothered you, or does it not matter to you at all?
  19. I haven't really been in game too much because of the lag so I've been doing some look-a-likes in character creator. I don't have many but I plan to update as I make more.
    This will have look-a-likes as well as random templates I've been working on
    I may not have everything looking exactly how you want so feel free to edit the templates as you please
    The files will be right underneath the names of the characters. Please save them to Documents > Black Desert > Customization
    1. David Tennant Warrior

    2. Arya Stark Tamer

    3. Katniss Everdeen Archer

    4. Severus Snape Wizard (or if that doesn't seem right, Lord Farquad)

    5. Konan (from Naruto) Sorceress

    6. Ginny Weasley Witch

  20. Guten Abend. :-)
    Ich weiß nicht ob diese Frage schon aufgekommen ist bezüglich der erstellten Templates ... zumindest habe ich keine Suchtreffer erhalten.
    Wer kennt nicht das Problem? Ein Wunderschönes Template von einen Charakter geladen. Aber dieses Template kann nicht für ein Zauberer genutzt werden weil es für einen Waldläufer ist.
    Gibt es eine Möglichkeit dann in der Finalen Version die Templates für sämtliche Klassen zu nehmen? Bzw. die Templates umzuschreiben oder so in der Art? :-)  
    Ich hoffe Ihr könnt mir helfen bzw. Tipps geben.
  21. I see comments like "can you send me the character code" and things like that, and I wonder how do you do that? How do you add and use a character template that another players has made?
  22. HI Everyone <3
    Here I want to share some templates based on Disney, Anime and Video game characters that I've made in my spare time. If your interested on using them go ahead and let me know.
    I will be making more here and there or so often.
    Final Fantasy XIII2 - Yeul (Witch)  WitchYeul

    Kingdom Hearts - Aqua (Valkyrie)  AquaValk                                                               Kairi (Valkyrie)  ValkyrieKairi
    Xion (Valkyrie)  XionValkyrie

    Little Mermaid - Ursula (Sorceress)  UrsulaSorce.                                                      Hunchback of Notre Dame - Esmeralda (Sorceress)  DisneyEsmeralda
    Fairy Tail - Erza Scarlet (Valkyrie)  ErzaScarletValkyrie

    Naruto Shippuden - Gaara (Warrior)  GaaraWar

    Code Geass - Lelouch (Warrior)  LelouchWarrior

    Fate/Stay Night - Shirou Emiya (Warrior)  ShirouEmiyaWar

    Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki (Warrior)  KanekiWar   

    Makai ouji devils and realist - Astaroth (sorceress)  AstarothSorce

    Sword Art Online - Asuna (Ranger)  AsunaRanger                                                  Asuna Blue Elf (Ranger)  AsunaBlueRanger
    Asuna (Valkyrie)  AsunaValkyrie

    Shugo Chara! - Hinamori, Amu (Tamer)  HinamoriAmuTAMER

  23. Hi everyone!
    Here's some character files I wanted to share. The download for each character is under its picture. Hope ya'll enjoy ^^
     wolf (Valkyrie)

     Silver Fox (Ranger)

     Aqua (Valkyrie)

     Delphine (Ranger)

     Miss Azure (Ranger)

     Chrome (Witch)
     Blind Ranger (Ranger)
  24. Post on Korean Templates? in General

    By Zetovex, posted
    Hello Everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone tryed using templates from korean sites ( for kunoichi and plum in specific),
    will they work on our NA / EU version, since we have different faces?
    hope to hear from someone that tryed maybe with another class
    Many Thanks in Advance