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  1. Here's the original Reddit thread that people brainstormed in initially:
    And here is a direct link to the poll:
  2. Here's the original Reddit thread that people brainstormed in initially:
    And here is a direct link to the poll:
  3. Hi all, I've just pushed live a new version of the BDO Interactive Online map at somethinglovely.net
    Link: somethinglovely.net BDO map
    New features
    (screenshot) Meat, Blood & Hides are now included in the gathering filters. Huge thanks to Mortis for doing the hard work collating all of the data for this feature!(screenshot) Fishing Hotspots have been added as a filter, which will show you the location of possible fishing hotspot spawn locations and which fish they have. FoxHumbug has supplied all of the data to get this started, so all the credit goes to him. If you'd like to contribute additional hotspot data give me a shout. Remember that fishing hotspots spawn randomly and their visibility depends on your fishing level, and for non-hotspot fishing somethinglovely has a Sea Regions overlay too to show which fish originate from which region (screenshot).(screenshot) There is now a clock and timers showing the current time in-game, the real-life time until the next nightcycle and the time until the next daily/imperial/jumanji resets.Still no ads! Instead of ads, I've added a feature that highlights a few of the BDO community's Twitch streamers when they're currently streamingAdded visible names to the sea regions without having to hover over them.All specialty nodes now have correct trade packs, and all worker nodes have been double checked to make sure their output is correctI'd also like to highlight a feature that people missed from the last update: The ability to calculate the minimum required CP to connect two nodes together (screenshot). Hoping to add a full node calculator in a coming update.

    Other features that the map has had for a while:
    Node map with node managersCorrect translations!Levelling AreasDetailed gathering data (trees, ore, herbs, etc)Trade packs/Trader infoWhales, Sea RegionsTreasure ChestsWild HorsesA separate horse calculatorAll feedback welcome!
  4. Hello Bdo Community
    I developed this gear Calculating Tool over several months and it has come to be of integral use in our guilds PvP tournaments and "Assessing" a players gear score. 
    The link to the Spread sheet is below but before you jump into it i STRONGLY suggest you read the section "How to use this Tool" which goes about explaining how to get your values and what each column does. For best results only include your permanent gear contributions, i recommend not including food/alchemy buffs, class specific passives etc.
    Once you've opened the link, Goto File --> "Download as" then select the format you want and you should be able to edit your downloaded file with ease.
    Section: How to use this Tool
    - Name: Text Field, Enter your characters name
    - Level: Numeric Field, Your character's Level
    - Mainhand AP (inv): Numeric Field, The AP number read directly off your characters inventory screen for your mainhand weapon.
    - DP (inv): Numeric Field, The DP Number read directly off your characters inventory screen.
    - HP: Numeric Field, The Hp of your character, Can be found is multiple places such as profile or on the health bar.
    - Primary Weapon AP (AVG): Numeric Field, This is the Average dmg of your mainhand weapon, for example Tri Liverto is 108.
    - Awakened Weapon AP (AVG): Numeric Field, This is the Average dmg of your Awakened weapon, for example the Green Mercenary Great sword at +15 is 66
    - Accuracy: Numeric Field,  Accuracy is a Hidden stat on weapons and Armors via enhancement but is Advertised on Accessories, set bonuses and as Item effects. 
             - examples. Liverto is +10, Kzarka is +20, accuracy offhand is +20, Kutum is +5, Bhegs is +10
    - Extra AP: Numeric Field, These are bonuses directly to your AP obtained from Gear sets, Alchemy stone, guild or Crystal bonuses. Also include any extra damage to Humans in here. AP, All Attack, Attack are all the same thing. Translation issues.
             - examples. Grunil head & Gloves: + 5, Full Grunil: + 7, Various Crystals can give: +1,+2, +5 or +7, Guild buff can be: +1-5
    - Penetration: This is resistance penetration. Divide individual resistance penetrations by four.
             - Examples. +10 for kutum, +10 for mainhand weapon precision gems, +X/4 for individual resistance penetration.
    - Evasion: Numeric Field, Evasion on Armor is NOT hidden, it appears in the DP of the item. For example do not add evasion here from Muskan boots it's already in the DP score. Do add evasion from Alchemy stone, Crystals or Set bonuses here.
    - Damage Reduction: Numeric Field, Damage Reduction like evasion is NOT hidden. It shows up in the DP of the item. Do not add values here for items like ultimate Armor's it's already in the DP, likewise same with certain offhands like shields. Do add bonuses here from Set bonuses, Alchemy stone, guild buff or Crystals.
    - Resist: Any additional resistances you are stacking. It's X/4 for individual type resistances.
               - examples: +10 for nouver, +25/4 for Adamantine shoe gems.
    - Mainhand Damage: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. Literally the Sum of your inventory AP and Extra AP. A MUCH more real representation of how much Damage you have.
    - Awakened Damage Version1: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. The Calculation of your awakened state weapon damage. From the perspective of 1 universal AP = 1 AP
    - Awakened Damage Version2: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. The Calculation of your awakened state weapon damage. From the perspective of 1 Awakened weapon AP = 1 AP
    - Real DP: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. Literally the Sum of your inventory DP, Evasion and Damage Reduction. The real representation of how much DP you have.
    - Mainhand Gearscore: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. A Algorithm i created to quickly determine gear score differences between players during PvP tournaments.
    - Awakened Gearscore: FORMULA, Automatically Calculated. Same as the previous formula but for your awakened state.
    Thank you for your time.
    Signing Out..
    Xerise from Vault111
  5. As the title suggests, i'm having a bit of trouble finding the download link for the character creation tool! ;(
    I searched for it on google and i'm only led to this page:
    Unfortunately there's no download link to be found! Any help?
  6. Vendor:
    Cooking Utensil has 100 durability and cost around 1000 silver = 10 silver per durability.
    Alchemy Tool has 100 durability and cost around 5000 silver = 50 silver per durability.
    Intermediate has 500 durability and costs 30.000 silver = 60 silver per durability = 6x/1.2x more expensive.
    Advanced has 900 durability, has 1 second reduction on cooking time and costs 60.000 silver = ~67 silver per durability = 6,7x/1,34x more expensive.
    So what's the point?
    Do the crafted tools give more experience per craft or some other hidden benefit?
    I don't think the durability is higher enough to make "spending more time AFK crafting" justify the cost.
  7. Hey,
    sagt mal ich weiß nicht ob das schon jemand bemerkt hat, aber die Materialien für die Tool Herstellung vorallem. Eine einfache Spitzhacke, Holzfälleraxt etc. herzustellen kostet 3 Bronzebarren. BARREN? In der Japanischen Version benötigt man lediglich 3 geschmolzenes kupfer und ein paar Hölzer. 3 Kupferbarren sind ca. 75 kupfer. Die Axt selbst hat nur eine haltbarkeit von 30. Hinzu kommt noch das dass Verbrauchsware ist. Selbst der Hofwagen braucht 3 kupferbarren. Auch sind die Möbel oft mit 3 Eisenbarren sehr überteuert. Die Änderung der benötigten Materialien der Tools finde ich sollte schnellstmöglich geändert werden. Ist in meinen Augen einfach nicht nachgedacht oder enorm schlechtes Gamedesign. 
    Allgemein wurden in der deutschen Version sehr viel Änderungen vorgenommen, die zwar an sich durchaus realistischer sind aber den Spielspaß enorm drücken und Frust / etliche Spielzeiten mehr für paar dumme Gegenstände hervorbringen. Spielspaß sollte ja eig. im Vordergrund stehen.
  8. Post on Pet Tool Tips in Suggestions

    By Frimber, posted
    Please change the pet descriptions so they include information about what they can be exchanged with. 
    For example I cannot exchange a parrot and a hawk together. But I can exchange a German Shepherd and a pomeranian. The pets listing says nothing about this and neither does the site. 
    A player should be able to find that information somewhere on site. Not on a third party wiki or through trial and error.
    Cuz now I have a parrot that is worthless till I spend more money. Not cool. 
  9. Hey, I did a tool to check probably scammers on scrolls because it's not an easy way to remember all scammers that we see in the chat.
    The tool doesn't contrast servers/channels, so it's not 100% accurate.
    If you have problems with some scammer, let me know with some screenshot to insert him on the database.
    PD: Hope I can post that link on the forum, idk.
    PD2: The tool design is based on bdotools.com
  10. The "Valencia" update is near and the Crystal Extraction tool still isn't implemented in the Loyalty shop. Please, bear in mind this for future updates.
    All of blacksmiths speak about this tool when we want to extract a crystal and we only can purchase the Black Spirit Essence in he Pearl Shop to do it
  11. So I've Googled, search Reddit, and checked the forums and no one really has went into depth into this specific topic of cost efficiency between using shining steel tools vs normal steel tools.  I'm on the UNO server and Shining Steel Pickaxes are currently around 79,000 silver (usually sells around 100k); where as normal Steel Pickaxes are around 14,000 silver.  
    1)  I was wondering if it's even worth buying the Shining Steel Pickaxes for their 250 durability and 10 sec less gathering time versus normal Steel Pickaxes of 130 durability and 8 sec less gathering time?  I feel like spending 80-100k on pickaxes is not worth it compared to the cheaper price of 14k.  I just want to be cost efficient.
    2)  Do Shining Steel Pickaxes have a hidden stat where it will gather more ores compared to the normal Steel Pickaxes?  
    I was curious because I also fish and I've heard Calpheon Rods have a hidden stat in which you have a better chance of catching rare fish compared to Steel Fishing Rods even though the tool tip just says that you have a better chance of catching bigger fish on the Calpheon Rods.
  12. Hello Everyone ive made this tool to calculate how much your inventory is worth, in case you are sitting a trader and want to see how much its actually before selling. 
    I have yet to make in the bargain % but that is being worked on. 
    ATT: Its has come to my attention that for each fish you sell, the price is decreased, I will try to wrap my head around how much it actually decreases and see if I can make it more precise. So for the time being its just an estimate on how much you get.
    You will have to make a copy if you wanna use the tool, you do that by hitting files in the left corner in the sheet, and "copy". Do not hesitate to post in this topic regarding prices that im missing and such. 
    If theres other sheets you would like to see, do not hesitate to write me a message. 
    Best regards Basilicus.
    Dont forget to check out http://maomaoprince.com/ 
  13. I went to the page where the download is supposed to be at, but there's literally no button to download it. What gives?
  14. Post on Cooking Calculator in General

    By Cowbell_Hero, posted
    I made a thing because I hate doing math! 
    Sorry for the free weebhosting, I'm poor
    Github Repository
    You can download the files here if the site gets nuked.
  15. So. I've recently reached Artisian in alchemy and still wondering what is the difference, aside from an increase in durability, between the alchemy tools... assuming there's even any. 
    The text on the "Advanced" one currently says "Additional effects applied later" in yellow. Does this mean there is no difference currently implemented or ?? Anyone got an idea about that ? Perhaps someone that played the Korean version of this. In my limited testing i could confirm you can make any recipe you got the skill for with any tool ( Basic, Intermediate or Advanced ) and that you also gain on average the same amount created. Thus am kinda running out of ideas, and that's why the post in here. I believe the same would be for the cooking tools, but ain't too sure about those.
  16. Post on Steel Tools in In-Game Bugs

    By Rykora, posted
    I have the explorers pack and i opened my tool set but the only thing i have left is the pickaxe. The only other tool I used was the lumbering axe ,and all the other tools are missing. Please help me get them back i checked all the banks they could be and I didnt find them
  17. There doesn't seem to be a system wherein the most appropriate tool for a certain type of gathering from your inventory, which I think would remove some tedium from manually equipping the right tool. For example, you have just chopped a tree for some log, and now you want to gather some potatoes; rather than having to manually switch from your axe to your hoe, it would be nice if it automatically switched to the right tool for the job.
  18. Hey
    im searching the hole day, an tray to find the "Crystal Extraction Tool" to remove save my cystals from my armor but i cant find it.
    Can some one halp me?
    Sincere regards,
  19. ps. I did not know where to put this thread.
    So there were some people really wanting to have the ability to paste their credentials into the launcher login.
    Assuming that the dev team is more focused on making the game accessible, playable, etc for the user base, I've decided to share one of my methods of automating annoying stuff like, logging in to my game clients. Below I've written out some basic code (With more to come) and a little guide on how to get things started off! Enjoy!
    So first!
    You'll need the dependency that will allow you to edit/run and compile the script. You can obtain that from
    For beginners who may look at that page and wonder what the heck any of that means, I'd suggest you use this link:

    After you've downloaded that and run the installer, you should be pretty much good to go for the installation part! Next comes the fun! 
    Autoit comes with windows shell intergration, so when you right click in places and scroll over new, it will give you the option to create a new "Autoit V3 Script"
    You'll want to click just that! After that, name it whatever you want(preferably something you'll remember you created when you wake up tomorrow, assuming you sleep haha.) and then on to the EVEN MORE FUN PART!
    Second, Inputting the code.
    On the new Autoit v3 Script file you've created and renamed, you'll want to right click on it and click "Edit Script"
    Clicking that will open the SciTE Script Editor, In which you can paste the source code.
    Script Source Code:
    After you've pasted that in there and preferably read it down, all you have to do now is HIT F5!!!!!!!!!
    This will run the script after running the built in error checker.
    Thanks @Shadowtrance SO. If you have the remember my email box checked, all you have to do is send into the password field(which is automatically selected on launcher load.)
    Source for this:
    Assuming you've configured everything correctly, you should be good to go!
    I'll update this as time goes on should there be a need to.
    Play around with the language! Learn things! Press F1 in SciTE! This language has a lot to it, and then some, and then a lot more.
    Make War Proud &
    PS. If Daum wants this taken down, I will, or well they will do so.