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  1. Post on Trade Manager in General

    By DragonX265, posted
    Upon going into the trade manager in Heidel, I went into the shop and bought a wishing kite to do afk weight gain and I am now getting an error that says "Distance is to great." I am literally standing right next to the trade manager. So then I logged out and back in thinking ill refresh it .... NOPE so I changed channels, and guess what now you must wait 689 seconds til you can use the trade manager. I am off to bed!
  2. There's a "glitch" I hope to see fixed in coming patches.

    When selling to a trade manager, one must have at least one slot in their inventory free.
    If they do not, and they spend all the energy to bargain and finally get the bonus, they can't sell because it says "No empty slot." Then you have to close out, drop an inventory item, then bargain all over again.

    I have mistakenly forgot to have one space open many times, and it is very frustrating. I'm not sure why it happens at all, but I hope Daum fixes it someday.
  3. Hi,
    I understand why the timeout is in place; to avoid channel switching abuse.
    But this penalty also applies to those who just login.
    I bet it's possible to see whether someone is using the channels to make more profit or when someone just logs in.
  4. Greetings all,
    I've been heavy into Trading since I first discovered it and so far it is an immensely fun aspect to the game that I will no doubt play forever! 

    One aspect that is really frustrating is the 10 minute buffer between when I log in and when I can open trade with a trade manager. I'm not sure what the purpose of this feature is but it's a great hindrance when I want to hop on for 30 mins and get a few trades in. 

    Suggestion: Remove the 10 minute buffer between logging in and being able to trade. 

  5. Does anyone know if the amount of amity has any impact on the price you can get from a trade manager?
  6. So my friend and I have been doing some fishing up at Cron Castle and selling at Heidal/Velia. I've been able to sell no problems, but my friend keeps getting told by the game that his nodes aren't connected. Here's a screenshot of his nodes:
    Anyone have any idea why it's not working right for him? I can't for the life of me see a problem (and he's checked the origin of his fish, they say Cron Castle on them). Can't figure out what's going on at all.
  7. I Was hoping that if I messed with the Edit Ui that I would be able to fix this problem but it did nothing. I don't know how to fix this I'm running the game at 3840 X 2160 on a 55inch TV.
    Can you guys please fix this as you can see the fish are in the way to push the bargain and sell all buttons.

  8. In my efforts of trying to understand the trading mechanics I have found another stumbling block. I have nodes connected between Olvia to Velia and yet when I try to sell Olvia jam to the trade manager in Velia I get this error: "The distance is too great".  I have made sure there was a solid sequence of gold lines that made a complete connection and yet I am unable to trade at this distance? What am I missing?
    Any idea? Anyone?
    EDIT: I figured it out. My mount didn't seem at all that far away but, indeed, that was the issue. Move your mount (if your mount is carrying your wares) closer to the trader.