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  1. I along with many players want a better person to person trade system. I have a few thoughts i would like to share with you and get your options. With my Trade system players will be able to trade all gear and items. Weapons, armor, rings, food, fishing rods anything and everything! Now i know that hardest part of player to player trades is how do we make this a fair system. I have a pretty good answer to this (if you ask me  )
    We will use the Market Min Max system in trades. For example Player 1 uses World chat to say he is selling a Pri Ring of The Crescent Guardian. (Current market value NA Min:103,671,432 Max:126,709,528) Player 2 Says he will pay Max for the item. The two players set up a meeting place, and meet up in game. They open the trade window. Player 1 adds the Ring to the trade window. Players 2  trade button at the bottom becomes gray and unable to be clicked. Player 2 adds 1 1000g bar and 3 100g bars =130M. The Min price was met and the grayed trade button is now clickable for the trade to be completed! Both players are happy (no market RNG no pre-order buyouts!) Now i know the trend atm is offing pearls to make players want to trade items.
    So lets make pearls have a bigger role in BDO! Pearls will now have the ability to be traded!  Instead of (or with) silver and Gold bars! For Example 1000k pearls will be worth 100M (silver) player 1 wants to sell and Dandi Box. player 2 offers 3k pearls. They meet and trade. The pearls value is greater then the min price of a +0 dandi for his class. The trade is successful and both player and happy and no player was worried about getting scammed. Now BEFORE YOU ATTACK ME! Lets talk pearls and why. Many players and asking for pearls before a item is listed on the Market Place. I do not see that changing with the Silver Gold system i mentioned. Allowing players to trade pearls in place or with currency makes the players who want cash shop items for personal use happy and players who have spear pearls able to use them. WAIT HOLD YOUR FLAME P2W CRAP. Yes this makes and issue very apparent. People could pay 200-300$ and get full Tet gear. We could make pearls hold a value = to EST price per real currency I.G 2900 pearl outfit= 29$ therefor 100 pears =1$ (1000=10$) meaning 1K pearls = 10M and the rest be covered in gold bars or silver. Making player 2 come up with a majority of the cost to buy the item. OR pearls hold no value but can be trade in player to player. (I'm fine with any of these options)
    OR we could rid BDO of gifting entirely and make it so items can only be traded for silver and gold. Pearls can not effect value or trade. This would also open Market place pre-orders to not be so high on value items. Give me your thoughts and ideas lets come up with a system that is fair and makes players happy know that can 100% get that item they have been looking for and not with Bidding Pre-Order RNG.
  2. "After entering a field, trade shop use will be restricted for 10 minutes"
    This is one of the most annoying and pointless things I have ever encountered in a game.
    Majority of players would like to see it removed.
    This stupidity can only help unemployed, pensioners and kids who have time to change the channel and wait the 10 f'n minutes, people who get up and get ready to work, people thanks to whom Black Desert exists and functions, don't have the damn time to wait 10 minutes just to sell the damn fish.
    Oh ffs... I posted this topic 3 times, cause some error occurred while creating it, but since we don't have any option to delete OUR OWN  topics, let it stay.
  3. It's simply to let the world know ...
    For some reason Meals (Balenos, Mediah, etc.) as well as Specials are not tradeable anymore. ... The question is why ??? if you CAN'T sell them after the player-to-player trade, atleast that's how it used to be, now you simply get stuck with it unless it goes via MP.
    PS: Now I'm stuck with 8,5k Mediah meal I can't really ever sell as well as not at least simply gift it to ppl out of fun in middle of Heidel >.>
    Guess I'ma go turn it in to NPC for 7,6k each (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻, ... Best gameplay experience 11/10 points
    (Who would have guess it would stop selling when I finished my large batch)
  4. Post on 2 Things in Suggestions

    By Rentago, posted
    For starters, I noticed the berserker has missing textures behind one of his ears, basically allowing you to see through him, and that is also a problem with a lot of his cosmetics where his neck doesn't have skin down to the clothing, but rather a void you can see through his body. Always bothered me about him.
    However the main thing was that I wish wagons allowed 1 other to ride on it with you, so that you can do trade runs with someone riding shotgun. If not simply make a wagon with the sole purpose of allowing multiple people to ride in it as a form of group transportation rather than trade.
  5. A trade has been completed. This offer is no longer on the table. Thanks for reading all.
    So, here's the deal. I don't have an active CC atm, and my current friend who i've been playing this game with did not own it prior to January 1st; so they cannot gift it to me. Which has ultimately forced me to ask here.
    I am a 12 year user of Steam.
    I play quite a lot of CSGO along side BDO atm, and am looking for a 1:1 trade. that is, 10 USD in Marketable Steam items, for a copy of BDO gifted to my account.
    I have done a bit of trading in the past for which you can see my "reputation" here : https://www.steamtrades.com/user/76561197974232769
    Here is also my Steam rep link to show that i have not been trade banned, reported, etc. : https://steamrep.com/search?q=http%3A%2F%2Fsteamcommunity.com%2Fprofiles%2F76561197974232769%2F
     I already have one Character who is level 49. So, you will receive either the Polar bear pet, or the 1000 pearl offer from this trade as well.
    I will have to ask that it be a somewhat reputable member of this community, or have good reputation in trading which can be shown as i have done above.
    If you're interested please post here or feel free to add me on steam; however, if you just add me on steam I will probably still ask you to post here, that way i can take a peek at your forum account etc.
  6. Assuming you have all nine nodes for Calpheon crate timbers, all your workers for said timbers are stationed out of Calpheon, and your lengthy afk sessions are generally 5-6 hours or more, which type of workers would you use and for which node for the most efficient and balanced timber production?  Keep in mind birch has the lighest workload (150/100/100) and is generally shortest distance, whereas cedar and fir are the same workload (150/150/75) and pretty equal to each other in distance, but longer than birch.
    I realize you could min/max the workers further by sending from different towns, but for the ease of this discussion (and my processing) we'll consider from Calpheon only.  About to head back to work, eager to hear others thoughts.
  7. Hey guys,
    I am still a noob with less than a month playtime in BDO. I am trying to get to master 2 trading level to start doing calph crates. I already installed the required nodes and workers required for calph trades and started manufacturing (nothing fancy like the +4 adv packing).
    I always thought that I could start trading these crates without the maximum profit and gain exp to level trade for master 2. what I am asking is that is this the best time now to start the manufacturing of calph trades and gain exp or is there a faster way to gain exp to master 2. if there is any, would you be so kind as to tell me?
    oh and btw I am currently at 150 CP and still rising and at skilled 1 trading level.
  8. Hallo ich bin derzeit in Heidel und habe habe dort über 1600 Kisten, die ich an Trader verkaufen kann. Ich habe lange nicht mehr gespielt und hatte auch davor die Karte nicht so wirklich aufgedeckt, denn bis Level 51 hab ich gefischt, verarbeitet und am Garten gearbeitet und das hat mich bis Level 51 gebracht. Daher weiß ich nicht so wirklich, wo ich die Kisten verkaufen soll. Ich habe ab und zu mal nach Velia  per Transport geschickt und verkauft.
    Mir ist bewusst, dass ich eventuell verteilt verkaufen sollte, da ja pro verkauftes Item immer der Preis runter geht, aber ich denke mal, wenn ich zu den weitesten Ort von Heidel aus transportieren lasse, dann wird das immer viel sein (außerdem ist mir auch XP wichtig ^^). Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir da ein oder ein paar Orte nennen, wo ich am besten hin liefern soll.

  9. Today I came across something that I feel can be adjusted to benefit players instead of hindering them.
    When trading consumables (player to player) they become bound to that Character. Why not make them bound to Family instead so you can at least put them in bank when you dont need them or use all of them?
    I traded some potions to my RL friend who started playing and now she is over weight capacity and cannot put the potions I gave in bank.
    Any reason why they would make it Character bound instead of Family in the first place? It seems silly to me since you cant sell bound items anyways.
  10. When I'm giving something to the trade NPC, we don't need 1 free slot open.
    The game should already know if they can give you the trade seal or not.
    If you don't have a free inventory slot after giving a trade item, then the trader should not accept the item.
    However, if you do get a free inventory slot after giving a trade item to the trader, then it should give you the seal.
    If you never get a trade seal when trading items.
    The game should not care if you bag is full, because you are not gonna get an item from the NPC.
  11. Hello and greetings everyone! I am but a small idea merchant with an idea on how to improve the lousy trade system to make it more enjoyable.
    My suggestion is... Player bandit incentives, bounty boards, and merchant body guard contracts! Now you may ask yourself, "Why would we incentivize banditing among players? We want players to get along." Well, my kind sir, that's frankly boring and unintuitive as it removes much needed social interaction in this large scale game.
    Now what would I suggest with this bandit incentive program is front and center bandits being able to steal things off backpacks and parked wagons outside of towns and trading nodes.  This system would include the current karma system and killing players and stealing thier trade items would decrease their karma but they would get in return gold from the items and a black market/bandit skill level.
    Now to counter bandits, I would suggest a body guard contract system and then a bounty board. We already have guild contracts where people can get paid, why not move it over to merchants too who would hire body guards to keep thier products safe in travel? This would add another social aspect to the trading system and let players interact with each other. Now, if these contracts are broken, the player who breaks it has a karma decrease that could be as severe as a bandit who steals or even more(since it's a breach of a contract and trust.) This could even open the ideas of caravans and such becoming more popular, even having dedicated Guilds to caravaning. 
    Now let's say that bandits are successful in thier plots and get away. This is where the bounty board system can come into play.  This adds yet another aspect to the social sphere as a merchant can put a contract out on an successful bandit family who has yet to be stopped. A group of players could take up the task or even solo bounty hunters who can then hunt these individuals, giving them the location of the bandit(channel and general vicinity.) Once the bandit is stopped and killed, the items and gold from the items they have stolen are returned to thier respective owners. If the gold is more than they can afford, they go into debt and thier pvp aspect is taken from them until the debts are paid off.
    To conclude, this was just an idea I had to spice things up in the trade system because as it stands, it's very boring and very unintuitive. Social interaction is rather important in a MMORPG and this could improve BDO's social aspects even more.
  12. Reducing the stock of trade managers across the entire map is ridiculous. I've never "rolled" to get trade xp, but now I'm getting punished for other people "exploiting" a mechanic you left in the game, and didn't fix. You are punishing everyone, for something a small group did, and have made getting trade xp absolutely cancerous. 
    Make it so you can't roll while overweight. Why should Trent have less stock if I have been trading in mediah for 3 hours with a wagon? Fix this. 
  13. Hey guys I am a returning player to the game and naturally my old guild has long since died and so I am looking for a guild that is interested in a high level trader with the ability to move goods as far as you want via land or sea. I would prefer a guild interested in only trade however I doubt one exists so if you are just looking for a member with millions of silver to throw around then you have probably found them!
  14. Hi. I've never trade rolled because they've never officially released a statement saying it was ok to do or an exploit that would lead to banning you. There has been a screenshot floating around of a GM saying it was ok to do, that they'd just laugh at you, but that's it. So if this is the case, it should not be removed.
    Removing it now would only give an advantage in the trading game towards those who already did it, it would punish those who did not look to 'exploit' it for personal gain in fear of a ban.
    Keep it alive or allow those who didn't take advantage of it an actual chance and give us a month to do it with an official statement giving the ok.
    I'm assuming any counter argument would be done by someone who had either taken advantage of this mechanic or did the infinite stacking on mounts.
    So they nerfed the xp from trades within 500 meters today, February 15, 2017.
  15. Howdy,
    So this is not 100% my idea, I got this from another game that is really good. Astonia III
    They had a player to player trade system that prevented scams.
    A NPC in game where both players had to meet and each person would hand the item to the NPC, and then the players could verify the item was the correct one, then choose to agree to the trade, and the NPC would hand the respective items to the players.
    Now I know what your saying, this dose not change anything why have the NPC if you can just trade.
    The current market bid/pre order system does not work. I have had a pre order for rough stone for about a month, 1k over the max price, and have not gotten a single pre-order sent to me.
    My idea is a combination of both the Market place, and the NPC trader.
    Have the NPC trader maintain the same restrictions as the market place. So that way there is really no gain/loss on anyone's part. And people can still help out their friends and enjoy the game.
    Have the NPC keep the 30% market place tax, and items traded through the NPC will always be placed at max market value.
    IE: I want to buy a Kzarka box that my friend won, but dose not need. I ask him to make it into a Long sword (he does) and sell it to me.
    We both go to the trader, he hands it over, the price of 95m gets placed on it, I go to the trader and look at the item, it is what I asked for, and hand the trader 95m silver.
    My friend then looks at the trade agreement and confirms that everything is in order, both players accept, I get my Long sword, and he gets his 66.5m (-30% market place tax (Also not adding the value pack yet, that is up to them if they want that added)). And we are both happy. 
    I believe it will help promote more people playing, being able to help their friends. Someone still has to come up with the item, and the other person still has to pay the money. The game is still being played like it was meant to.
  16. I Sold 320 boxes, in Dias Farm, I only got 3% exp, I am artisan 1, what am I doing wrong?
    this boxes are made in Calpheon
  17. I would like to know why we just cant trade our Founder outfits in for Musa/Maehwa and Ninja/Kunoichi?
    Share your suggestions
  18. Please allow us to put an item acquired by giving a trade item exchange coupon to a trade vendor directly on our "mount" (animals and wagons included!!!)  It is annoying to trade in 2 items, then stop and put them on my wagon, then go back in to conversation mode and repeat 8 more times to fill my wagon (9 more times if you use noble wagons!!).  
    Also, the trade vendors tell you to give them more at one time to get better items, but there is no option to do so, please implement this too!
    And, when trying to use these in Velia, I only received 4 items before it said "There is no item"  I guess he ran out?  but he never gave me any of the items I could buy...
  19. It would be REALLY nice if you could sell to a trader from farther away, it is really hard sometimes to get your wagon into the spot where a trader is when there are multiple other people in there already.
  20. Link to the google doc

    After selling a couple thousand calpheon timber crates I wanted to get some exact numbers on how much I was potentially losing from market value depreciation from each crate sold. I spent a couple hours gathering data to derive the (near) exact values for the calculation of a trade item's sale value and how much it decreases with each item sold.

    The major findings of the research are that:
    Distance bonus is not a whole number in %, and for Trent to Valencia is closer to 99.84% distance bonus. Each trade item sold decreases the value of the next item by 0.27% of market value. The highest it can reach is exactly 130% naturally excluding boom nodes, and a floor of exactly 80%, only reachable by mass sales by players.The master buff is an exact 1.5 multiplier to value.The full equation for crate value isThe chart values for silver per batch of items sold is not 100% accurate, but a batch of 60 calpheon timber crates for me was off by less than 200 silver out of 14.6 million comparing the calculated value to in game silver, which I think is close enough.
    I settled on 60 crates for my batch of 2300 because that was approximately 1 million silver lost per batch of 60 compared to selling every single crate at the full 130% market value, which would have taken absolutely forever. 
    Save a copy of the document for your own if you want to make lots of edits. 
    I don't know know how to do some of the fancier chart editing to make this a more functional document so if someone wants to make a copy, spruce it up and leave a link in the comments for people to view.
  21. Ok, so i know this is a discussion that isn't easily solved, cause it had been there since launch.
    Now, First of all, I have to say i'm not saying BDO is wrong in it's decision to disable player trading. For me, so far, it has been a good call. Nevertheless, i would ike to make this a disccusion once more. With putting this in the suggestion part of the forum, i hope to bypass at least to majority of trolls and no-brainers and get a valid discussion with pro's and cons.
    So... Player to player trading, withouth any restriction whatsoever will only lead to gold sellers. I cannot agree with that more. Even now, you can regularly see "gold sellers", even though they're not like in other mmo's. This is, ofcourse, for the best of the game.
    The thing i'd propose for trading is the following (Yes, i know these ideas are not new, and are probably mentioned in other section of the forum as well)
    Player to player trading, with restrictions that require you to meet the market price of the goods you're trading. This can either be done in silver or in goods.
    Player A would trade a weapon of 10mil to player B, while player B has to give 10 mil in goods to player A, doesn't matter what goods, it can even be potatoes, as long as it value is 10 mil.
    Now, there is ofcourse a problem with this, since the min - max price may vary by a couple of mil. For this i would propose that the goods being traded will have a 'trade-value' that is equal to the lowest listed value on the AH. Why not buy the item then? Because, although you might have 10mil worth in potatoes, you might not have this cash, allowing you to trade the potatoes for something else, without having to pay 35% tax. 
    This would also mean that there will be a decrease in total taxes payed, which is a disadvantage to the guild owning the region (not sure about this). 
    Another advantage is the trade of exclusive items between guildies. Say player A and B are in the same guild, and player A farms alot of manes, has alot of trace of savagery, and player B needs it for alchemy. As it is now, he'll have to preorder it, and hope he will get it when player A lists it. When they can trade, guildies can exchange items between them, which might lead to more interactions in a guild itself. The same also goes for boss gear, pearl items,...
    I think you get the major idea of the restrictions i'm talking about. i'd love to hear your thouhgts and discuss this. I'm curious as to wether people want a trading system or not, and at what restrictions,... Again, as stated before, I'm a fan of not having the trade system, so rather no trading at all then a flawed system!
  22. Post on Robbers in General

    By saphiradragons, posted
    I just got so fed up with robbers that I had to leave the game. Dont know if this is a glich or what, but on quite a few ocassions I have been attacked when carring trade quest (which I understand it is a part of the game) but is is natural for them ( robbres ) to follow me into the safe zone and continue to attack. I have just been killed 3 times and my cristals destroyed while trying to get the pack into storage so that I could defend my self. On the last kill I lost my goods too. Town guards didnt try and stop them eather.
  23. Post on Help with specialities! in General

    By FranPek, posted
    Hi again
    I'm looking for a way to send my workers to do specialities for trade but It's seems way too hard for me to get a first rank house to unlock it so I was wondering about a speciealtie or something similar that don't requires so much work to unlock.
    Thank you again!
  24. Huhu Zusammen

    Undzwar würde ich Gerne wissen was es bedeutet wenn beim Händler steht "Kaiserliche Liferung Aktiv".
    Wie kann ich die inventare erweitern von meinem handels wagen? er hat 18 Plätze.

    Und vlt könnte sich jmd opfern mir auf dem ts allgemein mal tipps geben zum handeln.

    Danke euch
  25. Should Kakao allow player to player trade/exchange of items into the guilds, with longer time penalties for joining and leaving a guild - so the player could not leave a guild a week after joined one, and join a new one, a week after left one.