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  1. Hi, hier die Zugangscodes von meinen Gastkeys....
       HHNA69R-7010PCT-NO70R5I-N2D4A       Unbenutzt.
        26DLBNN-JP8T2CV-ADHVJUV-GBETUnbenutzt  1HHDTF7-9BTD1BG-D8QEQLG-NJUGOUnbenutzt  JBONFFD-VJETVKM-2MRUA0Q-JJ03SUnbenutzt  ODBD1VL-KE2M9JA-LCJUL0E-NECD4Unbenutzt  8B5CU9V-UD02OS3-OBRARET-LKUL9Unbenutzt  BOUR44Q-MR8F9DU-AIQSGG5-JMDMLUnbenutzt  7BFOGH4-GCK1Q06-LADMFTE-38GF3Unbenutzt  14D5DJG-011FP1C-OF2KDNK-APISLUnbenutzt  MTFR9NA-D6FMFI3-94P416G-CHSVRUnbenutzt                                  
  2. DK is receiving significantly way less damage than many other classes.
    Tested with a lvl 58 DK with 263 DP | Musa lvl 60 273 DP | Zerker lvl 60 283 DP | Wizard lvl 60 273 DP
    (no evasion items via crystals, jewelry etc.) 
    (all members had full boss gear) 
    (Approximately 50 rounds or trials were performed on each participant) (standing w/ No KD) (with KD)
    The lvl 58 DK had a very consistent average about 150-250 more HP than the Wizard & Musa 
    The DK had an average of 100-150 HP more than the Zerker
    I want to know if anyone else has done some experimenting and with other classes as this is what we had available at the time.
  3. I have a lot of workers leveling up to 10/20/30 faster than I can promote so I am wondering if the tests stack so I can let them keep working without worrying about overwriting available promotions. For instance if a level 19 worker with a promotion available levels up to 20, does he now have two tries available (and if he fails he'll be able to retake the test right after but if he passes he is reset to level 1 of the next tier and that pending promotion disappears)?
    I've found multiple posts saying yes and no. 
    Posts that say no:

    Posts that say yes:

    I wonder if this was changed or something in a later patch. Does anyone know?
  4. So. it would be really nice if the works promotion test took 23 hours instead of 24. if it were 23 hours instead people would be able to keep it at the same time of the day if you are promoting multiple from the same location. with 24 hours you will always start the next test later than the previous one. i started with doing the exams at 3 pm. and soon i will have to do them at 3 am and kill my sleeping schedule or miss a day to reset it. (The latter sounds more sane) I dont think it would be a huge buff for people who are promoting, i just think it would increase the quality of life of your players and let them keep playing instead of skipping a day.
  5. So, i havent been playing bdo for long and now have come to an dillema, i have 120kk in my warehouse and use an ultimate yuria duo, but was thiniking of upgrading my gear.
    It all led me to check the forums for guides, since i wanna be as good as i can while playing plum/maehwa i tried reading even some of the korean ones, and all i was able to find out that there are too many retards.
    By checking the forums i tried to find as much as i could about how they tested it and how many times, and after reading them all, no answer was found.
    70% of tests say that yuria<<<liverto, but they usually use green yuria, so that got me curious as to is there any difference between green and ultimate, whhich led me to find out that those who used ult yuria got random results, and by that i mean that the results were never solid between multiple people who have done those tests, and the tests werent indepth enough so i went to see more and found people saying that koreans have already tested/proved which one is better.
    So i did what any insane man would do and using multiple translators and a dictionary read their files, which led me to a horrifying answer of them being 50% liverto 50% Ulti Yulia.
    Can someone who has done any tests in the most recent version  give an honest answer?
  6. So, i havent been playing bdo for long and now have come to an dillema, i have 120kk in my warehouse and use an ultimate yuria duo, but was thiniking of upgrading my gear.
    It all led me to check the forums for guides, since i wanna be as good as i can while playing plum/maehwa i tried reading even some of the korean ones, and all i was able to find out that there are too many retards.
    By checking the forums i tried to find as much as i could about how they tested it and how many times, and after reading them all, no answer was found.
    70% of tests say that yuria<<<liverto, but they usually use green yuria, so that got me curious as to is there any difference between green and ultimate, whhich led me to find out that those who used ult yuria got random results, and by that i mean that the results were never solid between multiple people who have done those tests, and the tests werent indepth enough so i went to see more and found people saying that koreans have already tested/proved which one is better.
    So i did what any insane man would do and using multiple translators and a dictionary read their files, which led me to a horrifying answer of them being 50% liverto 50% Ulti Yulia.
    Can someone who has done any tests any the most recent versio  give an honest answer?
  7. Hello people, i'm looking to test this game and see if it runs well on my pc, i've been looking on many sites including forums, discords, reddit and no luck yet, so i found this forum which i heard they usually give this kind of passes, so i would be really appreciated if any of you could share one 7day pass. really interested on bdo buy i need to test it before i buy it. That's all thanks.
  8. Post on Loot Testing in General

    By GreenBeanDemon, posted
    I want to get into some loot testing and documenting. Was there a thread I might have missed that we already had a discussion of looting documentation etc? The link is a sheet where I did some looting documentation. I was looking to a lot more of this sort of thing. 
    How do we like this format and Structure? I wanted something easy to follow once you understood the subject and methods. Or better yet is there some mega sheet I need to plug this data into that works better out there? 
  9. I'm posting this quick test here at this forum part because most of the plebs in general don't even know what the current situation about hidden dmg in awakening stance etc is.
    Tested my old TRI rosar longsword vs. my new received kzarka, which I DUO'd immediately. Used Armor Break skill in greatsword stance since it's the best skill to test something for warrior.
    The dmg with DUO kzarka equipped was higher, at a small value but still visible.
    This result shows a few interesting points now:
    1.) Main hand weapons seem to provide AP to our awakening weapons already, whose verity was discussed too in many topics.
    2.) The most used argument from this specific reddit post, which states that half the enhanced AP from main hand affects awakening weapon, is obsolete now. The TRI rosar was supposed to deal more dmg according to this statement. It's sheet AP is higher than DUO kzarka as well as its hidden enhancement AP. The rosar should have dealed significantly more dmg but the kzarka was still ahead. We should begin thinking of a different theory at this point.
    3.) The simple fact that kzarka dealed more dmg shows us that there has to be some sort of hidden stat on it, otherwise I can't explain this dmg difference. Accuracy wasn't the problem in this test btw, must be another stat.
  10. So... I need to know if there is a way to check out if my computer is able to run the game before actually buying it. I read system requirements and my computer should be fine, yet I'm not completely sure.

  11. Post on Kzarka VS Liverto TEST in General

    By RW3XL, posted
    did a dmg comparison test with tri liverto vs tri kzarka 

  12. Post on Key zum Testen in Off-Topic

    By MRChrunchie, posted
    Ich wollte mich mal erkundigen ob jemand noch einen test key übrig hat den er mir schenken könnte da ich nicht weiß ob das spiel bei mir läuft und wenn ja auch gefällt.
    Mfg: MRChrunchie
    Ps: Danke schon mal im vor raus.
  13. as the title points at i would wish you guys would ever actually run TEST on the versions to find the worst bugs and server issues which a specific version brings.
    almost Every update we gets makes the servers worse, brings in more bugs without fixing a larger amount of old bugs than it brings. the only thing it seems like you are focused on testing is the Cash Shop.
    so my suggestion is simple: test the version Before releasing it and fix breaking bugs.
    test all skills, test server stress, and test for obvious graphical errors.
  14. Post on Ninja Damage Tests in Ninja

    By Kanerex, posted
    @CM_Aethon @GM_Dew @PM_Jouska
    So there's been some controversy over whether the tooltips in game are correct or if we actually have the Ninja buffs from KR and it's just not reflected on our tooltips.
    So here are some damage tests to find a general average in damage to see exactly how the damage is scaling and if the %'s in the tooltips are actually correct. (I did this back when Musa and Maehwa came out as well).
    To find the base damage I took a 100 AP Ninja (I stripped my gear to have exactly 100) with a Tri accuracy offhand at level 55, against a 0 DP level 50 Musa wearing nothing (no armor, accessories or weapons).
    I then took the base left click to find my base damage (before the % scale). The basic left click is 145% with only one hit.
    I performed a single frontal attack and dealt 26 damage. I took a small average of the damage that I dealt to my dear friend over 50 swings of the 145% hit. The average was 23 damage.
    I then found what the 100% damage is from this average. Which is ~16 (not going to use decimals because it doesn't really matter at this point). This number is actually about the same as the one I found with the Maehwa back when I did their test. As well as the ranger. (so from my tests so far it seems that most classes have around 15-20 base damage at 100 AP).
    Black Moonlight Damage Modifier 426%x7
    Damage Dealt: 476
    100% (Base Damage): ~18
    Beheading the Dead Damage Modifier: 731% x 3
    Damage Dealt: 496
    100% (Base Damage) = ~21
    So as stated these buffs are not applied.

    Reason for pinging each of the above staff members;
    GM_Dew: Is frequent on bug reports, and class balance matters, and seems to be appropriate to ping.
    CM_Aetheon: Is the CM for the English community.
    PM_Jouska: Is one of the project managers and this seems to be an appropriate thread for him to read.

    Thank-you everyone for your time, and everyone that helped me test (probably won't read this but thanks anyways :P)
    Hope this information is helpful to improving the class balance and gameplay.
  15. Hello everyone!

    A few weeks ago I started fishing in this game. And shortly after getting into this profession, I got curious about the node investment.
    As the info icon at the top says; X Node Increase Item Drop Rate.
    This tells me nothing about fishing.
    So I searched various of forums, and found no solid testing nor results. Only a lot of people claiming, speculating, assuming, etc. But no proof, and no decent testing.
    I might have missed a topic somewhere, with the information I got for you here. Nevertheless, I will still post my data collection, so you can see for yourself, and hopefully be more clear on the subject.

    Except from level 1 and level 2, I did 200 throws with bites. I know that it would be more suiting to gather like 1000 bites to be more sure, but I hardly think it would have made a differece.
    So 200 bites, with the exact same fishing rods and buffs, all the way.
    98-99 energy spent on each throw. I canceled the throws that didn't reach 98, and the ones which exceeded 99.
    I only did the fishing during the day, as I don't really know for sure, if day and night time makes a difference on the fishing results.
    I used a Steel Fishing Rod all the way.

    My conclusion; investing has zero percent impact on your results.
    You can decide for yourself, or go spend thousands on energy on this and get more data. But this was enough clarification for me.
    Hope it can help some people out there, whos still in doubt about this.


  16. Post on Gästekey gesucht in Off-Topic

    By Mortash, posted
    Hallo ihr Black Desert Zocker,
    ich würde BD gerne mal kurzzeitig testen um zu sehen ob für mich ein Kauf in Frage kommt. Ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher ob es das richtige für mich ist bzw. ob mein PC das Spiel schafft.
    Ich habe gehört man bekommt beim Kauf des Spiels Gast Keys von DOME? Es wäre wirklich verdammt cool wenn einer von euch einen übrig hätte und diesen mir zukommen lassen würde.
    Freue mich auf eure Antworten oder Tipps
    Mfg Mortash 
  17. Hey alle zusammen,
    ich habe letztens von einem Freund von dem Game gehört und hab mir einiges schon angeschaut aber ich bin mir gerade bei MMO immer unsicher wie ich sie finde ohne sie getestet zu haben und habe von ihm gehört das es einen 7-Tage Test Key gibt. Leider hat er seinen nicht mehr hat mir jedoch gesagt wenn ich hier nett im Forum frage könnte ich einen bekommen.
    Deswegen wollte ich hier mal reinschnuppern und fragen ob es noch möglich wäre einen zu bekommen um mir die Entscheidung zu erleichtern.
    Würde mich auch schon freuen wenn mir jemand sagen kann ob es auch noch andere Möglichkeiten gibt vielleicht einen zu bekommen.
    (Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob der Post hier reingehört aber war das beste was ich gefunden habe.)
    MfG Yoshi
  18. Bonjour,
    J'aimerais bien tester avant d'acheter, y aurait-il une âme charitable?
    Merci d'avance

  19. Got my Kzarka bow to +15 recently and decided to run a quick test with a guild mate of mine. Recorded the entire test and counted all the hits with sound and visual confirmation afterward, making sure to ignore the HP regeneration ticks that show up every 10 seconds.
    Was too lazy to do a test with accuracy accessories to determine the actual quantity of accuracy present.
    Funnily enough I got a Liverto today as well for which my guild hates my guts (I'm so sorry guys! T_T), so if anyone wants to send me 25 million to enhance it, I'd be happy to do another test to compare the two.
    The Ultimate Yuria might be slightly better on the accuracy. It's not outside the realm of possibility considering it has 2 extra average AP.
  20. Post on Dmmemetssy in General

    By Randomname878484, posted
  21. Hello
    My friend just got a +15 kzarka today so we tested the difference in arena very briefly, this is not conclusive by any means but i thought it might be useful.
    My friend is 134/157 ranger lvl 55, he uses +15 steel dagger (green), only other accuracy is from 2 ring of good deed DUO (6 accuracy total) and a tree belt.
    I am a lvl 54 ranger with 119/122. No evasion gems or anything.
    We tried testing a bunch of different skills (razor wind, single q without ES cancel), and they performed very roughly the same, although i would say kzark would usually perform slightly better? (like 240 vs 250 etc)
    Tried with him taking everything except the bow off, and it did not really change much,
    Finally, we decided to write down the exact dmg for each test, we used the razor wind into penetrating wind combo 5 times with all gear equipped, here are the results
    Kzarka: 275, 262, 110, 61, 87 = average of 159
    Liverto: 249, 184, 143, 268, 258 = average of 220
    Note that the last 2 shots of kzark did not knockdown, while 1 shot of liverto did not knockdown.
    From what I have heard, Kzark is supposed to have better accuracy, but from this quick test it still seemed to be missing a lot (and my dp is fairly low as well). I know the sample size is very small but considering that the Kzark seemed to miss quite often, I am not convinced the Kzarka does have better accuracy. If anyone has tested this as well please share your results as well. 
    We will probably test this again once i get more dp. If someone on Orwen server with 150+dp would like to help us test as well, please leave your ign here.
  22. Bonjour, je cherche une âme charitable qui aurait une clé en trop! Ce jeu m'attire vraiment et je suis prêt à rejoindre votre clan si vous voulez! Merci beaucoup
  23. HY
    ich würd gern bdo zocken weis nur nicht ob sich die 30euro lohnen
    deshalb wollte ich mal fragen hatt vielleicht jemand einen gast-code ?
    wäre echt nett
  24. I decided to test the damage of various combinations of Grunil and Heve in a PvE setting. You can find the results on this image:

    Gear used:
    +15 Yuria Longbow of Crimson Flame. +8 Steel Dagger. DUO and PRI Ring of Good Deeds. 2x Witch's Earrings. PRI Bares Belt. PRI Bares Necklace.
    No HP or AP gems in any of the armor pieces. Just remembered we get 1 AP and 5 accuracy from the guild, but that shouldn't modify the results since only hits were recorded.
    The bonus to damage from HP appears to be pretty low. Using Grunil chest and shoes gives lower damage output than the helm and gloves combo.
    I saw a similar results when I first did the test against same level mob Agile Mane. Just more difficult to tell the damage difference.
    To elaborate on the reason I targeted a lv45 mob instead of one that's on the same level, is because the smaller HP pool shows the damage better. Example: 100 +/- 10 dmg on a 200 HP mob is more noticeable than the same damage on a 500 HP mob. I have not found any evidence to suggest that you do more damage against mobs that are below your level. They simply have lower HP and DP values. How that affects damage scaling is not known to me. Perhaps it renders this test useless.
    Also, it's very costly to find and single out mobs that are on your level when you are running with 0 DP. The lv51 archer Agile Manes that I attempted in using were the best I found. I could kill all the melee around them and single them out for a Blasting Gust.
    If you want to see the raw images I got and try to analyze them yourself, you're welcome to do so. Here's the link: http://i.imgur.com/ftU5zX0.png
  25. Bonsoir à tous, je suis à la recherche d'un code d'essai de 7 jours pour BDO, il me tente beaucoup mais j'aimerai l'essayer avant.
    Merci beaucoup si quelqu'un peu m'aider !
    Bon farm à tous !