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  1. Post on exploration level in General

    By cmacv1995, posted
    I am a new player to the bdo community and am learning. i have recieved a scroll for summoning a boss, yet to summon a boss i need to have an exploration level of 45. the thing is i dont know how to even check my exploration level or really where to begin on leveling it up. i have some idea on lvling it up but i really need to know how to locate the skills in a pop up menu.
  2. Post on exploration level in General

    By cmacv1995, posted
    I am a new player to the bdo community and am learning. i have recieved a scroll for summoning a boss, yet to summon a boss i need to have an exploration level of 45. the thing is i dont know how to even check my exploration level or really where to begin on leveling it up. i have some idea on lvling it up but i really need to know how to locate the skills in a pop up menu.
  3. Hi 
    So thats my computer:
    Processor Intel Core i5-6400, 2.7GHz
    Graphic Card Sapphire Radeon RX 480 Nitro+ 4GB 
    8GB RAM
    Win10 64 bit
    Not bad,right? It fulfills minimum and almost reccomended requirements of BDO and even on the smallest graphic settings i had only 30 fps and it drops all time.
    I have already checked my drivers, they are updated,
    I have Direcx12. 
    What's the problem?Please help.
    (Sorry if there are some mistakes, my english is still not prefect )
  4. I'm really wondering why bdo uses so much of my cpu when send to tray. It's always between 25-50% usage at ~4-4.1GHz and I'm running the Intel i5 7600K. This confuses and annoys me..
    Any suggestions or ideas how to prevent that?
  5. as title says please. Make SOMETHING in this game earned.
  6. Hey fellas, I'm currently a Lv. 52 Musa player. I've been farming on Manshas for a while but now i've decided to move to skeletons. So i have this item called Mansha Goblin Mask, 5 of them. I've heard that if you have 5 of these pieces, you can somehow craft a 1-week scroll, maybe that was a troll comment but i have no idea how to make this item work anyway.
    So, is this just a trash item or can i actually do something with it?
  7. Hello I am having a problem updating to the new server merge due to an error code and I have no clue how to fix.
    I have spent alot of time trying to figure out what is wrong and by the looks of it, an unwanted Black Desert Online file DOES NOT want to close in my Task manager
    called : BlackDesert64.exe causing the download to get the error message.
    But I may be wrong please help!
    Here is the gyazo picture I took of my task manager
    And here is what happens when I try to end process (Access denied)
    I managed to track down the "exp.b299" after restarting my PC I deleted it and my game is updating as of this moment!
  8. Okay, so today I tried to do some gathering and to not make this any longer than it needs to be I couldn't because I kept getting an error saying "Cannot apply item results to memory" whenever I tried to use shabby shovels for gathering in the desert. At first I thought that discarding them would help but when I tried to do so it displayed the same error. I tried everything that I thought could help me resolve it myself, including restarting the game, trying to sell the shovels, moving them to the warehouse or mount inventory, nothing seems to work. I attached the screenshot of said error. Can I count on any help?

  9. Post on How to Gear UP!!! in Guides

    By T3ST, posted
  10. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ60YpEuXjGanL6zSItGJsw
    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/testyourmight3
  11. Good evening,
    I have noticed that since approximately 2-3 days ago, for some reason I am unable to gain the daily attendance reward for logging in. I thought at first that it was a one off, but today I am unable to retrieve it again. The new Black Spirit rolling reward works just fine, thankfully, its just the attendance which does not.
  12. I really thought BDO would be the one asian grind game that didnt turn pay to win. Even with how borderline it was i believed they wouldnt make the same mistakes that others have made. But i also understand that companys have to make money to pay for development and servers. So Instead of this Shitty pay to win model just make the game pay to play. add a required subscription to play like wows. not a vip subscription because those are almost always pay to win. Just take the bullshit of the cash shop and remove it and make us pay $15 a month to play the game. I would rather that model then this current shitty model. Also to those who argue that a subscription has no place in a buy to play game you are both right and wrong. A vip subscription has no place in a buy to play game but a required subscription does. Look at wow it is a buy to play game and there is also a subscription. and that game still does great so what does that tell you? It says that model is great for gaming. At this point this game is destined to die like all the rest if they dont do something about it and quick. I trully believe this could be the solution. What are your guys thoughts? do you think they are at the point of no return or do you think they can still come back from the darkside?
  13. I heard that as of Wednesday the following will be in effect.
    Every energy will cost 1USD each to acquire.
    Food items will cost as much as an actual meal at a restaurant. 
    Pets will be able to die permanently now and you will have to clean up their poop, same with your character.
    To invest in a node you will need a college degree in economics and 3 references.  
    To rent a residence you will also need multiple real life references.
    You will need a license to hunt (Your average Wildlife Certificate is 28.22 USD)
    Whale hunting will not change, but PETA will be there to throw blood on you and accuse you of being "A Murderer".
    You will be able to buy a real life marriage certificate and marry another player for 200% bonus exp when grouped, but same sex marriage is still being debated for some reason.
  14. ich bin nicht gerade der stärkste was rechtschreibung oder Grammatik also bitte enschuldigt dafür schonmal ^^
    Da ja schon alle rumheulen und das spiel Quitten wollen (wer es sagt sollte es dann auch bitte machen), möchte ich von Daum oder eben Kaokao wissen wie ihr Pay to Win Definiert?
    ich denke mit dieser Aussage nehmt ihr viele weiteren Diskussionen in der Zukunft die Luft, denn das Thema Pay2Win hat für jeden seine eigene Definition, ich z.B.
    sehe es erst als Pay to Win wenn man sich Items ohne Farming besorgen kann oder sich level erkaufen kann(das ein Item erfarmt wird und dann im AH landet damit wer mit viel geld es raus kauft ist für mich kein Pay2Win).
    Auch an alle Spieler ^^ Bitte schreibt mal was für euch Pay2Win ist ohne gleich beleidigend zu werden, dieser Kindergarten mit den Beleidigen gibt es hier schon zu genüge.
    Gruß ^^ Euer Denecro aus der Gilde LEER
  15. Since launch every class has gotten some nice buffs and such like zerker, sorc, ranger, witch/wizard, musa/maehwa but what about warriors? We get NOTHING (beside some little changes here and there (very useless things)).. We dont do much damage. Our shield is shit. Our dp means nothing. We are shit at big group fights. Whats gonna happen to us? Shall we wait for awakenings so we can be equal to the other classes (that will take like atleast 4-5 months when awakenings release). 

  16. I get "failed to init security" almost immediately after I click play on the launcher. My friend gave me a guest pass and I really want to try the game but it seems totally unplayable.
    I had to run a VPN just to log in because I am an American living in Japan and they've blocked Japan for some reason.
    Anyway, after getting past that issue I got the failed to init security garbage and here's what I have tried so far, to no luck:
    -Disabling firewall/antivirus
    -Closing all background programs
    -Running the launcher as an administrator
    -Running the launcher in compatability mode for Windows XP SP2
    -Submitting a ticket to support (albeit very recently)
    -Downloading the patch listed for fixing the "Failed to Int" error and extracting it to where it said
    I read around multiple forums and most people getting this error said they fixed it by closing background processes. I've tried closing a lot of different processes but I can't seem to find the one causing the issue, unless, it's the VPN in which case I'm totally sunk because I can't login without that.
    The only other thing I know to try at the moment is restarting my computer so I'll do that now.
    But I'm glad someone gave me a guest pass otherwise I might've wasted money on a game that doesn't work.
    (Attached is a picture of all the background processes my computer is running at the moment, in case anyone can pinpoint which is giving me issues)

  17. PureLuck Recruiting For Endgame GvG & Node Wars
    Are you interested in having some of the most entertaining and fun PvP in Black Desert you've ever had? Want to be at the top of the node wars fighting at castles? Want to be in a guild where you make a boat load of money from regional tax money? Then PureLuck is the place for you!
    While all of that above stuff sounds nice, the hard line is, we want good PvPers, we are one of the Top 3 PvP guilds on Uno, and we WILL take a castle for node wars. We are almost constantly war dec'd against other guilds and large scale PvP is an everyday occurrence for us. We are however not slaves to anything, if you can show up and PvP that's great, but at the end of the day we want people that are active and fun, we are not militaristic or a zerg, we are just a group of tryhards that like to win.
    If you are interested in joining us, please make sure you meet the following requirements and them message either the GM or one of the officers below and we will give you an interview and see if you fit in with us. We may also test you in PvP to see where your baseline skill is at, you don't need to be god tier at PvP but you need to have a solid base and we can show you the ropes.
    Active mostly in evenings, and available for at least 1 node wars nights, Friday/Saturday/Sunday
    Well geared and level 56+
    Love of PvP, you don't get discouraged when its 20v100, you get excited instead
    Constant strive to always improve and wanting to stay at the top
    GM & Officers
    GM: Vindicta
    Officers: VincentXXVII, Meralux, Liza, Ozs, Devilhealer
    Here is a taste of what you can expect on a daily basis when you join us

  18. Hello. I've written here once before and I've tried everything I could find on the Internet and in the email I was sent back, but nothing has worked. The problem is that I get on bdo and I can make the character just fine (tho it's a little slow), but right when the loading map screen is just about done it says the connection has been lost. 
    I bought the $50 pack and I'm very annoyed that I can't play this. I haven't been able to connect since I got it in March. March! I've switched from North America to Europe and I deleted user cache but nothing will work. 
    Please help me!!
  19. It's been over 2 weeks since I was banned without any reason given. I was told that a lot of people were swept up with a group of people who bought money from 3rd party gold spammers or something. Over these last 2 weeks, I sent 3 tickets in about this, and I haven't gotten a single reply back except for the automated responses saying that they were received. Can a GM please answer me so I can get my account back. Thank you.
  20. I have too much loot.  Cant sell it because there is a 30 item register limit at the marketplace guy.  How can I sell more than that?
  21. Just a few questions if you or anyone are able to answer them ~
    1. Will Defense Point (DP) ever scale? 
    2. Will melee be revamped/buff? (Warriors, Valkyries, Tamer)
    Beserker doesn't count since you will be able to obtain range with awakening~
    3. Will there be a east and west server?
    4. How's the status of dealing with hackers?
    5. Why does an archer scale off of HP, while tanks (WHICH DOESN'T EXIST) scales off of WP/SP? Shouldn't it be the other way around?
    6. Are you guys releasing a server switch? Then release a mega server when population decreases?
    7. Will BDO become F2P, in the future in NA?
    Thanks (:
  22. Hello!
    I am curious how to receive a 7  day trial in BDO. I have a few friends who are looking to play but we are all hesitant to purchase the game. Is there somewhere I can get a free 7 day trial? or something I can do? If I don't have any friends that currently own the game are we out of luck? Could you purchase one for even a couple dollars?
    Thanks in advanced!
    - ZeeBaxx / Jacob
  23. What is the best set or most complet to the ninja?
    3 Agerian and bots Talis
    Bots, Armor Taritas and gloves, Helmet Grunil
    Full Grunil
    Bots, Helmet Zereth and Armor, Gloves Taritas

    give your opinions
  24. i really dont remember when what and how much contribution points i spend to rent something 

    it says me i have 18 contribution points spend to rent smth 
    i only spend points to rent a farm for 6 points 
    now where are the others and how can i find this out?
    or are those points gone?
  25. 1. World boss, you have to deal with HUGE lag and 5234523462346 bodies to get through, if you aren't in the front you probably can't even reach him with your attacks, while you wait there till the front row dies, so it'll be your turn.
    2. Oh speaking of world boss. MELEE HAVE THE LOWEST AP. Due to vangertz shield, unless you got axion, but even then, you won't out DPS a wizard/witch, ranger, sorc.
    3. Oh, is sorc considered a melee? Sure, she can be a hybrid of both melee and range, but guess what, she gets an AP Boost + 3463346546 iframes.
    4. Oh, you want to grab someone without them rubber banding? And a sorc able to teleport your grab/knockdown? Have fun
    5.  1vs1, sure, you'll do ok, but compare to ranger/sorc/witch/wizard, 1vs10. Those 3 class have a fighting chance, but a melee doesn't even stand a chance with all the CC, while the other classes have a small or great chance of at least killing MORE than a melee.
    6. DP Scales?! Sike ~ Some forums in korea suggest that the ratio of AP and DP is 1AP to 2.4 DP. This is not including accuracy and crit. But the thing is, good luck killing anyone as a full DP melee, because SOME REASON, archer/wiz/witch/sorc will have the same DP as you, awesome!
    There is a lot more, if you guys want to add, melee doesn't even have iframes, other than sorc,
    OH VALK AND WARRIOR HAS A SHIELD, well so do wiz/witch and sorc, 
    Guess what archer scales up in damage by? HP!
    WHICH SHOULD BE MELEE scale, yet the archer gets a HP Scaling skills, Awesome!
    So, if you are a tamer,warrior, or valk, have fun regretting it ~
    (Oh how about beserker, they can go range on awakening so lucky them)
    Please don't put your opinions of ANY class unless you have played them up to AT LEAST level 50+ and have been in red battle field or in a GVG.