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  1. I have sent a ticket to ask a gameplay question 5 days ago but it still hasn't been responded.
    Please give me a reply. Thanks!
  2. So does anyone know what kind of priority the people at support have pearl item issues at? I was gifted an item but it was for the wrong class (i haven't opened it at all) so the person who gifted it sent a ticket promptly, a few days after they received an automated message, and a couple more days after he received a message from a GM asking me to send the ticket instead with his tickets number in the title/subject. So i did. its been almost 2 weeks and i haven't received a response at all. I was just curious if pearl item issue tickets have lower priority or if there's something else going on that could possibly be making the response time so long? Hope this doesn't come off as rude either, im just curious.
    edit: i also wouldnt mind on input from anyone else on their experience on how long it might have taken them to get their ticket resolved from the same or generally same type if issue.
  3. I want to change the e-mail of my account and i have already read the related article in the support section. My problem is that after ticket submission, i get no verification link in the e-mail i receive from the Black Desert Online Customer Support to verify the e-mail so my ticket will be submitted.  As customer support states at the end of the ticket submission form
    "Make sure to click the verification link in your email after submitting your ticket.
    Tickets will not be submitted until the verification link is clicked."
    This causes me trouble because i cannot find the ticket i opened and take a photo of my ID with the ticket date on the background, as this is a prerequisite for the account e-mail change.
    Any help would be highly appreciated. 
    Thank you all in advance.
  4. I put in a ticket (request number 291993) almost three weeks ago regarding a bug with my 12 maehwa seals event item, got a response 3 days later saying that "it'd be look into as soon as possible" and radio silence ever since then. The ticket is:
    I was really hoping this issue could be resolved quickly as it's a hopefully quick and easy issue to solve, I apologize if this is the wrong place to post about it but I'm not 100% sure that the ticket didn't fall through the cracks as I forgot to log into my actual account on the black desert website before I put in the ticket, for reference the ticket request number is: 291993 Thanks again for any help anyone can provide, and again I'm sorry for being so impatient I'm just hoping this ticket wasn't lost.
  5. Hello all.
    I submitted a support ticket on the website for an in-game problem and besides the automated response I have not heard anything, and it has already been 5 days. I'm wondering if the support team review the tickets at all, and if so how long it takes them to do so?
    I could understand this kind of delay in a free to play game, but having invested a fair amount of money, this lack of response has left me very disappointed. I had really hoped for better, as I believe BDO is a great game.
    Have you submitted your own tickets before? How long did it take for you to receive help? Or even some acknowledgement that the problem would be looked into besides an automated email.
    Thanks for your input.
  6. Really enjoying the new voices, but what I noticed is that the voices are only heard on the person who chose them. That means that the voice pack you chose will only be heard by you and your friend will still hear the default voice pack. I sent in a ticket thinking this was not working correctly; however, I received a response stating that is not the case (screencap below).
    Therefore, I would like to suggest a change to make the new voice packs hearable by other players. You can already hear adjusted tones for the default voices that are player made changes, I personally feel that this would be similar to applying dyes and not being able to show them off to other players.
    TL; DR
    Other players cant hear your new voice pack, and this should be changed.

  7. when i try to acces the ticket system of my account it says it's still logged in with my previously used e-mail account
    (context) I have requested an email change in the past and now when i log in it tries to log into the ticket system with the false e-mail adress
    Any gm please pm for information on the error and screenshots as it contains personal info
  8. Hi.
    I'm just wondering if anyone else is noticing a long ticket time lately. 
    I'm normally not one to complain about the ticket time but.... 15 days? ._____. Like I get that my ticket maybe isn't high priority as it's just about a visual bug but... 15 days? Not to say that the ppl working on support aren't working but could my ticket have been forgotten or did Kakao simply go "-----, it's this person again. Let's ignore it" ? 
    Anyway, like always: Have a good evening/day and take care folks, 
    Greetings: Traveler. 
  9. Hello i have purchased a gift package a while ago,payment went through fine got confirmation e.t.c. but i have not received the code in my account yet.
    https://www.blackdesertonline.com/myinfo/ There's no code there neither in my email although i can see the confirmation and order just fine and listed as Successful.
    I already made a ticket but i've seen people waiting for more than 2 weeks for a reply and this is pretty urgent in my point of view..
    Ticket id: Request #249746
    Thanks for your time. 
  10. Dear Support Team, 
    It has been 2 weeks since i opened a ticket due to my account issue, i have even sent you email from my account email address, nevertheless my account is till suspended and cant play the game. How can i support you by buying daum cash as requested to do so due to past transaction issue? Could you please look into it? Furthermore, i am getting an internal error while i am trying to buy daum cash. Ticket number: #234462
    Thank you for your time.
  11. More than 2 weeks ago i sent a ticket because 150 mil disappeared from my storage and i don't know what happened. I just got an automatic response. A week later i sent another ticket because i thought it was weird that they hadn't answered yet. I didn't get an answer on that ticket either. Someone suggested to me that i should sent a mail to jouska@kakaogames-us.com and i did, but i also didn't get a response. Does anyone have the same problem or know how to fix it?
  12. *  Add/Make a method for accessing/using the ingame tool for "game knowledge to access the forums & Suggestion database. 
    * Make a tool for ticket for suggestion (200-300 word max) to capture in game suggestions about quests/issues or small bug type things. 
  13. So I submitted a ticket a week ago, and still haven't heard any response at all. The problem is stopping me from playing the character I want to play.
    If I had known it would take this long to even get a support, I would have quit waiting and do a less optimal solution.
    I suggest in support it shows the # of ticket in front of you, kinda like how a lot of phone call/online chat have it, so we can have a rough idea when our ticket will be answered.
    Ticket # is #136145 if any GM is wondering.
  14. Post on å in Website Tech Support

    By Shenyah, posted
  15. Never cheated in 10 years of gaming, didn't even know what PYX was before reading that message on my account, already 4 days of open ticket  (let's hope doesn't take as long as the last one i've sent at which I've got answered without solving the problem more than 1 month after I made it), probably got banned cause some lowbie or poorly skilled and geared player got his ass kicked in pvp/battlefield or simply didn't sympathize for my guild or eventually trying to sabotage it. I still don't know if I got a ban from reports, from a video or for any other reason. Losing change to grind, wasted xp buff which will advantage other players and make me fall behind when I had a decent progress, ruining all alliances and "in touch" players which I should be planning  stuff for siege war and Valencia, more than 160 euro of regularly shopped items and game going to the bin, enormous amount of time invested and so much more... because the game doesn't have a proper screen against hackers and botters and because of this, daum asks players to report and give them prices for it.  If I find out that my ban was made based on just a few reports with no clue, maybe hate, people looking to get some sort of reward from GMs or simply people not understanding fully in game skill mechanics, combos and awakenings buffs such as speed one... I will make sure to have as many players from my community to quit the game and move somewhere else as it's ridicolous that players like me, which even encouraged the grabbing of videos of exploiters and hackers, banned a member I discovered botting in my own guild get penalized because  you can't really check what's going on someone's client or stuff like that. I'm not really into that sort of stuff so I can't say too much but as I know that my consciousness is clean this clearly shows the lack of tools and chance to keep the game under control. The reason of this post is that, on such a delicate matter, we have to wait more than 5 days to even get an answer or have our ticket open... I got left behind, "suspended permanently" with no info at all and no one still reading my ticket. I currently have the ticket open from nearly 5 days... 5 days in which I could have reached 57, grinded more gear or money, where maybe I would have saved some money to buy the new camo for Valencia, instructed my guildies and planned with them how to face siege/node war... instead I find myself refreshing the freaking ticket and forum page every hour hoping that one of those 4 GMs I can see listed here will eventually review my case and find out that is absolute BS. I've to say from one side i'm happy that their tacking action against botters and hackers...but if this is the way to handle things... a random  ban wave based on random reports  (as happened a while ago with the purchase of gifts and pearls from other players where people with regular purchases got a random ban as I had experience in my guild...) then I gotta say I'm seriously frustrated and upset and I expect first: Quick response to shred some light onto this matter and be able to go back playing again. Second: some sort of compensation for the high lack of professionalism and resources at which we're costantly exposed.
    For all those who wonder why I did it as anonymous, is simply because not everyone could understand the position that a few of us are in now... blamed and accused of something that never happened or god only knows what and risking to be ashamed based on some kid lie or hateful based action.
    5 days are already long enough to get a reply onto this matter and even tho I understand you lack personnel , I'm sorry to say but that's a very bad experience we're going through.
    Well that was meant to be anonymous lol but whatever, nothing to hide and sorry for grammar mistakes but can't even edit the post.
    Well that was meant to be anonymous lol but whatever, nothing to hide and sorry for grammar mistakes but can't even edit the post.
  16. Guten Tag Allerseits,
    inzwischen ist es über 11 Tage her, das ich ein Ticket an den Support wegen einem Anliegen im Shop geschrieben habe. Jedoch kommt keinerlei Reaktion. in der Zwischenzeit habe ich sogar schon 2 Mal im Ticket nachgefragt was los ist. Erneut keine Reaktion darauf und meine Begeisterung darüber hält sich, wie man sicher denken kann, dezent in Grenzen. Mir ist bewusst, das es einige Tickets zum bearbeiten gibt, aber so gar keine Reaktion ist schon etwas, das ich nicht gerade als Kundenfreundlichkeit bezeichnen würde.
    Falls es einen Mitarbeiter / Mod hierhin verschlägt, wäre ich sehr froh, wenn ich zumindest eine Info bekommen kann, wie lange man für Anliegen wohl noch warten soll.
  17. I've been locked out of my account for days now (nearly a week now) without being able to contact anyone about my issue, can someone get to my ticket so I can get back to the game?
    Ticket number #96638
    Ticket number #96638
    Ticket number #96638
  18. So I bought one of those +8 storage expansion packs for what I thought was 120 pearls, yet when I checked how many I had left the amount wasn't right. Thinking I was maybe just remembering wrong I bought one more. It has charged me 750 pearls each for these packs when they are clearly marked as 120 pearls. One this is a little heads up for other people this may happen to you and second I have sent a ticket but it says I have to click a verification link for it to be processed but there is no link in the email I got so I have no idea if it is gonna get a reply. I'm kinda pissed since this is my first day of buying pearls and something goes wrong... Some verification of whether it will get a reply would be very helpful thanks ^^
    @CM_Jouska, ticket no is 95809 I'm probs being paranoid about it not going through as I see so many threads of people saying they are waiting an age, so a reply would be awesome thanks.

  19. Post on Month old ticket in In-Game Bugs

    By Everstorm, posted
    Over a month ago I gifted my girlfriend the incorrect treant item from the cash shop. I immediately opened a ticket for this and the ticket has not been responded to. I haven't gotten so much as a "hey we see your issue we will work on this for you." I am extremely upset with the customer service and I feel like a forum post is the only thing that MIGHT get the issue fixed.
    The original ticket is 68837, I have opened another one since as I feel like maybe that one slipped through the cracks. For the love of god please fix this. I want to throw more money at this game but if an issue as simple as this takes this long to be resolved I feel like its a waste.
    I am curious how everyone has done with ticket response times.
  20. @CM_Jouska I understand you have an extremely limited staff and that you have an overwhelming number of tickets....for that reason i dont want to spam you with tickets...im not even sure if i did it correctly but i put in a ticket over a month ago (3/16) and one on (4/6) both recieved a response in my email. bought weight limit increases, treant outfit, and inventory on a character not realizing it was character bound I would like those items transferred to my main. Please help or give some response ive been in limbo for almost two months. Orwen Server
    Ticket sent on 3/16 is (61784)
    Ticket sent on 4/6 is (81654)
  21. Stuck swimming/falling animation, in the prone position, prompted to create a signboard or observe. Also with minigame similar to the wheelbarrow minigame at the top of the screen(minigame works ironically).
    The unstuck features do NOT work, just resets and falls over again.
    This is even exp weekend as well, what about compensation for things like people who can't play due to poor game design? Send us a 100stack of life elixirs. Get with the program if you want to keep players.
    Also, when I go to create a new character on a new server, the character starts upright, but then instantly flips over and goes to fall animation and falls right off the screen like below on the character creation screen.
    Fix this. Fix customer support.

    Also deleted both cache files and still does not fix the issue.
    Edit: The fix for this was renaming the file version. To versionold.
  22. Hello everyone,

    I purchased this game around 2 days ago, downloaded it and started it up. I found out that even on the lowest settings I get 15-20 fps.
    I waived my 14 days of refund time, but I can't even play the game.

    So to conclude, and not rant on about all this: Bad customer support (waited 2, almost 3 days for a response. I consider this bad compared to for example GuildWars2 support where they almost always respond in 1-5 hours.), waived my 14 days of refund (which is actually illegal in the EU, just pointing that out), PC can't run the game, I'd like a refund. 
    P.S. My request number is (88483)
  23. I submited a ticket (81551) 2 days ago, but no one bothered to answer.
    I have a problem with locked contribution points (rented items). I have gone through all my existing characters as well as warehouses - I can't find anything rented.
    The only item I remember renting was one warhouse container, which I have returned.
    Those CP would be very useful for me now that Mediah was released. Can I get an update on the ticked and issue?
    Thanks in advance
  24. Hi!

    So, i deleted my +15 Yuria Longsword of Temptation by misstake. Came back after a AFK fishing and thought i equiped my +15 Yuria Longsword to replace my broken Fishing Pole. As always i throw out my broken fishing pole, but now my Longsword didnt get equiped. I thought that i now had the fishing pole in the bags and throwed out the fishing pole, but it was the Longsword. 
    Right after this happend i made a ticket in support. I wrote down everything that happend, this happend on Friday and i havent heard anything from the support team. Please, i need a answer so i know what am going to do.
    This is what i got from my ticket: Your request (76983) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. Can any support staff that read this thread take a look at request 76983, this sword contains alot of hours to be put together. 
  25. Post on Ticket closed in Technical Issues

    By Suzula, posted
    Request #74120 is set to 'Solved' as of 6 hours ago and I do NOT have an email or any kind of response. You have NOT solved ANY PROBLEM. I still have the same issue from 3 days ago! This is ridiculous. How can you set a ticket to solved if you haven't done anything for the problem?! Either fix this issue or refund my 500$ spent on this game back to me.