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  1. Hello there,
    The magnate debuff that reduces the amount of maximum trade items you can buy once you reach a certain amount has seemingly been changed with the 26/04/16 update on EU/NA servers, as you can see http://puu.sh/vyOFI/7449b84f0d.png
    I then started rolling between Velia and Finto Farm, Heidel and Alejandro Farm to check what was going on and if I could completely ignore the magnate debuff.
    Given the fact I haven't had the opportunity to roll actively for more than 30 minutes, I can't 100% confirm that it's correct, but I've been able to completely sell out my items on 3 channels (give or take 400 trade items) without getting affected by the debuff.
    On top of that, the amount of XP I won was absurdly high, which lets me think we never got the infamous "50% less XP on trades between managers within 500m of each other" nerf. Over 30 minutes of rolling, I was able to get 11% XP from Master 3 to 4 with 72% life XP bonuses. Rough summary : https://puu.sh/vySgi/df6e579665.png
    This would mean the technique used by many traders back in December (when the master 2 hype started) might be viable again to get to master 2.
    With that in mind, if the trading XP charts I found are correct (October 2016), it would still take 1670h of rolling to get from M2 to M10 which is kind of silly. I still believe trash crates are the most viable way of getting to master 10.
    EDIT : Guide on how to powerlevel master 2, courtesy of AsukiKuro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6uGfJQ7pKI - Just add Heidel>Alejandro back and forth inbetween channel swaps.
  2. When inventory is full or you're over the weight limit, then trading and quests and item exchange (conversation) options become disabled. This forces you into an unnecessarily tedious task of moving things into/out of storage just to be able to get rid of items in your inventory or accept quest lines. I'm not sure why these restrictions exist, but they shouldn't.
    This should be changed so that unless you are actually adding items to inventory, you should not need to have one slot open to trade or accept quests or exchange items for silver. Same with weight - unless you're adding more weight, being over-weight should not restrict trading/exchanging/quest options.
  3. Soo i been thinking alot about the Trading in black desert, and it's somewhat a needed feature.

    Right now i think Trading isnt a thing (mid-game, end-game items) because of the real-world traders.
    To fight those off, i had the idea of being able to trade items, IF you either trade another item equal price to that, with a 1Million silver price range. Example:
    Player 1: [Selling] Desert Fox
    Player 2: I'll Buy it.
    Player 1: Puts the Desert Fox in the Trade Screen.
    'Value of Total Trade: 10,000,000 Silver'
    Player 2: Puts in 7,000,000 Silver
    'Value of Total Trade Blinks Red with a notification :  'Can't go through with Trade, Price is different from Market Place'
    Player 2: Adds 3,000,000 Silver (to total it up to 10,000,000 Silver)
    Both Players Accept the Trade.
    Player 1 Gets the Silver
    Player 2 Gets the Pet Desert Fox.
    This way we don't only fight off real-world traders, but we help people having another way of acquiring items, some people want to sell items to friends or guild members
    But have the risk of it being sold to another individual that they don't know, because they get to be luckier than the Friend/Guild Member that was supposed to retrieve the item.
    With this trading mechanism we have the oppurtunity to stop real-world traders from Selling Items / Silver, without the (Real-World Buyer) having to put anything into the trade.
    As it is using the market place prices to be able to Lock, and go through with the trade.
    Let me know what you think of this, let's make Black Desert greater than what it already is!
    Could make a Time Restriction before using the Trade mechanism.
    Account has to be older than so and so time, before they can trade thus way
    'Guest passes, trial accounts should not be allowed to trade this way.'
  4. Hello everyone,
    I started Imperial delivery. But I'm still surprised by the "little" number of tokens I got after every sale.
    So, is there something I missed ? Does the level of trading affect the number of tokens received ? Does the distance of trading affect the number of tokens ? Bargain too ? And what about price ?
    Have a nice game/day
  5. This is just a quick suggestion to allow a temporary lending of gear from one player to another. There are many times when you are grinding or in wars with under-geared players, or you have a new player that you brought into the game and want to give them a boost while you play with them. Item lending would enable players to give others a little boost with gear that they are not currently using.
    There would be 2 types of lending, party and guild.
    So long as the player is in your party, you are able to lend them gear to use. The player who receives the gear cannot drop, sell, bank, or lend the item, just as if it were locked. The item would automatically return to the owner if the receiving player leaves the party or logs out.
    Works exactly the same as Party, but the receiving player does not need to be in a party to keep borrowing the gear. The gear is returned if the player leaves the guild or the owner requests the item back. There could be a new menu at the warehouse that shows all lent and reclaimed gear. From there you can reclaim the gear. If the borrowing player is online, they will be given a 30 minute warning that the borrowed gear will be reclaimed. After that time, the item will disappear from their inventory and be sent to the reclaimed menu of the owner. If the player is offline, the item will be reclaimed, and when the borrowing player next logs in, there will receive a message that the the borrowed item has been reclaimed. They will also receive the option to be transported to town or node in case the loss of the item would be dangerous.
    The idea behind this suggestion is to give more options for players to help others. Want to take a weaker friend to the more dangerous areas in Black Desert and have spare gear? Now you can. Have low level members that get melted in GvG and Node Wars? Now you can make them viable in a fight.
  6. I would like to suggest a trading system enchantment since the current system is pretty stable but it's still lacking a peer to peer for stuff other then beer/foods/sadness I reckon if you where able to add a peral shop item around (100-200) each which would allow a player to trade with a friend/guildy without restrictions but only at the items currently auction house trading price (Horse trading may also be a thing but using a sepert item) since gold farmers may expoilt this system I think having a 3/W limit per family and only being able to trade with friends who you have had on your list for over 2 weeks and or guild's you have been in for over 1 month would you be able to use the item with. This would hopefully eliminate the trading for peral scams and allow players/guilds to trade with each other since many people would like to be able to sell a rare piece to a friend but it will most likely be sniped via bid 99% of the time depending on the item. I think this would be a great step foward allowing friends/guilds to help each other better and stoping scammers at the same time. Also while helping fund kakao games via peral transactions.
  7. Me and a very dear friend of mine, are quite passionate about BDO.
    And we have on a few occasions got talking about how Pearl Abyss/Kakao could get around the dilemma of there being no form of trading system in-game " or at least one that works". And the lack of any ability to share much of the game experience with someone you have on your friends list, short of simply partying up with them and killing crap.
    You see, I think its great being able to have someone for example visit your residence.
    But what is really the point? they can not interact with anything like say your cooking utensil etc.
    So one way we thought was to introduce what we dubbed Social XP.
    In short this would be much like all other experience types in-game that allows an extra type of character progression 
    "relationships with friends" One example of how you could implement this, would be that Player X has gained a set amount of knowledge towards Player Y by simply partying up
    and doing the game content.
    The more time you spend together, would in turn change your status type of relationship with them.
    Such as "acquaintance, friend, dear friend, partner" and so on.
    Each type of status or rank if you prefer, would bring with it extra functionality.
    Like say the ability to trade items and perhaps silver with them, or even have them move into your residence and have access to use crafting stations etc.
    This would also be a good deterrent against gold sellers, because their very unlikely going to want to do all the work needed to party up with someone and climb those ranks just to sell in-game currency.
    Most gold sellers look for feasibility, and to get in and make the $$$ quickly.
    Which to my understanding is the main reason why the trading function was more or less switched off, despite the fact the button still shows to initiate trade with someone.
    I'm not sure how the rest of the community would feel about such a system, but I do believe it would only serve to improve the whole game experience in a very positive way.
    I do welcome feedback on how you feel about this idea, but please leave any immaturity at the door.
  8. So i wanna get my trading to master 2 and people been talking about this nerf and stuff and now im dumb struck how to even trade so how should i trade, videos,screenshots and complete text guide  the fastest way is the best way!

  9. Post on Player-to-player trading in General

    By Tulli, posted
    So ehm, while we're on the forums (I see you gm's), we might as well hold a poll about the trading system.
  10. Post on Packaged Dried Sunfish in General

    By SC0TY999, posted
    Does anyone know where you can craft "Packaged Dried Sunfish" the traders list this in the goods they accept but I cannot find any fish workbench that allows you to craft them?  
  11. I'm currently Skilled 4 Fishing, Apprentice 5 Trading (Noble wagon), and Professional 2 Gathering. I've yet to see a real increase in money from any of these. Grinding is pretty much out of the question, since with my gear I get ganked easily at Sausan / Pirates. How can I make the fishing and trading more profitable? Right now I have nodes connecting Epheria, Olvia, Velia, Calpheon, and Heidel. Thanks in advance for any good advice. I wouldn't bring this to the forums, but channel chat isn't helping, and I need funds for upgrading.
  12. Als Rückkehrer ist mir aufgefallen das gewisse Items sich nur über "Pearl Gifts" ersteigern lassen oder besser gesagt man die Chance bekommt auf Item X-Y zu bieten. Ist dies ein klarer Regelbruch oder nicht? Da ich auf Reddit und hier im DE Forum nichts hilfreiches gefunden habe wäre es doch mal ganz interessant herauszufinden wie so etwas gehandhabt wird oder gar die Reaktionen sind.

    Gerade hatte ich eine doch Interessantes Gespräch innerhalb der Gilde wo sich folgende Fragen stellten

    Situation : 
    Spieler A hat Gegenstand X
    Spieler B möchte Gegenstand X für Perlen(Geschenk,Gift)+Ingame Währung kaufen
    Spieler A geht den Handel ein und bekommt Perlen(Gegenstand,Gift)+Ingame Währung.
    Ist das erlaubt bzw. ein Regelbruch welches sich auf RMT zurückführen lässt?

    Situation :
    Spieler A hat Gegenstand X
    Spieler B gibt Perlen(Gift,Gegenstand)+Ingame Währung
    Spieler A erhält Perlen(Gift, Gegenstand) aber stellt Item nicht zum verkauf und zieht Spieler B die Perlen ab. 
    Kann Spieler B die Perlen einfach zurück erstatten vom Support sofern er sich im 48 Stunden fenster meldet weil er sich "vertan" hat?

    Situation :
    Spieler A hat Gegenstand X
    Spieler B möchte Gegenstand X für Perlen(Geschenk,Gift)+Ingame Währung kaufen
    Spieler A geht den Handel ein und bekommt Perlen(Gegenstand,Gift)+Ingame Währung.
    Spieler B bekommt seinen Gegenstand X und meldet im Support das er einen Refund möchte da er die Falsche Person "Beschenkt" hat. Auch hier im normalen 48h Meldefenster für Refunds.
    Kann Spieler A dies dann beim Support melden sofern es Legitim/nicht Legitim ist und wird er dafür entschädigt oder sogar beide gebannt?
  13. To start off with, this topic will discuss the magnate debuff that effects Traders. 
    If you have never heard of the debuff or never experienced it. You might not have traded alot in one day.
    This is what the magnate debuff looks like on the NPC trade screen :
    The text at the bottom appears once the magnate debuff goes into effect. What it does is reduce the traders stock By 25%*1,2. 
    You get the magnate debuff after you have bought X-amount of Silver worth of trade items from trade NPCs. I say X amount of silver because I have never bothered to calculate how much silver I have spent on trade items. What I can tell you however is that I can manage to run the calpheon trade route 2.5 Times before the debuff goes into effect.
    Some other images of magnate debuff from around Calpheon :
    Primary reason for debuff
    Now you might be wondering why they would introduce such a nerf to Trade NPC to Trade NPC trading, as it is one of the life skills available for players to experience and use to earn silver.
    Its primary function as far as I have read and can understand : Is to nerf trading from Port ratt (The new port they just added to NA/EU version of the game)
    From what I've seen on youtube video's Korean players/players from other regions were making alot of silver by simply sailing to port ratt, grabbing trade packs and sailing back to mainland to sell to some imperial trader. In order for this to be most effective the player would need :
     A sailboat An elephant (or wagon, whatever floats your goat) Master 8 or higher in the Trading lifeskillAn imperial trader that would accept the trade items they wish to sell (takes time to find a channel that has them if you are unlucky) 
    Now this might not seem like alot to most of the "entitled grinders", but I would remind you all of that 800 Square Timber mountain you have to climb to be able to make a sailboat.
    The next reminder I would give is that in order for it to be as effective as those youtube videos you would need master 8 or higher in trading.
    A few months ago you might have been able to argue that its easy to achieve master 8 trading with the rolling method. But don't forget the other nerf to trading we got recently, the "within 500 meters is a reduction in amount of EXP you get"  nerf.
    TLDR : It takes a while to get to > Master 8 trading
    My suggestion/request
    The main reason I created this topic, is that I would like to suggest the removal of the magnate trade debuff on the mainland.
    Trade NPC to trade NPC trading on the mainland (Balenos, serendia, Calpeon regions, etc)  DOES NOT even come close to earning as much silver as any of the grind spots that are available. You can probably earn more silver in an hour killing the "super elite ultra violent" grass beatles in Olivia then with trading in the balenos region. So I do not understand why the magnate debuff even applies to such a low income part of the Trading life skill.
    I would not mind at all if you completely removed the magnate debuff from the game, so I can finaly start earning some decent silver from trading from port ratt. A goal which I had set for myself when I decided to get into the Trading life skill (a goal that has now lost most of the "hype" and "drive" that it had). But I highly doubt that would sit well with the majority of "entitled grinders".
    So, again, I would like to suggest the removal of the magnate debuff from the mainland regions.
    OR at the very least have it be region based and not world wide instantly once you get the debuff in one region. (I Mean seriously. Trade for an hour in calpheon, get debuff, move to say... Valencia and have all their stocks reduced by 25% aswell ? )
    Current stats :
    proof that I actually am a master trader.
    The end.
  14. I would like to suggest tradable pearl outfits. Just like selling pearl outfits on the marketplace but the difference is that you can sell directly to a player. The transaction will be similarly tax deducted like how it is in the marketplace and also depending on the area they trading in because of guild control of the territory. Also, the price would also be the same and controlled by the marketplace.
    An idea to prevent gold selling to make silver tradable for pearl outfits would be that the pearl outfit would have to be offered first and then silver would be allowed to be offered.  If the pearl outfit is removed, then the other player's silvers offer would be removed from the trade as well. The silver cannot be offered first if there are no pearl outfits.
    Lastly, to minimize scamming, a confirmation window to show what player 1 is offering and what player 2 is offering.
    I am suggesting tradability of pearl outfits with the same system that the marketplace uses but without the RNG because you are purchasing directly from the person. It can be an additional option apart from selling only to the market.
  15. Hallo ich bin derzeit in Heidel und habe habe dort über 1600 Kisten, die ich an Trader verkaufen kann. Ich habe lange nicht mehr gespielt und hatte auch davor die Karte nicht so wirklich aufgedeckt, denn bis Level 51 hab ich gefischt, verarbeitet und am Garten gearbeitet und das hat mich bis Level 51 gebracht. Daher weiß ich nicht so wirklich, wo ich die Kisten verkaufen soll. Ich habe ab und zu mal nach Velia  per Transport geschickt und verkauft.
    Mir ist bewusst, dass ich eventuell verteilt verkaufen sollte, da ja pro verkauftes Item immer der Preis runter geht, aber ich denke mal, wenn ich zu den weitesten Ort von Heidel aus transportieren lasse, dann wird das immer viel sein (außerdem ist mir auch XP wichtig ^^). Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir da ein oder ein paar Orte nennen, wo ich am besten hin liefern soll.

  16. Let's be honest here, being able to sell pearl shop items in market place is a joke. Even if we were to pretend that it's a good business model and helps games economy (which I highly doubt) I find it weird that the developers claim that this change is to help "those with no money" to get same enjoyment as those who do, but how can it be so when you cannot even purchase these things. What I mean is that if you really want to make an excuse such as "everyone needs to be able to enjoy these features" then at least try to do so. Even if you tried to purchase pearl shop items from the market place, they're always sold out and the change of you actually being able to purchase pearl shop item is one in a million. Who does it help really? I stopped playing soon after the game came out, because of your misleading advertisement and false promises, I came back when I heard you guys had turned a new leaf and started to improve on the game but this just makes me want to quit again. I already bought this game and I'm not going to spend another cent unless I want to, not because I feel like I have to. There are so many things that are pretty much essential to the game play that are only available in pearl shop (ie, pets), so if you guys really want to help others to obtain the same items for in game currency then make sure they're actually obtainable and not something you may get by praying to lady luck 5 times a day.

    Honestly I have no answers and I still think the way the whole pearl shop ordeal is handled pretty damn poorly by publishers but if you really want to do it this way, at least do it well.
  17. I got lost in all the topics about trading, one thing i could not answer to:
    Are all crafted and processed goods tradable on trade managers ? And if not, how can i find out where to sell a particular item ?

    KYO existiert nunmehr seit August 2016 und hat sich als kleine social-gaming PvE Gilde etabliert. Nach der Umstrukturierung im Dezember setzen wir jetzt mehr denn je den Fokus auf den PvE Content, der nun wahrlich einen sehr großen Anteil dieses Spiels ausmacht.
    Wer uns seit Mitte Dezember kennt, weiß auch, dass wir friedliche Spieler sind.
    Wir bestehen aus Farmern, Händlern, Züchtern, Grindern & vielem mehr.
    Wir spielen aus Spaß und nicht um uns hier mit anderen zu messen.
    Gildenmissionen  & Gildenevents sind ein großer Bestandteil unserer kleinen Gruppe
    Bei Interesse oder Fragen meldet Euch doch einfach ☺
  19. Hi all,
    I did read patch notes, but I probably have missed earlier notes, plus I'm a returned player so I don't know most things. 
    1. Is active trading the (only) way to go now, cuz distance less than 500m is nerf'ed.  How bad is bad? 
    2. Is trading crates still viable (to get to Master 2)? Can I make tons of crates at Altinova, ship them to Tarif and trade there for decent exp with good time? cuz I've seen videos about making mineral crates at Trent/Calpheon and send to Ancado and sell them there, but that's also for profit or does distance also affect exp received?
  20. Post on Margoria Trading. in General

    By MTaeYeon, posted
    Can anyone please screenshot the the items from the trade manager in Margoria please, if there's more than one please do take a screenshot of their's aswell, I just want to know the prices and the level requirement for those items, I don't want to spend 45 min to go there for nothing, THANKS HEAPS
  21. Hi guys.
    I have around 25 workers and i havent sold the materials for a while (mostly flax, cotton, potatoes, pine, acacia, cedar, iron ore)
    My question is:
    If i eventualy decide to level up trading, what kind of materials would be worth keeping in order to craft something profitable?
    I would appreciate your thoughts on the subject aswell.
  22. At the moment there is a limit of about 30 available turn in's for Imperial Alchemy and Cooking that is NOT shared by server but IS shared by players. This does reset every 3-4 hours but it takes some serious camping or luck to get to be able to turn in close to the max amount, or even turn any in at all.This strikes me as an interesting mechanic choice because I cannot see the advantage to this.
    What if the limit was no longer shared by players but was individual to each account? Also to removal potential channel swapping exploits it could be changed to be shared across servers. So each player account could turn in about 30 items every 3-4 hours regardless of channel and regardless of other players.
    What do you guys think? Would this make more sense to you? Would you prefer this? And does anyone see a disadvantage to this change? 
  23. Post on Trade crates exp in General

    By KnowNothing, posted
    Is there any info, on crates xp? I mean which kind of crate gives highest trading XP? I know that since latest patch XP pretty much depends on distance, but i haven 't seen any info, about base crate XP or anything else that might be an answer to the question. 
  24. Post on Trading Leveling in PVE

    By xMithrandirx, posted
    Returning player here. So is it not possible to do the velia roll spot as a good way to level trading anymore. If so what is the best method now?
  25. Hey Kakao,
    I did buy my shark outfit, did spent my energy and durability of my tool to get just

    Thinks like that (yepp... half German, half English GG!).
    Why is that not for a much higher value sellable on market?....
    like this:

    Without market it would be just 10silver worth, but the people need it (me too!).
    So pls with next Patch this week make all crafting items tradeable for market.