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  1. Please rework The Ninja Class They have such a hard time clearing monsters even with high level AP/DP they don't even Seem like a Real class anyone should play to get good at the game, Understand this Mr. GM you as well Mr.Korean GM's 
    We all Love us Ninja Movies and Assassin Movies, Yet this class that everyone holds to high standards as being the Burst Damage Pk'er is not doing the Damage that it idealistically should.  
    All I'm upset about is that they cannot Clear Mobs fast on their own, 
    The Tamers BowStaff is also very weak 
    I'm tired of Taking all the Kills in my party even when We are at an equal in AP.
    I hate watching them fight with me doing nothing but be a Ward for me to help clear mobs around.  As they pretty much are not needed in a group party, when farming mobs. Its sad my Friends get Jealous and wanna switch classes but they worked so hard to almost reach lvl57 with +200ap/+200dp  I want them to be The Ninja class i like it please HELP my Friends Class
  2. Moin Leute :D,
    Mal eine kurze Frage. Habe mir gestern Abend das Spiel gekauft und wollte jetzt anfangen. 
    Aber welche Klasse ist den empfehlenswert ? Ist jede Klasse super zum leveln ?
    Im Charakter-Erstellungsmenü sieht man ja unten links so ca. die Werte (Angriff,Verteidigung etc.) Sollte man sich davon beeinflussen lassen ?Dann wäre ja ein Ninja stärker als ein Krieger oder ?
    Falls jemand Tipps hat würde ich mich Freuen
  3. There are no Chocobo of Fauxcobo mounts. Where are the giant rideable birds.

    Listen Daum. Ive been playing MMOS since they were invented and I know what im talking about. ALL successful mmos have giant ride bird mounts. If you DONT add them this game will collapse and be f2p within a month. Ive seen it happen before.

    If you guys know what you're doing you will make this a priority or your game ill die. 
  4. Field bosses spawn and they drop stuff.
    Rangers use ranged attacks and they shouldn't be so easy.
    Wizards and Witches use lightning, like, elemental magic, and it hurts too much.
    Enemies drop items that you can sell for silver, who tf thought of this stuff?!?
    The economy is going down the hole because the game has only been out for less than 2 months and it's still stabilizing.
    My Black Spirit stopped asking me to check out his teeth.
    Hackers hack like in any other game and that's totally unfair!
    My horse isn't a -----ing unicorn.
    My Care Bear Stare has zero effect on anything!
    People kill me while I kill innocent denizens of this land.
    I can't remember my past but gained great power in trading my memories.
    Something about rng.

  5. Just a few questions if you or anyone are able to answer them ~
    1. Will Defense Point (DP) ever scale? 
    2. Will melee be revamped/buff? (Warriors, Valkyries, Tamer)
    Beserker doesn't count since you will be able to obtain range with awakening~
    3. Will there be a east and west server?
    4. How's the status of dealing with hackers?
    5. Why does an archer scale off of HP, while tanks (WHICH DOESN'T EXIST) scales off of WP/SP? Shouldn't it be the other way around?
    6. Are you guys releasing a server switch? Then release a mega server when population decreases?
    7. Will BDO become F2P, in the future in NA?
    Thanks (:
  7. Is the ranking system based off of how many kills you get? If it is, more reason NOT to play melee LOL.
    Wizard/Archer Top 20 ftw.
    It should be based off of how many red seals you get, like +4 win and +2 lose, for rankings.
    But, whatever.
  8. Post on World Boss Loot REMAKE! in General

    By 6east, posted
    I heard it is TOP 40 DPS that will obtain loot, why in the hell is that even a thing?
    Because some people will hit it once and afk?
    This is unfair for melee vs range,
    This is for world boss (NOT KAZAKA), and Guild mission boss,
    unless it's RNG, and not DPS,
    Can someone confirm?
  9. Ask the title asks. I don't understand the use of levelling the gathering skill, other than you can unlock quests. Is there anythign else you gain from levelling Gathering?
  10. >Used the 1 time appearance change coupon
    >Changed hair from Red -> Blue to match with costume
    >Everything was finalized along with some costume dyes as well 
    >Game crashed
    >Log back on, hair is yellow in game, red in pearl shop. and my SKIN TONE CHANGED TOO. YO WTF?
  11. Post on Ranger Basteer Bow Help in General

    By Yopple, posted
    I have the Ultimate Basteer and I started the quest line to get weapon stones if I extract the stones I currently have in my Ultimate Basteer will I not be able to get the weapon blackstones from the quest line even though I already started it? Help much appreciated!
  12. Post on fix the lag in General

    By Erector, posted
    fix it plz.
  13. Post on A Thank you to devs in Off-Topic

    By Venenum, posted
    I just wanted to thank the developers for all of their work.
    I have been waiting a long time for this game. I bought a Korean account and played via vpn for nearly a whole year enjoying the hell out of it even with the dodgy English patch. This game is what I have wanted. The graphics are amazing. The combat is crisp and responsive. The depth of crafting and management is well done. I am excited to see what comes next for korea and am in high hopes to see things come to us in the NA/EU. I have no complaints.
    I walked into this knowing there weren't a lot of armor models, I am ok with the gender locks on classes. I enjoy the every living hell out of playing this game with the UI completely hidden and just taking in the amazing display this game gives me.
    I think the gathering costume complaints are stupid. I find the cash shop reasonably prices since NA/EU is better off compared to KR/RU so the higher prices makes sense to me. I enjoy everything about it and just wanted to put my two cents out there that it astonishes me what people find to complain about.
    I pray that when the ninja classes release nothing changes about their mechanics, I am not excited to hear the complaints about *blank* class is OP *blank* class shouldn't do this much damage *blank* class needs nerf. I find it ridiculous that someone thinks stealth should be nerfed if someone can sneak up on you as a proned COLORFUL bush. If they can do that they deserve all their effort in killing you.
    Personally I play with all names hidden, hell if I'm not questing I go into camera mode and play like that instead so these "no minimap icon and no name shown for gathering suit complaints are just people that only invest the bare minimum of their attention to the game. If you wanted to play a monotonous  mmo version 3.0 there are plenty more options. I came for the niche appeal, I came for the difficulty, the obvious class differences, the long term growth.
    Thank you Daum, Thank you Pearl Abyss,
    A pleased BDO player. ~
    EDIT: If you poll check as the game "Having Major Flaws" write about it here, what is so broken it makes you frustrated. What seems completely disregarded and needs some serious work? I'll say that water related content is crazy glitch, me and a few guild mates were exploring the ocean and just couldn't stop laughing at the auto pathing for the boat, or the movement tracking. All of us peter panned into the boat at least 10 times.
  14. As we all have likely seen the lack of a player to player trading system does nothing to stop the gold spammers, that however is beside the point, the extensive trading system and the fact that this is a multiplayer game are both suffering with the lack of a trading system this game plays more like a single player game without one and a lot of people i know personally are getting quite irritated at that fact as we all play mmos so we can play together as opposed to play alone or against each other.
    please allow for player to player trading, there are much better ways to deal with gold spammers then punishing every player for the transgressions of the few all you really have to do is have a chat filter that searches for certain words or phrases in chat. if it picks up on a non gold spammer all they need to do is dispute the mute but the point is having an auto mute feature for those who use particular words and or phrases isn't a bad thing, Hell if you want to take it to the extream block the posting of websites like have it scour for W W W. insert generic gold website here and have it instantly mute them.
    the trade and the community in this game will get so much better and it would certainly give you more of an incentive to role play as a particular profession as opposed to just being the creepy person who sits in their house all day doing god knows what while making then next cask of beer for your workers.
    anyway sorry for the structuring and the possible grammatical errors i really just wanted to get some points across.
  15. Just curious which mob when grinding between level 40-45 gives the highest income returns? For example, collecting 100 X's will get you Q silver from NPC Bobby. If this topic has been discussed, please send me the link. Thanks
  16. So I picked 4 Python Chairs, the Gold Chandelier, and the Fleece Drawers. Instead, I got 4 Python Dining Tables, the Crystal Chandelier, and the Python Drawers.
    Can I get a do-over? What am I going to do with the 4 dining tables it gave me instead of chairs PLUS the dining table I actually picked and received?
  17. Post on The Maidens of Death in US Guild

    By Briory, posted
    The Maidens of Death™ "We are a family first and foremost. To be called a Maiden means that you take responsibility for yourself and your actions.Our actions reflect kindness, compassion, and strength. We protect the weak, and destroy those who would threaten to tip thescales of justice towards injustice. We put the needs of others before our own selfish desires and we strive for excellence in whatever we do. We are theMaidens of Death." The Five Precepts: 1. We shall walk with those who need our help:There is no task greater than or beneath our abilities as individuals, as groups & as examplesto those who look up to us. 2. We will respect one another:There is no situation that we cannot resolvewithin our family. The secret to a successfulorganization is oneness in goals & cooperation. 3. Unity in defeat and triumph:No matter what happens, we must never give upon our endeavors. We must always strive formore than what we set out to accomplish withoutever losing who we are as people. 4. More than just acquaintances:We are a family first. This is more than just agathering of souls with common interests. Wemust strive to make our world a better place.We're all here to have a good time, and we wantto spend that time with one another. 5. Adapting, Self-motivation and Improvement:The pinnacle of any success; be it individual oras a team is being able to improve everyday ofour lives. Going the extra mile, going the extraminute to get any task done is what we live for.This is a place where we grow, where we all wantto be a part of, where we all want to create ahome outside of our familiar homes, cooperationis key to a winning strategy. So let's work hardtowards the things we want to acquire & accomplish. The Maiden Oath: "Being a Maiden means leaving behind all selfish desires to create a better world for everyone.From this moment on, I will make decisions based on perpetuating this goal. In doing so, I will make the necessary sacrifices and I will commit myself to achieving this vision. I have the ability to rise to any challenge. I'm strong as a single unit, but with my brethren I am invincible. There is no task too small nor is there a task too big for me. From this day on I am no longer living for myself. I will vanquish the evil hearts of man. I will help the weak. I will strive for excellence and improvement. I will love my fellow Maidens, and above all, I will have fun doing so. All this, I swear by my arms of justice and give this oath as a Maiden of [Odin if Valk.; Magic if Sorc./Witch; Nature if Rang.; the Wild if Tamer; the Shadows if Kuno.; the Blade if Blader.]"  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Things to take note of: 1. We recognize that some players will have male avatars and alts, and we welcome them. However, the joining requirement is that you have a female avatar, otherwise, you couldn't really call yourself a "Maiden," now could you? 2. This is a semi RP guild, so please, feel free to bring out your inner thespian. 3. We will be competing in node wars. 4. This is a family-oriented guild, we will chat about a myriad of things whether in-game, hobbies, life, and above all friendship. If this is what you're searching for in a guild, then you are more than welcome to join us. If this is the guild for you, then please come find me! Guild Master: Briory HiergraceServer: Uno (usually in Calpheon U2 channel).
  18. Post on The Big Topic: Itemshop in General

    By Rae, posted
    Good evening / day to everyone and especially to the publishers of the game.
    The new announcement for the CBT2 already featured a list of the itemshop items and I can already see that cash-costumes have stats bonuses. So basically the big question to you, publishers, is, if this will stay at the current amount or is this going to escalate. Like usually seen in free 2 play games. Because +gathering, +droprate, +whateverthehellyouwant will not only mess with the gameplay but with the economy in the long run as well. This usually ends in the game going down like the titanic. First it will split the player-base and then everyone jumps overboard.
    So here the questions it will come down to:
    If you can't answer "yes" to the two questions above, this will become abandonware 2016 and I don't want to see a beautiful game go down the drain.
    With best regards

    Focus: PvP/Siege Heavy/Hard Core Open World/ Guild vs. Guild
    An Introduction to Foo:
    Foo is one of the most well established guilds in the gaming community. From our beginnings in Subspace, in the early 90’s, to our most recent conquests in GW2, Foo has been in every major game released during the past few decades. Among our most involved and dominated games are Star War Galaxies, Asheron’s Call, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft and so much more. 
    Foo not only boasts a variety of gaming experiences but a large and diverse member population. We are proud to have many members who enjoy every aspect of an MMO. Such diversity within our community is something Foo places extremely high value on. While fostering such a diverse and experienced gaming community, Foo has created life-long friendships, marriages, babies and probably some really bad porn by some of those people.
    Our community is also proud to boast our base of operations, http://www.fooguild.com/. With over 370 members, and expecting 100 more to join for BDO, our guild website is a haven for members to collaborate; sharing ideas, thoughts, likes and dislikes within the gaming community and beyond. 
    Our member time zones are as diverse as our member population. Foobies stretch from Alaska (our fearless guild leader) to all the way Europe. Most Foobies are currently within the US central time zone. 
    Foo has also been active on the RU and KOR servers for the past few months in preparation for the NA launch.
    How we run our show:
    Foo’s leadership feels little need for a heavy hand when it comes to administration. We have been operating this way a long time, learning along the way how best to spot and boot the turds quickly from our ranks. Foo has a policy to stay drama free and focused on enjoying the gaming and community experience. That being said, Foo also has a rich history of being among the best in every game we play. Whether we are crafting, PvPing, raiding, making alliances or enemies, Foobies know when it is business time comms clear and focus on the task at hand is paramount. 
    Foo employs the use of Discord (https://discord.gg/0nw8kFdZVmk1Gdox) as our primary comms. Whilst on comms we encourage all members to interact and socialize. That being said, when it comes down to business Foo generally has 1 or 2 persons giving direction, while the troops actively listen and carry out their jobs.
    Participation on our website is critical to our community members. Our guild forums support Tapatalk, so you can interact and be involved even when you are on the go. Now that fancy....
    Foo looks forward to seeing you in BDO, hopefully within our ranks or standing by our side, and if not...under the heels of our boots. 
    What we are looking for:
    • People in the age group 25-50 typically work out best in our community.
    • Ex-Military folks, we have a lot of them, and they integrate well.
    • People who aren't too hardcore. Most of us have jobs, babies, wives, husbands and lives.
    • People who don't blabber on coms. We don't mind chatter, but we don't want to hear one person all night.
  20. I just realized that even with gender locked classes, all we really need is the ability to hide the tits, or make bodies more petite. For example, I was really close to making a passable male Sorceress. The biggest issues I had were, even at lowest setting, the breasts were still notably there, and eyelash makeup could not be fully removed. I think these issues could be changed, to tackle this topic at another angle, and even bring more customization to the table.
  21. If Jouska will not post it here as well - than I'll link you there. If you happen to read this Jouska, feel free to take over this thread and make it yours(Is that even possible?).
    Anyway, vote for BDO.
    Thread of Jouska. 
    Also, give this post some bumps time to time, so I don't have to shamelessly do it myself  Much appreciated.
    - Jeasy 
  22. As the title says, literally saw a tweet about this game on Twitter (obviously) but I'm starting to get an interest in it, but I need other people's opinions, people who have played/or people with more knowledge about this game than me (which is pretty much everyone on here).
    Anyways, what I'm asking from you adoring fans of this game is to tell me your opinion and any helpful information/tips that MIGHT get me interested into playing this game. So, any links to videos or what have you will be much obliged and of course I'll be doing my research as well, I just need something/someone to give me a kick in the right direction (not literally).
    Thank you!
    Also, it'll be good to make friends in the process too, right?