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    This is a trailer I made using dozens of clips from trailers they have released. 
    I created this in hopes of showing how great this game is.
    Feedback would greatly be appreciated.
  3. Hallo Mädels,
    hier für alle, die nicht ins englische Forum schauen oder die es einfach noch nicht gesehen haben -  DAUM hat ein neues Video veröffentlicht. Doch sehet selbst:
  4. Just take a look at the new Mediah trailer... (soooo hyped)
    Holy cr*p... I thought the first Mediah trailer was good... now I'm just drooling ! ! !

  5. BLACK DESERT ONLINE VALKYRIE CLASS Awakening Gameplay Trailer
  6. Hello Everyone,
    So I made a little In-Game Cinematic trailer for the game!
    I hope you will enjoy watching it and maybe it can convince your friends to play too  
    Watch in HD!
    I would appreciate oppinions and feedback for future videos ^-^
  7. BLACK DESERT ONLINE TAMER CLASS Awakening Gameplay Trailer
  10. BLACK DESERT ONLINE SORCERESS CLASS Awakening Gameplay Trailer 
  11. BLACK DESERT ONLINE BERSERKER CLASS Awakening Gameplay Trailer
  12. BLACK DESERT ONLINE RANGER CLASS Awakening Gameplay Trailer
  13. BLACK DESERT ONLINE WARRIOR CLASS Awakening Gameplay Trailer
  14. So it seems like a lot of people are unsatisfied with Daums releases for the Black Desert Online trailers.
    I know you guys are busy with a lot of things with release coming up but I just thought i'd throw out the idea for a User Game Trailer contest. Users could maybe compile footage from CBT2 perhaps and other resources and make a video outlining their grand experience and what they see Black Desert Online as.
  15. Since Daum EU is not investing any serious money into marketing we'd gather some money and pay some serious video maker to make a trailer about the game since two last videos released by DAUM are terrible, by mistake I found tibia official trailer - first official trailer released - lol? Never mind, the most funny thing is they did it much better than Daum.
    I'm wondering if people responsible for marketing in DAUM are so bad or if their budget for promoting the game is not exisiting since last two videos would be made by random person picked up on the street, all just for 10 dollars! Shall we contact Tibia's creators and ask for author phone number?
    Daum, please... be serious. I'm not into trailers and this stuff, but gosh, have mercy, I've no words to express my dissapointment, this story is not even better than Twilight.
  16. Hab noch nicht gesehen, dass den hier schon einer gepostet hat...
    Also ich habe ehrlich gesagt mehr erwartet. Da sieht ja jedes Gameplay-Video besser aus... und hört sich auch besser an.
  17. Post on Marketing Towards PVE in General

    By Veolan, posted
    With the recent trailer released they seem to be targeting PVE and RP players more so than PVP. I understand this game is supposed (is) to be PVP focused but I do not pull PVP from this trailer at all. Or really any of their advertising. 
    And no I'm not complaining nor taking a side. Simply pointing out what this trailer seems to be showing. 
  18. Hey guys, i made a Cinematic Movie of Fallout 4 about Dogmeat

    the story of Fallout 4 is absolutely amazing because of that, I wanted to make something of it.

    Maybe it's not the best but I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I did making it! Please share if you have the time and would like to support me!
    And stay tuned to my channel for more awesome content like this!

  19. Bonjour tout le monde,
    Je suppose que vous êtes tous impatient de pouvoir participer à Black Desert Online, à cette occasion, un topic pour vous tenir en courant des dernières actualités sur la version KR en vidéo
    J'espère qu'elles vous plairont.
    Voici la dernière vidéo en date :
    -- VIDEO DU JOUR --
    [23/12/2016] "Par les météores de Pégase" (ok je sors :p)
    [23/12/2016] Nouvelle région "Kamasylvia"
    [08/12/2016] Outil de création - Le Dark Knight
    [02/12/2016] Nouvelle Classe - Le Dark Knight
    [13/10/2016] Halloween Event
    [11/10/2016] Eveil du Wizard
    [18/09/2016] Interview du CM_Tytyes à la GamesCom
    Pour les personnes qui veulent voir l'ensemble des vidéos, c'est à cette adresse :
    Bon visionnage à tous et à très bientôt in Game !
    A dispo,
    Hatenak -.- Le Petit Bridé